You think that you’re such a smart girl, and I’ll believe what you say. But who do you think you are, girl, to lead me on this way?

Thanks to documents abandoned by cowards and incompetents fleeing the U.S. embassy in Kabul (Hey, they get paid the big bucks to work a 30-hour week turning down visa applications in an air-conditioned office in between attending fancy dinners and cocktail parties for YEARS in exchange for being expected to take a moderate risk and do the right thing (purge and burn) ONE DAY IN THEIR LIVES. And didn’t Biden’s incompetent jerk-offs Thoroughly Modern Milley and so-called “Defense Secretary” Lying Lloyd Austin assure us the Taliban couldn’t cut off young women’s fingers or hands for wearing nail polish BECAUSE THE U.S. EMBASSY WOULD ALWAYS BE THERE TO PROTECT THEM?) . . .

. . . Oliver North says the throat-slashing Taliban now has a complete list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of every Afghan who helped the United States over the past 21 years. How big a pyramid of severed heads will that make? What’s the effect going to be the next time U.S. forces ask some natives to help provide guides, drivers, and translators in a foreign land?

Meantime, it’s been less than a year – LESS. THAN. A. YEAR. – since 489 paid-off scum (you don’t think many of these goons took highly paid “consulting” jobs with Blackrock and/or the rest of the military-industrial kill-our-boys-for-profit complex immediately upon “retirement”? OF COURSE THEY DID!) signed their names to the most “sky is green; grass is blue” pile of utter, lie-in-your-face, partisan horseshit ever presented to the American people with a straight face, in the process TREACHEROUSLY BETRAYING A COURAGEOUS, SITTING U.S. COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, just last September. The letter – and their signatures comprising their guilty plea — despite attempts to delete it elsewhere, can still be found at:

The 489 retired generals, ambassadors and “national security professionals” wrote on Sept. 23, 2020 (as Hunter smoked crack with his whores and Joe hid in his basement) “We believe that Joe Biden is, above all, a good man with a strong sense of right and wrong.” (Well, OK, he was always willing to vote against a bank regulation bill intended to protect credit-card users, as long as his local bank in Wilmington was willing to funnel him the “right” bribe and not the “wrong” bribe. And Ukrainian prosecutors investigating his son’s crooked business deals? He knew it was “right” to withhold U.S. taxpayer aid until that “wrong” prosecutor was fired . . . Why, it was even “right” to brag about it on camera! Nothing “wrong” about that!

And of course, any Hunter multi-million-dollar business deal with the genocidal Chinese Communists was “right” — never “wrong” — so long as 10 percent went to “The Big Guy.” (Hunter was such an OBVIOUS candidate for such deals, given that he had no known experience organizing any operation more complex than lighting his crack pipe while an under-aged girl massaged his feet with her breasts, combined with tghe fact he speaks no known foreign language AT ALL, let alone Mandarin Chinese. Why, his claim that his role as the “big funnel” for cash to “The Big Guy” played no role in landing him all that loot is obviously valid – except for the fact that he’s actually said the opposite, ADMITTING ON VIDEO that he got these deals because his dad was VP, and in an email that 10 percent (though in fact it may have ben as much as 50 percent) always had to go to “The Big Guy.”)

Yes, National Propaganda Radio (the Democrats’ tax-funded version of Baghdad Bob, which should be shut down immediately) initially claimed stuff on the Hunter Biden laptop had been discredited. But THEY THEN HAD TO PROMPTLY WITHDRAW THAT BULLSHIT ASSERTION, ADMITTING IT WAS A LIE, THAT THEY MADE IT UP:

So: HE ADMITTED IT! AND YOU SIMPERING EPSILON-MINUS SEMI-MORONS IGNORED IT! YOU KNOWINGLY VOTED FOR (and rigged your eminently hackable internet-connected voting machines, and stuffed our ballot boxes with fake mail-in ballots that don’t show the proper microdots, on orders from your genocidal Chinese Commie paymasters) to put this slimy little crook in the office once held by George Washington, by Thomas Jefferson, by Andrew Jackson? And NOW YOU FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL AGAINST FORENSIC AUDITS, PROVING YOU KNOW IT WAS ALL RIGGED? What reward do you suppose you now have piled up waiting for you in the afterlife?

The only thing I now can’t figure out is why Hunter was fired from the Navy Reserve for smoking crack . . . if crack-smoking is so widespread that all 489 of these morons were simultaneously lit when they signed on to this “Bizarro Superman” version of reality.

