We are at war

What is it like to attempt to rule, to govern, a nation whose people know your claims to power are illegitimate – as illegitimate as those of Aphasia Joe and the crooked Bolshevik/Democrats, who just attempted the biggest, boldest, most arrogant, most OBVIOUS election theft in American history?

We have examples of what it’s like, in our own history.

In the 1760s, British troops were understood to be on this continent to help defend the colonists against the French and their often barbaric, scalp-taking Indian allies. The colonists – including George Washington – fought ALONGSIDE the Redcoats.

But as the years passed, the arrogance of an out-of-touch governing elite in London became more and more exasperating. Yes, taxes on tea and on every single document that had to be signed and stamped were justified as paying down the “war debt.” But the colonists were not supposed to push any further west; they were not allowed to manufacture even their own nails and plowshares – everything had to be imported from England. Those who had braved hardship and danger to civilize a wilderness were treated as serfs in our own land. Everything required “permission” from the corrupt fops of London.

Even plantation owners at the top of the domestic food chain were obliged to send their crops to England, take whatever their “factors” could get for them, and then order everything from farm implements to carriages “on credit,” meaning they were somehow, mysteriously, always in debt to the English bankers’ “company store.”

The Industrial Revolution was Banned in America.

The Redcoats were back by 1775, but things had changed. Where once a British commander could send out a couple of men with a wagon to collect food for his men or forage for his horses – often paying with paper scrip of dubious value, when they paid at all – now those men were likely to find the farmer, his brother and sons kneeling down behind the fence, from which location they simply shot down the red-jacketed thieves without a word. (Ever wonder why all “Democrats” are now such ululating, bloodthirsty gun-grabbers? Maybe they DO remember.)

By 1777, the British army descending from Canada to Ticonderoga and on to Saratoga found themselves chronically short of supplies, as the retreating Continentals left behind them a countryside of stripped crops and burned-out farmsteads. In Europe, peasants bowed, knuckled their foreheads, and said “Yes sir” when an officer with gold epaulettes and a silver gorget, on a fine horse, addressed them. Here, they responded with a half-ounce of lead and a hearty “Aim for the officers!”

In a section of upstate New York where Americans now go boating on summer vacation, a starving British army clad in winter-weight wool uniforms, terrified by violent thunderstorms and swarmed by alien rattlesnakes and biting insects, thought itself in hell. Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne SURRENDERED to a “colonial rabble.” It was the beginning of the end.

In Europe, if you captured the enemy’s capital, they sensibly surrendered. But when the British took Philadelphia, Washington and his army and the Continental Congress just moved a few dozen miles further West. The British, with their fleet, could control some coastal cities. But after Trenton and Princeton, they never again controlled the countryside – the 18th Century equivalent of “Flyover Country.”

Now, it’s happening again. An arrogant, out-of-touch – I submit a demonstrably insane, God-hating, America-hating – elite wants to shut down our entire energy industry in service to the Goddess Gaia and the absurd, manufactured phantom of “catastrophic global warming.” They want to use – they ARE now using – the “COVID scam” to bankrupt and close down half the small businesses in America, as massive profits flow instead to Amazon, Facecrook, Screwtube, Twatter and Doodle, to Silicon Valley and to the Red Chinese agents on Wall Street. And a cackling, bought-off media assures us it’s all inevitable – that anyone who objects is a “racist homophobe,” probably in league with that buffoon, OrangeManBad.

They want to go back to their interrupted campaign of sending our jobs to Red China. They want to flood our land with illegal aliens who consider it perfectly normal to sell their votes to the local Democrat ward heeler for greenbacks and to shamelessly urinate in the streets. (I’ve seen it, in downtown Las Vegas.) They insist we genuflect to the doctrine that the words “father, mother, man, woman, marriage, normal sexual behavior” are all evil and disallowed, that we nod and agree with them that shooting up 8-year olds with sterilizing hormones so boys can be dressed in little girls’ dresses is a fine idea required by what are now America’s dominant, nihilistic civic virtues – “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

They are full of shit. And they are about to realize that – outside the coastal cities once defended by the British fleet – “law enforcement officers” and “BLM rangers” and “IRS auditors” and the simpering scum sent out by the EPA to tell us we can’t dam up a wash or creek to create a pond on our own property generally operate ALONE, can operate only WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, unless backed up by scores of armed men in armored cars.

Well, we have been very patient. I believe they have mistaken our patience, as we watch to see if any of the provisions of the Constitution of the Founders will work to defeat their crime, for a docile acceptance. They’ve got that wrong. If they proceed with their plan to “inaugurate” Aphasia Joe – essentially in secret, since they know they can’t allow crowds or any such gathering will turn into a massive, extremely loud Rally for Donald Trump – we hereby put them on notice. We withdraw our consent. We resist. As they have perverted and corrupted and rendered useless the ballot box, it is THEY who have given up the protection provided by that avenue for peaceful change.

They have launched a war. Let us see where it gets them.


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5 Comments to “We are at war”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    “I believe they have mistaken our patience, as we watch to see if any of the provisions of the Constitution of the Founders will work to defeat their crime, for a docile acceptance. They’ve got that wrong.”

    I sure hope so. We’re at war alright, but far too many people are incapable of seeing that, as there’s no foreign enemy bombarding the cities. But the foreign enemy has mobilised the people’s own governments and uses police for their armed soldiers in the streets to enforce the totalitarian agenda.

    And still people say: “But the virus!” The real virus is the religion called ‘Statism’. The most destructive religion mankind has ever known, allowing for the worst crimes against humanity ever perpetrated.


  2. B. Freeto Says:

    And Raffensperger is openly cheating again in the run-off. His extension of voter registration to December 7 is a prima facie violation of the Georgia constitution, which states in part:

    “Paragraph II. Run-off election. A run-off election shall be a continuation of the general election and only persons who were entitled to vote in the general election shall be entitled to vote therein…”

    Other language in the state’s election code make it clear that this means a voter must have submitted their application to register by the deadline for the general election, which was October 5th this year.

    You can bet that most of the post-November 3 new registrations are fraudulent.

  3. Joe in Missouri Says:

    I pray for the peoples troops in DC this coming morning. May they be wise enough not let the opportunity to set things right slip from their grasp. There may not be another opportunity like this.

    Probably going to link to this Vin

  4. Joe in Missouri Says:

    I pray for the peoples troops in DC this coming morning. May they be wise and brave enough not let this opportunity to set things right slip from their grasp. Drag the rascals out of their palace by their hair if necessary.

    There may not be another opportunity like this.

    Probably going to link to this Vin

  5. ApostleOf Hate Says:

    Just got back to motel from DC,
    6 January 2021.
    I appears we just got framed, all
    of us, Trump included.
    Looks like the rainy decade has just begun!
    Seems Antifa was allowed to run amuck
    so the partiots and Trump could be
    Tarred with a big shit brush!
    I have vids and pics if I get a way
    To download.
    I guess it’s like they say, you can’t vote your way out of clownworld!