Past time for half measures

America is under attack.

Denial is the first instinct. But denial has not been working.

Are we really to believe that – absent some malign influence backed up with massive support from entities who wish to bring America low, to defeat via some “non-traditional” form of warfare a nation whose military they dare not challenge – the normal development of American culture could have brought us, over a mere generation or two, from kindly schoolmarms insisting that their young charges master the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re,” to our current crop of green- or purple-haired freaks with staples in their faces, indoctrinating eminently suggestible kids as young as 6 or even 5 that doctors often “just take a guess” when declaring a newborn is a boy or a girl, that huge numbers of children are in fact “girls trapped in boys’ bodies,” or vice versa?

Is it really reasonable to assume that – absent some kind of organized, malign, and well-funded campaign by those who wish to bring America low, we could have gone in a mere couple of generations from doctors who took seriously their Hippocratic oath to “first, do no harm,” to a crop of young Dr. Mengeles who today happily perform on boys as young as 15 or 16 — too young to have ever known the pleasures (yes, and tribulations) of marriage or parenthood what is called, in a breathtaking example or Orwellian euphemism, “Gender Affirmation Surgery” — including “gender affirming” hysterectomies which permanently sterilize girls youngeer than 16?

“I’m going to ‘affirm’ this teen-age boy’s gender by amputating his cock and carving between his legs a fake vagina which leads nowhere, so he’ll never be capable of experiencing sexual pleasure, let alone capable of becoming a parent as either a man OR a woman. That’ll be $10,000, please.”

. . . or see . . .

You think such demonic perversions were thought up by someone who wishes this nation WELL?

Add to that the “clot shots” – passed off as “vaccines” which would supposedly prevent anyone from contracting the Chinese-manufactured “COVID virus,” when in fact they are not vaccines – they contain no part of the pathogenic organism, live, dead, or attenuated, which is the DEFINITION of a “vaccine” – and which they now admit DO NOT WORK AND NEVER WORKED to create or enhance immunity – never mind all their economically and socially crippling shutdowns and mandates — but which have now led to hundreds of thousands of otherwise healthy recipient of these spike-protein, mRNA “death jabs,” mostly under age 40, dropping dead on athletic fields or even while out walking, jogging, or playing Fribee, all over America, Western Europe, and other nations that got sold this bill of goods.

(While countries that skipped all that crap, treating the China Virus not with expensive Remdesivir and deadly “ventilators” but instead with low-cost therapeutics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine — which mass murderers like Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak actually BANNED — skated through with no noticeable problems.)

And to that add the fact that “Big Pharma” and the Centers for Disease Creation knew MORE THAN A YEAR AGO that 44 percent of the pregnant women who were given these death jabs in early trials suffered miscarriages – lost their babies.

. . . or see . . .

. . . or see . . .


Given that America and Western Europe have suffered reproduction rates at barely replacement level since the introduction of the birth control pill 50 years ago, NO WONDER the paid-off D.&C. minions of these demonic adversaries conspired to violate their oaths of office, not only refusing to enforce our duly enacted immigration laws (a solidly impeachable offense on its own), but actively INVITING and AIDING tens of millions of illegal alien criminals (yes, an illegal alien is a criminal – he or she commits a serious new crime every day they stay here) to swarm across our borders.

After all, think how much easier it’ll be to control America’s population if we can just get rid of these pesky, gun-toting descendants of George Washington and Tom Jefferson and Sam Adams and Paul Revere and Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, with their proud inherited tradition of political protest (like when the vast majority of the crowd stood peacefully outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, resisting the blandishments of government provocateurs like Ray Epps urging them to storm the place as they waited for Mike Pence to send the statistically impossible vote results back to the states for re-examination, as he’d repeatedly promised to do) – eliminating a population with a proud inherited tradition of political protest and free speech and free elections, replacing us with a horde of quasi-literate invaders with NO experience or expectation of such American liberties, people willing to sell their mass-mail-fraud ballot for $50 or $100 cash, as we’ve seen on Project Veritas video from the districts of Ilhan Omar (that’s the one who married her brother to cheat our Immigration authorities) and Rashida Taliban.

