The American Republic ends. We are now ruled by lying oligarchs, the scum of the earth

Donald Trump — greatest president in living memory — concedes to the perpetrators of the Greatest Organized Election Theft in History:

Ed Brodow, author of “Tyranny of the Minority: How the Left Is Destroying America” and “In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving America,” observes — As the lying corporate press calls massive evidence of huge and coordinated election fraud “baseless,” the America we all knew dies:

Witnesses say cops gassed, beat patriot crowd while it was still outside the barriers:

Eyewitness – Capitol breach may have been planned to discredit Trump supporters:

Black Lies Matter activist took part in storming of the Capitol:

Video shows Trump supporters attempting to keep Antifa agents provocateurs from breaking into the Capitol:

We did not riot, because we vote. But you staged a riot to discredit us, and now you have taken away our vote:

As the republic dies, Congress bathes in self-pity: “Congress has refused to listen to the people”:

Mark Steyn on hypocrisy and “sanctimonious drivel” of corporate media coverage of U.S. Capitol chaos:


Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Donald N. Finley — “All illegal votes should come off Biden’s total. The Democrats perpetrated the illegalities. They were the local overseers and enablers of the conduct. They were the guardians who kept Republican poll workers from being observers. They were the party filing the lawsuits to change the election rules.. . . . The arrogance of it all should offend every patriotic and honest American”:

Trump takes the high road; Biden flings a slew of inflammatory, racist lies:

Storming the U.S. Capitol was fashionable in 2018 when Democrats did it; no one whimpered or ponitificated about “sullying the seat of democracy”:

Lynne Lechter: Hypocrisy, chutzpah of the leftist mob are stunning:

Patrick M. Wood — Tyrants must erase history, free speech; time to recognize the coordinated attacks on the First Amendment:

Parler CEO condemns censorship by Facecrook, Twatter:

J.B. Shurk — Oligarchs saw no “threat to democracy” in FBI, CIA, DOJ spying on the Trump campaign. They see no “threat to democracy” in a paid-off agent of Red China and other communist regimes being installed in the White House through massive vote fraud (using computer programs reportedly developed for the Venezuelan Communists) – they see no :”threat to democracy” in “over forty thousand votes for Trump likely deleted or switched to Biden in Georgia, . . . over four hundred thousand votes removed from Trump in Pennsylvania in addition to the commonwealth’s inexplicable reporting of two hundred thousand more ballots cast than people who voted. . . . in Wisconsin, the state Supreme Court has ruled that two hundred thousand votes were likely illegal. . . .”

Dominion, manufacturer of vote manipulation machines (many of which will likely soon be destroyed), sues Sidney Powell for saying their vote-manipulation machines manipulate votes:

Tucker Carlson – Republican leaders despise their own voters:

Backstabbing scumbag Bill Barr – who said “These things take time” but then failed to indict and jail ANY Never-Trump traitors – continues to stab Trump in the back for daring to challenge the Greatest Election Theft in History, as he doubtless awaits appointment to some million-dollar “board of directors” sinecure by his Bush Buddies:

As part of the planned gaslighting, a few cowardly rats announce they’ll start circulating their “I’m OK with the Deep-State” resumes two weeks early:

Kamala Harris egged on violent Black Lies Matter protesters; Trump told people to go home peacefully:

FBI, which sat around eating donuts while the Communist/Wall Street coalition spent four years trying to destroy Donald Trump, now springs into action to grab Trump supporters, considers adding Trump himself to their bounty list, as well:

Libelous labeling has consequences:

Establishment Republicans are irredeemable – First, election fraud must be destroyed. Then, a third party:

Steve Turley – would a third party help?

3 Comments to “The American Republic ends. We are now ruled by lying oligarchs, the scum of the earth”

  1. January 8, 2020 Breaking news and thoughts: – Missouri Free Press Says:

    […] The American Republic ends. We are now ruled by lying oligarchs, the scum of the earth – Vin Suprynowicz […]

  2. Stephen Carville Says:

    On the bright side, as the Tech Corporations exert more control over the levers of power, their differing self-interests will come into conflict. This means they will have to start vying for position or fail. However, the possibility of any lasting coalition among them is remote: Sociopaths only form an alliance long enough to stab a competitor in the back.

  3. Kingsnake Says:

    Yeah, I voted. For Trump. But after this … why bother? The fix is in. And even if were by some leap of logic, actually a fair election, what would be the difference between a Commie Democrat and a Romey Republican? (After all, Mittens was the architect of ObamaCare in Taxachusetts.)

    I’ll leave with you with one of my all time favorite quotes, this from someone in Bosnia (c. 1996) looking at his post-war electoral choices: “The only choice I have to vote for is the seven bastards that did this to me in the first place.”