A Few Modest Proposals for Our Newly Elected Representatives

Arriving in Washington next January, our new MAGA representatives may feel alone, isolated. The staffers and fellow congresscritters assigned to give them an “orientation” will not be there merely to tell them how to find the cafeteria, the lavatories, and the fire exits, nor merely to instruct them in the body’s established rules of courtesy – the tradition of referring in debate to a ranting communist who lies like a rug as “the gentleman,” rather than “Mr. Nadler, the lying buffoon.”

Rather, these “friendly guides” will instead almost certainly be venomous enemies in disguise, assigned to explain to these newcomers that they’d better do what “leadership” tells them, or they’ll get no plum committee assignments, any bills they propose will go nowhere, and ”the party” will give them no help raising the millions of dollars they need to win re-election in a mere 21 months, instead financing their opponents, or whatever party.

One thing they’ll need is a package of proposed new laws – or massive repeals of bad old laws – ready to introduce. They should not be dissuaded from introducing any of these legislative proposals that they find to have merit, merely because RINO traitors warn “That’ll never pass,” or “You’ll get ridiculed in the (lying, money-losing, CIA propaganda organ) Washington Post,” or especially “You’ll need to submit that idea to the Congressional Gobbledygook Bureau to get it all properly set up in legal language so no one can possibly understand what the hell it means.”

Remember, if the foot-dragging RINOS block them, they can be asked, every day, in public, “WHY are you blocking bills that would restore American prosperity and energy independence, drastically dropping the price of gasoline and heating oil and groceries delivered by diesel trucks? WHY are you blocking laws that would prevent demonic doctors from castrating or performing hysterectomies on children too young to understand how this will ruin their lives? WHY are you blocking legislation that would prevent the Chinese Communists and their paid agents at the CDC from committing genocide against the American people by mandating ‘clot shots’ that cause miscarriages, stillbirths, and ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’?”

Remember, too, that once Donald Trump is back in office, with the top 1,000 sneering scumbags and traitors now running the DOJ and the FBI in chains and orange jump suits, many of these foot-dragging RINOs are quite likely to be indicted for soliciting bribes disguised as “campaign contributions,” depriving constituents of their honest services, even treason on the behalf of foreign enemies. Our situation qualifies as an emergency: we must prepare for the day when these traitors swing from lamp posts – that’s not the point at which we need to launch long discussions about “what the heck do we do, now?”

We must have a plan.

Some will call these proposed new laws “radical” or “going too far.” In fact, most of these proposals would only attempt to reduce the relative size of government – and to restore our level of liberties – enjoyed 50 years ago, in 1970. I was around in 1970; I don’t remember anyone complaining we “had too much liberty” or that we “didn’t have enough government.” Others of the following proposed pieces of legislation would restore the level of economic freedom enjoyed by our great-grandparents a century ago, in 1910, when American was the freest and most prosperous nation – the nation with the highest standard of living – in the entire world.

Compare that to today, when the Communist agents and their “woke” dupes have PURPOSELY (by virtually shutting down our energy industry via “exectutive order”) made it impossible to afford groceries and gasoline at the same time. Is reversing that sled ride to Third World poverty and hopelessness really an “unacceptably radical” proposal? You’d really settle for Linday Graham writing a “strongly worded letter”? If we don’t take dramatic — though still perfectly legal — action now, who do you think is going to come save us . . . the American Army of 1944? Unfortunately, with the exception of a few grand old duffers in wheelchairs, they’re dead.

Since quick action will be required next January, here are some drafts to give them a head start on some vital, liberty-restoring initiatives:


1) Any government official or corporate officer or employer who attempts to force, coerce, mandate, or make it a condition of employment for a person to submit to a medical procedure – including but not limited to a hypodermic injection of a foreign substance into the body – shall be guilty of a felony punishable by no less than 20 years in prison, or death. (Yes, this Congress realizes members of the armed forces have previously and routinely been required to subject themselves to various “shots, for their own good.” You should have thought of that before you started requiring them to submit to the blood clots, sterilization, miscarriages, and death engendered by your “spike protein, mRNA” gene-alteration therapies, you genocidal dupes of the CCP. Also, your mascara’s running, General Milley.)

