A fund-raising missive from the Never-Trump Decepticons

Just how desperate, immoral, and out-of-touch are the scheming Decepticons who still control the “Republican National Committee” — as well as the NRCC, the NRSC, etc.?

We need waste little time concerning their “ethics,” or even their long-term political vision. This gang has been hard at work — desperately at work — trying to cripple and destroy Donald Trump since he came down the escalator in 2015. Why ? Because he declines to take part in them, they see him as a looming threat to the ongoing schemes through which they enrich themselves on bribes and kickbacks from the genocidal Chinese Communists, and the multinational pirate corporations (most of whose CEOs and directors will eventually hang) who are busily at work selling us OUT to those same soulless Chinese Communist tyrants, murderers, and organ-harvesters.

Since these backstabbers and traitors have been trying to cripple or destroy Donald Trump for more than five years — so they could get back to Business as Usual without looking over their shoulders, selling out their constituents to the highest bidder — Donald Trump asked them, a month back, to stop using his name in their fund-raising efforts. They told him where to shove it, insisting they had a First Amendment right to headline their grifting emails “Won’t You Help President Trump,” “Help Us Protect the Trump Agenda,” etc.

A week or two ago, this RNC mailed me a “2021 Republican Affiliation and Renewal Confirmation Card.” I’m supposed to “renew” my membership in the Republican National Committee, see – an outfit to which I’ve never belonged, an outfit to which I’ve never knowingly contributed a penny, although I HAVE donated to Donald Trump and to other INDIVIDUAL Republican and Libertarian candidates (the few who don’t endorse open borders, a cheap-labor Koch Brothers scam aimed at turning America into Outer Crapistan.)

You know the scam. This thing pretends to be a “sign me up” card with a little “poll” I can take to indicate “how important each of the following issues is to you” (though of course I’m expected to send along $50 or $100 to help them “get the message out”) — as though Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Nikki Haley, and Mitt Romney’s sister are going to study these “poll” results like Belshazzar trying to interpret the handwriting on the wall.


Indicate whether you “moderately support,” “strongly support,” or feel “uncertain” about these five current top GOP priorities :

1) Prevent influx of illegal immigration

2) Hold the line on raising taxes

3) restrain government spending

4) stop new red tape and regulations

5) Ensure our national defense stays second to none in the world

Honest! Read it again. Think about how any of those proposed steps would improve Americans’ prosperity and individual liberty (as in, “not.”) Then see if you can think of anything important that’s missing:

Now, let me see if I can come up an agenda that might get an actual conservative, a registered Republican who lives outside the barbed-wire compound which the Uniparty Corrupticrats have now made of Washington, D.C., or one of the 80 million American voters who would battle storm and flood to vote for Donald Trump, excited enough to send in a few bucks, or even go out and vote:



Where’s THAT, you a-holes? You use his name on your “gimme gimme some money” letters, because you KNOW he’s the only one who can bring enough energy and vision to the field to defeat the DemBolsheviks in any MARGINALLY HONEST election. So where’s the whole desperate country’s TOP PRIORITY? You’re hoping to keep the field open for those gigantic national vote-getters, Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley?


2) Get rid of mass mail-in vote fraud, and get rid of the electronic vote machines which can be (which ARE) programmed to switch a given percentage of votes from the GOP to the DemBolsheviks, as has already been demonstrated in Montana, and as is about to be proven in Windham, New Hampshire and in Maricopa County, Arizona. Also get rid of optical (electronic) ballot SCANNERS, which can be programmed to send up to 65 percent of votes “off site” to be “adjudicated” by crooked Communist Venezuelans.

Montana vote fraud:


New Hampshire vote fraud:


Or see: . . .

Maricopa County criminals balk, try to block ballot audit. See:

. . . or see: . . .


Where the hell is THAT priority – without which Republicans will never again win another American election which the DemBolshevik crooks consider important enough to rig ? Why doesn’t this MATTER to you, Mitt and Lisa and Kevin, et al.? Because you know you’ll get your share of the Red Chinese/multinational corporate bribes and kickbacks anyway, and you’re actually happier to remain the permanent minority, as long as you don’t have Donald Trump to kick you around any more?




