It’s Dunkirk for patriots, conservatives

Washington Post reports thousands of “adherents of the Qanon extremist ideology” will infiltrate Washington D.C., disguised as National Guardsmen, in an attempt to somehow interfere with the “virtual inauguration” of paid-off Red Chinese agent Joe Biden. No word on whether gray aliens from the hollow earth will play a role:

Christian Author Dex Bahr: “Is it just me or does it seem like something is about to happen? And I am not just talking about the inauguration of Joe Biden.

“I cannot remember the transition after a presidential election seeming so surreal and so tense. For lack of a better term, it seems like the calm before the storm,” Bahr continues.

“Patriotic Americans like you and me watch, enraged that the evidence (shows) that an election was stolen and not one institution wanted to be bothered with it. We are wounded but have come to terms that the slimiest saboteurs in this whole disgusting affair are affiliated with the Republican Party who not only betrayed President Donald Trump, but also the 74 million people who voted for him. And to add insult to injury we read, listen or watch news reports about Biden calling for unity for the cameras, yet vilifying these millions of Trump supporters as domestic terrorists, Nazis or white supremacists.

“We have witnessed what looks like a full-blown fraud, complete with mass mail-in ballots with few safeguards, feckless politicians and bureaucrats, a social media blackout of President Trump and his supporters, the marginalization of conservatives, and a soul-less news media that long ago surrendered its honor like a harlot.

“The hypocrisy of the left when it comes to the right exercising of free speech is manifest. The left can burn buildings, commit vandalism, beat up innocent people, attack and kill police and it is called ‘peaceful protest.’ Patriotic Americans in their tens of thousands demonstrated truly peacefully for the most part their anger and frustration over injustice at the nation’s capital and all of them are branded rioters because the violent Capitol incursion by a tiny minority, some of them apparently leftist provocateurs,” author and columnist Bahr continues.

“Yet despite an unarmed female Air Force veteran shot and killed by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer, not a single building or police car was burned, and no citizens were attacked. And there is a continued effort to condemn these Americans as terrorists worthy of arrest, death or re-education. There wasn’t this much outrage or a rush to judgment by our political leaders even after 9-11.

“Here, one day before the inauguration of a demonstrably corrupt and senile figurehead, we sit, wondering how we will resist the ever-growing radicalism that has already shown itself. We ask what will happen to our children and grandchildren if this is not stopped? And we silently ask what the personal and professional risks we are willing to endure to save this country and our families?

“These are questions we never asked ourselves in the aftermath of past presidential elections and it is downright unsettling. The America we have grown up with and loved is actually at risk of becoming a thing of the past.

“Nothing is certain right now. We look at the military buildup in Washington D.C. and we ask why do we have more soldiers in the nation’s capital than in Afghanistan for an inauguration that will be largely virtual? . . .

“If you, as an American patriot, are still watching the news, you have become demoralized because it appears that Trump’s role as commander-in-chief has been undermined by much insubordination, from the bureaucracy and even the generals. Trump appears beaten with every avenue of attack and redress blocked. The GOP elite have deserted him throwing their support to Biden and 10 Republican turncoats in the House of Representatives voted for his impeachment. . . .”

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Gary Gindler – It’s now Dunkirk for conservatives, who foolishly thought the Republican Party was on our side:

Eli Friedman: Go ahead, turn Trump into our martyr . . . you idiots:

Mike Lindell responds to threatening lawsuit from Dominion: “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100 percent eviodence that China and other countries used their machiens to steal the election”:

Kohl’s and “Bed, Bath and Beyond” will stop selling My Pillow products because CEO Mike Lindell erefuses to stop talking about the Greatest Election Theft in History:

Editors at American Thinker call their own writing staff liars in order to appease manufacturers of the Dominion vote-manipulation machines:

RINO scum threaten Trump with “impeachment” unless he denies the Greatest Election Theft in History ever happened (which, of course, there would be no conceivable reason to do, . . . if it had never happened):

Shrill, demented, doomed minority leftists keep showing us how greatly they fear our champion of freedom, President Donald Trump:

As usual, Mafia Nan Pelosi manages to be dangerous, ridiculous, oblivious to the long-term consequences of her vendetta for her own party, AND full of shit:

Twatter suspends Gateway Pundit account – because no mention of the Greatest Election Theft in History is allowed:

Dennis Prager – Why the Left has to suppress free speech:

Democrats have a newfound love of physical barriers – to protect them from the American people they defrauded:

Fight fascism:

Efforts underway to fight online censorship:

Gab sees 3 million new users in 12 days:

Freeze in the dark, you peasants! – Democrat usurpers and pretend-president Basement Joe plan war on fossil fuels and American energy independence; will attempt to cancel Keystone pipeline on Day One:

Stephen Moore – Get ready for more Obama-era “Green Energy” scams:

Project Veritas – leaked video shows Twatter exec laying out global censorship plan to crush anti-communist communications:

Tucker Carlson – militarization of D.C. is message from the communist usurpers that “We’re in charge”:

. . . or see . . . :

Loony congresscritter Steve Cohen – National Guardsmen are a threat to the capital because they’re mostly white males who may have (shiver) . . . voted for Donald Trump!

Leftist riots and arson during Trump inauguration were A-OK. Now, usurping Democrats need 25,000 troops to protect senile, demented, bribed -up Red Chinese agent Joe Biden . . . from what?

First Lady Melania Trump, ousted by Greatest Election Theft in History, shares a gracious farewell message:

The Rise of Darkness: Sen. Mark Warner, who was up to his neck in creating the FBI’s fake “Russia Russia Russia” probe into Donald Trump. Is about to become head of the Senate “Intelligence” committee:

Joe Biden says he will name overweight father of two Richard Levine, who grew his hair out and now pretends to be a woman, as Assistant Secretary of Health, referring to the depraved man as “she”:

Mr. Levine ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients, contributing to the deaths of thousands of nursing home patients in Pennsylvania, while he secretly pulled his own mom out of one of those homes and put her up in a suite in Hershey hotel:

. . . or see . . . :

It used to be that Hilary Clinton was just arrogant, tone-deaf, unlikable and crooked. Now she’s also certifiably nuts:

5 Comments to “It’s Dunkirk for patriots, conservatives”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    What if they had an Inauguration and nobody came? What if the only audience Biden gets is those same troops whom he’s insulted with his loyalty-“vetting”? What if this whole vi-o-lence bubble bursts, leaving nothing?

  2. Brett Middleton Says:

    Leslie, now we know. We got Jim Acosta saying that Trump looked like a deposed leader as he left DC, chortling as if this is a Good Thing. We got a new regime installed behind a couple of divisions of troops and surrounded by fences topped with razor wire, with only an audience of the Elites in attendance. Sure smelled like bananas to me. We now have Democracy in the same sense that North Korea is a Democratic People’s Republic.

  3. James Bilyeu Says:

    Is “the answer is not to secede”? What is constitutional money? What is a “natural born Citizen”? What are admiralty courts? You don’t have standing. What is an admiralty flag? What was the sagebrush rebellion? Have you seen the vote by county? Are National Parks, National Forests, National Monuments, National Recreation areas and BLM land constitutionally owned by the Feds within State boundaries? If we don’t separate are we all Branch Davidians?

  4. Brett Middleton Says:

    James, you have some good questions. But I don’t know how much better off we’d be with secession. If DC is “Mordor on the Potomac”, then we can also say that there are currently 50 little Orthancs built in mimicry, all of them claiming powers far beyond what any constitutional government in a free country should have. If a few of them band together for secession, will there be anyone involved with setting up that new nation who understands the vision of the Founders and will insist on a limited government, sound money, and the other factors they viewed as vital to the protection of liberty? If so, will there be enough of them to make that vision a reality? Or will we just get “New Mordor”?

  5. Kingsnake Says:

    I believe this quote from Kafka is instructive regarding the development of the USA, and any future countries its remain might spawn: “Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy.”