(And no, let us hear no whining about how “American employers need those foreign workers to do jobs American won’t do.” If this was a question of needing low-paid Mexican laborers to pick vegetables in California and Arizona, we could easily re-launch the old Bracero program, in which Mexican farm workers were given legal papers and ID cards allowing them to enter this country for jobs awaiting them, picking crops from April through November, but NOT allowed to bring their families, to whom they were required to go home for some months each winter. But they haven’t brought back that program, have they? Why not? Moreover, the vast majority of these new hordes of foreign invaders trooping past our intentionally porous borders aren’t Mexicans; they’re military-aged men from Afghanistan, the Middle East, China, Africa . . . come on. You really think they’re coming here to pick celery? They’re to REPLACE US, with people who know nothing of “the sanctity of the vote,” who will gladly sell their “mass-mailed ballot” to the first person to offer them fifty bucks.)

And if the D.C. kleptocrtas were to finally shut down their “new plantations” full of quasi-literate, fatherless teen-age gangbangers by cutting off “welfare” for able-bodied adults (as DEMOCRATS like Daniel Patrick Moynihan urged for decades), at which point most sane women of all races would quickly again require their boyfriends to marry them, support and help raise their burgeoning families, and if those cynical D.C. grifters stopped the skyrocketing inflation that renders our greenbacks worthless before they’re spent, or if instead employers simply offered to pay one ounce of silver per hour (one pre-1965 dollar), you might be shocked at how many Americans would be willing to do those jobs!

(At the current price in greenbacks that you’ll pay for a pre-1934 silver dollar, less than half of Americans today earn as much as one silver dollar — one real dollar — per hour. Though all our Washington Massas do.)

(“Inflation,” by the way, is not price increases. Inflation is an increase in the money supply, largely caused when Congress votes to spend money we don’t have, requiring the Federal Reserve to simply create new fake “dollars” either on the printing press or electronically. Inflation eventually CAUSES price increases, by devaluing the dollar. So you can’t vote to send billions of dollars we don’t have to the corrupt thugs in Ukraine – or spend it to subsidize otherwise economically laughable windmills or electric cars – and then claim “There was no inflation last month” because the price hikes won’t hit till October. The spending IS the inflation.)


Well, it’s going to take some doing. But you don’t wage a belated fight for your life – one we should really have started 20 years ago — against a crooked, cowardly, deceptive enemy by trimming the hedges around the edges, by promising to “cut taxes and restore prayer in the schools and hold lots of hearings. Lots. Of. Hearings.” (Not that faith and prayer and tax cuts aren’t needed, too.) No. To have a chance, you’d better start with large, bold strokes.

These scum are trying to turn us into sterile peasants, huddling in the cold and the dark without being able to afford food or gasoline, effectively banned (or, in California, LITERALLY banned) from even buying or operating affordable personal automobiles to allow us to move around, with crooked “elections” run on rigged vote-switching machines and mass mail-in ballot fraud, their paid-off windbags at CBS and MSLSD and the New York Slimes assuring us we’re happy and prosperous, that our neighbors actually “voted” for all this crap, run by gleeful perverts who only come out of hiding to stop the glazed-eyed, diapered marionette in charge of the Biden Crime Family from trying to shake hands with an invisble rabbit, instead reminding him it’s time for him to read their explanation of how this is GOOD for us off his teleprompter – even as we sit atop oceans of oil and natural gas, another couple of centuries’ worth of industrial prosperity, the equivalent of three Saudi Arabias, which these sneering demons conspire to keep out of our reach with endless layers of ridiculous new “Green” regulations.

This is no a time for strongly worded letters. The Constitution reserves to the Congress – not to the courts or the Executive – the power to declare war. The Congress should do just that, immediately.


No, this doesn’t mean we need to bomb Bern or Beijing. Nowhere does the Constitution require that war be declared against another nation-state. When we sent armed forces into Afghanistan, it wasn’t to make war AGAINST the country of Afghanistan or its government. No, we were after Osama Bin Laden and his gang, who called themselves al-Qaida. Were they “a country”? No.

