Backstabbing Never-Trumper Ted Cruz asserts President Trump ‘did not prove election fraud in any court’

Backstabber Ted Cruz is back, asserting President Trump “did not prove (massive) election fraud in any court.”

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OK, Ted: Which court agreed, back before the cases became moot on Jan. 6 , to spend at least a couple of days allowing Sidney Powell — or any other of Trump’s representatives – to air at least A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of the evidence of election fraud in open court? Not talking about the Democrat judges or the 9 pieces of shit once referred to as “The U.S. Supreme Court” who hid in the basement and refused to hear the case on “procedural” or “jurisdictional” grounds, here, Ted. Which court REVIEWED ALL THE EVIDENCE IN PUBLIC, so we could watch?

(Law professor Davide K. Clements confirms there was “significant” election fraud – court cases have been dismissed on “process” ground only, NO COURT has reviewed the evidence):


Interesting. Trump dismisses a set of lawyers who apparently wanted to base his defense to the Demosquats’ latest bogus “impeachment” attempt on pretty much “procedural” grounds – that impeaching a president after he leaves office is unconstitutional, that trying to bar him from seeking office in future through such a kangaroo-court proceeding comprises a Constitutionally forbidden “Bill of Attainder.”

Now, all that’s true, make no mistake. But it would appear he made this change so that he could present a SUBSTANTIVE defense to the charge that he “incited a riot” by falsely claiming election fraud – by USING THIS FORUM TO FINALLY PRESENT HIS EVIDENCE, for the first time in a NATIONAL public forum, that there WAS massive election fraud which DID reverse and stymie and negate the voters’ Nov. 3 decision to massively re-elect President Donald Trump.

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Yet now his new lawyers (above) present a brief for his defense which – except for a passing reference to state officials WHO DO NOT SERVE IN THEIR STATES’ LEGISLATURES improperly changing election laws under cover of the fake COVID-19 emergency – is mostly . . . well, procedural.

(See “Trump impeachment lawyer: Stolen election won’t be brought up during trial”:)

Rather than boldly proclaiming “There WAS massive election fraud, and we’ll now proceed to prove it,” his lawyers now respond to the charge that

4. Donald John Trump engaged in high Crimes and Misdemeanors by inciting violence against the Government of the United States, in that On January 6, 2021, pursuant to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the House of Representatives, and the Senate met at the United States Capitol for a joint session of Congress to count the votes of the Electoral College. In the months preceding the Joint Session, President Trump repeatedly issued false statements asserting that the Presidential election results were the product of widespread fraud and should not be accepted by the American people or certified by State or Federal officials” . . .

. . . with the defense that President Trump had a “First Amendment right under the Constitution to express his belief that the election results were suspect, since with very few exceptions, under the convenient guise of Covid-19 pandemic ‘safeguards’ states election laws and procedures were changed by local politicians or judges without the necessary approvals from state legislatures. Insufficient evidence exists upon which a reasonable jurist could conclude that the 45th President’s statements were accurate or not, and he therefore denies they were false.”

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This seems pitiful enough to verge on the lame-ass. Why the backward construction “He denies they were false,” instead of “He proudly insists his statements were truthful, that crooked Democrats in at least seven famously corrupt Democrat-run cities connived and engaged in a criminal conspiracy to steal the national election, in part by ginning up tens of thousands of fake mail-in ballots, some of which were never even folded to be placed in an envelope, AFTER November Third”?

Why not request some uninterrupted hours to present the evidence that his “election was stolen” statements were TRUE, rather than “stipulating away” the MAIN ISSUE of this thoroughly POLITICAL attempt to get rid of Donald Trump AND bury under a steaming heap of babbling bullshit the inconvenient fact that the Democrats stole the 2020 election through well-planned, organized, electronic vote-manipulation and massive mail-in fake ballot fraud in the specific targeted corrupt Demosquat cities of Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas — and probably Northern Virginia, too?


Why on earth settle for simpering that there’s “insufficient evidence” for anyone to determine whether or not the election was stolen? Haven’t the president’s current lawyers watched the surveillance videos of the suitcases full of ballots being pulled out from under the tables and run through the scanners again and again on election night in Atlanta – after the GOP poll watchers had been sent away based on the lie that COUNTING WAS BEING SUSPENDED due to some kind of massive water main break and flood (when no evidence can now be found that there was ever so much as a WORK ORDER to repair any such “water main break”?)

