Ben Gordon says he escaped hospital ‘COVID’ murder attempt: car crash victim anesthetized, placed on ventilator for cash bonus:

Heavily armed Canadian police move in, steal fuel from peaceful truckers, hoping they’ll freeze to death and thus stop protesting deadly “COVID jab” mandates:

(Here’s a hint, bully boys: How do you plan to force truckers to truck anything anywhere? And have YOU gotten your toxic, DNA-altering, spike proteins “jabs”? Think anyone’s going to cry at your funerals when you develop myocardia and AIDS and start keeling over?)

Department of Defense pulls down long-established medical database that was showing HUGE increases in many serious diseases during the very year they started mandating the toxic, experimental, DNA-altering, spike-protein “COVID jabs” (not a vaccine):

Lawsuit – 12-year-old girl attempts suicide (twice) after series of secret meetings in which school officials attempted to convince her she was “transgendered” and turn her into a boy:

(Still sending your child to one of these bizarre “Woke” government propaganda camps?)

But, but . . . I thought the reason we still have COVID is that NOT ENOUGH people got vaccinated?

“I am now having full-body paralysis, seizures, speech issues, diagnosed amnesia, migraines every day, blood in my ear, vertigo, nausea, and more”: 28-year-old British woman thought participating in experimental test of Pfizer’s toxic, DNA-altering Spike vaccine “jabs” was ”the right thing to do”:

Moderna “booster jab” killing another 37-year-old man:

33-year-old father dies after developing autoimmune disease from Pfizer jab:

290 FULLY VACCINATED (if you want to call it a “vaccine.” And if you call a dog’s tail a leg, does it have five legs?) Massachusetts residents die of COVID in one week:

In response to reports that their own database shows huge increases in many diseases, in infertility, and in stillbirths and miscarriages among armed forces personnel forced to submit to “COVID jabs,” Dept, of Defense absurdly claims its own database was flawed and incomplete, pulls down the database so no one can check it until it can be “fixed.”

FDA risk-bernefit analysis for kiddie jabs (heart disease by injection) “critically flawed”:

Ivermectin proved effective (unlike homicidal “CDC Protocols”) . . . yet again

“The sons and daughters of America are not foot soldiers for your party’s inept geriatric despot. They are not expendable pawns to be dispatched at the whims of an idiot. . . . The path to American national security does not lie in American international interventionism. It lies in securing our southern border – not the Russia-Ukraine border. . . .”

New film offer s video, photographic evidence of massive 2020 ballot-box-stuffing scheme. But is the depraved traitor Pelosi investigating THAT?:

Democrats stole military ballots in numerous states:

Mike Pence and his nest of fellow traitors:

Why Jordan Peterson quit corrupt, Woke academia:

Chinese agent rose high at murderous NIH while continuing to work with Communist Chinese Army (Or is that redundant?):

Man who pretends to be woman athlete flaunts his penis in women’s locker room:

Biden administration releases $29 billion in frozen funds to Iran to encourage them to build nuclear weapons for use against Israel (Yet most American Jews still voting Democrat!):

CEO of Penzey’s Spices says all Republicans are racists, loses a few (thousand) customers:

4 Comments to “Ben Gordon says he escaped hospital ‘COVID’ murder attempt: car crash victim anesthetized, placed on ventilator for cash bonus:”

  1. citizen angered Says:

    interesting times, as in the old asian curse, don’t quite cover the times we find ourselves in right now, we seem to have thrown thru the looking glass and come out on the other side, up is down, left is right, the only old standard they haven’t totally destroyed is the age standard, they cant, all their leaders are 65 to 85 years old,, they are even going the other way- trying to mainstrean pedophilia so age dosent matter, everything else was tossed in the name of wokeness, i fear its gonna be a long while till it gets back to anything near normal, or what was , , , ,
    hope im wrong
    fear im right

  2. Carl Bussjaeger Says:

    I’m extremely dubious of the “Ben Gordon” video, having been hospitalized after an accident recently. EMTs immediately sedated him? Mine didn’t. They logged him as a John Doe for lack of ID? My ID followed me through two separate ambulance transports, and two separate hospitals. My clothes were cut off at the first hospital, and everything managed to follow all the way to my post-op hospital room.

    And if he was on a IV with propofol, fentanyl, and morphine, he was not going to wake up.

    Even the bit about pulling the catheter sounds off. There’s a little balloon that keeps the cath in place, and it has to be deflated before you CAN pull it. (Heard a nasty story about a guy whose newby nurse forgot to deflate first. I gather the screams were heard across the hospital.)

    If he was a John Doe, how did the hospital know who his family was, to tell them he had a broken nose?

  3. Vin Says:

    Legitimate questions, Carl. It’ll be interesting to see if Mr. Gordon finds a lawyer willing to file suit, and if so how the medical center responds.

    “Never heard of this guy” would be one thing. “Can’t discuss anything due to patient confidentiality” would be something else, entirely.

    Meantime, RN Nicole Sirotek, who founded FrontLine Nurses, literally told Sen. Johnson’s committee “I haven’t seen any patient die of COVID. I’ve seen them die of negligence and medical malfeasance”: ( scroll down a little at .)

    Nurse Strotek specified the CDC protocols including one-size-fits-all use of ventilators (30 percent recovery rate?) and LIMITING drug treatment to expensive, potentially toxic Remdesivir. And it’s clear Medicare/Medicaid will pay a 50 percent bonus for cases identified as “COVID,” which can amount to an additional payment of $20,000 or much more PER CASE.

