Who enabled Russia to invade Ukraine?

Well, Vladimir Putin did the invading, for starters. Thousands of innocent people die when you launch a war. Failing to call it murder just because the perpetrator is a “head of state” is an odd kind of “professional courtesy.”

Of course whichever gangster is in charge in Moscow wants a land corridor to the Black Sea. Other people might negotiate, offer to pay for a highway easement. KGB thugs don’t think that way.

(Brilliant of the Western Europeans — and Joe Potatohead in his basement in Delaware — to let themslves become dependent on Russian oil and gas, by the way. All to prove their devout adherence to the Goddess Gaia and the Global Warming scam. Polar bears extinct yet? Strength comes from oil, and the Arctic Wildlife Refuge holds more than Arabia, as Trump keeps explaining. If you’ve already given your enemy the power to leave you freezing in the dark, how you gonna scare them, now? Threaten to stop sending them movies about Queer Empowerment?)

No, of course Putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO. What would we do if murdering dictator Trudeau (you think no one in Canada has died of his mandated “COVID jabs”?) announced Canada had formed a military alliance with Russia or China?

I’m not saying Putin has no REASONS. But who did the dirty work that ALLOWED Russia to invade Ukraine?

That’s easy. In 1994, United States President Bill Clinton (who visited Russia for instructions while a college kid trying to avoid the draft), U.S. “Defense Secretary” Richard Perry, and U.S. “Secretary of State” James Baker comvinced Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to give up all the nuclear weapons they’d inherited upon the collapse of the bankrupt (because communism never works) Soviet Union three years before.

Ukraine had nearly 2,000 nuclear weapons, including 176 ICBMs and some of the Soviet’s most modern bombers armed with long-range nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Clinton, Perry and Baker convinced them to give them all to — wait for it — Russia.

Do you think Russian troops would be surrounduing Kiev today (it’s been “Kiev,” not the unpronouncable “Kviv,” for hundreds of years; stop trying to confuse things), if the Ukrainians had 176 missiles in silos aimed at Leningrad (Is it St. Petersburg again, this year? Give them a decade) and a bunch of supersonic jets with H-bombs circling Moscow in the stratosphere?

I don’t think so.

In return for giving up that deterrent, Ukraine was promised financial compensation (bribes, of which of course 10 percent always had to be kicked back to “The Big Guy”), economic assistance, and essential security assurances from the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Russia recognizing Ukraine’s “independence and sovereignty” and specifying its existing borders could be changed “only peacefully by mutual agreement.”


It was stupid of the United States to offer any such assurance. It was far more stupid of the Ukrainians to fall for it. Do the American people want to send tens of thousands of our young men to die in the wheat fields of Ukraine? Did they ever?

We might be willing to man machine gun and artillery emplacements and to plant minefields to protect our OWN border in Texas and Arizona. (After you cut down the first thousand, you’d be amazed at how quickly the flow would dry up. And illegal aliens EASILY kill more than a thousand American citizens every year. Just start with the traffic accidents, before we even get to the MS-13 crews. Those American deaths somehow “don’t count”? Whereas machine-gunning a thousand illegal invaders “pour encourager les autres” would be “unthinkable — inhumane”? How many illegal aliens do you think die in the desert trying to GET here, every year? Killing a thousand in the clearly marked minefields and machine-gun free-fire zones would end up saving more lives than that AMONG THE INVADERS.)

But in Ukraine?

Nobody outside the Amtrak Corridor — from which summit of righteousness current “Energy Secretary” Pete Buttplug feels safe telling Americans in Montana and Ohio and Texas and Alabama that $8-a-gallon gasoline caused by his own “Cripple American Energy” policies is no problem since they can always “use public transportation” — nobody beyond the out-of-touch, self-congratulatory elite In Washington and the television studios of New York, simpering ivory-tower turds who will never send any of their OWN kids or grandkids to war — would even dream of such a thing.

But the thing is, we promised, In a TREATY. The same kind of TREATY that required France and England to declare war on Hitler when he invaded Poland in 1939.

So: Are American guarantees now just as useless as those emanating from Moscow? Pretty much.

What’s the lesson, here?

1) Everyone needs nukes. An armed planet is a polite planet. Get them (as Russia and Israel and South Africa did) by any means necessary, and never give them up. The right of the people to bear arms is neither granted, nor can it be cancelled, by De Gubbiment. That right is granted by God.

