Today’s Left survives by insisting that everyone join them in denying reality. (Global warming will destroy the earth by 2019. Men who grow their hair long and claim to be women are women. Brilliant, enormously popular Joe Biden got elected by hiding in his basement.) But now, all their scams and once-hidden allies lie exposed

The left barely dragged a demented, racist, has-been pederast across the finish line. Their desperation to silence the patriotic majority from even MENTIONING The Greatest Election Theft in History shows their fear. They have peaked, and all their scams are exposed:

J.R. Dunn – Today’s Wacky Left “is largely pathological, based on a lunatic denial of reality as it actually exists.” So why the defeatism?

Alex Markovsky (senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and author of “Liberal Bolshevism: America Did Not Defeat Communism, She Adopted It”) disagrees – Marxists have now seized America for keeps:

“The ubiquitous sentinel of American democracy infamous for its colossal failures, the FBI, will regularly discover plots against the government, find caches of weapons and fabricate preposterous accusations against political opponents. As a deterrent, they will be given harsh sentences. The administration will harness every incident to seize greater control over the nation. . . .

“Any notion that the Republicans in this environment may reverse the process by winning the mid-term elections in 2022 is pure fantasy. Unfreedom of the press, suffrage to foreigners, vote harvesting, and mail-in ballots are just a few known elements of the Democrats’ system for organizing elections. In the next four years, most of the Republican officials running for reelection, governors, senators, state representatives, etc. will be wiped out at the polls and replaced by the Democrats. . . .

Daniel Davies – Donald J. Trump, on the threshold of greatness:

Allen Gindler – Both parties suck, Both parties have sold out American values. No, the Deep State Republican party cannot be “reformed from within”:

CIA/Bolshevik thug Brennan — Biden “nominees and appointees are moving in laser-like fashion” to “root out” political opposition, including Libertarians:

Trump farewell address:

“Hopefully it’s not a long-term goodbye”:

Liz Harrington on pretend-president Biden inaugurated before 2,000 supporters while protected by 25,000 soliders, like something out of some Tin Pot dictatorship: “A fake candidate who didn’t actually run a campaign – no way he got 81 million votes. It’s a fraud!”

“Send us more illegal aliens, gang-bangers, drugs and disease!” Biden halts construction of border wall:

First day executive actions by the pretend president designed to destroy the U.S. economy:

Creating a health emergency – Biden opens borders:

Unhappy with the senile usurper, the pretend-president? Then you be gone! Twatter censors Michelle Malkin, GateWay Pundit, RSBN Broadcasting:

HERE THEY ARE – The five most obvious proofs of fraud in the Biggest Election Theft in American History . . . that you’re no longer supposed to remove your mask & discuss:

Mitch McConnell Chao, heavily financially involved with paymaster Red China, blames Trump for Jan. 6 incursion into Capitol led by Deep-State, Trump-hating Antifa agents:

Video: “Why are you allowing this to happen?” – Trump supporters yells at Capitol police while Antifa agents provocateurs lead Jan. 6 storming of Capitol:

A third party?


The Robert La Follette-Teddy Roosevelt Progressive or “Bull Moose” party succeeded in nothing but splitting the Republican vote and thus throwing the 1912 election to socialist academic Woodrow Wilson, who ushered in the Federal Reserve and the income tax, amongst under wonders. So the last third party to succeed in America was/were the half-heartedly Abolitionist Republicans, who replaced the exhausted Whigs, circa 1856-1860.

And 160 years is a long time.

More recently, in our own living memory, the smaller-government Libertarians (largely funded by the open-borders, cheap-immigrant-labor Koch brothers) and the Gaia-worshipping, totalitarian Greens have convinced most Americans that third parties can play the spoiler in close races, but are otherwise little more than amusing jesters, aspiring to take over the levers of government that they pretend to despise, while shrieking in horror at the incursion of coarse and improperly groomed outsider populists – people who didn’t even graduate from Ivy League law schools! — from Howard Stern to Donald Trump. Instead, the Greens espouse most of the un-sellable nonsense of the feminist/Global Warming/PETA lunatics, while Libertarians happily pen learned articles about privatizing prisons and toll roads for Reason magazine while donning blue blazers and angling to get invited to the right cocktail parties at the Cato Institute.