    While none of this PROVES Gordon’s claims, are we to presume hospital administrators are so pure and selfless that this didn’t lead to ANY false diagnoses, or the inappropriate use of ventilators on (and subsequent resultant deaths of) ANY captives, cut off from outsdide intervention, who might have recovered if simply given zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin, and high doses of vitamins?

    Initial reports are sometimes confused & contradictory. But all this makes it less appropriate to dismiss such tales without at least urging some investigation. The depraved level of censorship we’ve seen over the past two years means we can no longer ignore critics and desperate cries for help while we wait for “peer-reviewed studies.”

    Given how thoroughly the homicidal maniacs at “Big Tech” have censored any questions or contrary evidence (which censorship I believe is criminal, as in “criminal conspiracy, death resulting”) I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg. And wait till we see the lawsuits (and CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS) if the spike proteins that these “jabs” keep generating turn out to cause permament heart disease in children, thousands of athletes dropping like flies when their hearts are stressed, and sterility in 16 percent of victims — a number drawn from what few animal trials of the new mRNA techniology we’ve been able to learn about.

    ( Dr. Malone, today, on the danger of the spike proteins from the “jabs”: )

    I woke up after an exploratory surgery a couple of years ago to find I’d been gifted with an unexpected catheter. I insisted it be removed. I don’t remember anybody deflating any balloon before yanking mine out. I’ve been told by surgeons that I have an unusually high tolerance for pain, but that experience was very unpleasant. Nonetheless, I did escape, and won’t be voluntarily returning to any “jab-mask-isolate-and-ventilate” facility from here on out.

    What percentage of Americans will no longer trust anything they’re told by anyone in “Public Health,” or placidly allow an allopathic physician to prescribe them a shelf full of “Big Pharma” pills that they’re supposed to keep taking for the rest of their lives? Whatever the number is, it’s growing. They’ve just thrown away a level of public trust their predecessors spent 150 years building up. Hard rain gonna fall, assholes.

    Could the hospital have lied about contacting Gordon’s family? I don’t know. Why wouldn’t they tell him what M.D. authorized his treatment? Could someone who’s used opiates before have developed enough of a tolerance to recover consciousness under those circumatances? Could his IV drip have stopped working? I suppose he could have made it all up in a bid for his “15 minutes of fame.” But I myself used to dismiss far too much stuff, 5 or 10 or 15 years ago, based on “THAT can’t be true. If THAT were true, all sorts of regulatory and law enforcement agencies would be springing into action to protect us . . .”

    Efrem Zimbalist’s FBI wouldn’t MAKE UP or blithely pass along made-up stories about Trump paying Russian whores to pee on a bed. And if they did, our trusted news media wouldn’t FALL for it without checking! (Remember all the gray-haired dykes who Hillary rounded up during the 2016 campaign to claim Trump once “bumped” or “groped” them? Waiting for an investigative reporter from the Washington Post or New York Times to demand those gals provide sworn affidavits and corroborating witnesses. Heck, why not demand HILLARY provide them? Waiting . . . Been five years, now. You guys REPORTED it, hoping it would destroy Trump’s candidacy, right? Your credibility is on the line, here. Waiting . . . Waiting . . .)

    Surely vast numbers of the arrogant Washington bureaucracy wouldn’t BREAK MULTIPLE LAWS and form actual CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES to try and get rid of Trump and General Michael Flynn out of fear the incoming administration was gouing to shut down and/or blow the whistle on their crooked scams. The courts wouldn’t ALLOW them to wiretap Trump’s campaign and transition team without so much as a hearing!

    Democrats couldn’t get away with organizing a MULTI-STATE CONSPIRACY to steal a federal election with crooked, rigged voting machines and hundreds of thousands of mass-produced fake mail-in ballots focused in carefully selected corrupt “blue” cities. No government agency would ever blithely declare parents who attend a School-Board meeting to complain their 14-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTERS WERE BEING RAPED IN THE GIRLS ROOM BY BOYS WEARING DRESSES, AND THE SCHOOL COVERED IT UP — the PARENTS, mind you — to be “domestic terrorists.”

    Hell, for writing this *I’m* a “domestic terrorist,” according to a “Cabinet member” whose name the senile grifter Basement Joe Biden can’t even recall.

    Dozens of Jan. 6 defendants wouldn’t be held for a year without a trial, without bail, for doing NOTHING, while Bill Clinton pardoned the terrorist who REALLY tried to blow up the Capitol Building back in 1983, while Barack Obama’s political career was born in the living room of Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground, who says his main regret is that they didn’t kill more cops . . .

    Doctors sworn to “first do no harm” wouldn’t PRETEND millions of people were going to die of COVID to scare us into complacent acceptance of massive economic shutdowns that bankrupted thousands of small businesses and “vaccine passports” and a totally new kind of fake, so-called”vaccine” that would KILL TENS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHERWISE HEALTHY PEOPLE. . . .

    Sorry. Questions always welcome, but not much room left here for “Kill that; THAT can’t be true. . . .”

    — V.S.

  4. Kingsnake Says:

    Wife used to be a Penzey’s customer. Good product. Come with a quarterly (?) catalog / newsletter / recipe booklet. But we saw probably five years ago which way their political winds were blowing, and cancelled out. Not surprised in the least the CEO went full frothing at the mouth woke.

    Btw, interested in your take on Pelosi sending her USCP Gestapo after Troy Nehls (R-TX). Shades of Watergate. (Which, thinking back on it 50 years later, seems like another Deep State hit.)