Washington cesspool fears Trump – and The American People – now more than ever

The Washington cesspool fears Trump – and The American People – now more than ever:


Fake DemBolshevik regime fears the people – troops to remain in D.C. to guard the usurpers for months:

Democrats move to block Trump supporters – or anyone who acknowledges that Democrats pulled off the Greatest Election Theft In History last November – from joining the armed forces or holding a federal job:

Far-left “Vanity Fair” magazine asks cult expert how to “deprogram” patriots, Trump supporters – the majority of Americans who don’t live in the tiny blue urban cesspools of vote theft & corruption:


Law Professor Dershowitz says Senate will likely put Trump on trial, but repeats that a conviction in any such trial would be unconstitutional, and any attempt to block him from running for office in future would be an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder:


Sidney Powell launches Super PAC promoting freedom of speech, Constitutional rights, and “the sacred right of free and fair elections”:


Facecrook disables all commenting on new “Patriot Party” page. (Can’t allow the resistance to form committees of correspondence — King George found out where that led!):

And you still doubt we’re at war? Facecrook permanently bans young conservative entrepreneurs after they create “Patriots Against Biden” Facecrook page:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch still banned by Twatter after posting accurate information about 193 studies showing the effectiveness of hydroxycholorquine against COVID:

Evangelist John L. Kachelman, Jr. – The Communist purge of America is underway:

Buyer’s remorse – along with state of New Mexico, Ute Indian Tribe now realizes usurper Biden’s planned destruction of American energy industry is an attack on their economy, sovereignty:

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene posts video reminder – for four years, DemoBolsheviks have called for violence, murder of President Donald Trump:

. . . or see . . . :

Costco decides My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell retains a first Amendment right to keep reporting on The Greatest Election Theft in History, will honor contract and keep stocking his products:

Arizona Republicans stand with Trump, censure McCain widow, Jeff Flake, Doug Ducey for disloyalty to movement’s leader:


Thug Maxine Waters (who surely made no use of her office as she turned her own children and stepchildren into millionaires) declares fruitless investigations into the finances of President Donald Trump – who wouldn’t even take a salary – will continue forever:


Masked usurper Biden kills up to 70,000 jobs on his first day in office. (Wait for it – as economy tanks, they’ll blame President Trump.)


Trucking industry leaders expect the Usurper Biden’s policies to crush small trucking companies:

Usurping Democrats plan to bypass any filibuster by sneaking in amnesty for millions of illegal alien criminals through the “reconciliation” process:


Because the shutdowns were only about ruining the economy as a help to getting rid of legitimate President Donald Trump, and were never about protecting anyone’s health, Comrade Whitmer announces indoor restaurant dining will again be allowed in Michigan – days after the “inauguration” of pretendpresident Biden:


pretendpresident Joe Biden invades Syria:

pretendpresident Joe Biden is personally responsible for the 4,385 COVID sufferers who died on his first day in office . . . right?

Traitor Mitch McConnell Chao wants to prevent Trump from ever returning to office & again rescuing America from Chao’s paymasters, the Red Chinese

With after-term “impeachment”, Congress trying to overturn FUTURE elections:


Masked ururper Biden orders ICE to release all illegal alien criminals (actually, all illegal aliens are multiple-offense criminals.) Will one rape a woman in your family? Kill your relatives in a DUI with an unregistered, uninsured vehicle? Feel safer now, DemoBolshevik voters?:


You Could Not Make This Stuff Up; In vote on unionization, Amazon opposes mail -in voting in the interests of maintaining vote integrity!:


Data expert Bobby Piton – 200,000 Pennsylvania ballots modified after election; material quantity of Arizona “voters . . . aren’t even real people”:

Pretendpresident boosts prices of insulin, epinephrine:

Usurper Bidens gave their dogs warm, fluffy doggie beds, sent troops to sleep on concrete floors of cold parking garage:

“They’re not Pelosi’s servants.” Gov. DeSantis orders Florida Nartional Guardsmen home fom D.C.:

After she used the case to raise money, ambitious gun-grabbing traitor to the Constitution Kimberly Gardner again forbidden to prosecute Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their home by displaying firearms to violent rioters – a God-given right guaranteed against infringement by the Second Amendment:


America’s Izvestia, Washington Post removes embarrassing Heels-Up Harris anecdote from 2019 profile:


. . . or see . . . :


Maricopa County Board of Supervisors now tries to block LEGITIMATE forensic audit of 2020 election ballots (Now why would they do THAT?):

One Comment to “Washington cesspool fears Trump – and The American People – now more than ever”

  1. Steve Briggs Says:

    Thank you once again for your labors in keeping the white light of truth on the slime within the American Political System.

    For a long time I prided myself on defending minarchy, I have been for the last 6 years a staunch anarcho-capitalist. There is nothing the centralist government currently does, with some exclusions, which could not be done better and/or for less by the free market. There are three possible exclusions. The possible exclusions would be defense, justice, and rights protection.

    Defense is one of the most difficult, although Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman in Hope offer an interesting scenario in this regard. A 20,000 man training battalion, charged with instructing the local militia, the militia

    As far as justice goes, hiring a mediator would put a stop to frivolous lawsuits and probably get better, more informed decisions. Letting the plaintiff and defendant have 3 shots at a decision, best 2 out of 3, with 3 different mediators, the party seeking the appeal having to pay for the next mediator, would balance things out nicely.

    Rights protection is theoretically that for which the peacekeeping function is designed. However, as expected, giving any entity a monopoly on the use of force delivers all the problems, if not more, than any other granted monopoly.

    Once again, keep up the good work.