Like watching a car full of drunken teenagers slide sideways on the ice

A loyal correspondent notes I haven’t posted for awhile and inquires as to our welfare. I replied:

Hi, citizenangered — Thanks for your concern. The Brunette & I are fine, or as fine as anyone can be in the face of the antics of the depraved would-be Bolsheviki now revealed to be in charge (with little or no adult supervision) in Washington, D&C (“revealed,” I say, since their takeover has been incremental and really dates back decades), along with such capitals of political/media/academic corruption and depravity — and homeless people defecating on the sidewalks — as Chicago, New York, L.A., Philadelphia, Albany, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco . . .

And what a front man and front gal they chose! (Apparently Yosemite Sam and Cruella DeVille were not available.)

Think of it: choosing a senile, disoriented, hustler of million-dollar Russian and Red Chinese bribes (through the offices of his coke-addicted son, who refused to pay child support after knocking up a pole dancer, and who abandoned a laptop computer containing evidence of all this at a computer repair shop so it ended up in the hands of the career blackmailers at the FBI), a pathetic stumblebum who refers to “his” Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon as “the guy who runs that place over there,” now posing as the Leader of the Free World after the most blatant, in-your face election theft in history, as their SYMBOL.


I go back and forth between comparing this to the one day a year when the high school student council is bused down to city hall for a morning and allowed to pretend to be the REAL City Council — enacting “ordinances” which call for all dogs to wear pants and for free candy to be handed out to “Kids Named David” . . . and the kind of incident in which a petulant 15-year-old, refused permission to drive dad’s shiny restored sports car, steals it, grabs a fifth of Bourbon, and drives around town crashing into things “to show those grownups a thing or two!”

They think we’re afraid of their “Antifa” mobs? One of these days an “Antifa” mob is going to march down the wrong street, and run into four Texans with rifles. Or maybe just two sturdy Texans with baseball bats.

They are indeed attempting to carry out the new and quite bizarre “Leveller’s Revolution” recommended by softheaded professors and coddled graduate assistants who’ve never had to so much as meet payroll at a Dairy Queen.

Shoot up pre-pubescent children with sterilizing hormones to make them “happy trannies”! Drag-Queen Story Hour! Deny that quasi-literates in corrupt urban enclaves ran tens of thousands of fake, mass-produced “absentee ballots” through optical scanners which emailed up to 65 percent of swing-state ballots for “adjudication” to Venezuelans in Barcelona late at night after the accredited witnesses had been sent home (“Water main broke. We’re done for the night”) — despite tha fact it was CAUGHT ON VIDEO! In fact, censor and delete any Online mention — INCLUDING SPEECHES BY RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP — that massive, in-your-face fraud even occurred! After all, if it’s not on Screwtube, Twatter, ABC or CNN, it never happened! Ignore the fact that “Justice” Kavanaugh and Amy Corny Barrett — along with four other worthless pieces of shit once identified as “The majority of the U.S. Supreme Court” — continue to refuse to hear the overwhelming evidence of this massive fraud in EVEN A SINGLE CASE, since NO ONE HAS “STANDING”!


“Slavery Reparations” for whining mendicants with 75 percent Caucasian blood whose ancestors may or may not have ever actually been slaves! (Is Barry the Stoner “Barack Obama” Soetoro descended from any American slaves? He is not. And not only is Kamala “Heels-Up” Harris not DESCENDED from any slaves, her father says the family OWNED slaves in Jamaica! Will those whose ancestors were both slaves and slave owners have to pay the reparations TO THEMSELVES?

Meantime, how much extra shall a struggling white or Asian or Hispanic farmer or truck driver or factory worker be taxed to pay reparations because of the way they were penalized in their careers due to the color of their skin to Magic Johnson (net worth $500 million), Mariah Carey ($510 million), Tiger Woods ($590 million), Kanye West ($1.3 billion), Michael Jordan ($1.6 billion), Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion), or former Goldman Sachs executive Robert F. Smith ($5.2 billion)?


