This is why we identify legislators who enact viciously unconstitutional ‘gun control’ laws – and police who enforce them – as ‘rape enablers’

Lots of hand-wringing going on over the fact that the other passengers in a car on a suburban passenger train in Greater Philadelphia did nothing as one 35-year-old Fiston Ngoy (a black man and reportedlty an illegal alien to boot — the name appears to derive from his native Congo) raped a fellow passenger last week. See:

Or see . . .

“It’s disturbing that there were definitely people on the L, and no one intervened or did anything to help this woman out,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt told NBC 10.

“I have no words for it. I just can’t imagine seeing what you were seeing through your own eyes and seeing what this woman was going through that no one would step in and help her.”

OK, riddle me this, Batman: You’re a passenger in that car. As Ngoy was subsequently arrested and charged with rape, it must have been obvious the female victim in question was not consenting to this behavior. Presume you’re older than her attacker, and not in as good physical shape. What should you have done, to avoid now being charged with “doing nothing! It’s unthinkable!”? Tapped a man who’s obviously a violent, demented sociopath on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me; I don’t think she wants to be raped?”

It’s not as though you’re traveling with three other burly members of the varsity Temple Owls or UPenn “Quakers” football team, to whom you can say, “OK, guys, let’s take him down.”

No, let’s be sensible. Your only SENSIBLE recourse would be to pull your loaded concealed handgun out of your purse, fanny pack, or small-of-the-back holster, move to a position where the rapist could see you but still too far away to let him easily grab your piece, disengage the safety (if any) and shout “Move away from that woman right now or I will blow your fucking head off!”

He’s obviously not a thoughtful, reasonable, civilized person, who carefully considers the likely long-term results of his actions. Let’s say he then turns on you with a knife. You fire two warning shots into his chest, and then one more into the forehead “to make sure.”

Now explain to us what your officers are going to do when they board that car at the next stop, Mr. self-righteous hypocrite, “Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt”: Are they going to take a statement from the victim (just before she’s escorted to the hospital) and the other passengers, and then turn to the good Samaritan who so decisively stopped this crime and say “Sir/Ma’am, good work. Especially appreciate the fact that you positioned yourself so none of your rounds could over-penetrate and injure other passengers. That was clear thinking and good fire discipline. Perhaps you’d be considerate enough now to place that firearm back in its holster. You’ll want to be sure you clean it ang reload it when you get home. Also, if you’d be willing to give me your name and mailing address for my report, I suspect you may be hearing from the mayor, notifying you that you’ve been nominated for our ‘Citizen of the Year’ Award”?

In the Democrat-run, Champion-of-Victim-Disarmament, deep-blue cesspit known as Philadelphia, one of the most corrupt cities in America (right up there with the Democrat-run, Victim-Disarmament capitals of rape and random murder known as Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta)? I don’t think so. Do you really think so, Mr. “Superintendent”?

Assuming those cops didn’t simply shout “Gun!” and shoot you down like a dog for taking out the rapist, I believe they’d have tackled you to the ground, confiscated your self-defense weapon PERMANENTLY, and hauled you away to jail, charged with murder. ESPECIALLY if the rape victim chose to run away and not make herself available for a statement. (Yes, they frequently do that. And who can blame them, given the way “the system” tends to “rape them again,” first at the hospital, and then with defense attorneys sneering, asking if they were virgins, how they were dressed, calling them sluts, subjecting them to 12-HOUR psychiatric examinations, charging “You really wanted it, didn’t you?”) Sound familiar, Hillary?

(Yes, as a lawyer DEFENDING A RAPIST, HILLARY CLINTON actually did all that, and laughed abourt it. See:)

In a country with a Second Amendment to its Constitution – which every cop and legislator and judge and prosecutor swears a sacred oath to protect and defend – you certainly do not need any kind of “permit” to “keep and bear” that handgun. But I presume local authorities in the Democrat-run sewer of Philadelphia would insist that even possessing such a self-defense weapon – let alone USING it to protect a fellow citizen in dire distress – WOULD be illegal without a “permit.” But even if you HAD a “permit” (which I presume is not cheap or easy to acquire in Philadelphia – especially if you have no car with which to drive to some suburban location to take a mandated “firearms safety course” – do you think it would really matter?

