67 years of The Vinyl Cavalcade

Cat’s Curiosities also sells vinyl LP records, by the way — nearly 200 offered online, at last count.

Simply go to our online ABE store at www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sortby=0&vci=51238921 and enter the word “LP” or “vinyl” or “record” — results may differ slightly, but any of the three will do — in the “Search Within these Results” line.

Prices start at $9, and you won’t find any of those endless run-of-the-mill Perry Comos, Andy Williams, and “Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass” that clog the bins at your local thrift store. No, years of seeking out the odd and unusual have gone into assembling Cat’s vinyl boutique collection. We’re talking . . .


Cousin Brucie Meeets Mother Goosie / Featuring Hansel and Gretel Meet the Chop-Liver Witch

Morrow, Bruce / WABC’s Bruce Morrow / America’s Best Loved Disc Jockey
Published by 5 Star Productions, New York (1966)
Price: US$ 17.00

Item Description: 5 Star Productions, New York, 1966. Hardcover. Book Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Good. 1st Edition. 4to. Also features Mary Hughes. Not a book but a 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm vinyl LP record, 5 Star Productions 55555, near-mint vinyl in a cardboard jacket which was once damp to bottom and is thus “good only.” Other tracks include “Jack and the Beanstalk OR Beans and Economics,” and “Rumpelstiltskin OR The Critique of Science.” During the highly competitive AM air wars of the 1960s, Esquire magazine declared Cousin Bruce Morrow “the most popular DeeJay in New York City.” Bookseller Inventory # 003184

Or . . .


My Boyfriend’s Back
The Angels
Published by Smash Records (1963)
Price: US$ 30.00

Item Description: Smash Records, 1963. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. 1st Edition. 4to. Not a book for a 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm Stereo record, Smash SRS-67039, a near-mint cardboard jacket with a few small discolorations around a vinyl disc which would be near-mint save that a previous owner has affixed her (?) name to the Side One label with a piece of masking tape. We know how to safely remove most labels, but old masking tape can be nasty and we have left in place. This record produced by Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer, who wrote “My Boyfriend’s Back” and who themselves recorded as the Strangeloves, which is whole ‘nother story. Also features the familiar “He’s So Fine” and “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” (though the jacket lists as “A Night Has a Thousand Eyes.” Note, however, that the cuts listed as “The Hurdy-Gurdy Man” and “World Without Love” are also by Feldman, Goldstein & Gottehrer and are NOT the more familiar songs sharing those titles by Donovan Leitch (not written till 1968) and by Paul MCartney (as released by Peter Asher and Gordon Waller in early 1964.) This record catalogs $60. Bookseller Inventory # 003510

Or . . .


Strange Days, mono
The Doors
Published by Elektra Records, New York (1967)
Price: US$ 115.00

Item Description: Elektra Records, New York, 1967. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. 1st Edition. This is not a book but rather the hard-to-find 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm vinyl LP mono release of “Strange Days,” marked EKL-4014 to label and jacket, and jacket specifies “(mono)” to both front and back. Vinyl very-good-plus; jacket very good with modest ringwear and a doodle to front in black ballpoint, mainly visible as a black oval drawn over strongman’s lower jaw and arrmpit. Features “People Are Strange” and “Love Me Two Times.” Bookseller Inventory # 002667

As well as . . .


It’s time for Tina / The songs of Tina Louise
Louise, Tina
Published by Concert Hall, New York (1957)
Price: US$ 380.00

Item Description: Concert Hall, New York, 1957. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. 1st Edition. Not a book, but an original, 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm, vinyl LP record, VG in VG-plus (downgraded for some small but visible scratches, which play through but do cause one unmistakable pop during the fifth track of Side One, “I’m in the Mood for Love.”) Original H-1521, not the re-release on Urania. Features Buddy Weed on piano, Hilton Jefferson on alto sax and Coleman Hawkins (yes, really) on tenor sax. Tracks include “Embraceable You” and “Let’s Do It,” on the latter of which the lovely but generally slow-breathing Miss Louise finally demonstrates she was NOT doped up on Nembutal for these sessions. (At least the sultry pace leaves lots of room for sax fills.) Before she played the quintessential Stepford Wife (1975), Tina Louise Blacker of course portrayed movie star Ginger Grant on “Gilligan’s Island” from 1964-67, making her the correct answer to the question “Ginger or Mary Ann?” Her only known LP. Hey, it wasn’t THAT bad. Bookseller Inventory # 002448

Not to mention the hard-to-find . . .