A $40,000 minimum salary for retards who can’t do simple arithmetic and sell their votes for a free cell phone and a $1.9 trillion bailout for otherwise bankrupt DemBolshevik Urban Hellholes (and there’s “no resulting inflation” — that 50 percent hike in your gas prices and grocery bills is all in your imagination!) Open the borders (thus violating all our duly enacted immigration laws) for Arab terrorists, Chinese spies, and tens of thousands of non-English-speakers with no known job skills who are KNOWN TO BE INFECTED with contagious diseases! That’ll teach that meanie, Donald Trump! Purposely cripple our coal, oil and gas industries — after all, we can get all the energy we need from frozen windmills and gerbils on treadmills! And if we end up having to go on bended knee to Russia, Venezuela, and the Saudis to get the fuel we need so we don’t freeze in the dark, what could go wrong? Or maybe they’d like us to go back to lanterns fueled with WHALE OIL!

Overload the System; Collapse the System; Blame the System, and voila! Communist Worker’s Paradise! It worked out so well in Russia, Cambodia, and Venezuela! Ask the pro-freedom dissidents and racial minorities how well it’s working out in Red China. “We don’t use ALL of them as slave labor after gang-raping their women, After all, there’s always a need for spare body parts!”


They just seem to have started on Page Four, neglecting the part where they were supposed to shoot us, first. Wonder how that will work out? I believe Lenin lasted a little less than four years before he said, in effect, in 1921, “Wow, turns out this Marx guy was some kind of disgruntled nut case, living in an attic in London. We’ve used up everything we stole from the rich, all of whom have now fled to Paris, no one left here knows how to actually produce anything, and people are down to boiling shoe leather for soup. Call back all the Czarist bureaucrats we didn’t shoot and ask them for help setting up a proper police state.”

History moves in cycles. Not IDENTICAL repetitions, mind you, but patterns. Let the fawning peacocks in the royal court get far enough distanced from the people they’re supposed to be protecting, and eventually you get either conquered by barbarians from the north (Rome, the Egypt of the Pharaohs), or the French Revolution.

Reaction and reform are rarely as measured and moderate and sensible and reasoned and tolerant as the American Revolution, which is why (along with the very idea that a bunch of peasant farmers with muskets, rifles AND THEIR OWN CANNON, THE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF WHICH IS PROTECTED FROM INFRINGEMENT BY THE SECOND AMENDMENT, were able to defeat the most powerful combined royal army and navy in the world) it’s still considered such an historical miracle. But now they want to tear down the statues of George Washington. Of George Washington.


How many of them can name at least three of the four greatest things — truly ASTONISHING things — George Washington ever did? To spare anyone looking it up, those would be 1) leading the pathetic remnants of a TOTALLY DEFEATED ARMY that had been chased entirely out of New York and across and out of New Jersey, some of them literally barefoot in the snow, across a Delaware so ice-clogged that the local militia considered it impassable, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, to three successive winter victories and a march-around-their flank to Princeton between Dec. 26, 1776 and Jan. 3, 1777 so stunning that the British never again even TRIED to control any significant part of the American countryside, settling therafter for manning a few seaport strongpoints; 2) On Dec, 23, 1783, when his unpaid officers would gladly have crowned him king, which was PRECISELY WHAT MOST EUROPEAN OBSERVERS INCLUDING GEORGE III EXPECTED, Washington instead resigned his commission as commander-in-chief and went home; . . .

. . . 3) Although Washington could doubtless have served as “President for life,” he announced once AGAIN, on September 19, 1796, that he would resign the nation’s highest office after two terms and go home, allowing a peaceful transition to new hands (setting a precedent that would last until the clueless dilettante Frankie Roosevelt decided to seek a third term in 1940) . . . and, of course, the fourth miracle: Despite the near impossibility of synchronizing operations over large distances in the 18th Century (see Howe’s failure to march north and relieve Burgoyne at Saratoga), Washington organized the 14-week, 680-mile march by Rochambeau’s French columns from Rhode Island, joined en route by Washington’s Continentals at the Hudson, including the construction of NEW WAGON ROADS, all CONDUCTED IN COMPLETE SECRECY, to COORDINATE WITH ADMIRAL DE GRASSE’S PLANNED SORTIE NORTH FROM THE CARIBBEAN (carrying enough Cuban silver to pay the troops), thus allowing a combined army, still believed by the British to be sitting outside New York, to appear suddenly on the ridges above the Chesapeake WITH THEIR ARTILLERY in October of 1781, JUST AS DE GRASSE CUT OFF CORNWALLIS’ RELIEF FROM THE SEA — The World Turned Upside Down, the impossible victory that won the “unwinnable” war: Yorktown.

