The right to peacefully assemble to seek a redress of grievances? It’s all over now

Pull our your investments, close down any bank acounts in the Great White North, because It’s All Over north of the border – Canadian Parliament votes 185-151 to OK Justine Trudeau’s PERMANENT National Socialist Police State — all to preserve mandates for toxic, DNA-altering, spike-protein “jabs” which are thinning out the population without providing immunity against any known disease:

Canada becomes a police state to enforce mandatory toxic “jabs” which kill, cripple, sterilize – but DO NOT convey any immunity to COVID (as the CDC itself now admits):

Canadian grandma Tamara Lich, who helped organize truckers’ “toxic jab mandate” protest, ordered held indefinitely without bail — and totalitarian Trudeau regime also seeks order forbidding her from communicating with anyone while she spends the next year in their dungeons:

Single mom’s bank account frozen because she LEGALLY donated $50 to truckers protesting deadly Covid jabs — not a vaccine (but you’re still going to keep the bulk of your money in a bank, which will freeze or seize your account as soon as Trudeau or JoeBama designates you a “social media domestic terrorist” for mentioning election fraud or the COVID Hoax Online?):

Glenn Greenwald (from the Left): Tyranny comes to the West

Safe in the U.S.A.? Nope — Trudeau style tyranny has already been here for a year:

Like some moron purposely crippling our fossil fuels industry by cancelling pipelines and drilling permits and then angrily promising to investigate “the big oil companies” for rising gasoline prices, desperate punks hoping to look “bold” and “powerful” seldom consider easily predictable long-term effects. (How’re things going in Cuba and Venezuela, these days?)

We will soon learn what happens to a “Medical Industry” when tens of millions of people stop routinely “going to the doctor,” refuse to submit themselves to any more supposedly 40-percent efficacious (but increasingly toxic) “vaccines,” and boycott the hospitals (whether because they won’t let you IN unless you’re “jabbed” with spike proteins which can damage your heart, your immune systm, and your fertility — or because you know damn well they’re going to sedate you, jab you, and “ventilate you” as soon as they’ve got you where no family member can intervene.)

Starting in Canada, but coming soon to a WOKE state near you, we will soon learn what happens to a “banking industry” when tens of millions of people pull their money out before the gubbiment can freeze it or seize it . . . and never put it back. (Forget about a “free toaster.” You’ll know this is happening when they start to offer “free snowmobiles” . . . or “free trucks — only seized once.”)

And if traveling to Ottawa (or D.C.) to peacefully protest will get you arrested, what are these strutting soy boys going to do if all North America’s truckers simply call in sick, reporting “Can’t drive today, I think I’ve got COVID” . . . for a month or so? Are JUSTINE AND JOE going to drive those semis full of spaghetti and toilet paper to your local supermarket?

Of course, the corporate media can be counted on to refuse to mention these developments as long as possible, and then to say they’re either “completely inexplicable” or a “plot by Trump supporters on orders from Vladimir Putin.” 🙂 — V.S.

CDC admit they are keeping vaccine safety and efficacy data – as well as real Covid data – secret:

The CDC’s response when questioned about their withholding of Covid data and lack of transparency is essentially “we don’t trust you to be able to understand the truth.” The condescension is palpable. The wheels are finally coming off. – Nicole Saphier, MD (@NBSaphierMD)

(Nothing you can do? Next time a congressional candidate asks for your vote, ask them “Will you promise me to vote to reduce the budgets of the CDC, the NIH, and the FBI to zero? Why not? Will you vote to make it a capital offense to impose any “vaccine mandate,” ever again? Why not? If a vote for you is a vote for a BIGGER lying, murderous police state, you can go fuck yourself. Do you need me to spell that for you?”)

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor and patent holder for mRNA (DNA-altering) “vaccines”: We the People demand to see the COVID and vaccine efficacy & safety data the CDC now admit they’ve withheld:

Ernie Hancock interviews hospital kidnap (& attempted murder) victim Ben Gordon:

Pursuing an agenda which has nothing to do with health — Dr. Kulldorff of Harvard declares ‘Science and Public Health’ are broken:

Board of health suppresses father’s testimony about his 17-year-old son’s death immediately after receiving “COVID jab” – says such testimony constitutes “releasing health information about a minor without authorization”:

Trudeau’s totalitarian “Justice Minister” says being “pro-Trump” can get your bank account frozen in Canada. (How many months before the installed Joebama regime decides that sounds like a good idea here?):

Justin Trudeau and the Party of Davos — Communist Scum:

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  1. Leslie Fish Says:

    Rally the voters. *All* of these bums must go.

  2. John Taylor Says:


  3. Kingsnake Says:

    And two days later, Castreau has apparently withdrawn it. Anyone who would throw a country destroying tantrum like that, with such little care for the consequences, should be nowhere near the levers of power.

    Unfortunately, idiots, perverts, crooks & commies are who get elected, because the people who do the ACTUAL “electing” like politicians who are easy to control, lest their embarassing & criminal behavior be exposed.

  4. Kingsnake Says:

    Another observation, re: Ukraine. Literally every single tale of heroic Ukrainian resistance has turned out to be utter bull****: The “ghost” pilot who shot down six Russians, the Snake Island suicidal “F*** you”, the girl resisting a Russian soldier (I thought the solider looked Israeli, and he was), Zelensky — installed by CIA coup — in body armor dates from 2012, the model with a rifle (an airsoft), and on, and on, and on …