Don’t forget to look up!

Ring around the moon

Halo around the moon!

(Brunette, here.)

OK, unfortunately the picture doesn’t really do it justice. I stepped outside last night, and could so easily have missed this — the biggest, brightest ring I’ve ever seen around the moon. It’s not unusual to spot halos around the sun, I’ve taken many pics of those … but this felt pretty awe inspiring. 🙂

So, next time you’re out — day or night — don’t forget to look up!


2 Comments to “Don’t forget to look up!”

  1. MamaLiberty Says:

    I enjoy looking at the moon sometimes, but I can seldom see it or the stars clearly. For some reason I’ve never discovered, there are thousands of pink, bluish and orange “security lights” all over the town and the county area above it where I live. When it is overcast, you can see the pink/orange glow in the clouds.

    Who would have dreamed that light pollution would be one of the problems I’d find in Wyoming?

  2. Brunette Says:

    That’s too bad, Mama. Surprising that light pollution would be a problem for you. 🙁

    Lots of people here have security lights too, but even so it would be hard to find a better place to live for sky watching — most nights are clear, and the stars are bright … it’s lovely to be able to see the milky way too, after years of living in the city. On overcast nights we can see a distant glow from downtown but it’s dark and quiet here.