Haven’t they read even a handful of the literally THOUSANDS of sworn affidavits of the poll watchers about the truck with thousands of unexamined ballots (“Chain of Custody? What Dat?”) pulling up to the back of the counting center in Detroit at the dead of night – AGAIN after the poll watchers had been sent home with the lie that the counting was suspended? (Gee, what a CO-INKY-DINCE!)

How about the affidavit of the Postal Service truck driver who bravely came forward after hauling hundreds of thousands of fake ballot from New York to Pennsylvania — the day AFTER the election? Which Demobolshevik senator would like to explain what THOSE were for?

Aren’t they prepared to prove Republican poll-watchers were kept too far way to check the validity of ANY ballots – eventually expelled completely, and cardboard put up across the windows so no one could even LOOK IN, in Detroit and elsewhere – even though state law MAKES NO PROVISIONS for keeping the GOP count-watchers ay such a distance, justified by COVID-19 OR ANYTHING ELSE? There are PHOTOS of this happening, for heaven’s sake!

Haven’t they seen or read the sworn evidence that the vote-manipulation machines were connected to the Internet, that images of as many as 65 percent of ballots were sent electronically to some remote and unsupervised location (possibly Barcelona) to be “adjudicated”? Don’t they know there’s a doctrine in law that anyone SHREDDING BALLOTS AND RE-PROGRAMMING MACHINES BEFORE THEY CAN BE AUDITED is presumed guilty of the crime charged, that their “guilty knowledge” can be presumed, based on the fact that they knowingly destroyed evidence which – if they were innocent – could have exonerated them?

To the charge 5. Shortly before the Joint Session commenced, President Trump addressed a crowd at the Capitol ellipse in Washington DC. There, he re-iterated false claims that “We won this election, and we won it by a landslide,” the president’s lawyers respond:

Answer 5: Admitted in part, denied in part – It is admitted that President Trump addressed a crowd at the Capitol ellipse on January 6, 2021 as is his right under the First Amendment to the Constitution and expressed his opinion that the election results were suspect, as is contained in the full recording of the speech. . . .”

His “opinion” that the results were “suspect”? How about “He stated the demonstrable FACT that the election was STOLEN by massive fraud, a FACT he was fully prepared to prove before the nine worthless pieces of shit once referred to as the ‘U.S. Supreme Court,’ which squeaking, cowering, compromised toads REFUSED TO HEAR THE CASE BEFORE IT BECAME MOOT ON JAN. 6, REFUSING TO PROVIDE THE FORUM WHERE THE MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD COULD BE PROVEN, WHICH PROOF WE NOW DEMAND FOUR EIGHT-HOUR DAYS OF UNINTERRUPTED DAYLIGHT AND EVENING TELEVISION TIME FOR SIDNEY POWELL AND JENNA ELLIS TO PRESENT”?

How about “Thanks for the nationwide TV audience this proceeding will provide, before which we can finally lay out the PROOF that you suckers stole the 2020 election – the very issue for which the President rallied his peaceful supporters in Washington on Jan. 6 while your fascist “Antifa” blackshirts were invading the U.S. Capitol (BEFORE THE PRESIDENT EVEN FINISHED SPEAKING), many of them pretending to be TRUMP SUPPORTERS — in a false-flag operation which we now know included planting pipe bombs th D.C. THE NIGHT BEFORE? Will the corrupt Deep State networks now cut away as usual, saying ‘You don’t need to see Rightful President Trump’s defense’”?:

(See Dinesh D’Souza, also asking that the president’s team offer some SUBSTANTIVE rebuttal to the Democrats’ charges (not just a lame “Whether he did it or not, you have no jurisdiction”) – including videotape of DEMOCRATS including Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters REALLY inciting actual mobs to actual violence against Republican cabinet members and even Supreme Court Justices – the D’Souza podcast embedded in the following admirable “Marjorie Taylor Greene” segment from The Conservative Treehouse):


Yes, I know the traditional answer, here. Any good attorney, seeking to defend his of her client against a serious charge, will say “Sir, . . . Donald . . . Mr. Trump, Let’s not set ourselves up to take on the burden of proving something we don’t really have to prove at this stage, arguing a case more complicated than necessary, which can create room for doubt and confusion in the jurors’ minds. Let’s keep this as simple as possible, and keep our eye on the ball, on the main and only goal, which is to get you QUICKLY ACQUITTED on the simplest, the most easily argued, the most easily proven grounds.