2) Castrations, hysterectomies, or breast removals (amputations) performed on persons aged under 19 – not to remove cancers, but allegedly to “affirm a choice of gender” other than that given them by their Creator — shall be a felony, punishable by no less than 20 years in prison, or death by hanging. (See https://rumble.com/v1hz8nn-brandon-showalter-taxpayer-money-through-nih-funded-cross-sex-hormones-for-.html .

3) Administering a so-called “COVID vaccine” to pregnant women or children under the age of 13 – or ordering such a “vaccination” – shall be a felony punishable by not less than 10 years in prison, or death.

See . . .


. . . or . . .


4) Joe Biden is hereby impeached for a) violating his oath of office, which requires him to protect our nation from invasion, and to enforce our duly enacted immigration laws, both of which duties he has not merely ignored, but blatantly flouted; b) being a paid agent of both Red China (a hostile power) and Ukraine, the proof being the bribes he has accepted through his son Hunter (which at least partially explain the billions in taxpayer cash he has sent the corrupt rulers of Ukraine and the strategic petroleum he has shipped to Red China), as documented on Hunter Biden’s forfeited laptop, which as a matter of law is hereby determined and declared NOT to be any form of “Russian disinformation” (despite the cynical lies of many thugs and traitors currently or previously employed in the FBI and CIA), which crimes Biden’s corrupt and partisan FBI has refused to examine and which crimes his corrupt Department of Justice has refused to prosecute; . . .

. . . c) attempting to destroy America’s prosperity by purposely crippling our energy industry; d) vowing to ban civilian possession of the semi-automatic rifles he fraudulently describes as “assault weapons,” despite having sworn an oath to protect and defend a Constitution which requires that the right of the people to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed”; and e) because this installed president, having assumed office thanks to massive and demonstrated election fraud, is an incompetent, demented, senile, evil and hate-filled embarrassment to this nation.


5) As mail-in absentee ballots are an invitation to massive fraud, they shall be allowed for on-duty members of the armed services stationed more than five miles from home, and for medical patients who can supply in advance a signed affidavit testifying that they remain mentally competent, but that they will be physically unable to vote in person at the polls on election day, though such non-military absentee ballots shall never exceed more than 2 percent of the total number of ballots voted in that jurisdiction four years before. Otherwise, promoting or creating or facilitating or engaging in a system of mass mail-in voting anywhere in the United States shall constitute a felony punishable by not less than two years in prison.

6) Since they are easily subject to hacking and improper programming, electronic “voting machines” are hereby banned in the United States. Neither “voting machines” nor electronic ballot scanners/counters may be employed, starting from the date of enactment of this Act. All voting shall be in person, on a single Election Day declared at least 60 days in advance – no “early voting” allowed – and all vote counting shall be done by hand, with a designated observer from each of that district’s two largest political parties allowed to attend, witness, and handle and examine individual ballots upon request. Attempts to evict such duly designated observers, or to count ballots in the absence of such duly designated observers, or to require such observers to stand or sit more than two feet away from the counting table shall be a felony, punishable by no less than three months in prison.

7) The wall on the southern border of the United States shall be completed within 60 days, for the failure of which any federal official so charged shall be subject to not less than 10 years in prison or (in cases of willful obstruction) death by hanging. Meantime, prominent signs in at least two language shall be erected, facing south, along such border, giving proper warning of minefields, after which (but within 30 days) double belts of minefields, one anti-personnel and one anti-vehicular, shall be installed along the most frequented routes of illegal invasion of this country, adequate to kill or permanently cripple (and intended to kill or permanently cripple) at least half of any group of invaders attempting to make use of such routes.

Invaders who shall survive the crossing of such minefields shall be deported within 48 hours, Other than short-term emergency trauma care, U.S. federal authorities are hereby forbidden to pay any compensation to such invaders for injuries sustained while attempting to enter this country illegally.

(Those in favor of illegal-alien “amnesty” promised President Reagan that if he’d OK a ONE-TIME amnesty for illegal aliens in 1986, they’d promptly close the border and there WOULD BE NO MORE AMNESTIES PROPOSED, and NO MORE AMNESTIES NECESSARY, since there’d be NO MORE ILLEGAL ‘IMMIGRANTS.’ Since Democrats closed the border in 1986 — and the so-called “Homeland Security Secretary” of the installed Democrat regime Alejandro Mayorkas insisted as recently as July 19, 2022, that “The border is secure,” how can they object to minefields on the “secure” border? Surely no one will be be able to cross their “secure” border and thus sustain injury . . . right?)

