Doug French reviews ‘Testament of James’


Economist, banker and former head of the Ludwig von Mises Institute Doug French offers his take on “The Testament of James” at .

In part, Doug reports: “Peddling used books has a treasure hunt side that is particularly interesting for us bibliophiles and is not only made part of Testament’s plotline, but is included in many of book’s business anecdotes.

“The treasure in question is not an autographed copy of Wolfman Jack’s Have Mercy!, but an ancient manuscript written (or not) by James the Just, oldest brother of Jesus of Nazareth. Shadowy characters aplenty descend upon Books on Benefit after its manager dies under curious circumstances.

“These men are looking to buy the work of James which might explain how his brother faked his own death on the cross, how the divine Gentile Christ was switched for the human Jewish Jesus, and the religion of Paul displaced that of Jesus, among other things. You can understand why this sort of knowledge should not be made public.

“Notice I wrote ‘looking to buy.’ Suprynowicz never strays far from the capitalistic pursuits of profit and loss. The characters may be dodgy, but they look to deal, more or less, honorably for the James tome (if it exists) and heated negotiations about present value and risk ensue. . . .

“As a new presidential election nears with more blather about God, country, and other nonsense, The Testament of James is a quick, entertaining read to either remind you you’re not crazy, or start you on a journey to truth and enlightenment.”

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  1. MamaLiberty Says:

    Terrific review! I’ve got to get cracking. Everyone else has stolen all the good lines already!! 🙂