3) Purge the Republican Party of such politically suicidal, traitorous, backstabbing scumlemmings (and unregistered Red Chinese agents) as Liz Cheney, Mitch “McConnell” Chao, Mittens Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, Rep. Adam Kinzinger , Rep. John Ratko of New York . . . . “Do you, the voter, support this ‘moderately’/ ‘strongly’?” . . .



Yes, I know most of them are too smart to even seek re-election — bank accounts apparently adequately full, already. But if you believe “your way” is actually supported by most party members, Liz and Kevin and Ronna and Nikki, why not ask the question and find out?


4) Eliminate their special, congressionally-mandated protection from normal lawsuits and use the anti-trust laws to break up the “social media” monopolies that are currently stifling Americans’ right to free political speech. This is surely more dangerous to our future as a free people than Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, which consistently pushed the price of oil and kerosene DOWN, not up, but which the “trust-busters” broke up, anyway.

There ought to be NINE regional Facecrooks, NINE regional Twatters and Doodles and Microscums, with a requirement that at least three of each be sold off to CONSERVATIVE content generators. (You’ll know you’ve got the right buyers when Alexandria Occasional Cortez and Rob “Meathead” Reiner start screeching that they’re all “white supremacists,” like Clarence Thomas, Dinesh D’Souza, Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell. And why are the taxpayers still subsidizing National Pro-communist Radio, while we’re at it?


Now let’s take a closer look at what this rump, NeverTrump , hands-out-for-anyone’s cash remnant of the “opposition party” reveals about themselves through their choice of language in their little “poll”:

“Prevent influx of illegal immigration”?

While continuing to issue lots of special work visas so low-paid Indians from the subcontinent can continue flooding into this country to take away the jobs of American computer programmers, et al.? Meaning it’s OK if Democrats proceed to register our current population of some 24 million illegal aliens — as Democrats, of course — and bus them to the polls while “translators” can “help” them vote? What ever happened to “round up and deport all the illegal aliens”? Even the damned DEMOCRATS were in favor of that, 30 and 50 and 70 years ago! Look up “Operation Wetback.” Try to find a Democrat complaining in 1954 that that was “racist.” Heck, socialist workers’ hero Cesar Chavez was against illrgal immigration!




. . . or see . . . :


“Hold the line on raising taxes”?

This is the crooked game the Uniparty Kleptocrats have been playing since at least 1912 – MORE THAN A FRIGGING CENTURY! The Demoncrats get in and raise taxes — or enact more Victim Disarmament laws as a favor to your friendly neighborhood rapist, or even create whole NEW taxes out of thin air (a MILEAGE tax?) The Republicans then ride to victory by claiming to oppose all this taxation and “gun control”, whereupon they “hold the line” . . . meaning the new Democrat taxes and gun control laws STAY IN PLACE.

(Where on this list is “Repeal the 1968 Gun Control Act and the 1933 National Firearms Act, WHICH HAVE NEVER PREVENTED A SINGLE CRIME?)

What I’d vote for would be “reducing taxation on every American by 50 percent, starting with repealing the federal income tax.” Where’d that one go, you Great GOP Freedom Fighters? Why should we list our children, our mileage, our donations to church and charity, ask permission to deduct the costs of our little “home office” (square footage required), all so the government can “approve” our keeping some portion of our own income? Is THAT the “liberty” our forefathers fought for? Is the income tax an indirect excise like the gasoline tax (we don’t file a “gasoline tax form” every April, do we?), or a direct tax, capitated by the states — the ONLY TWO KINDS OF TAXATION ALLOWED UNDER THE CONSTITUTION?

“Um, well, gee, it’s kind of a . . . a DIFFERENT kind of a . . . wait a minute, now, let me check my notes, here. Ah, c’mon, guys . . .”

“Restrain government spending”?

