Claire weighs in / Interview with Vin

Claire Wolfe, author of “101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution,” “The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook,” and the ongoing chronicles of Hardyville, has weighed in with a review of “The Testament of James” at her Backwoods Home blog, here and (part II) here.

The review is followed by the first half of an interview with Vin on a range of subjects relating to his latest novel; the second half is promised for Dec. 5 or thereabouts.

2014 Vin Portrait

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The War on Drugs is older than you think.

2 Comments to “Claire weighs in / Interview with Vin”

  1. Steve Says:

    OK so what timeline has the universities in the hands of Rothbardians?

  2. Steve Says:

    A fun read.

    Some background. My father’s side has long history in the USA. We have a couple admirals and even a few cabinet members. He is Protestant.
    Mom’s side comes from Europe, my grandfather was from Armenia and was a Jew. My Grandmother was from Scotland, they practiced Judaism. Mom was Jewish.
    We were raised well disconnected from any church. Did not go on Sunday or Saturday to any services.
    I went to Sunday school once.
    I went to a Black Christian church once and it was fun, but church was never pushed on us.
    I don’t have a lot of religion in my life, I have what I am. I accept what I am and I live life to the best of my ability. When I leave this body, I will find out where I am going…or not.

    This book was a fun read for the mystery for was too short in that respect. The religious aspects were intriguing from an outsiders point of view. I, of course, know Jesus was a person,,,not some imaginary all powerful being who took all “my” sins away from me.

    I would say, maybe, the people in power in those times figured the populace at large would not be able to handle psychotropic drugs and decided it was best to try and keep them away from the populace. This also comes with some personal experience. I have found a clear head is a better way to handle life, while small indulgences are ok to take the edge off a difficult week. Maybe that is why beer was a good thing.

    I’ve done all the drugs and plants at one time or the other…what you get to see is what you would see anyway if you can take a step back and let it come to you. No “assist” needed.
    Just a lawn chair, nice weather and very quiet country (or wilderness) for a few hours or even a couple days will give you the state of mind to let those thoughts come to the surface.
    It is the rat race that suppresses them and we have been in the rat race as long as words have been written and stories have been told.

    I look forward to the next book. If this be any indication, it should be a romp through Europe that would make 007 proud.