Is there anyone in Washington or Wall Street who’s NOT corrupt? Do none of these people remember what happened on July 14, 1789? The method of rehabilitation finally proposed by Dr. Guillotin?


FBI lawyer purposely doctored document to allow Barry the Stoner’s administration to spy on the Trump campaign. He comes up for sentencing before the very FISA “judge” who should be most outraged that he admitted betraying the secret spy court, AND HIS OATH TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. So for a crime far worse than the Watergate burglary, since the ENTIRE FORCE OF THE LYING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WAS ARRAYED AGAINST PRIVATE CITIZEN TRUMP, IN AN ATTEMPT TO RIG A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION TO PROTECT THE SMIRKING CRIMINALS OF THE ARROGANT DEEP STATE, Crooked Lawyer Clinesmith gets . . . probation and 400 hours coaching kids’ softball on weekends. NO jail time. Not even a FINE. And you think this whole system isn’t rigged to laugh at us behind our backs?

Yes, actually, the whole system IS rigged to let them laugh behind our backs. And the simpering traitors Barr and Rodentstein and Durham were all part of the coverup, all while telling us about the promised indictments of their buddies the FBI and DOJ criminals “These things take time”!:

Tucker Carlson calls the tactics employed by Democrats and their allies to suppress dissent and so-called divisive rhetoric “the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history”:

What’s that? You think the markets are rigged and the elites are trash? Watch the CEO of the Nasdaq suggest a halt in trading to help his buddies at the big hedge funds – who do NOT buy stocks based on what the underlying companies produce, but rather to make money driving them into bankruptcy and throwing their employees out of work – to “recalibrate their positions” as mere peasants threaten to cost them billions:

“Never has there been such blatant market manipulation by the organized efforts of the elite financial class. Big Tech and Wall Street are working together to keep a rigged system tilted in their favor and their aligned efforts are spotlighting just how rigged that system is.

“The elites don’t care what happens to the ordinary citizens in the stock market. . . . they are protecting their own status. All of this is brutally illegal market manipulation and collusion by the financial sector. [Story Here and Story Here] Keep watching. . . .

Tucker Carlson – as the elites move to protect the hedge funds that sought to destroy a company called Gamestop, we learn today’s financial system “Is not the capitalism we were promised – not even close”:

Tucker Carlson & Dave Portnoy outline the manipulation of the markets to protect the hyena hedge funds from the investments of the peasants. (You peasants are only allowed to LOSE money, don’t you get it?)

Bokhari – Redditors remind America that Wall Street is rigged:

Decepticon maneuvers – don’t forget the short fat boy who owns the New York Stock Exchange is the man who bought that Senate seat for his wife . . . Mr. Kelly Loeffler!:


New York AG – Cuomo undercounted COVID nursing home deaths (to which Cuomo massively contributed) . . . by 50 percent?

Whitmer lockdowns handed Michigan the worst job losses in the nation. (Democrats say, “Let’s reward her!”):

Prosecutor calls for investigation into Whitmer’s role in Michigan nursing home deaths:

Who can trust the federal agency certifying elections when its CIO previously worked for Dominion Vote-Manipulation Systems?

Independent journalist and eyewitness Tayler Hansen details (with photos) how Antifa terrorists led entry into U.S. Capitol Jan. 6 – “As time passes one thing becomes more clear, the Capitol was the perfect set up, and Trump supporters took the bait”:

Antifa agent provocateur who keeps getting released from jail (how curious) speaks out in “Infowars” interview – calls Biden victory “fishy”; massive support for Trump “speaks for itself”:

Dembolsheviks seek to ban federal agencies from calling illegal aliens “illegal aliens”:

Sidney Powell – President Trump “had about 80 million votes and Biden had much less than that”:

Republican election-night ground game in crucial battleground state of Michigan was pathetic:

Twitter suspends Gateway Pundit for reporting Virginia court decision on Virginia’s crooked mail-in ballots – claims the court decision incites violence!

You know that Trump supporter who was just indicted for a joking Online post encouraging dumb Dimocrats to vote online via text message? Far left activist and “comedienne” Kristina Wong posted the exact same message (only encouraging TRUMP supporters to vote via text message) in 2016, it’s still live on Twatter, and she’s NEVER BEEN CHARGED. (Meantime, how’s the DOJ coming along on charging the Democrats who stole the 2020 election? How about the 2016-2017 “Russiagate” anti-Trump conspirators? Just gotta be patient, right? Charges coming any day now, right? “These things take time,” right, Buffalo Bill?)

. . . or see . . . :

After tens of thousands of deaths (no, not hundreds of thousands, we’re glad to say – after all, the CDC counts motorcycle crash victims and roofers struck by lightning while up on the roof as “COVID deaths” – see . . . . . . or . . . ), Facecrook and the American Journal of Medicine finally admit they were wrong about hydroxychloroquine, which can reduce COVID deaths by 79 percent:

San Francisco school board to remove names of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from schools. (Some at the city’s Pol Pot Administrative Center now suggest “Jeffrey Dahmer High” “John Wayne Gacy Middle School” or “Charles Manson Elementary” might more properly represent the city’s multicultural values.)


After eight days, Fakepresident Biden’s legiaslative agenda hits the wall in Congress:

Rep. Jim Banks – D.C. statehood obviously unconstitutional:

Goal of the senile usurper is to enrich his fellow members of the decadent oligarchy which has already turned America into a Chinese colony. Meantime, all American patriots will be profiled, harassed, maligned, cajoled, digitally erased and treated like terrorists :

Learning to play the Washington Cesspool Game – Madison Cawthorn caves, now says Usurper Biden’s rigged election victory was “legitimate”!:

Rob Schmitt of Newsmax goes to work on arrogant twit John Kerry:

Crooks in charge of Maricopa County follow their Deep State/Bolshevik/ChiCom instructions, refuse audit of crooked 2020 ballots:

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  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    At least — thank whatever gods there be for the cheap videocamera — all this blatant corruption is no longer hidden. We can all see what’s going on. The only questions left are: how man py p

  2. Leslie Fish Says:

    …how many people refuse to believe what’s been laid bare for them, and what do we do about all this corruption?

    Well, for starters, everybody go volunteer to work as local poll-watchers. Second, raise up a petition to overhaul your county’s voting system so as to *throw out the computers*; ballots should be filled out by hand and counted by hand — with plenty of witnesses and security cameras. Before anything else, we have to make sure our votes are all honest and all counted.