Wait, it gets better. They wrote of Joe the Blackrock sock puppet “He is guided by the principles that have long made America great: . . . America’s power and influence stem as much from her moral authority as it does from her economic and military power; Joe Biden will always put the nation’s needs before his own.”

Unless he feels like taking a nap. Like when he failed FOR 36 HOURS to return a phone call from the Prime Minister of our NATO ally Great Britain, desperately asking why in hell Afghanistan was being allowed to collapse into a flaming pile of excrement due to Sleepy Joe’s callous inattention. He didn’t even “let Kamala do it.” (I believe she was headed for Singapore, to view the flower gardens.) Was he eating ice cream, watching re-runs of “The Beverly Hillbillies,” or just snoring? But you guys think this guy, not Donald Trump, is – not just should be, but IS – PRESIDENT?

“Putting the nation’s needs before his own.” Oh, right. To this moment, French, German and British special forces are sending vehicle patrols out of the airport and into Kabul to rescue their nationals, while the U.S. commanders insist “No Can Do”:

“Those who have served know empathy is a vital leadership quality – you cannot do what is best for those you lead if you do not know their challenges,” the 489 perfumed princes declared, as they waded up to their waists in this jaw-dropping farago of mendacious diarrhea. “Joe Biden has empathy born of his humble roots, family tragedies and personal loss. When Americans are struggling, Joe Biden understands their pain and takes it upon himself to help.”

By forcing American children to wear totally useless face masks (they inhale more carbon dioxide, measurably dropping their measured IQs, despite the fact their chances of dying of “COVID” are statistically equivalent to zero, despite the fact people who TEACH MEDICINE AT HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL say masks “do no good outside a hospital setting,” despite leading epidemiologists saying you can’t “chase herd immunity” against a respiratory virus with vaccine after vaccine, booster after booster, which actually INCREASE THE RISK OF DEATH.)

Has he “taken it upon himself to help” by barring their parents from patronizing indoor businesses (restaurants, gyms . . . grocery stores?) — or holding a job with any entity receiving a penny of government money — unless they can PROVE they’ve subjected themselves to a dangerous, experimental RNA alteration experiment . . . which now appears to make one MORE LIKELY to contract a serious respiratory disease, providing it doesn’t simply cause the recipient’s immediate death, which has now apparently happened about 11,000 times?

Well, of course, they’re free to quit said job instead (and many soon will, leaving our hospitals closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, residents of our old-age homes with no one to bring them meals or medications) — except Empathy Joe shut down all the pipelines and refineries, driving up the price of gas and groceries till working-class people are barely hanging on if they can KEEP those jobs.

Oh, the empathy! And now let’s raise their taxes and make their life savings worthless with runaway inflation, even as we impose our new Medical Apatheid, demonizing those who decline your kind offer of a toxic, immune-system-destroying “jab” as “murderers,” and anyone who questions the circumstances of your fake “election” as “dangerous terrorists.”

Besides which, there are now how many million more illegal aliens fanning out across the country (including lots of new would-be Muslim terrorists, with Empathy Joe’s help and blessing) trying to TAKE AWAY those jobs, because Joe Biden refuses to enforce the immigration laws he SWORE AN OATH, HAND ON BIBLE, TO ENFORCE?

Oh, the empathy! Surely Joe should star in a remake of that old Kathryn Hays Star Trek episode, “The Empath.”

But speaking of this man’s empathy: Democrat tool G. Stephanopoulos asks Empathy Joe how he feels about those desperate Afghans falling to their deaths after clinging to that C-17s landing gear as it departed Kabul, and full-of-empathy Joe tells Tiny George not to bother him about ancient history: “Anh, that was four or five days ago,” sneers Empathy Joe. Two, actually, Joe. Your supposed “empathy” seems to have expired after TWO days. If we believed you had any empathy for the TOTALLY UNNECESSARY chaos and death and beheadings you left behind in Kabul. Which of course we know full well you never did.

The letter of the 489 simpering placeholding Democrat morons just gets better:

“We believe America’s president must be honest, and we find Joe Biden’s honesty and integrity indisputable. He believes a nation’s word is her bond. He believes we must stand by the allies who have stood by us. . . . Joe Biden would never sell out our allies to placate despots. . . .”

Whee-hah! “We trust the Taliban to let Americans with passports through,” says Empathy Joe . . . as Afghans beat Americans trying to get to the airport, and SEIZE their passports!

