A blast from the past

Every nine months or so, we review the books and records which we offer for sale through Cat’s Curiosities, on the ABE Web site. (See: . . . )


We generally mark down our prices on unsold stock, but also review our write-ups to see if a revision or update might be necessary.

Today came the turn of a “spoken word” vinyl LP record album by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, from the late 1950s, titled “Communist Trickery / How will the Red Butchers dispose of your family? / A Brilliant Analysis of the Soviet Plan to Take Over the United States”

Our original writeup for this piece of 1950s nostalgia — the kind of over-the-top offering that many of us doubtless thought good for a chuckle, 20 years ago, was “Not a book but a 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm ‘Nonbreakable Long Playing microgroove’ (mono) vinyl record, Key Records KLP-790, mint vinyl in a near-mint cardboard jacket with minor ringwear. Jacket lists record company address as “7720 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 46, Calif.” (pre-dating the 1962 introduction of postal zip codes), narrowing down the date of this effort to 1958-1961. (1958 is our estimate.) Schwarz identified as the “brilliant Australian surgeon-psychiatrist” who testified in 1957 before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.”

Today, we felt it appropriate to add to that description:

“How silly. Why, if communists aimed to take over America, they’d surely be buying off our politicians by offering six-figure no-show ‘jobs’ to their adult children; infiltrating our colleges with far-left Marxist professors to indoctrinate our children that America is a racist, evil country worthy only of hate; ginning up fake panic over some ‘pandemic’ with a death rate under 0.05 percent in order to cripple and shut down private, for-profit businesses and keep us from gathering and comparing notes at churches and other social gathering places; further torpedoing our economy by purposely crippling the energy industry (a huge favor to Vladimir Putin, since most of Russia’s foreign exchange is generated by her sale of oil and natural gas); shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas while bringing in foreigners on special visas to take whatever American jobs were left; trying to swamp and collapse our schools, hospitals, and social services by inviting in hordes of illegal aliens despite the duly enacted immigration laws our politicians have sworn a sacred oath to ‘protect, defend, and enforce’; threatening confiscatory tax hikes on ‘the rich’; enacting more ‘gun control’ to facilitate rape and disarm any peasant or rube who might be tempted to resist; staging pre-dawn SWAT raids to arrest known Trump supporters and charge them with made-up ‘crimes’; shutting down any opposition political speech by claiming it ‘violates community standards’; censoring anyone including the duly elected President of the United States who tried to expose and document the blatant, in-your-face election fraud through which they’ve taken over the country; attacking the traditional family structure by promoting ‘transgenderism’ (even in the military, where it would now be given precedence over ‘the ability to win wars’), as well as prescribing hormones to sterilize pre-pubsecent children . . . oh, wait . . .”


2 Comments to “A blast from the past”

  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    You got it, Vin! When we warn of the future dire consequences, we are told we are paranoid and delusional. When the consequences come true, they act like they knew all along, but it’s not so bad. And if you even try to go back to stronger community standards and laws, you are racist and reactionary.

  2. Van Cronkhite Says:

    Is it possible to purchase the converted content of this record? That is, can it be purchased on CD or in MP-3 format? I would like to hear what this has to offer, but my last record player went away over a decade ago.
    If this is possible please let me know.
    Thank you