And they’re all short.

But these may be the wrong models. In 1970, James Buckley, brother of William F. Buckley, won election to the U.S. Senate from New York, running on both the Conservative and Independent Alliance Party lines. In 1978, William Carney was elected to Congress in New York’s 1st District, running on both the Conservative and Republican Party lines. In 1980, Al D’Amato was elected to the U.S. Senate from New York, running on both the Republican and Conservative Party lines. (The 275,100 votes D’Amato received on the Conservative line exceeded his slim margin of victory.) And in 1994, George Pataki was elected governor of New York, running on both the Republican and Conservative Party lines.

New York’s Conservative Party has never aspired to national dominance. And no third party would be likely to achieve dominance in less than eight years – the American habit of voting for “the same party dad did” remains strong. But if someone with the money and energy were to qualify a “Patriot” or “Great America” party for third party status in a substantial number of states, AND THEN SIMULTANEOUSLY RUN ITS SAME HAND-CHOSEN CANDIDATES IN REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES, AS WELL, in many states those candidates could end up appearing IN TWO POSITIONS ON THE SAME GENERAL-ELECTION BALLOT, with the votes cast for each of those two “ballot lines” being added together in the final tally.

(Always assuming we can somehow wrest back control of our elections from the current plague of electronic vote-manipulation machines and mass-mail-in fraud, of course.)

The candidates in question would benefit from appearing on the “Republican” ballot line, but need NOT subject themselves to being hazed like beanie-wearing freshmen until they “learn the ropes” of corrupt obedience to the multinational corporate masters of the stinking, decrepit Grand Old Party from the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or Kevin McCarthy, upon arriving at the Capitol.

Arriving in Washington, the “Patriot” or “Great America” congressmen and senators – even though still a minority – would be free to caucus with Republicans to achieve a combined majority when it came to determining committee chairmanships, election of a speaker, etc. But they would also be free to form their own, third caucus, which could threaten as a body to WITHHOLD support from the Republican cowards whenever they threaten to drop to their bellies like squirming maggots, caving in to the Bolshevik Democrats at the command of those same corporate bosses.

Obviously, any party organizing to take advantage of the Trump majority in America would have higher goals and aspirations than New York’s Buckley-esque Conservatives. But the above is a strategy that might return them to a considerable degree of political power, without getting sidetracked into the Quixotic model of the Libertarians & Greens, which are really more political-philosophy debating societies than practical political achievers, anyway. – V.S.


Deep State Senate RINO scum (including the despicable Red Chinese-owned Mitch Chao of Kentucky) threatened Trump with “impeachment” if he pardoned Assange, Snowden:

Peter Schweizer on Mitch McConnell Chao’s deep financial ties to Red China:

Pretend president removes Churchill bust, painting of Andrew Jackson from Oval Office:

Laura Loomer reports airport harassment, contends she’s been barred from buying firearms, because the Deep State doesn’t like the questions she asks:

How Zuckerberg helped fund the giant election heist:

President Trump relied heavily on the advice of the Federalist Society in choosing the three piece-of-shit Supreme Court nominees who betrayed America, hiding in the basement watching re-runs of “Gilligan’s Island” rather than hear the evidence of the Biggest Election Theft in History when it vould have dione any good. Now, in the final months before the outfit goes bankrupt, Deep State members of that group want to purge Trump supporters from their ranks!

Gina Haspel gone at CIA – too bad about 5,000 other pro-Red-China spooks didn’t leave at the same time.

Fat Dem stooge Clyburn calls Donald Trump, greatest president in living memory, “a cancerous growth (that) we had to get rid of”:

Keith Jackson, MD – Why American medical care increasingly sucks; false incentives; no reward for merit (in fact, doctors and hospitals are PUNISHED for taking the hardest cases); nobody knows what anything really costs:

Maricopa County finally agrees to audit of vote-manipulation machines – after taking two-and-a-half months to clean them up:

President Trump pardons Steve Bannon (but not Julian Assange), commutes sentence of Nevada gambler Billy Walters:

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