20th anniversary Tour 1986 / Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork
Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork
Published by David Fishopf Productions (1986)
Price: US$ 95.00

Item Description: David Fishopf Productions, 1986. Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. 4to. Not a book but a 2-record set of 33-1/3 vinyl LP records, David Fishof Productions FSH-71110, very good plus vinyl (a few visible scuffs to first disc only but no scratches) in a very-good-plus mostly black cardboard sleeve with rub to edges but no visible ringwear. Features Last Train to Clarksville, A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You, Daydream Believer, Pleasant Valley Sunday, I’m a Believer, and of course, (Theme From) The Monkees, 15 others. Lead guitar Dusty Hanvey, Bass guitar Mark Clarke, mix engineer Jay Messina. Bookseller Inventory # 003385

While for those with slightly more refined tastes there’s . . .


sing with “Teddy” and the Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra (SIGNED X 4, AUTOGRAPHED)
Popovich Brothers, The
Published by Teddy Popovich, Chicago
Price: US$ 72.50

Item Description: Teddy Popovich, Chicago. Hardcover. Book Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. 1st Edition. This is not a book but a 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm “Long Play” vinyl record from the 1950s, SIGNED to back of jacket in blue ballpoint by Ted Popovich, Adam Popovich, Marko N. Popovich, and a fourth signer, presumably the bass player. Fourth performer on the disc and shown in jacket photo is Pete Mistovich; to us the fourth signature looks like “Retnap Mumrebuth.” The Popovich Brothers were the iconic folk music ensemble of the Serbian community on the South Side of Chicago for three generations in the 20th century. The ebullient music and singing seem to combine elements of the Slavic, Greek, and even Gypsy traditions. Heavy vinyl disc in fine shape and plays almost without noise; we’ll call it “very good plus” to avoid squabbles. Jacket the same, with small rough patches to rear corners where price labels have been removed — no text affected. Record undated but the term “Long Play” (rather than “Monaural” or “Mono”) usually indicates 1950s vintage, as does the mailing address at “Chicago 17, ILL.” (no zip code, thus pre-1962.) We started at $85, now reduced to $72.50. Please see scans. Signed by Author(s). Bookseller Inventory # 002565

Not to mention . . .


The Unfinished Language of Music,” Volume 3 (SIGNED, AUTOGRAPHED)
Pandit, Korla
Published by India Records, California (1973)
Price: US$ 22.50

Item Description: India Records, California, 1973. Hardcover. Book Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. 1st Edition. 4to. This is not a book but a 33-1/3rd stereo vinyl LP, disc near mint in a near mint cardboard jacket, inscribed, dated Nov. 25, 1973 and signed to the verso by Korla Pandit. Pandit, “The Godfather of Exotica,” born John Roland Redd in St. Louis, Missouri in 1921, was a light-skinned man of French-African parentage who to sidestep the racist membership requirements of the musicians’ union performed first as Juan Rolando and later in film and on California radio and television as the exotic “Indian” organist and composer Korla Pandit. Bookseller Inventory # 002869

And even such sober words of warning as. . .


David Noebel Speaks on “The Marxist Minstrels” / The Communist Subversion of American Folk Music
Noebel, David, the Rev.
Published by Christian Crusade Recordings, Tulsa, Oklahoma (1967)
Price: US$ 52.50

Item Description: Christian Crusade Recordings, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967. Hardcover. Book Condition: Near Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. 1st Edition. This is not a book but a Near Mint, 12-inch, 33-1/3 rpm, vinyl LP record, High Fidelity No. 26009, promoting the narrator’s book, “Rhythm, Riots and Revolution, . . . The Book That Can Put Out the Fire of Red Inspired Youth Revolution,” copies offered at $1 each postage paid. Photos to rear jacket indicate the agents of this form of Communist subversion included The Beatles and Joan Baez, the latter shown at Berkeley “before an audience of insurrectionists, dupes, revolutionists, pro-Reds and pro-Viet Cong, stir(ring) the fires of revolution!” Noebel was an ordained Minister of the Gospel and associate of evangelist Billy James Hargis of the Christian Crusade. “Today’s youth possess the power to destroy the United States of America and well they may . . . unless the truths of this book can reach them in time!” Bookseller Inventory # 002449

And that’s just a start! New selections added weekly. Cat’s Curiosities: Like Books on Benefit, it ain’t your grandpa’s used book store.


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