“We know Joe Biden has the experience and wisdom necessary to navigate America through a painful time,” these folks, WHOSE ONLY EXPERTISE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ORGANIZING COMBAT OPERATIONS, insisted. “He has grappled with America’s most difficult foreign policy challenges for decades, learning what works — and what does not — in a dangerous world.” (True enough , if they mean “what works to beef up his own bank account.”)

“He is knowledgeable, but he also knows that listening to diverse and dissenting views is essential, particularly when making tough decisions concerning our national security. . . .”

Unlike Donald Trump, you understand. It was under DONALD TRUMP, the moonbats argued, that “our allies no longer trust or respect us, and our enemies no longer fear us,” while “Climate change continues unabated.”

And these people are still wandering around loose? First, note their ORIGINAL line of bullshit — “catastrophic man-made global warming” has now been euphemized, bowdlerized, into “climate change.” Why? Because after 30 or 40 years “catastrophic man-made global warming” is now so obviously NON-EXISTENT that the phrase has become nothing but a laugh line — “Hey, them polar bears extinct yet?” “Hey, that island nation of Vanuatu sunk beneath the waves yet?” So, using their ORIGINAL line of bullshit, where do you suppose “catastrophic man-made global warming” now ranks on the priority lists of former American allies (or even American citizens) being raped, beaten, and assassinated in front of their children in Kabul, thanks to the way “Honest Joe” has “grappled with America’s most difficult foreign policy challenges”?

But more to the point, what the hell would people whose expertise was supposed to be negotiating with murderous foreigners (or, when that doesn’t work, killing them) know about CLIMATOLOGY? All such a statement can really mean is “I’ve been paid off by the Democrat National Committee and their ChiCom sponsors, and I’ll sign anything they put in front of me.”

President Trump “has ceded influence to a Russian adversary who puts bounties on the heads of American military personnel,” the partisan admirals and generals whine — while in fact it’s BIDEN who allowed Europe to become dependent on a Russian pipeline, which Trump fought like a demon.

Oh, and that “Russian bounty” story. Even the Biden administration now admits it was, well . . . bullshit:

They even criticized Trump’s masterful triumphs in trade with China (which boomed the domestic economy while hurting no one but the kind of traitorous multinationals once represented by that Tom Donohue guy, which may give you some idea of who REALLY scripted and funded this tapestry of turds), while blaming him for 200,000 American COVID deaths (what was he supposed to do, heal them all with a touch like the Nazarene?) — a number which may be just slightly exaggerated, given that the CDC instructed hospitals to class every death of a person who’d been coughing as a “COVID death” (patients most of whom they killed with a ventilator — 70 percent of those placed on ventilators proceeding to die — while WITHHOLDING such useful early therapeutics as hydroxychloroquine at 4 cents per pill, zinc, Ivermectin, intravenous vitamin C, etc. . . . without bothering with any tests, to the extent they HAD any tests that would distinguish COVID from flu, which it appears they did not) . . . causing reported deaths from influenza (which generally run about 200,000 per year, what a co-inky-dence) to fall almost to . . . zero!


So where today are these 489 Democrat tools, who prefer Joe’s handling of the Afghan withdrawal to that they would have gotten from Donald Trump, who had planned to pull out the civilians first, the arms next, and the shooters last, and who our country’s enemies knew would respond to their crossing him in any way by, you know, KILLING them?

But oh, Trump’s hair, and oh, Trump used to have a TV show, and oh, Trump “tweeted too much,” and oh, Trump dared to call out our lying communist “mainstream” cable networks on their partisan lies and thoroughly invented “Russia Russia Russia” bullshit narratives (though unlike “Honest Abe” Lincoln he never censored or jailed or tried to shut down a single lying news outlet or “reporter,” did he?) . . . instead of shuffling his toe in the dirt and saying “Ah, c’mon guys, why don’t you treat me nice?” the way Bush Junior would have. Now THERE was an impotent Uniparty eunuch the mainstream press could love!

Come on, Bill Richarsdson! Come on, Janet Napolitano! Come on, James Clapper! Come on, Bobby Inman, Victoria Nuland! Find a TV camera and tell those Americans trapped in Talibanland how proud they should be of Sleepy Joe’s empathy and honesty and moral stature, after he assured our NATO allies back in June that he’d leave enough “security presence” in Kabul to keep things operating smoothly.

Assure them they have nothing to fear since you “find Joe Biden’s honesty and integrity indisputable. He believes a nation’s word is her bond. He believes we must stand by the allies who have stood by us. . . . Joe Biden would never sell out our allies to placate despots. . . .”