Meaning, like, we’ll only let it grow by a minimal 20 percent a year, meaning your savings will drop in buying power by at least half by the year 2025 or 2026, still working with “omnibus pork bills,” rather than proposing and debating an actual, line-by-line budget the way we’re supposed to? I’m SO IMPRESSED by your courage and frugality, your willingness to go down to electoral defeat rather than hand out pork like it’s all a big free barbecue, and our grandchildren get stuck with the bill!

How about this: “We advocate an immediate and drastic reduction of governmental expenditures by abolishing useless commissions and offices, consolidating departments and bureaus, and eliminating extravagance to accomplish a saving of not less than twenty-five per cent in the cost of the Federal Government. . . . We favor maintenance of the national credit by a federal budget annually balanced . . . . We advocate a sound currency to be preserved at all hazards and an international monetary conference called on the invitation of our government to consider the rehabilitation of silver. . . .”

Wow, sound pretty extreme to you, Liz and Mitch and Kevin and Ronna and Nikki? That’s a direct quotation from the 1932 platform of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s DEMOCRATIC PARTY, which added “We believe that a party platform is a covenant with the people to have [sic] faithfully kept by the party when entrusted with power, and that the people are entitled to know in plain words the terms of the contract to which they are asked to subscribe.”

Why not adopt this platform, and dare the JoeBama crooks, cretins and kleptocrats to criticize it? It’s Franklin Roosevelt’s DEMOCRAT PARTY PLATFORM of 1932 — yet it’s waaaayyy too “far-right radical” for the so-called Republicans of 2022?

And, for the record, if you wanted to “make sure our national defense stayed second to none,” you’d vow to fire the top 200 “political generals” currently busying themselves turning our “armed forces” into a happy “safe space” for former men who want the government to pay for their hormone shots after they cut off their penises, grow their hair out and take to wearing brassieres, instead replacing said deskbound “generals” with 200 battle-hardened colonels and naval captains who retired rather than accept promotion into said legion of ticket-punching perfumed pansies.

One Comment to “A fund-raising missive from the Never-Trump Decepticons”

  1. citizenangered Says:

    Hey Vin
    So far it seems like the currently installed collection of clowns is only running on 3 cylinders, yet they have manager to, or should i say, mis-managed to screw-up everything they have touched, disasters on every front, well at least from my perspective, and yet it seems they view these as improvements over the racist evil dictator orangeman. who didnt dictate, and didnt stay in office,,
    And as we are now learning(what lots suspected) that the FBI was infiltrated into all of the major so-called rightwing patriot groups, to the point that the undercover FBI men paid for the hotel rooms at the mostly peaceful rally at the capitol on the 6th and we also learned recently, the FBI was 3 outta 5 guys on the planning committee of the MICH GOV whitmer kidnapping team, also one of the FBI UC guys was the contact man for the “explosives” they were supposedly trying to get, after all this stuff thats come to light recently , its caused me to ponder, what was trump thinking when he make up his mind to have a rally on the 6th,, was it , possibly, maybe,, lets do a sting operation, kinda like the FBI stings back in the 80’s,, where they rounded up politicians, both dems and rpubs, by just putting out the word that they had money to spread around to get legislation passed,,, and then let the dems and their surrogates (burnlootmurder/anitfa do what they do best
    – burn loot murder and destroy, false-flag and narrative creation, as the msm cheers them on, and runs interference for them, all the while trump and his people are capturing all of the evidence as it transpires ? to me it seems like the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from the facts as i know them, there is an article in the online mag revolver that lays out thru the charging documents a pretty good case that all of the un-indicted co-conspirators in the Mich case and in the 6th event are all FBI plants, engineering the incidents, or at least it sure seems like thats the most likely reasonable explanation, that i can come up with , trumps to smart to have goofed up and allowed all of this to occur by happenstance ,,
    at least, thats what my laymans understanding of occams razor tells me
    so what are your thoughts on this

    again hoping all is well with you and yours
    thanks again for all the tappings past keyboard and keys