‘Entertaining, funny, and thought-provoking’

Copy Number 120 of the signed, limited hardcover edition of “The Testament of James” is shipping this weekend. Meantime, a few more reviews have arrived.

Oliver Del Signore, webmaster for Backwoods Home magazine, has weighed in with a review at http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles2/delsignore1501.html :


“. . . Part of what’s ‘a little different’ about the book are the pace and tone. Both are more relaxed, as befits a story that plays out primarily in a bookstore. Add to that well-drawn, interesting characters, and dialogue that not only entertains but challenges you to think about things you’ve ‘known’ all your life, and you have a story that keeps you turning pages. And if you enjoy strong female characters, I think you’ll love Chantal.”

Meantime, award-winning journalist A.D. Hopkins offers his own take, filing the first reader review at: http://www.amazon.com/Testament-Matthew-Hunter-Chantal-Stevens-ebook/dp/B00RNI9UVW :

“Suppose somebody found a book written by Jesus’ brother James, and the book showed that the most essential teaching of Jesus had been expurgated from Christianity. Would the most fervent interest in possessing that book be shown by A) a very rich collector, B) the kleptocratic government of the country where it was discovered or C) establishment forces with much to lose should the book become recognized as the only account of Jesus’ life actually written by one of his Disciples? Suprynowicz’s fourth published book, and his second novel, is set in a rare-book store whose customers often mistake it for a thrift shop. . . . Suprynowicz . . . makes it entertaining, funny, and thought-provoking. . . . His story is well-organized, fast-moving, and despite its serious themes, a great deal of fun.”

The War on Drugs is older than you think.

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