The target would appear to be Jan. 6

Have we had our last legitimate election? Next week is Do or Die for the Republican Party:

Wars aren’t over till they’re fought. This time, the thieves and traitors massively overplayed their hand. Why the defeatism?

January 6th, 2021:

Ron Wright – Rise up against the coup:

AMAZING: In real time, during live Georgia Senate hearing, witness Jovan Pulitzer hacks into Fulton County (Atlanta) Dominion vote-manipulation system: “We’re in!”

Whistleblower confirms Georgia ballot processing computers were hooked up to WiFi:

Statistically impossible – 90 percent of Georgia military ballots went to . . . creepy Joe Biden?!

Media buries official hearing on massive Georgia election fraud, so they can continue to (ridiculously) claim there’s “no evidence”:

Full video of Georgia election-fraud hearings:

Rudy Giuliani urges Georgia lawmakers to take action, “Stop the steal . . . right now!”

Georgia Senate Judiciary subcommittee unanimously moves to audit Fulton County’s absentee ballots using method outlined by Jovan Pulitzer:

. . . or see . . . :


Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor-Greene tweets out “word on the Hill” is that GOP Senate Leader (and traitor) Mitch McConnell is working with Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a rules-change “deal” intended to block challenges of Electoral College Certification:

. . . or see . . . :

Dems begin to panic as their gigantic election theft is exposed and challenged – channeling both Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky, repulsive Klobuchar woman characterizes attempt to defeat the Democrats’ massive and clumsy attempted coup as . . . wait for it . . . a Republican “coup attempt”!

Trump shares John Lott study – 289,000 “excess votes” got counted in battleground states:

(Video on Sen. Hawley’s planned Jan, 6 challenge, as well as those 289,000 “excess votes”:)

Or, they could do it this way:

Pennsylvania Legislature still has the power to reverse the fraud. Is anyone telephoning them?

Walmart’s “apology” for ridiculing Sen. Hawley as a “sore loser” doesn’t pass the smell test. (Name of employee who “mistakenly” said what their corporate executives obviously believe? Was anyone fired? Pull the other one):

Sen. Josh Hawley responds to Walmart:

Vin responds to Wal-Mart:

Hi, Doug McMillon — Surprised to hear you no longer need or want the business of the 80-plus million “sore losers” who had helped Donald Trump win the 2020 election . . . until the Venezuelan Communists (possibly in BARCELONA!) got busy “adjudicating” all those votes (up to 65 percent of the votes!) that got emailed to them from the Dominion voting machines . . . and the ballot stuffers in Fulton County, Georgia, started pulling all those “extra” ballots out of the suitcases under the tables and running them through their optical scanners over and over again (after sending away the poll-watchers due to the non-existent “water main break” — too bad no one told them the surveillance video cameras were still on) . . . and the trucks full of “extra ballots” got backed up to the back door at the counting center in Detroit at 3 a.m. . . . and the 150,000 “extra ballots” got trucked from New York to Pennsylvania the day AFTER Election Day.

I would have thought taking the side of ANY one party in a contested election might have been poor corporate policy. But taking the side of senile Shufflin’ Joe Biden — the bribed-up agent of Red China who wants UNLIMITED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, who wants to SHUT DOWN OUR ENTIRE ENERGY INDUSTRY — taking the side of the tax-dodging Biden Crime Family?

I know you figure another 100 million illegals would drive down wages far enough that you could pay your employees even LESS. But you also figure you can light your stores with electricity from a whole bunch of gerbils on treadmills?

Taking the side of those who launched the greatest attack on America since Pearl Harbor — and did an INCREDIBLY CLUMSY job of it? That takes real genius.

I know you won’t complain if your business falls off a bit. Only a “sore loser” would do that. – V.S.


Reigning U.S. union “teacher of year” (by which of course they mean “government indoctrinator of the year”) calls for violent assaults against Republican lawmakers:

. . . or see . . . :

Trump sues Wisconsin Elections Commission in U.S. Supreme Court:

Lin Wood files emergency court petition seeking to halt Jan. 5 Georgia runoff, planned to be conducted on same rigged machines as the Nov. 3 “general election” debacle:

Mike Pence no longer plans to jump onto plane to Israel right after historic Jan. 6 challenge of fraudulent Electoral votes:

. . . or see . . . :

Patriots identify 160,000 to 400,000 “phantom” ballots in Arizona’s 2020 election results:

. . . or see . . . :

Arizona Attorney General joins battle for forensic audit of Maricopa County elections equipment and ballot images:

Commentary from Emerald Robinson of Newsmax – D.C. Republicans hate, scorn, abandon Donald Trump and his supporters – which is to say, 95 percent of THEIR OWN VOTERS. After all, Red China and Wall Street are paying them off so well! What could go wrong?!

Can you say “Fascism”? – Oregon governor threatens to have CPS take away salon owner’s kids because she defies bogus “COVID” lockdown:

COVID death? Actually, Louisiana Rep-Elect Letlow died of a heart attack during surgery:

Nurse diagnosed with COVID a week after receiving “vaccine”:

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