The desperate lies of the flailing Deep State. (If truth were on their side, why this sudden massive censorship?)

President Trump’s approval rating soars over 51 percent as Uniparty scumbags try to silence & destroy him:

Hmm – Family insists armed rioter arrested at D.C. Capitol rally is “not a Trumpster”:

Breach of the Capitol was an obvious set-up:

Attorney Allan Favish — They’re lying — Time stamps demonstrate those who broke barricades at the Capitol could not have been responding to Trump speech (in which the president said “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol Building to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY make your voices heard”) – since that happened 12 minutes BEFORE Trump speech ended, while crowd at Trump speech was A MILE AND A HALF AWAY from the Capitol:

They’re lying – “Attack on the Capitol” was set up, then sold through fakery even as dissenting voices (and evidence) are silenced in massive purge:

Eyewitness – signs the Capitol breach was set up to discredit Trump supporters:

Utah Black Lies Matter activist John Sullivan led false-flag invasion of the Capitol:

So, needless to say, far-left Utah Black Lies Matter activist John Sullivan is released without charges. (What! We thought anyone who “invaded” the public building known as The Capitol was going to be “prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.” So that’s now revealed to mean “except the ones hired by Pelosi and McConnell to set up the whole false-flag operation in hopes of discrediting Trump . . .” right?)

Limbaugh – Democrats “recoiling in fear” and “quaking in their boots” that President Trump will declassify all their crooked secrets:

The elite hate us. And now that they think they’ve won, they’re showing their true colors:

They have to silence anyone who tells the truth – Twatter suspends President Trump’s account PERMANENTLY:

. . . or see . . . :

Parler goes down after Trump joins social media platform – Apple threatens to shut down Parler unless it adopts draconian censorship policies:

Sure enough, Amazon seeks to destroy Parler:

In blatant restraint of trade, antisocial-media giants continue to purge non-communist voices:

How dare anyone challenge our Uniparty Ruling Class? They will now salt the earth:

Hypocrisy much? For Democrats, rioting (with arson and assault) is a regular weekly recreational activity – completely protected, never criticized:

General Michael Flynn suspended from Twatter:

Steve Bannon’s pro-Trump “War Room” blacked out on Screwtube:

Latin American leaders who know how tyranny and repression work condemn censorship of Trump and of those detailing The Greatest Election Theft in History:

Earick Ward — As Democrat lies compound, the truth will out:

During four years of lies and “no-calls”, Trump supporters were incredibly patient. Now, finally, the gloves come off:

Pelosi laptop seized:

Major Gen. McInerny on why Pelosi is panicking – a little problem with “high treason”:

Mike Lindell Jan. 8 video – Trump will remain POTUS:–Jan-8–Trump-will-remain-POTUS-

Free speech platform Gab reports 750 percent increase in traffic:

Armed Democrat Antifa thugs attack Trump supporters, cops in San Diego:

Monica Showalter — So-called “Lincoln Project” fascists say they are building database of Trump officials, staff – “They will be held accountable!” (for four years of American prosperity? For bringing our jobs home from China without a “magic wand”? For pulling our troops out of dead-end foreign wars? For American energy independence? For enforcing our immigration laws? For peace in the Middle East? For obeying all court orders no matter how corrupt?)

. . . or see . . . :

Clarice Feldman – The Night of the Tech Long Knives:

Economist Dennis Weisman — Conceding defeat to Fraud is not patriotic:

Malcolm Beifong — Yes, it was an organized conspiracy to steal the election:

Caren Besner — Rules for the 21st Century Communist Revolution in America:

 Veronika Kyrylenko — The deranged COVID scam and the new feudalism:

Masks can be murder:

Trevor Grant Thomas — Lockdown leadership has to go:

Interesting projection for the next 10 days from leader of the Nye County (Nevada) GOP:

Uniparty criminal scum hate Trump because he succeeded, stood up for us:

Nikki Haley – RNC’s choice to lose the 2024 presidential election – predictably trashes Donald Trump

One Comment to “The desperate lies of the flailing Deep State. (If truth were on their side, why this sudden massive censorship?)”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Do not use Parler as an alternative. It’s a honeytrap. Here is how it was hacked (it was set up with inferior security)

    Gab is a reasonable twitter alternative and it runs on the donation model.

    Torba who runs Gab is a Trump supporter.