Try them. How about two? Can they name TWO of the greatest achievements of “the indispensable man”?

Deduct points for “He owned slaves,” unless they can identify the race of American slave-owners Anthony Johnson, William “April” Ellison, Nat Butler, Justus Angel and Mistress L. Horry (all black, most notorious); the race of the first 300,000 slaves shipped from Britain to America beginning in 1618 (white, many from Scotland and Ireland: see — and did that line for reparations just get quite a bit longer?), or identify the only Founding Father (unless we include John Dickinson and Caesar Rodney) who freed all his slaves in his will — an unusual thing to do in 18th Century Virginia. (Aw, you guessed.)

The excesses of the 1920s — bobbed hair, short skirts, flaming youth dancing to that jazz music and rumbling around in rumble seats — were pretty tame compared to the aberrations we’re being instructed to accept as “normal” today. The really bloody excesses of the French Revolution may be a better example. Yet the Great War — and the ensuing political and economic miscalculations of the ruling class, including draconian “reparations” — led to the rise of “strong men” promising a return to stability, normalcy, and national greatness: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, just as the unsustainable excesses of the ecstasy of destruction known as the French Revolution inevitably brought about the rise of that avaricious tyrant and emperor of all Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte, promising a return to what? Sanity, stability, normalcy and greatness.

Our shrieking Bolshevik gremlins today, stuffing their pants with bribes or kneeling down to offer blow jobs to their corporate masters while claiming to be our “statesmen,” “newscasters” and “commentators,” had better HOPE the coming inevitable reaction, the pendulum swing, the return to something approaching normalcy — boys not playing girls’ sports or strolling into girls’ shower rooms; immigration laws enforced; no more censoring old Disney movies because the cartoon crows talk like black folk; no more requiring symbolic mask-wearing that even the docs who teach at Harvard Medical School agree are “worthless outside a hospital setting”; no one required to call a fat father of four who grows his hair out and puts on lipstick “her” — is led in America by Donald Trump, who’s basically a pretty nice guy, a quite moderate and really SUPERFICIAL reformer (except on foreign trade) who’s never even called for the elimination of the Federal Reserve Board or the thoroughly unconstitutional (privacy-destroying, fiscally unnecessary) Personal Income Tax, who could have used the Insurrection Act to jail those in the DOJ and FBI who spent his entire four years ILLEGALLY CONSPIRING to remove him from office, . . .

OR SEE . . . :

. . . not to mention the crooks who stole the 2020 election . . . but did neither.



. . . OR SEE . . . :


Instead, hoping if he treated the Deep Staters generously, concentrating on merely restoring American strength and prosperity, while skipping the part where he could have had scores if not hundreds of them arrested for graft, treason, soliciting bribes from and serving as unregistered agents of a foreign power (what do you THINK they’re so afraid of?), they’d return the favor.

And what lesson did he learn?

Because if Donald Trump fails or is martyred, the Strong Man who replaces him is unliklely to pussyfoot around. It would be pretty easy to come up with the names of a thousand paid-off traitors in the FBI, the DOJ, Congress, the Pentagon, and the Courts — along with their corporate allies in the media (both “mainstream” and “social”) and in banking, who have been knowingly doing the bidding of the Russians and the Red Chinese for years now, and who thus fully deserve to be hanged.

Oh, did I say “hanged”? I meant “hanged.”

You think a modest thousand public executions wouldn’t concentrate the minds of the remaining traitors? You think most of the 80 million patriotic Americans who voted for Normalcy and Trump and are still sitting here with their jaws hanging open, watching the antics of these demon-deranged lunatics, aren’t just about ready? Then you probably live in New York, Washington, Chicago, or some other fear-wracked urban helhole, don’t get out much, and get your “news” from the Deep State television propaganda broadcasts at 6:30 each evening. Don’t you?

