And . . . he breaks free into the open field!

After five years of desperate lies and libel from the Bolsheviks and their corrupticrat press . . . Donald Trump still dominates GOP presidential preference by so much there effectively “is no second place” (OK, Nikki Haley 6 percent, Mittens Romney 4 percent. Ha!):

Huge spontaneous crowds gather to cheer supposedly “defeated” President Donald Trump:


Trump attorney Michael Van Der Veen forced to send his children to a secret location, hire armed guards both at home and at work, due to threats from Democrats after he successfully represented Donald Trump in bogus impeachment “trial” (over which one of the hostile Democrat senators voting to convict served as “de judge.”)

North Carolina GOP censures backstabbing Corrupticrat Burr for voting to impeach Donald Trump for no discernible crime at all:

Backstabber (and traitor with many lucrative commections to Communist China) Bitch McConnell WANTS GOP to lose seats in 2022. (Just as his top goal in 2010 was to destroy the Tea Party, his top goal today is to destroy Donald Trump and the MAGA movement):

Steve Bannon says back-stabbing troll Bitch McConnell (also known as Red Chinese Agent Mr. Elaine Chao) has got to go:

Biden and his Gang of Thieves are scared to death to face the American people:

Collins, Murkowski, Cassidy, Romney, Sasse join lame-ducks Toomey and Burr in announcing the end of their political careers; reportedly now hope to use Senate pension moneys to open yogurt stand, dog grooming kennel, air-conditioning repair business:

Idiot Cassidy says Trump’s “force will wane”:

62 percent of Americans support third major political party:


Half of Texans’ already inefficient wind turbines freeze, stop:


ANOTHER Dimocrat Cosmetic Gun Ban? Gosh, minority “yout’s” shooting each other by the dozens every week in Democrat “gun-controlled” Chicago must be recoiling in terror at the prospect of being required to use “thumbhole stocks”! (Meantime, Utah becomes 17th Constitutional Carry state. Hiow does it feel to be on the wrong side of the curve, Bolsheviks? Hoping Comrade Stalin will bail you out? HE’S DEAD!):


Flopping over on their backs and peeing themselves rather than stand up to the Victim Disarmament lobby, Colt stopped selling AR-15s to civilians in 2019, and has been in decline ever since. So . . . they just got snapped up by Ceska Zbrojovka:


(As I’ve said many times in the past, if anyone claims “I’m against guns; guns never solve anything,” ask them to tape a pre-printed script to their telephone, so they can read it in case of emergency, stating “Hello, 9-1-1? Yeah, there’s a guy trying to break into our house, he’s yelling that he’s going to rape the women here and then kill us all. But if you send any cops over here, I only want you to send the kind of cops who don’t carry guns. If the only kind of police you have are cops who carry guns, DON’T send them, because at this house we hate guns, we believe that ‘Guns never solve anything.’”

If they decline to do that, you may then point out to them that they’re wrong when they say they “don’t believe in guns – guns never solve anything.” What they really mean is “I don’t want to be bothered with the cost of acquiring firearms, or the bother of assuming the responsibility that comes with defending myself and my family, going to the trouble of learning how to use firearms safely and effectively; I’d rather just trust the GOVERNMENT to own all the guns, on the assumption they’ll protect me . . .

. . . despite the fact that when three women in a rooming house in Washington D.C. sued the police in 1975 because the women CALLED police twice, but police merely knocked on the front door and then left after five minutes, so that a gang of rapists (who’d demanded the womens’ silence while holding them at knifepoint till police left) was allowed to stay in the house, raping those women repeatedly FOR 14 HOURS, the court threw out their lawsuit, ruling “While police have a GENERAL responsibility to protect the public, they have no SPECIFIC responsibility to protect any SPECIFIC members of the public who call the police.”

(See Warren vs. District of Columbia . . . : .)

Then ask them, “Since you’re willing to delegate THAT personal freedom and responsibility to the government, how about voting? Are you willing to call your local police station or county or city clerk’s office, and ask them to cast your VOTE for you, since researching all these candidates and then driving all the way down to your polling place on election Day is just too much bother?

“And then, while we’re allowing government to take care of all our freedoms and responsibilities for us, would you be willing to call the desk sergeant at your local police station, or your local city councilman or county commissioner, and tell him. ‘You know, my wife wants to have a child, but this whole business is just so messy and time-consuming, and it takes time away from my watching my favorite shows on television. So would you be willing to come over here and hump my wife for me?’ Why not? You seem to believe exercising all your OTHER rights and responsibilities is ‘just too much bother.’”


Crooked 308,000 Biden ballot drop on election night in Fairfax County:

Hand recount of votes in Windham, New Hampshire reveals Dominion machines stole votes from every single GOP candidate:

New Hampshire Department of “Justice” refuses to investigate largest documented voting machine vote-theft “error” in state history . . . because Dominion machines work fine for Democrats:

Youtube censors Gateway Pundit, locks down account after the Hoft Brothers post interview with New Hampshire officials on Dominion machines stealing votes from each and every Republican candidate:

Windham, New Hampshire, election witnesses discuss vote-manipulation machine scandal with Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up:

Previous study of AccuVote machines similar to those used in New Hampshire found serious flaws and ability to steal votes with little risk of detection:

“They’ve won”: Trump lawyers eviscerate Dem impeachment case, prove they doctored evidence, lied about Trump tweet:

More evidence Jan. 6 Capitol incursion was planned in advance by members of Antifa, neo-Nazis and others:

3 Comments to “And . . . he breaks free into the open field!”

  1. citizenangered Says:

    hoping everything is ok vin ,,, its been awhile since you’ve posted . . . .

