So, if as of Aug. 18 the Brits are running regular vehicle patrols to rescue their nationals in Kabul, but the most powerful nation in the world says ‘No Can Do,’ that means the installed Biden/Blackrock regime WANTS the Taliban head-choppers to hold thousands of American hostages. Why? Trump got too close to shutting down their lucrative Permanent Mideast Wars?

British paratroops are driving from airport into Kabul and back (with apparent impunity) to rescue Brit citizens – and anyone else who wants to come along – gathered at “safe houses.” This causes American commander to scream at them for making it obvious U.S. forces could easily do the same . . . but have evidently been ordered not to.

Meantime, so-called “American Defense Secretary” Austin says the world’s only superpower can’t figure out how to rescue a few thousand Americans in Kabul from a few thousand goatherds with AK-47s, who are busy executing local police chiefs and burning down the local amusement park:

Biden/Blackrock regime canceled Trump program to stage smooth, rapid evacuation of Americans trapped overseas . . . in June. Why would they do that?

Lara Logan points out leaving thousands of American hostages in the hands of Muslim murderers is obviously what the Biden-Blackrock crime gang WANTS:

Blackrock literally runs the “Biden” White House to aid its investment strategies:

Gen. “Scottie” Miller, who recommended closing invincible Bagram Air Force Base, to retire. You don’t suppose he’ll be offered lucrative corporate employment, do you?

With no urgent problems to manage, sock puppet Biden shifts nap location from Camp David to back home in Delaware, this weekend:

Irony fails – 81-year-old Mafia Nan praises Biden for ‘strong and decisive’ exit from Afghanistan:

Mullahs set tone for Afghans’ fun-loving future — burn down Kabul amusement park:

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