Who could not see this coming?

By now, surely every American with access to a home computer (or even a television, though I strongly recommend against relying on THOSE for anything other than Demo-Marxist propaganda, these days – whether it be about the stolen election of 2020, the mass mail-in ballot fraud justified by the COVID hoax, the dangerous RNA therapies now being pushed as “Covid vaccinations,” whatever) has seen excerpts from the July 8 “press conference” in which the bribed-up senile sock puppet installed in the White House six months ago by the ChiComs and whoever else controls our electronic voting machines insisted his order for American forces in Afghanistan to immediately cut and run after a 20-year occupation would be “secure and orderly,” with little chance of a Taliban takeover. “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely,” the Obammy-Jarrett sock puppet said.


“The Taliban is not the south, the North Vietnamese army,” the man who hid in his basement all last fall while “Big Tech” was rigging our elections and son Hunter was out accepting millions in bribes from the Red Chinese (who will now control Afghanistan, and who are already warning Taiwan that THIS is how the U.S. Army supports its purported allies) said in answer to a rare legitimate question. “They’re not, they’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the, of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable.”

Yeah. Did they wake you up to watch any of the footage from Kabul this weekend at Camp David, Joe? (You saw the photo of Joe sitting alone at the big table at Camp David, right? The one that shows the time difference on the Moscow and London clocks as two hours – a condition that hasn’t applied since March?

Was the installed senile sock puppet lying through his teeth?



Let me put it this way: Sean Parnell’s book “Outlaw Platoon” (Morrow, New York), detailing the way his unit was betrayed by their “head Afghan interpreter,” who’d been calling in their planned daily dispositions to the enemy on a satellite phone, leading to the deaths by ambush of some of Parnell’s men, was published in 2012, NINE YEARS AGO.

But even if our “Intelligence” whiz kids missed that one, no one could POSSIBLY believe the “300,000-strong Afghan Army” was likely to defend so much as a phone booth after reading “Red Platoon,” published by Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha (Dutton, New York) in 2016.

As I open Romesha’s book to page 141, the Taliban’s dawn attack on the outnumbered defenders of Combat Outpost Keating, miserably positioned in a river valley surrounded by hostile higher ground near the Pakistan border, has just begun:

“On the morning of the attack, there were thirty-six Afghan National Army soldiers at (Combat Outpost) Keating, including a platoon sergeant who was serving as the unit’s commander,” Romesha explains. “When the ANA guard tower was blown to smithereens in front of Jones,” – mere minutes into the well-planned attack – “that marked the moment that every one of these men ceased fighting and abandoned their posts at the east end of the camp.

“We would not discover until much later that a large number of these soldiers – somewhere between ten and fifteen – had thrown down their weapons and actually run through the breach in the concertina wire TOWARD their attackers, presumably in the hopes of surrendering,” Romesha writes. “Most of them were gunned down on the spot, although a few were captured or managed to disappear into the trees. Meanwhile, a larger group turned tail and started running as fast as they could toward the center of camp with the aim of seeking cover in whichever building looked most inviting: the barracks, the aid station, the command post.

At the same time that this rout was unfolding, the Afghan Security Guards who were responsible for holding the front gate on the opposite side of Keating also abandoned their post en masse and were now engaged in a similar stampede. . . .”

Meantime, at the embattled command post, Lt. Bundermann looks up to see a dozen of America’s Afghan “allies” bursting in through the door.

“‘Where are the helicopters,’ demanded the Afghan commander. ‘We need to leave!’

“At first, Bundermann was so shocked by the absurdity of this request that he didn’t know how to respond.

“‘Uh, that’s not gonna happen,’ he finally stammered. ‘You and your men need to get back out there and defend your side of the perimeter – IMMEDIATELY.’”

Needless to say, they didn’t. Americans died; the “Afghan Army” ran away and hid.

And this happened during a battle in which the brave “Afghan Army” troops had resolute American G.I.s on either flank, lambasting the attackers with .50-caliber machine guns — and when they knew AMERICAN air support would be arriving soon. What would this lead us to believe these “brave allies” (members of an “army” that couldn’t even master the logistics of getting food to the front, or keeping their vehicles fueled) would do to defend a so-called “national government” run by members of some competing tribe in far-off Kabul . . . if they were ON THEIR OWN?