Where did the United States government gain its right to possess nuclear weapons? Doesn’t the Constitution inform us that ALL the powers of our government are granted it by the people? How could the people delegate a right they don’t possess? All men have a right to bear arms of military usefulness.

2) Never give them up. Especially if a Democrat promises you “It’ll be fine. We’ll protect you. You can trust us.”

(On Sept. 30, 2016, the New York Times published an Op-ed by former “Defense Secretary” Perry proposing that at this time “The United States can safely phase out its land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) force. . . .”) Yeah.


p.s. — About “using public transportation,” Pete? I asked the driver of the 18-wheel semi delivering groceries to our local supermarlet here in the Nevada desert last week how many days it would take him to get that load here by packing a dozen cans in his back pack each day and “using public transportation” to get over the mountain from Las Vegas. We kind of figured the meat, fish, and produce might suffer a mischief before he could pull that off — especially as there AIN’T NO “PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.” Then I asked him if he couldn’t get rid of his diesel truck and haul that big trailer here using an “electric car.” He walked away kind of shaking his head before I could ask if there weren’t some way to get that load here using “wind power.” But we’re working on it, Pete, we’re working on it . . .

3 Comments to “Who enabled Russia to invade Ukraine?”

  1. Citizen angered Says:

    Vin , I don’t want to come off as a so-called defender of the russians, but they have made known that ukraine in nato was and is a redline for them FOR YEARS 10 or 12+ past , ifrc Vlads 2007 speech.. and with ukraines war on russian speakers that’s been ongoing for 8 years, plus the open and outright hatred for russians that been endemic in ukraine since they threw out the president in 2014,,in the so-called euromadian revolution, which was sponsored by OUR gov I.e. Victoria nuland,,,, who worked for bush and obama ,,, maybe just maybe russia has a good reason to label the west , and particularly the us as an empire of lies ,,, we lied and moving nato east ,, we lied about allowing entry into nato by former warsaw pact countries,, of which only 1 country was banned ,,, that country was and is russia,,,,,, after the soviet union collapsed,, we(the collective west business vultures) helped in pillaging what we could from the bones of the destroyed economies of the bankrupt eastern European corrupt communist dictators and their controlled corrupted closed celled party crime organizations ,,,, known as governments,, funny thing is, we supported all sorts of corrupt compromised individuals and organized groups and corrupt governments in our zeal to stymie, derail,sabotage,corrupt,delay, and generally attack, any and all who even said anything that MIGHT be seen as sympathetic to the “ENEMY” ,, (sounds just like what the democrats &rinos did to trump ) WE have invested decades and hundreds of billions of dollats in this effort,,, we established military bases in hundreds of locations across the globe in the effort,, which seemed to have had only 1 goal and seem to STILL have that 1 goal in mind,,, complete subservience to the western liberal agenda and the pillaging of the territories controlled by THEM, and them seems to be whoever globalleaders sets their gaze upon in their insane efforts to enact this global reset and turn all peoples not IN the chosen group,, into SERFS, who own nothing and exist only to serve the LEADERS ,,,
    My take ….. There ARE no good guys in this .
    And that includes us.

  2. Technomad Says:

    I’ve commented elsewhere that one big problem with our soi-disant “elites” is that they’ve spent much too much time in Europe…or Japan. In these small, densely-populated countries (and you know the saying, don’t you? “When the population gets denser, the population gets denser!”) public transportation is easy to access for nearly everyone, goes almost everywhere, and often makes excellent sense. When your cities were laid out in the Middle Ages or even earlier, automobiles are a nuisance and a PITA, even without exorbitant gasoline prices to deal with.

    Conditions in the US, particularly outside the Boston-to-Washington urban corridor, are very different. We have far fewer people per square mile, our climate is often far harsher (making bicycles, another of their fetish-objects, less than practical for much of the year) and automobiles are like personal riding horses were in the old days: a practical necessity to deal with our different conditions.

    I often wish that these elitist snots would go live in Europe, if they like it so much. I’d be delighted to kick in for tickets there, on condition that they stay there. They could have their damn ol’ “Social Democracy,” their high taxes, their high gasoline prices, their much-vaunted public transportation, and be damned to them!

  3. Kingsnake Says:

    Any country* which has EVER trusted the faith & goodwill of the US government has gotten screwed.

    * Including the USA.