(In fact, the main goal of such complex, time-consuming, blatantly unconstitutional “infringements” on the right to keep and bear arms is to make it a virtual statistical certainty that NONE of the other passengers in that train car would be armed . . . right? To “reduce violence,” right? Right, Mr. “Superintendent”? Did you even ASK why no one else in that car was armed? Of course not. Because you’re IN FAVOR of Victim Disarmament, aren’t you? You oath-breaking traitor.)

After spending weeks or months in jail and having your family sell your house to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, you MIGHT be lucky enough to have the charges against you reduced (by a politically ambitious black Democrat prosecutor bought and paid for by George Soros, with the approval of a politically connected black Democrat judge – pardon me for mentioning race, but you just shot a poor, unfortunate, misunderstood, BLACK man, didn’t you, you far-right racist terrorist?) to a LESSER felony, which would still result in your being forbidden from ever buying or possessing another firearm as long as you live. And your local attorney would advise you to take the deal, wouldn’t he?

And if the rapist survived but was crippled by your gunfire, the courts would allow him to sue YOU for everything you’re worth, wouldn’t they?

Hell, the same result would have awaited the VICTIM, if she’d protected HERSELF against that rapist by pulling a piece and turning said (alleged) scumbag into Swiss cheese!


Now, whine me some more whining that the victim’s fellow passengers “did nothing” . . . in the ultra-violent corrupt capital of Victim Disarmament which the Rape Enablers have made of the once proud city of Philadelphia – a Democrat dungheap whose populace has become inured to the fact that violent offenders are routinely set back on the streets the next day with a judicial wrist-slap, a city where each of them knew what would happen to them if they entered into an escalating set of actions which could result in the PERPETRATOR’S death or serious injury.

You hand-wringing hypocrites.


“The Loudoun County Public Schools covered up the rape of a 14-year-old girl at the hands of a boy wearing a skirt, in order to pass a school policy that Democrats were adamant about passing,” Rosiak told him. “And as a result of concealing that, a second girl was raped last week.”

Adding: “And to prevent all of this from coming out, potentially, they arrested the father of the victim, tried to put him in jail, and he’s now facing charges of domestic terrorism, listed individually by the National School Boards Association. All for coming to that meeting.”

In his interview on “The Ingraham Angle,” Smith explained that he wasn’t a political person and he had gone to the school board meeting “to find out why our children weren’t safe.” And in recounting his experience, he recalled how a radical liberal activist claimed what happened to his daughter didn’t really happen. Even the school board tried to discredit his story by citing no evidence and calling it a “red herring” . . .


4 Comments to “This is why we identify legislators who enact viciously unconstitutional ‘gun control’ laws – and police who enforce them – as ‘rape enablers’”

  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    Indeed, where is Bernie Goetz when we need him? Why did nobody in that train car stand up and say: “Let’s roll”? I recall an old TV Hallmark Special drama about punks abusing passengers in a NY subway car, and nobody wanting to get involved, and how this sparked media indignation — more than 50 years ago. I also remember the Kitty Genovese case, nearly as long ago. How little has changed in gun-controlled cities!

    Had I been there, gun or no gun, I would have quietly stepped up behind the rapist and rammed the foot of my cane into the back of his neck, right where it joins the skull — but then, I live in Arizona, which has a different culture and attitude toward crime.

    What a difference a gun-control law makes.

  2. Technomad Says:

    My learned friend Leslie makes a good point. One courageous passenger with a good heavy walking stick could have stopped this, and probably not got into nearly as much trouble with the “forces of law and order.” Getting bashed in the head with a solid stick with a round metal head on it will take the fight out of anybody.

  3. October – November , 2021 Breaking news and thoughts: – Missouri Free Press Says:

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  4. Vince Says:

    What any conscientious citizen who stepped in and either shot the rapist or bludgeoned him with their cane would find themselves in the position of transferring victim-hood from the intended rape victim to themselves.

    In the process they would enable slimewad progressive black “legislators” and “jurists” to further make a name for themselves while protecting the poor disadvantaged black man.

    Evenly applied law is a thing of the distant past and I fear things will get a lot worse before they ever get well enough to make sense to decent people.