. . . as we wait for the Taliban’s permission to get some of our people out of the gore-stained sewer of Kabul.

Explain to them how this cheap grifter — oh, pardon me, this “man of honor” who once gave a few good speeches, only to have it turn out he’d plagiarized them word-for word from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock — “understands your pain and is taking it upon himself to help.” Remind them “We know Joe Biden has the experience and wisdom necessary to navigate America through a painful time. He has grappled with America’s most difficult foreign policy challenges for decades, learning what works — and what does not.” Like, say, having our troops run away from the impregnable Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night, leaving the door ajar and the keys to the armory hanging in the lock, leading to the terrorists seizing 75,000 American vehicles, 600,000 small arms, and 200 aircraft.

Nice to have that list of 489 names. To start, remove their security clearances immediately. (They were disparaging a sitting commander-in-chief, in addition to recommending Alzheimer Joe over our greatest president since Andrew Jackson. Do YOU trust their loyalty and judgment?) Probably nothing to be done about their government pensions and benefits (though those should certainly be means-tested, like the Social Security “annuity” the peons get – deduct any pay they’re getting from the arms manufacturers, from a Soros front group, from the DNC — or is that redundant?)

But it’s surely time inform all government agencies that none of these led-by-the-nose commie sheep are to receive another penny of government pay, especially not for “teaching” their cynical Soros/Blackrock lies at any military base, academy, or training center.

The lying scumbags who signed this epochal mountain of steaming feces included the following Obammy-Pelosi-Soros-Tom Donovan bitches:

Ambassador Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor; Anthony Lake, former National Security Advisor; Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State; Clifford L. Alexander, former Secretary of the Army; Richard L. Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State;

Alejandro Mayorkas, former Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security; Ambassador Nicholas Burns (Ret), former Under Secretary of State; Janet Napolitano, former Secretary of Homeland Security (chosen for that post because she was a lesbian known not to be averse to finding government sinecures for her “friends”); Ashton B. Carter, former Secretary of Defense; Ambassador Victoria Nuland (Ret);

Lieutenant General James Clapper, USAF (Ret), former Director of National Intelligence (and who could come up with a better oxymoron than that); General Wesley Clark, USA (Ret), former Commander U.S. European Command; William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense; David S. Cohen, former Deputy Director of the CIA; William Cohen, former Secretary of Defense;

Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering (Ret), former Under Secretary of State; Ambassador Cindy L. Courville, Ph.D. (Ret); Ambassador James B. Cunningham (Ret); Rear Admiral Mark Rich, USN (Ret); Governor Bill Richardson, former Secretary of Energy;

Joan Dempsey, former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence; Ambassador William A. Eaton (Ret); R.P. Eddy, former Director, National Security Council; General Paul J. Selva, USAF (Ret), former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Khushali Shah, former Managing Director, State Department Office of Foreign Assistance;

Major General Richard S. Haddad, USAF (Ret); United States Senator Gary Hart (Ret); Jack H. Watson, Jr., former White House Chief of Staff; Admiral Bobby Inman, USN (Ret), former Deputy Director of the CIA; Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch (Ret). Oh, the list of infamy goes on.

What are these traitors and lying scum now doing to apologize and make actual amends to the families of those 10,000 (or more) hostages left behind in Afghanistan? To those Afghans who supported us, who believed our promises, and who are now lining up to be beheaded?

No More Mister Nice Guy. They’ve been after Donald Trump and those of us who have sought a restoration of our Constitutional Republic of LIMITED POWERS, administered WITH THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED — stuffing our ballot boxes and calling US traitors, terrorists and murderers — for years. Now the ChiCom dupes who stand armpit-deep in these lies, who helped elect a senile, bribed-up traitor, who sold this country down the river, must pay. — V.S.

2 Comments to “You think that you’re such a smart girl, and I’ll believe what you say. But who do you think you are, girl, to lead me on this way?”

  1. Mark H Delbridge Says:

    One of your best writings and I’ve been following you since 1998. I agree completely that these overt traitors should face consequences but I’m thinking that they won’t.

  2. victor d ardis Says:

    Only when the people reach the brink, and sometimes all it takes is a single spark, that sets off a firestorm so large, that no amount of water can hope to slow it, nor stop it ,, we have been living in dry tinder for some time now, thanks to our political elite, the demorats keep piling the tinder higher and higher with their lies and corruption,
    sooner or later, there will be a spark.
    its inevitable,
    it cant NOT happen,
    its just a matter of time and circumstance,
    tick tock tick tock

    thats just my dumb ass opinion.