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, citizenangered — Thanks for your concern. The Brunette & I are fine, or as fine as anyone can be in the face of the antics of the depraved would-be Bolsheviki now revealed to be in charge (with little or no adult supervision) in Washington, D&C, along with such capitals of political/media/academic corruption and depravity as Chicago, New York, L.A., Philadelphia, Albany, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.

    And what a front man and front gal they chose! (Apparently Yosemite Sam and Cruella DeVille were not available.)

    I go back and forth between comparing this to the one day a year when the high school student council is bused down to city hall for a morning and allowed to pretent to be the REAL City Council — enacting “ordinances” which call for all dogs to wear pants and for free candy to be handed out to “Kids Named David” . . . and the kind of incident in which a petulant 15-year-old, refused permission to drive dad’s shiny restored sports car, steals it, grabs a fifth of Bourbon, and drives around town crashing into things “to show those grownups a thing or two!”

    They are indeed attempting to carry out the new and quite bizarre “Leveller’s Revolution” (Shoot up pre-pubescent children with sterilizing hormones to make them “happy trannies”! Drag-Queen Story Hour! Deny that quasi-literates in corrupt urban enclaves ran tens of thousands of fake “absentee ballots” through optical scanners which sent them for “adjudication” to Venezuelans in Barcelona late at night when no one as allowed to watch! Ignore the fact that “Justice” Kavanaugh and Amy Corny Barrett refuse to even hear the evidence! “Slavery Reparations” for urban mendicants with 75 percent Caucasian blood whose ancestors may or may not have ever actually been slaves! A $40,000 minimum salary for retards who can’t do simple arithmetic and a $9 trillion bailout for bankrupt DemBolshevik Urban Hellholes (and there’s “no resulting inlfation” — that 50 percent hike in your gas prices and grocery bills is all in your imagination!) Open the borders for Arab terrorists, Chinese spies, and non-English-speakers infected with contagious diseases!) recommended by softheaded professors and graduate assistants who’ve never had to so much as meet payroll at a Dairy Queen.

    They just seem to have started on Page Four, neglecting the part where they were supposed to shoot us, first. Wonder how that will work out? I believe Lenin lasted a little less than four years before he said, in effect, “Wow, turns out this Marx guy was some kind of disgruntled nut case, living in an attic in London. We’vre used up everything we stole from the rich, all of whom have now fled to Paris, no one left here knows how to actually produce anything, and people are down to boiling shoe leather for soup. Call back all the Czarist bureaucrats we didn’t shoot and ask them for help setting up a proper police state.”

    I blogged pretty heavily from October through January, attempting to help fill the gap as our possessed “Mainstream Media” systematically censored the real news, substituing their bizarre “Trump and his barefoot, redneck, negro-lynching yokels are going to stasge a ‘military coup’ with their pitchforks” narrative. But others, like Sundance at Conservative Treehouse and the Hoft Brothers at Gateway Pundit and some good folks at Ameican Thinker (despite some corporate crumbling there re. the Dominion Vote-Manipulation Machines) — and Telegram and Gab and AnonUp (for Q people) and X22 Report (including on Rumble) and even Epoch Times and Jan Jekielek and Joe Dan at Intellectual Feroglegs now seem to be filling in the gaps for those who have wisely shot their televisions and abandoned Facecrook, Doodle,, MSLSD, and Twatter.

    A good time for some to take breathers, in rotation. Some of us have personal lives (of a sort) and small businesses to run. (We sell some books & vinyl online as “Cat’s Curiosities,” hereabouts.) We have not given up. Like Donald Trump, we’ll be back, hopefully somewhat less willing to give the Traitors, Slow-Walkers and Decepticons the “benefit of the doubt.”

    Contact The Man at Mar-A-Lago — offer to contribute some of the thousands of orange jumpsuits and sets of leg irons he’ll be needing when he returns. What’s the Statute of Limitations on “Conspiracy to Overthrow the Constitution (which you’ve sworn an oath to uphold) along with the Duly Elected Govenrment of the United States”? I’m no big fan of the Tyrant Lincoln (read anything on the subject by the gifted & courageous Tom DiLorenzo), but were John Wilkes Booth’s rooming-house pals hanged by the civilian authorities, or by the military? I forget.

    — V.S.

  3. citizenangered Says:

    Vin, thank you, your thoughts on subjects great and small, have helped me better understand things since 1999,
    many thanks for sharing your perspectives all these years , know that thou many miles and great distances separate us all, your readers and fellow patriots care deeply about both you and the brunette, and we pray for both of you.
    again many thanks