The Congress should declare war against two genocidal international criminal cabals: against the Chinese Communist Party and against Klaus Schwab and his “World Economic Forum.” They dreamed this stuff up, they’ve been at it for decades, they’ve made no secret of their goals as they and Bil “Pearly” Gates and that snarling troll Greta Thunberg now try to use their fake “Global Warming crisis” to drive farmers off the land and get us to switch from beef or pork to bug sandwiches as we shiver in the dark.

This need NOT mean mobilizing an army or millions of men. But it would quickly accomplish many things. First, anyone accepting pay or “investments” from, or advancing the agenda of, the Chinese Communist Party or of the World Economic Forum would be committing the crime of “treason in wartime” – punishable with a quick hanging, no years of appeals. Any members of our armed forces – or any civilian granted a Letter of Marque (also authorized in the Constitution) who encountered members of the Chinese Communist Party, or Klaus Schwab or any members of his team, anywhere, anytime, would be authorized to blow their brains out immediately. This would not be murder – it would be an authorized act of war, legal under the Law of Nations, the same way we’ve always dealt with pirates. They started it.

Our southern border? What’s complicated about that? After erecting a few multi-lingual warning signs, double belts of anti-personnel and anti-vehicular mines, backed up with machine guns and mortars, would shut off the supply, at which point we would indeed need to hire another 80,000 armed agents – not IRS goons to squeeze middle-class Americans like turnips, but Immigration cops to round up and deport every illegal now in the country. Yes, some deer and wild pigs will be lost. The “Greens” should have thought of that before they made this necessary.

(Inhumane? More lives are now being lost to drowning, heat prostration, and suffocation in smugglers’ trucks — before we even start to count the booming incidence of rapes and child sex slavery — than would be lost once word got around about the first gang of “coyotes” who found themselves under 50-caliber fire in a deep minefield at midnight. Within months, serious border security would be SAVING scores of lives. What the prancing perverts of D.&C. lack isn’t the mines or the machines guns, it’s the balls.)

Imports from Red China would be banned. (You think it’s wise to depend on the folks who brought us COVID-19 — and their notions of quality control — for our medicines, for our airplane replacement parts, blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, semiconductors and chips . . . biotech?)

Any Red Chinese-owned properties in the United States would be seized and auctioned off to U.S citizens. (Yes, they’d probably respond by seizing any U.S.-backed factories in Red China. Good. President Trump warned Americans to stop investing over there – to bring the factories home – five years ago. How long did these “multinational” clowns think they had? They thought they could ignore his warning because Biden the Senile Marionette got installed in the White House by a bunch of Red Chinese-made vote-switching machines, as long as their pals in the Fake News Media and Twatter and Doodle and Facecrook and Screwtube continued trying to censor the news?

(Funny how they ALL do that, pretty much in unison. Can anyone say “conspiracy in restraint of trade”? These sneering censors of truth must at least lose their protection under “Section 230,” preferably before the end of January, 2023.)

Section 230:,180554

Once war is declared, devices manufactured in Red China, designed to contribute to stealing America’s elections, would be destroyed, after being seized and examined to reveal the truth about how they’re programmed — take your “proprietary” concerns and shove them. You think you can program our election results IN SECRET?

Red Chinese nationals – including those who have been stealing our secrets at our universities and in corporate America – would be either deported or arrested as enemy alien spies and saboteurs, as would anyone who has ever participated in the Schwab-WEF “Young Global Leaders” Program.

And OF COURSE any and all Wall Street investment in Red China would become punishable as treason (yes, your pension plan is probably financing that genocidal enemy regime, right now) — a funds cut-off which previous top Trump advisor Steve Bannon has predicted would cause the bankruptcy and collapse of the Chinese Communist Party “within 90 days.”


We may also need a few new laws.

Tried to read a proposed new law, recently? “In paragraph 27B, line 43, the phrase ‘under some circumstances’ shall be replaced with the phrase ‘in any and all cases.’ In paragraph 32 C, line 15, the phrase ‘shown to be a likely emitter of carbon dioxide’ shall be changed . . . .”

Good luck.

Laws need not be impossible to interpret by the average citizen. They used to be written in plain English, and should be, again. The Congress, right away in January of 2023, can and should enact a law stating “Since those who believe in Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming have been shown to be immune from scientific proofs that those beliefs are equivalent to a belief in fairies and unicorns – no perceptible global warming in 20 years; polar bear populations exploding instead of going extinct; polar ice caps not melting as confidently predicted, island nations not sinking under the seas as confidently predicted – it is therefore found, determined and established by this Congress as a matter of law that belief in Catastrophic Man-Made Global warming is a religion.

