Dembolsheviks deny they seized office through massive vote fraud – but now seek to permanently carve those very same methods of massive vote fraud into federal law!

First legislative initiative from Democrats, who shriek like lunatics at anyone who acknowledges they’re only in office due to Massive Election Fraud s last year – is to permanently institutionalize THOSE VERY SAME METHODS of Massive Election Fraud in law – nationwide mass mail-in voting, registration over the Internet, same-day registration and voting, a ban on cleaning dead voters out of voter rolls, registration of 16-year-olds, prohibition of states demanding Social Security numbers for voter registration (which is to say, forcing them to allow illegal aliens to vote), . . .

. . . automatic registration to vote of anyone who applies for a driver’s license, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID requirements, allowing convicted felons including murderers and those convicted of vote fraud to vote, statehood for the District of Columbia to guarantee two more DemBolshevik Senators (which would violate the U.S. Constitution), etc. Surely these are demons in human form:

. . . or see . . . :


The first week that the Patriot Party assumes power in Washington, they should ban by law all the vote fraud techniques identified and protected in this abomination. Not stopping there, they should then permanently ban all these election theft techniques in a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, to be referred to as the “ELECTION INTEGRITY PROTECTION AMENDMENT.”

But they should not stop there, either. If we’re ever going to reverse the ongoing march to totalitarian tyranny, it’s time to stop being purely RE-active, and to instead become PRO-active. Patriots should also then create a second Constitutional Amendment, banning all residents of any city or county with a population in excess of 600,000 – as well as all residents of Washington, D.C., who have an obvious conflict of interest – from voting in any federal election.

In the past, the U.S. Supreme Court might have been expected to intervene in opposition to such a modest and common-sense restriction, in the interest of protecting the so-called “one-man-one-vote” doctrine (which we cannot find in any founding document, which was apparently dreamed up socialists in England in the 1880s, and which would in fact have been anathema to a group of Founders who purposely assigned little Delaware and Rhode Island the same two senators as New York, Virginia, or Pennsylvania.)

But that will not happen, for two reasons: 1) Since Nov. 4, over the past 90 days, the nine cowardly pieces of shit once referred to as the “U.S. Supreme Court” have convincingly demonstrated they will HEAR NO CASE INVOLVING ELECTION FRAUD (which occurs predominately in large cities, which are almost all nests of Dembolshevik corruption), despite massive election fraud being an obvious purposeful violation of this made-up egalitarian “one-man-one-vote” doctrine, and 2) The Supreme Court is charged to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, AS A WHOLE. Once this Constitutional amendment is approved by the states, it BECOMES PART OF THE CONSTITUTION, and the Supreme Court must defend it. No part of the Constitution may be held “unconstitutional.”

As a safeguard, a clause might also stipulate that no mention of this new constitutional amendment may be made on CNN, on MSNBC, or by Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, Don Lemon, Stephen Colbert, Joy Reid, or Brian Stelter. (Go ahead, say “News blackouts are illegal!” C’mon. Say it without laughing. Then ask any Democrat voter how many millions the Bidens took in payoffs from Red China. “Um . . . whut? Somethin about some kinda laptop? Whut?”) . . . in which case the affected (largely illiterate) city dwellers will raise no objections, since they’ll never hear about it.


Small Democrat earsling George Stephanopoulos shrieks that there was no Massive Election Fraud; Rand Paul devastates him with, you know . . . facts and things:

. . . or see . . . :

. . . or see . . . :

Law professor Davide K. Clements confirms there was “significant” election fraud – court cases have been dismissed on “process” ground only, NO COURT has reviewed the evidence:

Diana West — The election-stealing thugs seek to destroy anyone who dares mention their crimes:

Thirty of 81 Election Fraud cases still active, and NOT ONE SINGLE JUDGE has allowed the evidence to be presented and argued in open court, in public:

Democrat usurpers’ war on energy industry could destroy one million jobs:

Corrupt union morons who endorsed pretendpresident Biden – who was installed in a mock ceremony with an armed guard of 25,000 troops – now seem a tad remorseful as he slashes tens of thousands of union jobs to please wacky fringe constituencies (like this is some kind of surprise?):

Martha Boneta – Attack on pipeline by masked usurper Biden shows what DemBolsheviks think of property rights – as well as the economic well-being of a key U.S. ally:

Get ready, rural America – pretendpresident Biden’s “Secretary of Transportation” – who has no known expertise in highways or railroads or aviation, but who was appointed to the post literally because of his sexual prefrerence – now wants to tax Americans based on HOW MANY MILES WE DRIVE (above and beyond the extent to which we’re already so taxed, through the federal excise tax on gasoline):

