Here they come


Even as we were proofreading the final draft, our old friend Ernie Hancock at Freedom’s Phoenix radio down in Arizona was good enough to chat with us on-air about the forthcoming novel back in August — .

By September, the redoubtable Claire Wolfe, blogging at Oregon-based Backwoods Home magazine, was advising folks that preliminary excerpts of “The Testament of James” had been posted here on the home site at ( .)

Coin-and-gun guy (and another old friend) Glen Parshall in Utah worked to keep folks up-to-date through the autumn at .

Carl Bussjaeger, who hails from one of the original 13 colonies and designed our impressive book jacket, weighed in with a notice some time back, at .

And Tom Mitchell, who ran the Las Vegas Review-Journal back when the staff actually interviewed the candidates before deciding who to endorse, weighed in back in mid-December, mentioning “Testament of James” as a book with giving — or reading -– for Christmas, at and elsewhere, including his home site, .

But Thomas Knapp in sunny Florida has to be acknowledged as the first independent source to actually sail through a post-Dec. 16 review copy of “The Testament of James” and weigh in with a review, in two parts, Dec. 29 and Dec. 31, 2014, at , and then at .

Mr. Knapp, an admirably independent soul, has been known to speak out loudly enough when he disapproves, which means if he offers kind words one can assume he considers them earned.

The aforementioned Ms. Wolfe is rumored to be preparing a somewhat longer piece on “The Testament” — and Vin — slated to appear “after the first of the year,” based on a recent cyber chat. We’ll try to let you know when it’s available.

And, of course, you don’t have to be anything but a “regular reader” to weigh in with an opinion or word of encouragement or complaint, either right here (if it’s brief) or via e-mail to Cat at cat (at) She asks that you indicate “TOJ” in the subject line (assuming you’ve actually read the book, except for Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, who being a member of the Permanent Ruling Class can of course be expected to continue weighing in on Vin’s works without actually reading them) and let her know if you do or don’t want your remarks posted.

(You can always read the latest comments at Cat’s “Testament of James” page: .)

Meantime, copies 90 through 93 of “The Testament of James” are due to be dispatched today; a few days may remain for anyone who’d like to grab the last available signed, numbered, hardcover copies of TOJ with two-digit serial numbers. Not that there’s anything WRONG with buying a copy numbered 100 through 200, for heaven’s sake. 🙂

And yes, “The Miskatonic Manuscript” is underway. Beyond the author’s stated intention to deliver the next adventure of Matthew Hunter and Chantal Stevens sometime in calendar year 2015, no further guarantees are yet offered. For some reason, though, nautical charts of Narragansett Bay were recently spotted going up on Vin’s office walls, the author mumbling something about “Quonset Point looking ideal.” Needless to say, the kittens immediately went to work, removing all the push-pins they could reach.

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2 Comments to “Here they come”

  1. Thomas Mitchell Says:

    Can’t wait for the next book, Vin.

  2. Steve Says:

    Reading now.
    A mortgage banker is not intelligent enough to be an active part of the New England mob…but a collectible book seller….no brainer! Totally a part of the mob!
    Love it.