It appears there will be votes in Congress Jan. 6 on accepting electors from states with massive vote fraud

Sen. Josh Hawley will object to electoral votes from states rife with election fraud:

. . . or see . . . :

Retired police detective Ron Wright: The gaslit American majority must rise now against an election fraud that rivals Pearl Harbor:

President Trump asks for help – contact your politicians:

Sidney Powell – If RNC hopes to survive, every Republican needs to stand up for President Trump now:

The tainted electors – “Laws and constitutions were ignored and superseded”:

Challenging electors could be a mistake – IF docile Mike Pence is planning a large & dramatic rejection:

Pence reportedly balked at rejecting electors from contested states that failed to obey THEIR OWN election laws:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch defends Louie Gohmert lawsuit against apparently lackadaisical Mike Pence:

Is nothing happening? Is Donald Trump “emasculated,” floundering? Or are the President’s plans “dark and impenetrable as night”?:

LIVESTREAM — Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee holds Dec. 30 hearing on election laws, fraud:

. . . or see . . . :

Crooks of a feather — Stacey Abrams’ sister (!) orders Georgia counties to cease removing ineligible voters from voter rolls:

Not only could Joe Biden not get a legitimate security clearance to serve lunch in the White House cafeteria, he’s insane – now says carbon emissions threaten “the very existence of our planet.” (Care to look up the estimated “greenhouse gas” levels when the volcanoes were in full operation millions of years ago? They measure them in ice cores, among other sources):

Joe Biden calls Kamala Harris “President-elect.” Is it just the senility?

. . . or see a wrapup of the growing parade of such revealing “gaffes” at . . . :

Bizarre warmonger John Bolton: “No systemic fraud” . . . in greatest election fraud in American history:

With 200,000 mostly-Biden votes thrown out, Wisconsin went for Donald Trump:

Counting valid votes (not “votes” in excess of those actually cast), Trump won Pennsylvania:

. . . or see . . . :

Raffensperger caught – Georgia ballots printed differently depending on whether they were for Republican or Democrat counties:

California election results are also likely invalid:

Sidney Powell offers a short video summary of her Supreme Court case:

Huntington beach MAGA rally en route to D.C. for Jan. 6:

Mitch McConnell rejects unanimous consent for $2,000 coronavirus-shutdown compensation checks . . .

. . . prefers to combine heftier stimulus checks with Section 203 repeal which he knows will fail in the Corrupt Democrat House:

. . . or see . . . :

Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) reportedly dies of coronavirus:

Study of 10 million people shows coronavirus cannot be transferred from asymptomatic people – so why are we allowing governors with no such delegated power to order all healthy people to wear useless masks?

The Guarantee Clause, the Electoral Count Act of 1887, the DNI Ratcliffe Report on Foreign Interference, and VP Mike Pence:

Mo Brooks and Tom Fitton discuss challenges to electoral vote certification:

Pennsylvania certified more votes than the number of votes cast:

Austrian Coca-Cola tests positive for COVID:

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