“Under the First Amendment, anyone holding these beliefs is free to continue doing so, as a free practice of religion. HOWEVER, the Constitution also guarantees that no religion shall be ‘established’ as the official state religion by this government, its doctrines or beliefs being imposed whether they like it or not on the populace in general, whose members thereby suffer expense, inconvenience, or disability through their failure to adhere to and abide by such tenets and beliefs.

“Therefore, effective immediately upon passage of this Act, any and all laws, edicts, regulations, rules, or executive orders tending to restrict, limit, regulate or inhibit industrial development, rapid and effective development and use of this nation’s vast fossil fuel reserves, or the development, manufacture or sale of anything, to include but not limited to pipelines, drilling equipment, refineries, light bulbs, or any restriction on any industrial facility emitting any quantity of the necessary, harmless, and beneficial gas carbon dioxide, based on the supposed desire or ‘need’ to limit ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change,’ is hereby immediately repealed and rendered null and void, to include but not limited to regulations aimed at limiting ‘carbon emissions,’ ‘greenhouse gas emissions,’ ‘bovine flatulence,’ etc.

“The Environmental Protection Agency and the federal Department of Energy shall show, 90 days from passage of this Act, irrefutable concrete evidence to the satisfaction of the majority of this Congress of massive and dramatic progress toward stimulating industrial and energy development within the United States – to include issuance of numerous oil and gas drilling leases, rapid approval of the immediate construction of pipelines, encouragement of the upgrading and expansion of refineries, factories, steel mills, etc. — and eliminating any and all curbs on such industrial and energy development which had been put in place since 1970 in obeisance to the cult of “Man-Made Global Warming,” which is hereby banished from use as an excuse for any regulation by any federal U.S. government agency, the Congress of the United States hereby officially finding and declaring such ‘Green’ religious beliefs, when used to stymie or limit industrial or fossil-fuel development via government regulation, to be ‘bullshit.’

“Should either the EPA of the Department of Energy fail to show such massive and dramatic progress by the 90-th day from enactment of this Act, the agency so failing shall be closed and abolished immediately, with all employees dismissed from employment with the U.S. government and barred from any future employment with or by the U.S. government, with no other agency being allowed to take up the tasks once performed by said agency or department, no further legislation being necessary to effect such closures.”

15 Comments to “Past time for half measures”

  1. LiberTarHeel Says:

    Sounds good to me, Vin! Maybe start a grassroots funding promotion for people to donate what they would have been required to pay in taxes to organizations with proven track records of informing the public of irrefutable science, economics, and morality, with our federal tribute replaced with a signed note to the IRS that states simply, “Fuck you! No!” [h/t FPC]

  2. MIKE Says:

    Where have you been, Vin. Used to follow your columns religiously and it seems they just disappeared. Well said and glad I found you again.

  3. NIdahoCatholic Says:

    Outstanding essay! From your keyboard to God’s eyes. Would that it were so.

    I discovered the website or the president of the country we are waging a proxy war against and have been reading some transcripts of conferences with different agencies of his government on a variety of issues. Including building roads to remote areas to promote economic activity and development, as well as the construction of boats and ships for fishing, cargo and ice breaking. What an amazing difference to read the words of someone who genuinely wishes to improve his nation for all their citizens. Cooperation with universities to train civil engineers. Sourcing material for road construction and shipbuilding from that nation. Would that we had such a leader, instead of a Kidsniffing Puppet doing the bidding of those who wish to destroy us. Oh, and by the way, no “grooming” of children permitted in their school systems.

  4. CPL Antero Rokka Says:

    “LET’S ROLL!”

  5. Joe Blow Says:

    Good Gawd I think I just came a little.
    Good luck getting THAT one through!

  6. Jaybo Says:

    Sadly, you are dreaming.

  7. Thunderbunny Says:

    Here. Here. X 1000. When do you get to the part about those in government with dual citizenship?