8) The IRS routinely violates the law. They interpret laws which allow them to use certain “collection mechanisms” against “U.S. employees” or “U.S. workers” or “U.S. citizens” as though such terms refers to employees or wage-earners IN one of the the United States, rather than merely to employees OF the United States government, as intended. (Ask them why their “Notice of Intent to Levy” leaves off the first paragraph of the statute.) Nor can they even prove that “wages” are “income,” as that word was originally intended. They force hard-working waitresses (who of course can’t afford tax attorneys) to pay “taxes” on phantom amounts in tips — which are in fact non-taxable gifts — which the IRS goons merely “estimate” without evidence, like the dreamed-up “tolls” collected by highwaymen.

Therefore, the partisan Democrat proposal to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to squeeze middle-class Americans like turnips — while attacking conservatives in the despicable tradition of Lois Lerner — is hereby slightly amended. Instead, those 87,000 new hires will be trained as armed Immigration officers, assigned to round up and deport every illegal alien in America, starting with members of violent gangs and others known to have committed violent crimes, followed up by all military-aged men, and then proceeding directly to those individuals who Democrats have singled out for so-called “DACA Amnesty.” And all assets which these invaders have accrued while in this country illegally shall be seized, and used to fund the Border Patrol.

9) The CIA is barred by charter from spying on Americans in this country and from meddling in internal American politics. But it’s been doing so at least since CIA agents worked aggressively to intimidate, manipulate, and silence witnesses who insisted President John Kennedy took fire from more than one direction on Nov. 22, 1963. (Whether the CIA played an earlier role in that assassination remains unproven, though generally suspected, given the highly suspicious appointment to and dominance of the so-called “Warren Commission” by Allen Dulles, who hated and had been fired by President Kennedy.)

But the agency finally went too far – much too far – when it worked with its business partners in “social media” . . .

(See https://rumble.com/v1i4cmz-beattie-whistleblower-reveals-twitter-has-multiple-platforms-for-foreign-in.html )

. . . in the autumn of 2020 to censor the evidence on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop as to the many millions of dollars in bribes the Biden Crime Family had solicited and illegally accepted from the corrupt rulers of Ukraine and America’s greatest potential enemy, Communist China, with “10 percent for the Big Guy.” CIA executives and operatives (allowed without protest to benefit from the agency’s cachet, even if some were nominally “retired”) lied outright, claiming this very real laptop was “Russian disinformation” – thus working purposely and with blatantly partisan intent to block the re-election of Donald Trump, instead seeing to it he was replaced with a far more malleable mouthpiece, the lying, senile grifter Joe Biden.

Therefore the Central Intelligence Agency – which is neither contemplated in nor authorized by the Constitution – is hereby dissolved, closed, shut down, and eliminated. As of 30 days from enactment of this act, the budget of the Central Intelligence Agency is reduced to zero, all its employees are to be dismissed and fired, and none of them shall be employed in future by any U.S. government office or agency, nor shall any task heretofore assigned to or taken upon itself by this agency be performed or undertaken in future by any other government office, department, or agency. (Remember, the CIA didn’t even foresee the collapse of the Soviet Union. That’s “Intelligence”?)

CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia shall be demolished within 180 days of the enactment of this Act, but the rubble shall not be hauled away. Rather, the rubble shall be marked with a large, permanent plaque, explaining as an object lesson to future generations the crimes against American liberty for which this pernicious, anti-American agency is hereby dumped onto the ash heap of history.

10a) The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the existence of which is not contemplated, envisioned, or mandated by the U.S. Constitution – having shown itself to be the modern, partisan, police-state equivalent of Hitler’s Gestapo or Stalin’s KGB (suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop evidence that the Biden Crime Family is paid off by Red China and others, making up crap out of thin air in an attempt to indict American patriot Donald Trump to keep him out of the White House) – https://rumble.com/v1hz3zz-miranda-devine-the-fbi-had-strategy-to-suppressing-hunter-biden-laptop-stor.html – is hereby eliminated, closed, and abolished.

