Glenn Greenwald, ethical journalist of The Left: Yes, there’s a coup underway to take over America. But Donald Trump isn’t the perpetrator

Glenn Greenwald (rare ethical journalist from the Left) — The threat of authoritarianism in th U.S. is very real, but has nothing to do with Donald Trump:

IT CAN’T GET MUCH CLEARER THAN THIS — Socialist government schoolmarms’ Chicago union head argues it’s “unsafe” to reopen schools (even though kids don’t catch COVID) – while continuing to draw a huge tax-funded paycheck for her no-show job, while sunbathing in Puerto Rico:

Now that the violent destruction of his city is no longer useful in harming President Trump, girly-boy “mayor” Teddy Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, says it’s time for it to stop . . . maybe, depending, as long as it doesn’t offend anyone in Antifa, you understand . . . pretty please, with sugar on it . . .


CAUGHT! – Pallets of fake ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County were identified, filmed and sampled before moving trucks arrived to pick them up and shred them. (Do yo suppose THAT’s why they keep saying there’s “no evidence”?)

VIDEO released of vans removing pallets full of fake ballots from Georgia warehouse, escorted by armed guards to Sheriff Jackson’s office! (But there’s . . . um . . . no evidence of fraud . . . right?):

Are these the ballots Jovan Pulitzer has been authorized to scan?

Fraudulent Georgia ballots were addressed to Dwight Brower – same guy who reported the fake water main break and then terminated election-fraud whistleblower:

Another video of corrupt Georgia election workers running the same ballots through their optical scanners again and again. (But there’s “no evidence” of election fraud . . . right?)

Suspicious ballots are from Democrat-connected Runbeck Election Systems. Why do some have bar codes, while some do not?

Jovan Pulitzer reveals Georgia vote-manipulation machines communicating with vendor in Red China:

Giuliani accuses Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of “covering up massive fraud”:

“Massive amounts of evidence” will be presented on Jan. 6:

U.S. Senate votes to keep the body bags full of dead G.I.s – and the politicians’ kickbacks, of course – flowing from foreign hellholes:

D’Souza – GOP establishment needs to realize Trump supporters demand election challenge:

It’s confirmed – Mitt Romney is still an asshole:

Rick Grenell – corrupt local officials control & won’t allow access to election fraud evidence:

Hours after blocking Section 230 Big Tech censorship reform . . . Senate Republicans complain about Big Tech censorship!:

COVID fraud designed to gut small businesses, transfer wealth to Wall Street multinationals:


Brit officials say health system overwhelmed by COVID cases. British woman shoots video of empty hospital wards, proving they’re lying. So . . . woman who shot & released video gets arrested:

Charts show Pennsylvania vote fraud:

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