  8. mike Says:

    The Confederate Constitution went so far as to state that any bill being voted upon in the legislature must pertain to but a single topic and that topic needs to be accurately stated in the Title. They also got rid of the troublesome “General Welfare” clause from the preamble.

    We should have also pushed for a economic coercion amendment years ago. Washington has been using the threat of withholding “aid” to the states , which fact was our own tax money, unless said states enacted laws desired by the Feds. Clear economic coercion, as most of this “aid” was for highway make busy work and had no relation at all to any legislation being coerced.

    Ah well, it is far too late for any of that now. We will just have to file away these lessons as wisdom for some future republic that might arise, if we are very lucky.


    I would submit we have been under attack ever since 11/22/1963. But the sheeple still have their bread and circuses so in their minds, all is well. It will take a massive spike in Vaxx deaths and/or a massive economic meltdown to motivate all of the sheeple, normies, and cucks which inhabit this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country. Until then I just stay prepped, stay vigilant, and stay silent. Bleib ubrig.

  10. Evil Franklin Says:

    I agree with much of what is written.
    I believe that Congress must be restructured. They are a large part of the problem. Bribes, kick backs and insider trading are used to enrich the members of Congress to the detriment of the American people. Specific restrictions must be placed. The acts of the Constitution regarding members of Congress must be amended. Severe limitations and penalties must be enacted.
    Severe limitations and penalties must be applied to members of each branch of our government. Term limits, pay restrictions, staff allowances, contact with outside persons and agencies must all be closely monitored with the slightest deviance drawing harsh repercussions.
    Executive Orders, written by the President, must be strictly controlled.
    As you write: Letters of Marque should be liberally distributed throughout the U.S. population to exact swift justice to any out of control government employee.
    I could go on for quite awhile.

  11. Vin Says:

    Hi, Son of Nunn (“Jaybo”) – There are two ways I could take your comment, “You’re dreaming.” Possibly you mean “What you’re talking about can never happen, so please stop wasting our time; shut up and go away.”

    I’ll choose to take it the other way. A lot of MAGA candidates are going to be elected this November – yes, despite crooked voting machines and remaining crooked schemes of mass-mail vote fraud. (They’ll continue to hide, delete or alter a swathe of our votes, but we’re wising up to them. AVOID EARLY VOTING, which only lets them know how many fake ballots they need to crank up by election night! vote IN PERSON ON ELECTION DAY!)

    Plus, you think there’s not going to be a Red Wave, just because they’ve stopped mentioning it over at the Communsit News Network? Lots of folks who can’t afford food, gas, or home heating are finally realizing it’s now or never; they’re going to SWARM the polls in a hundred days, and it won’t be to reward Crooked Nancy, Crybaby Kinzinger, SchiffForBrains, the Turtle’s Communist shipping line, or Swallowwell’s Red Chinese honeypot.

    But due to the way we’re let an invidious “seniority” system come to dominate the Capitol, those MAGA candidates will filter into Washington INDIVIDUALLY next January, feeling pretty much ALONE, without any designated MAGA congressional leader among them. The current corrupt RINO leadership will try to isolate them, gang up on them, explain “You’d better play ball with us, follow our orders, vote the way we tell you. If you do that, we’ll give you a nice office, some impressive committee assignments, introduce you to the lobbyists who can help raise the millions of dollars you need to get re-elected so you can start building some seniority. Sure, you can keep peddling that ‘MAGA’ crap to the rubes back home, but here where it counts you’d better toe the line, or you’ll find yourself with an office in the basement next to the laundry room, those millions of lobbyist dollars will instead go to your PRIMARY OPPONENT, and we’ll see how impressed your constituents are with your assignment to the vital Northern Mariana Islands Fisheries Committee.”

    They’ll need help. Moral supoort. Vision. They’ll need an agenda they can point to and say “THIS is our goal. We didn’t come here to ‘fall into line’ and help you continue to sell out our country. I don’t give a crap if I’m a one-term congressman. And all your corporate money didn’t fare all that well in 2022, anyway. I’m going to use the next two years to storm THESE walls, the ‘impossible’ walls on THIS list – a list that was put together by DREAMERS, who pray for and DREAM of a restored America!”