“Let’s concentrate on dodging the bullet of this bullshit attempt to bar you from seeking federal office again, in order to clear the horizon and keep open all your future options. THEN you can make your case about election fraud in another forum.

“Hell, you’re a billionaire; hire an award-winning investigative filmmaker to make a 70-minute documentary which presents all the evidence in a calm and convincing way, without shithead Democrat senators constantly interrupting to make sleep-inducing speeches that they can play back in their campaign ads. Then you can edit down 26-minute and 13-minute ‘highlight’ versions of that piece of documentary filmmaking and set them up so anyone can click and watch them for free, 24-7, from now till the end of time.”

I get that.

But even the most patient among us must surely grow weary of watching the outnumbered soldiers of truth and freedom playing endless procedural defense against a cackling and gleeful pack of the most corrupt bunch of loathesome liars assembled since the French finally decided to “reform” their aristocracy in 1789.

With the help of Dr. Guillotin.

When comes the counterattack? When will the voice of the righteous majority ever be heard?

NEXT TIME – Personnel is Policy. To what extent is President Trump to blame for not bringing to Washington a strong cadre of bold, skilled, loyal supporters, instead allowing the Deep State Hive to constantly laugh behind his back, as Backstabbers from Chris Christie to Mitch McConnell told him the Senate would approve only appointees who would gleefully stab him in the back, slow-walking and obstructing the very policies for which the American public elected him? (Chris Wray, Bill Barr . . .)

And what are the chances — always providing adequate safeguards against massive election fraud can be restored — that Donald Trump will have recruited such a cadre of loyal appointees to cover his back the next time, ready to replace the thousand (yes, literally a thousand) high-ranking Deep-Staters who need to be fired on his first full day back in office, sweeping clean the administraive offices of the DOJ and FBI, to begin with — and to indict and equip with orange jump-suits and leg irons the NEXT thousand sneering, plotting Deep-State scum, the week after that?

4 Comments to “Backstabbing Never-Trumper Ted Cruz asserts President Trump ‘did not prove election fraud in any court’”

  1. citizen angered Says:

    all that is required , is that good men do nothing …………………………

  2. citizen angered Says:

    and thus , we enter the age of tyrants .

  3. Brett Middleton Says:

    Are Trump’s lawyers so brain damaged that they truly do not understand that what will happen in the Senate does not meet any commonly-accepted definition of the word “trial”? That every member of the “jury” has already decided how they will vote (including the “jury member” who will also be serving as “judge”) and will not pay the least bit of attention to any evidence or legal argument that Trump’s lawyers present except as it determines the spin those voting to impeach will place on their decision? That they could stand up, recite “Mary had a little lamb”, and sit down again without changing the end result by even one vote? The only proper move under such circumstances is to go for the bold stroke and present the fraud evidence. Then, at least, the American people will know what a monstrous injustice has been done, especially if enough Republicans have been quietly persuaded to stab Trump in the back and actually convict him.

    Vin, have you read Patrick Byrne’s series of articles on “How DJT Lost the White House” at Any thoughts on this heartbreaking tale of incompetence and duplicity?

  4. citizen angered Says:

    the first thing that comes to mind , if trump presents evidence in the so-called trial ,is the scene from original planet of the apes movie, when taylor tells them of human civilization ,, one covers his eyes , one covers his ears, and one covers his mouth ,,, and ALL look towards the floor not wanting to acknowledge the truth of what was being said,,,, thats what i see when i think of the senate “listening” to evidence from trump, hell they have ignored Everything else , everything,,, and now that the fbi is racing to arrest so-called “domestic terrorists” who walked in doors opened at the capitol by the capitol police, calling that an “insurrection” and seemed to fail to arrest anyone from “the”mostly peaceful protests that raged in 89 cities across the country for months,,,
    add to that the “vetting” that the military are going to be put thru by the biden purity police ,
    we are moving into uncharted territory for american citizens
    the last time we went thru something like this ,
    it was brought to us by democrats
    we call it the civil war
    what are we going to call this one ? now that the democrats have declared war on US citizens who are not “people of color”
    So ummmmmm just what do we call it ?
    the UN-CIVIL WAR