And that book was published FIVE YEARS AGO.

I’m no “military intelligence professional.” But I pulled those two books off the shelf and found those passages in five minutes.

Sean Parnell served as a lieutenant in the 10th Mountain Division. He spent 485 days fighting – not filing reports in Langley – along the Afghan-Pakistan border in 2006-2007. He was seriously wounded, losing consciousness multiple times in one firefight, but continued to patrol with his men even as cerebral-spinal fluid continued to leak from his ears and nose. Looking at the pink fluid draining from his ears, the “scowling Asian American female physician’s assistant” who’d been assigned to treat his platoon’s battle casualties told him sarcastically “You’re fine. You just need to clean your ears a bit better.”

Sean Parnell unseated lying Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania House District 17 last year, but had his victory stolen when the Red Chinese voting machines and a mass of fraudulent mail-in ballots (Thanks, Fauci-CDC COVID scam!) handed an extra 10,000 fake votes to the Democrat. Parnell is now running for U.S. Senate, hoping against hope someone will restore honest elections between now and then.

What about Staff Sgt. Romesha? Just some rear echelon whiner with no actual boots-on-the-ground expertise about the so-called “Afghan Army?” Actually, Staff Sgt. Romesha spearheaded the defense of Combat Outpost Keating, and led the counterattack that drove the Taliban back beyond the wire. For those actions, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

But you’re telling me no one in the White House, at the CIA, in imilitary intelligence or at the Pentagon has ever read either of those books? Or a dozen other accounts like them? Never actually interviewed any former junior officers or non-coms (no longer obliged to salute and say “Yes Sir”) to get an assessment of what was likely to happen on the ground? Nobody there dreamed the “Afghan Army” would promptly sell, turn over, or abandon all those billions of dollars worth of of top-of-the-line equipment we handed them? The fact that Afghan “trainees” shooting their American trainers in the back became so common that it even got a name – “green-on-blue fratricide” – didn’t give anyone a hint? You think our guys aren’t now going to face those weapons – and the intel windfall all that newly captured ELECTRONIC equipment represents – here and abroad for years to come?

And — for the record, no, “General Milley” — the perfumed Pentagon Prince who would rather hector his troops to feel “white guilt” about “racial oppression” 170 years ago than go join a foot patrol along the Paki border — and the sock puppet’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, were NOT warning everyone in sight of the trouble to come. No no. Instead, they were spooning out the same “Everything’s going great” pabulum in congressional hearings less than two months ago, Austin assuring us the embassy “which we will retain there” in Kabul would make sure there was no harassment or bad treatment iof Afghan “women and girls” by the Taliban (how do you suppose that’s working out?), while Milley assured us that abandoning the Bagram air base with all its supplies and weaponry to the terrorists by pulling out in the dead of night was fine, Bagram “no longer necessary,” whereupon he did his best impersonation of a nerdy high-school debater as he tried to drown Congressman Doug Lamborn in absurd detail by citing (we now know) meaningless memorized statistics about the Taliban controlling “only 81 out of 419” semi-autonomous district capitals, “and no provincial capitals at all” (wow!) — as though this was some board game where the winner would soon be declared after counting up who had built the most hotels on Vermont Avenue:



. . . or see . . .






2 Comments to “Who could not see this coming?”

  1. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    I looked at more than a century of foreign intervention in Afghanistan and predicted pretty much this days after the original invasion nearly twenty years ago.

    “Was the installed senile sock puppet lying through his teeth?”

    Not lying so much as lacking in sufficient cognition to grasp what lies he’s being fed through the teleprompter. When he can even read them.

  2. John Taylor Says:

    I surely am glad to see you back in my Feedly queue, Vin!

    I wouls highly recommend to you Mr. Michael Yon, a man who has as much practical “boots on the ground” knowledge about Afghanistan (and many other relevant subjects) as anyone of whom I am aware. He’s been preaching to the choir for twenty years about that particular cluster-f**k.

    Keep ’em coming!