    Pardon a sports metaphor, but your team just got into the playoff against the state champs. Do you want a coach who insists “Those guys, as individuals, have some talent. But ‘individuals’ don’t win games. It’s been too long since they had to lower their shoulders and fight for every yard. They’re a bunch of showboats. They’ve spent the week out partying and bragging to the television crews, instead of practicing and running sprints out here in the mud. They think we’re nobodies, that we’re dirt. They’re calling you a bunch of ‘deplorables.’ Well, the team that wins isn’t the team that gets tired and worried when the fourth quarter rolls around and the score is still close and they start asking ‘What’s wrong? Who ARE these guys?’ It’s the team that picks themselves up after three quarters in the mud and the blood and smiles and says “Oh look, freezing rain. We LOVE freezing rain. Now the game BEGINS . . . assholes”?

    After all, he’s just dreaming. You’d rather have a coach who says, “Look, obviously we can’t beat these guys — they’re the champions, and we’re just dirt. But what I’d like to see is, whenever we get possession, I’d like us to get out at least to the 50 yard line before we punt the ball away. That way we’ll at least look good in the ‘yards gained’ statistics.” That’s the coach you want . . . right? Better than “dreaming.”

    No, we’re not going to accomplish everything we want — everything that NEEDS to be done – in a few quick weeks next winter, at which point we can all shake hands and go home. But you don’t accomplish anything if you start out saying, “Now, let’s not offend or frighten anyone by proposing anything that Margaret Brennan or Norah O’Donnell or Chuck Toad might call RADICAL or ‘white Supremacist’ or anything like that. Instead let’s ‘reach across the aisle’ and see if the Communists and the child castrators are willing to offer us a ‘compromise,’ an ‘accommodation,’ so we can ‘all just get along’ . . .”

    When Washington thought he could hold Long Island and Manhattan against the Redcoats with 19,000 raw recruits, was he “just dreaming”? Yep. Sure was. He failed miserably, escaped by his the skin of his (wooden) teeth. (In fact, the British would hold New York for seven long years.)

    How about four months later, when he’d been chased 70 miles to the west like a desperate fox pursued by braying hounds, when desertions and surrenders to the British had reduced the so-called “army” of this upstart Virginia planter from 19,000 to a measly 2,400 men in rags, freezing in the snow in the remote woods of Pennsylvania? Was Washington “just dreaming” when he insisted he could still defeat the most powerful army in the Western world? When he knelt in the snow and prayed for a plan, writing again and again his password for Christmas night on little slips of paper that he then crumpled and dropped to the ground, “Victory or Death”?

    Yep, he was dreaming. Aren’t you glad?

    — V.S.

  12. Brother John Says:

    There are essays I find from time to time — “What I Saw at the Coup” and “The Flight 93 Election” being among the most notable — that I wish I could find the right way to set to music.

    This is one of them.

  13. Vince Says:

    Vin, I’m not sure how many home runs you can pack into a single post but you’re response to “Jaybo” is as good or better than the main essay. Good stuff.

    The “Northern Mariana Islands Fisheries Committee” reference made me chuckle. The 1980’s British series “Yes, Minister” used to threaten it’s civil servants with “Ag and Fish” postings for failure to achieve state aims.

  14. Technomad Says:

    My own take on this “transgender” nonsense is that we do not have a sudden national outbreak of “gender dysphoria” (the correct name for thinking you should be the opposite gender.) What we have is a bunch of very troubled, suggestible people who’ve fallen into the hands of unscrupulous “therapists” who’ve convinced them that everything will be all sunshine and roses if they just “transition” into the opposite gender. Very like the “recovered memories” panic of some while back—remember that? I wouldn’t be surprised, when the fashion changes, to see some resounding lawsuits against “therapists” and maybe against surgeons (they’ve got deeper pockets). In my opinion, “gender reassignment” therapy should be classified alongside other forms of genital mutilation. And performing such surgeries should be cause for revocation of licenses to practice medicine, as well as criminal charges.

    I’ve begged and begged people to tell me how and why this nonsense became the New Holy Cause. I guess that they got bored with homosexuals after they got their damn ol’ “marriage” rights, and rather than declare victory and go home, they cast around for a new minority to champion.

  15. Kingsnake Says:

    We aren’t voting our way out of this …