I blogged almost daily from October through January, attempting to help fill the gap as our demon-possessed “Mainstream Media” systematically censored the real news, substituting their bizarre “Trump and his barefoot, redneck, negro-lynching yokels are going to stage a ‘military coup’ with their pitchforks” narrative. (How odd, the fantasy they projected being what Trump possibly SHOULD have done, which they know in their hearts someone evetually WILL do to them, just as we’re told many serial killers leave clues for police in the perverse hope they WILL eventually be apprehended and punished.)

See: “Time Magazine Admits Leftist ‘Cabal’ Conspired to Steal Election”:

OR: “The Definitive Analysis of Time Magazine’s Victory Lap on How The Election Was Stolen”:

OR: “Time Magazine Expose Admits ‘Conspiracy’ To Steal Election:

(And Molly Ball’s work for Time was ITSELF misdirection; failing to note the use of massive “mail-in” ballot fraud and electronic voting machines PURPOSELY PROGRAMMED TO HELP RIG ELECTIONS.)

But others, including Sundance at Conservative Treehouse and the Hoft Brothers at Gateway Pundit and some good folks at American Thinker (despite some corporate crumbling there re. the Dominion Vote-Manipulation Machines) — and Telegram and Gab and AnonUp (for Q people) and X22 Report (including on Rumble) and even Epoch Times and Jan Jekielek and Joe Dan at Intellectual Froglegs now seem to be filling in the gaps for those who have wisely shot their televisions and abandoned Facecrook, Doodle, MSLSD, and Twatter.


A good time for some of us not to give up, by any means (as though the incoming tide of history could be much affected, regardless), but to take breathers, in rotation. Some of us have personal lives (of a sort), spring gardens to plant, and small businesses to run. (We sell some vintage books & vinyl online as “Cat’s Curiosities,” hereabouts.) We have not given up. Like Donald Trump, we’ll be back, hopefully somewhat less willing to give the Traitors, Slow-Walkers and Decepticons the “benefit of the doubt.”

Do NOT fall for email or snail-mail from Turtle Chao-McConnell’s heavily Red Chinese-influenced (if not funded) NRSC or Mitt Romney’s sister’s (and Liz Cheney’s) NRCC, asking for money to “support Donald Trump” or “protect Donald Trump’s legacy” by buying them more daggers to stick in his (and our) back. Instead, contact The Man at Mar-A-Lago — offer to contribute some of the thousands of orange jumpsuits and sets of leg irons he’ll be needing when he returns. Keep up with Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, Peter Navarro, and Mike Lindell.

What’s the Statute of Limitations on “Conspiracy to Overthrow the Constitution (which you’d sworn an oath to uphold) along with the Duly Elected Government of the United States”? I’m no big fan of the Tyrant Lincoln (read anything on the subject by the gifted & courageous Tom DiLorenzo), but were John Wilkes Booth’s rooming-house pals hanged by the civilian authorities, or by the military? I forget.

— V.S.

3 Comments to “Like watching a car full of drunken teenagers slide sideways on the ice”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Larry Elder: “On former President Barack Obama’s maternal side, there were slave owners. Obama’s father came from Kenya, a slave-trading area. Does Obama get a check, or does he cut a check? Similarly, Vice President Kamala Harris’ Jamaican father has acknowledged slave owners in his family. Does Harris, whose mother is from India, get a check or cut a check?”

  2. Michael F Garcia Says:


    As always a pleasure to read your column. I have been a fan since the Shotgun News days. Glad the you and yours are doing well. When my copy of the black arrow arrived all those years ago it smelled like smoke, from the fire within I am sure.
    I can feel the groundswell you describe. My friends outside the urban areas are talking about it.
    Love the pics and glad your still fighting the good fight.


  3. Kingsnake Says:

    Good to see ya back. Sad, under the circumstances: The military — which was in a state of near-rebellion against Trump — has now jumped the Enterprise over the proverbial shark. Including marching the National Guard against a sitting congresswoman. Insurrection much? Burn it all down.