All the employees of this so-called “FBI” are hereby fired, discharged and dismissed; they shall not be allowed to take paid employment with any other government agency in future, not shall any other government agency be allowed to take up any of the tasks or duties formerly handled by this demented, liberty-destroying criminal organization. (Since the FBI supposedly handled gun-purchase “background checks,” any requirement in law for purchasers of firearms to undergo such cumbersome, expensive and worthless “background checks,” which have never in 45 years led to the arrest and/or conviction of a single felon attempting to purchase a firearm, is hereby repealed and revoked and eliminated.)

Free-standing FBI buildings nationwide shall be demolished within 180 days of enactment of this Act, but their rubble shall not be cleared away. Rather, the rubble shall be marked with huge permanent plaques, detailing the crimes against Americans’ God-given liberties in punishment of which this institution is now demolished.

And (10b) for sending the FBI, armed with machine pistols, to raid and invade President Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago to seize President Trump’s passports, his tax records, his privileged attorney-client communications, and First Lady Melania Trump’s panties (yes, “items of clothing” now show up on their “revised” inventory of stolen property), without allowing Mr. Trump’s attorneys to supervise to make sure new documents weren’t planted (which they were), based on a fatally flawed and unconstitutional “general” search warrant OK’d over the telephone by a carefully selected known anti-Trump local Florida magistrate — without even checking with his own Office of Legal Counsel to determine if this whole raid was legal — Attorney General Merrick Garland is hereby impeached.


11) As a vast majority of criminal mass shootings in the past 30 years were committed by young men, 13 to 21, who were either taking or had just withdrawn from Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibiting (SSRI) drugs, of which the known side effects include violent urges and hallucinated voices, and as such crimes were virtually unknown before the introduction of this class of drugs (despite the fact rifles were generally much more accessible to young men before 1968), and as recent studies show serotonin plays no role in Depression, meaning these drugs are useless when prescribed to combat Depression in the first place, all medical doctors in the United States are hereby advised that, in any cases where they have prescribed these drugs to or for boys or young men under the age of 22, where subsequently those young men or boys shall commit or have committed violent crimes, the Congress hereby by law removes any impediment which otherwise might block or restrict said medical doctors from being charged criminally – or sued for damages in civil court – as accessories before the fact to any such violent crimes.

12) The Centers for Disease Control, having caused the involuntary sterilization, crippling, and/or death of hundreds of thousands of people, are hereby abolished. Their funding is reduced to zero, effective 30 days from enactment of this Act. Their buildings shall be demolished, and the wreckage not cleared away, but rather marked with a huge permanent plaque detailing their crimes of willful genocide. No one who has been employed by the Centers for Disease Control shall ever be permitted to hold any other job funded by the U.S. government. This does not require – but does authorize criminal prosecution to determine whether it shall be appropriate – to hang these people by the neck until they are dead, a punishment for willful genocide adopted by this nation following the Nuremberg trials.

13) Criminal referrals for intentional murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity should be sent to the Department of Justice, naming Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Olivia Troye, every official at the CDC, the FDA, and the WHO, all mRNA “vaccine” manufacturers including those who sought to keep their devastating test results secret for 75 years, anyone at the federal Department of Health & Human Services who mandated or urged physicians to inject their patients with these deadly toxins, and any executive at any news or media company who promoted these “clot shots” and censored evidence of their dangers or of the availability of less expensive, less toxic therapeutics, despite knowing or being reasonably able to learn that these “clot shots” cause death, miscarriage and/or sterility in vastly more than 1 percent of their victims.

14) The so-called “Patriot Act” is hereby repealed. No government employee hired to help enforce the so-called “Patriot Act” shall be allowed to transfer to employment with any other government agency; they are all to be fired within 20 days.

15) The Department of Homeland Security, which at least since 2009 has decided to track, pursue and harass not foreign enemies (such as jihadist Muslim extremists) but instead freedom-loving American citizens who resist the socialism or communism imposed by today’s Democrat party — including parents attending school board meetings to protest un-American “race education,” the grooming of children for abuse and disfigurement by queers, freaks, and pederasts, and/or the rape of their daughters by cross-dressers in “unisex” bathrooms — is hereby eliminated. Its budget is reduced to zero.

