Bill Barr is gone. The giddy Deep State is on vacation. Donald Trump is not.

Rudy Giuliani tells The War Room that Arizona lawmakers could vote Wednesday to certify President Trump as the winner:

Georgia Judiciary Committee says there’s enough evidence of vote fraud to decertify vote for Joe Biden:

Biggest blunder in American political history – trying to steal the election from America’s most popular president in a generation, pretending America instead voted for a bribed-up, senile, angry, Red Chinese agent who’d achieved nothing but payoffs in 47 years and who spent the whole campaign season hiding in his basement:

Wayne Root to Donald Trump – Ignore the siren song of 2024, by which time Democrats will register 50 million new illegal aliens to hand their “mail-in ballots” to the Democrats. The time to win is NOW:

Livestream Georgia House of Representatives election-fraud hearing:

If the FBI hasn’t yet interrogated Ruby Freeman or Ralph Jones, the crooked Atlanta vote-counters, why do we keep buying these guys donuts?

Trump blasts “slow-walking” of Georgia signature verification – “They don’t want the results to get out”:

Trump re-tweets video of poll workers stuffing the same stack of ballots through the counting machines in Atlanta, again and again, on election night:

So — How can an actual video of a Georgia vote-counter running the same stack of ballots through the scanning machine again and again be “disputed”? Is this what they mean when they keep[ insisting there’s “no evidence of vote fraud”? If Gateway Pundit or One American News reported that water flows downhill, would that be “disputed”?

Despite troubling audit in Antrim County, Michigan GOP Senate leader sees nothing wrong with Dominion vote-manipulation machines:

Jan Jekielek interviews Tracy Beanz: Freedom & prosperity vs. the Communist takeover being pushed by political & media elites:

Stop the Steal – An accountability tidal wave is coming:

In crucial Friday night Oval Office meeting, Gen. Flynn saved the day:

From the White House, President Trump gives update on fight against vote fraud:

“President Trump is preparing to fight back against mounting evidence of voter fraud”

Police bodycam footage – the day Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock ran over his wife’s foot:

Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene on challenging the Electors:

Trump says cut the pork out of “COVID Relief” bill . . . which has little to do with COVID:

Sean Spicer interviews Rudy Giuliani:

Trump pardons George Papadopoulos, 14 others:

Awww – Poor hypocrite Deborah Birx will retire on six-figure taxpayer-paid pension after telling the peasants to avoid family holiday dinners, whereupon she promptly raced off to a family holiday dinner:

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