Panic taking hold in Blue State New Mexico over usurper Biden’s energy destruction plan, which could cost the state $207.7 billion in GDP over the next 20 years:

Democrats using three strategies to push massively unpopular amnesties for illegal alien criminals:

Usurper Biden orders Census Bureau to count illegal aliens (many of whom are “Indians not taxed”) for purposes of House apportionment:

“Still waiting patiently to see if even a single Democratic elected official — just one — has any hint of concern about the most extreme monopolistic censorship purge in modern history” – Liberal reporter sees the real motive behind Trump social media purge and impeachment push:

Surprise! The scam – which never had anything to do with “public health” – having done its part to oust legitimate president Donald Trump through mass mail-in election theft, California now plans to end unconstitutional, totalitarian stay-at-home orders:

California satrap Newsom hides COVID data used to supposedly justify endless, economically devastating lockdowns, explains it’s “too complex and would confuse” the stupid peasants, who should just shut up and do as they’re told:

. . . or see . . .:

Mask-wearing outside a hospital setting is now – as it always has been – useless bullshit:

It’s a miracle! People still dying of COVID, but all the shutdown nonsense is ending. Why on earth would that be? Did it have some goal other than protecting health – an unacknowledged goal that’s now been accomplished? How’s it feel, sheep? Still wearing your useless mask? Surprised that some of your favorite restaurants are gone?

Kentucky GOP commits suicide – votes 134-49 to REJECT motion imploring backstabber Mitch McConnell to halt second “impeachment” trial of enormously popular President Donald Trump:

Michigan County GOP unanimously “censures and condemns” lame-duck Congresscritter Fred Upton for betraying Legitimate President Donald Trump:

Carl Jackson – The elitist scum don’t HATE Donald and Melania Trump – they FEAR them:

If “impeachment” doesn’t work, Dembolsheviks – who perpetrated an insurrection when they enlisted the aid of Red Chinese and Venezuelan Communists to steal the 2020 election – could try to bar Trump from running again (which is to say, to stop YOU from VOTING FOR HIM again) by claiming legitimate President DONALD TRUMP (who gave up after rigorously employing every means of election challenge ALLOWED BY LAW) launched an insurrection against THEM by asking his supporters to “peacefully” march to the Capitol to seek a redress of grievances. Surely these are demons in human form:

Larry Schweikart – Any successor to America’s Braveheart must enter the combat prepared to utterly raze the strongholds of the American right held by the . . . Democrat sympathizers:

In praise of “My Pillow’s” Mike Lindell:

Dominion Vote-Manipulation Machines sues Rudy Giuliani – Do they really want all the evidence to come out in court?

. . . or see . . . :

Law professor Dershowitz – calls to disbar Rudy Giuliani are “McCarthyism” (though in truth Joe McCarthy only exposed ACTUAL Communist traitors, Alan) – “I would defend him to the depths of my being”:

Expert Michael Yon confirms Antifa cells did indeed lead the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion:

More video evidence of Antifa role in Jan. 6 Capitol incursion – you know, the one they’re blaming on President Trump, even though it started while he was still giving a speech, a mile-and-a-half away?:

Righteous Nederlanders riot over Nazi-style COVID lockdowns, curfew:

More COVID crap – Occupying English armed forces order the Welsh to stop buying milk from their own local farmers:

EU ending – Hundred of cars line up at borders as German bankers’ supposed “Union” re-imposes national borders:

Trump reportedly moving ahead with plans to create Patriot Party – and plans to start by taking out back-stabbing RINOs:

Naturally, Federal Reserve selling out America to “Green” multinationals:

pretendpresident Biden – front man for Democrats who shrieked and stomped at Legitimate President Trump’s travel bans – starts imposing travel bans:

Like Col. Blake on M.A.S.H., the usurper Biden just signs whatever’s put in front of him:

His Chinese Communist paymasters are already testing Paid-Off Joe to see how he’d respond to invasion of Taiwan:

. . . and also see . . . :

Soviet-style manipulation – ABC’s “This Week” alters Schumer audio to fix “erection” gaffe:

Traitor Romney (will no one rid us of the traitor Romney, who banned firearms at the Salt Lake City Olympics?) claims “impeaching” President Trump after he leaves office is important for Uniparty “unity”:

100 MIT faculty members admit they are all Chinese spies. (Hopefully the FBI has three or four buses available):

A stunned America looks on as, protected by a press corps anxious to kneel down and offer him sexual gratification, a senile, illegitimate “president” takes office thanks to Massive Vote Fraud:

Democrats seek to purge civil servant from job because he previously worked for patriot Devin Nunes:

Missouri gun shop announces they have no guns or ammo for Biden supporters:

Sen. Rounds – canceling Keystone pipeline just means oil goes to Red China:

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