All employees of the Department of Homeland Security are hereby fired, discharged and dismissed; they shall not be allowed to take up any future paid employment with any other government agency, not shall any other government agency be allowed to take up any of the tasks or duties formerly handled by this demented, liberty-destroying gang. Free-standing DHS buildings nationwide shall be demolished, but their rubble shall not be cleared away. Rather the rubble shall be marked with huge permanent plaques, detailing the crimes against Americans’ liberties for which this institution was demolished, including its assertion that Americans have no right to travel without being groped and disarmed – the bearing of knives, swords, and firearms including machine guns by any and all Americans, save infants and idiots, especially while traveling from state to state, being a Constitutionally protected, God-given right.

16) Farming and ranching on a for-profit basis being necessary to the survival of this nation, any government official, elected or appointed, who enacts or attempts to enact, or enforces or attempts to enforce, any law, regulation, rule or edict which causes it to be less economically profitable for an American family to operate a farm or ranch, or any regulation (including the “death tax”) which is likely to, in effect, take away the land of a farmer or rancher or force said farmer or rancher to suspend that livelihood and/or to sell his or her land, shall be guilty of a felony punishable by a minimum of two years in prison. Toward this end, and because under the Constitution the federal government has no power to own or “manage” any lands within the several states other than those small parcels SOLD to the federal government “with consent of the Legislature of the state in which they shall be” for use as “arsenals, dockyards or other needful buildings,” the Bureau of Land Management is hereby abolished.

17) The Federal Reserve Board shall be eliminated as of 180 days from the enactment of this Act. The U.S. Treasury Department shall have 90 days to present a plan to replace “Federal Reserve Notes” with actual U.S. dollars, issued by the U.S. Treasury as before 1912, consisting of either gold of purity 90 percent or better, silver of purity 90 percent or better, or paper notes, any such U.S. dollars which shall be printed as paper “notes” or “bills” being readily convertible on demand into silver or gold, at whatever rate and value shall be determined to be sustainable based on current U.S. gold and silver bullion reserves. “Electronic dollars” which cannot be shown to represent actual, physical dollars are banned.

18) Every two years, the net worth of every member of Congress shall be determined. In any and every case where said member’s net worth is determined to have tripled (or more) since they first assumed their present office – beyond what can be easily explained by their congressional salary and inflation combined – a thorough forensic (criminal) audit is hereby ordered. Should such an audit determine any substantial part of that member’s income growth can be attributed to the acceptance of quid-pro-quo bribes (even if designated as “campaign contributions”), or the acceptance of “investment advice” which shall have had the same compromising affect as bribes, a criminal referral shall promptly be issued.


19) Criminal referrals are hereby issued and shall be forwarded to the Attorney General for the crime of engaging in a years-long conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States under color of law, naming FBI Special Stalker-in-Charrge Tim Thibault, Gina Haspel, John Brennan, James Clapper, Mary McCord, James Comey, Christopher Wray, Peter Strzok, Kevin Clinesmith, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, former Attorney General Bill Barr the loathsome liar (for blocking any and all investigations of blatant 2020 election fraud, and conspiring to keep the de-classified documentary evidence of the DOJ/FBI Russia-Russia-Russia hoax — the stuff the FBI was looking for in Melania’s underwear drawer at Mar-A-Lago — buried till we’re dead), Tashina Gauhar, Jeremy Linton, Jennifer Williams, Alexander Vindman, Eric Ciaramella , Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann, David Bowditch, Dana Boente, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, and others to be named.

20) As billions of dollars have been spent on “public education” since the federal “Department of Education” was created some 45 years ago, yet over that period of time the ability of American children to read, write in script, spell, count change, perform simple mathematical calculations, and give evidence of their knowledge of American history has continued to plummet abysmally (even when compared to the skills of children who attended only five to six years of elementary school in a one-room schoolhouse before 1919) the Department of Education is hereby abolished. Instead, those moneys will be used to finance tax forgiveness for home-schoolers, up to the amount a local government propaganda camp would otherwise have received for “socializing” that child into a good communist. Furthermore, in any school receiving federal aid, the ratio of classroom teachers to non-classroom employees (excluding bus drivers) shall be no lower then 3-to-1.

