Fraud fraud fraud fraud, ‘no evidence of fraud’ . . . but Joe Biden’s inaugural parade has been canceled

Peter Navarro

John Lott

Team including Rudy Giuliani, Peter Navarro, John Eastman and John Lott brief hundreds of state senators on massive, multi-state election fraud in “Zoom” call:

Trump joins calls urging state legislators to de-certify unlawful election results:

Democrats panic over planned Jan. 6 D.C. rally for Trump, work to shut down hotels & restaurants that might offer services — crackpots who favor open borders, violence against white people, burning down cities, disbanding police forces, massive wealth redistribution, and shooting up 8-year-olds with sterilizing hormones . . . call 80 million normal Trump voters “extremists”:

Viewing stands, bleachers for ‘Biden inaugural parade’ taken down – Democrats wake up to the fact any such event would almost certainly turn into a massive MAGA rally against election theft, celebrating true winner Donald Trump:

. . . or see . . . :

Ted Cruz talks to Maria Bartiromo about Guarantee Clause, Electoral Count Act:

Trump to address “Stop the Steal” marchers on White House lawn Jan. 6:

The cheat in plain sight – You can see votes being SUBTRACTED from Trump, no “conspiracy theories” needed:

VIDEO – Georgia hard data shows more than 30,000 Trump votes removed, another 12,173 switched to Biden:

Media ignore testimony by data scientists – 17,650 votes switched from Trump to Biden in Georgia . . . AND THERE’S VIDEO:

Totalitarian election interference – Facecrook shuts down page for GOP election campaigns just before Georgia Senate runoffs:

Facecrook removes page of 1.7-million-member group “Joe Biden is not my president” – while Never-Trump “Not my President” page is still up after four years!:

Man who fixed races for a living says the Biden election steal was “amateur hour . . . such a slam dunk that any judge who throws it out is dirty and any prosecutor who can’t convict these scammers should lose his or her license to practice law”:

An insider’s view of the Pennsylvania election fraud – more votes counted than voters who voted . . . while state Supreme Court, Secretary of state, others, block legitimate investigations:

More than 400 ex-Intelligence officials are investigating election fraud – “The fraud was so massive and so blatant, despite what the mainstream media said, that we need to get this information out to the public”:

Sidney Powell says Mike Pence should reject electors from states with massive, demonstrable election fraud:

Sidney Powell says it’s “definitely possible” for Trump to retain the presidency:

Maricopa County Treasurer resigns in disgust, joins recall effort against Arizona officials obstructing vote fraud investigation:

64 days of Democrat/media lies — How long before the dam bursts?

Former Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel shares a boatload of election oddities

NBC state-socialist propagandist Chuck Todd calls GOP Sen. Johnson an “arsonist” for challenging massive Democrat election theft:

1984 MAY HAVE ARRIVED 26 YEARS LATE. BUT IT’S ARRIVED: Not even the Soviets would arrest six people for getting together for dinner. But the Canadians do:

. . . and in Los Angeles, too:

Trump points out CDC count of China virus deaths is greatly exaggerated:

. . . or see . . . :

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