21) America’s “social media” web sites have shown themselves to be highly partisan publishers, not mere “public bulletin boards” which should be expected to allow postings from all political sides without censorship, including those who believe elections have been stolen through fraud, and that the so-called “COVID vaccinations” are useless, unnecessary, toxic, and/or deadly. Therefore, their protections under the so-called “Section 230” are hereby nullified, removed, and repealed, effective immediately, and the Department of Justice shall forthwith launch an Anti-trust investigation, examining with an eye to potential prosecution the curiously uniform censorship patterns of these supposedly “independent, free-market” operators, and any government official who is found to have encouraged such censorship shall have committed a ferlony punishable by not less than five years in prison.


22a) Since those who believe in Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming have been shown to be immune from scientific proofs that those beliefs are equivalent to a belief in fairies and unicorns – no perceptible global warming in 20 years; polar bear populations exploding instead of going extinct; polar ice caps not melting as confidently predicted, island nations not sinking under the seas as confidently predicted – it is therefore found, determined and established by this Congress as a matter of law that belief in Catastrophic Man-Made Global warming is a religion.

Under the First Amendment, anyone holding these beliefs is free to continue doing so, as a free practice of religion. HOWEVER, the Constitution also guarantees that no religion shall be ‘established’ as the official state religion by this government, its doctrines or beliefs being imposed whether they like it or not on the populace in general, even if this merely offends the conscience and the freedom to dissent, but ESPECIALLY if by such imposition members of said populace suffer expense, inconvenience, disability, or a reduced standard if living.

Therefore, effective immediately upon passage of this Act, any and all laws, edicts, regulations, rules, or executive orders tending to restrict, limit, regulate or inhibit industrial development, rapid and effective development and use of this nation’s vast fossil fuel reserves, or the development, manufacture or sale of anything, to include but not limited to pipelines, drilling equipment, refineries, light bulbs, or any restriction on any industrial facility emitting any quantity of the necessary, harmless, and beneficial gas carbon dioxide, ESPECIALLY if based on the supposed desire or ‘need’ to limit ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change,’ are hereby immediately repealed and rendered null and void, to include but not limited to regulations aimed at limiting ‘carbon emissions,’ ‘greenhouse gas emissions,’ ‘bovine flatulence,’ etc.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the federal Department of Energy shall show, 90 days from passage of this Act, irrefutable concrete evidence to the satisfaction of the majority of this Congress of massive and dramatic progress toward stimulating a vast increase in industrial and energy development within the United States – to include issuance of numerous oil and gas drilling leases, rapid approval of the immediate construction of pipelines, encouragement of the upgrading and expansion of refineries, factories, steel mills, etc. — and eliminating any and all curbs on such industrial and energy development which had been put in place since 1970 in obeisance to the cult of “Man-Made Global Warming,” which is hereby banished from use as an excuse for any regulation by any federal U.S. government agency, the Congress of the United States hereby officially finding and declaring such ‘Green’ religious beliefs, when used to stymie or limit industrial or fossil-fuel development via government regulation, to be ‘bullshit.’

Should either the EPA of the Department of Energy fail to show such massive and dramatic progress by the 90-th day from enactment of this Act, the agency so failing shall be closed and abolished immediately, with all employees dismissed from employment with the U.S. government and barred from any future employment with or by the U.S. government, with no other agency being allowed to take up the tasks once performed by said agency or department.

22b) And — while such technologies remain free to compete in the free market on an even footing — federal government subsidies or statutory preferences for solar power generation, wind power, or electric vehicles are hereby ended, prohibited, and banned, and any government employee who attempts to continue granting such subsidies or preferences shall be fired with loss of pension, and subject to prosecution for the crime of “willfully attempting to reduce the American standard of living,” a felony punishable by not less than two years in prison.

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  1. Original Grandpa Says:

    …boy, out here in Hendertucky we like the way you think

  2. Kevin Says:

    Vin Suprynowicz for President 2024….if we can even make it there.

  3. LiberTarHeel Says:

    “Now who can argue with that?!”


  4. MDAlien Says:

    A good start.

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    Hitting it right on the head, as usual!

  6. lee caddell Says:

    I always (along with my brother) thought since the inception of Privacy Report, that you would have made one hell of a great president. It’s hard to be an optimist these days, great you’re still writing. We’ll keep our guns, gold and freedom as long as we’re alive.