Now profusely illustrated


Hopalong Cassidy

Cat’s Curiosities is proud to announce that, as of Oct. 27, 2015, Vin and the felinidae have concluded (two months ahead of schedule!) a two-year project to attach digital full-color images to each of our online offerings priced at more than $25. (As we went along, and as it proved convenient, we posted images of quite a few of our lower-priced books and records, as well.)

Hard-to-find treasures at below-market prices? You may be surprised at what turns up at , where you can search by author or title. (Since ABE takes some hours to upload graphic files, the very latest listings may initially appear without art.)


Girls of the Pansy Patrol

These are not mere “cell phone snapshots,” but high-resolution scans produced on a Plustek OpticPro professional flatbed scanner. And most of our listings display not just one, but three, four, or even five scans each, focusing on copyright pages, author signatures, internal illustrations, and so on. Over those two years, we produced some 5,000 of these high-quality scans, about 4,000 of which are still online, illustrating 1,600 of our 2,100 listed books and records. (The rest illustrated books and records that have already sold. Scans are not re-used; they each depict the specific item listed.)

We hope these high-resolution digital photographic images are helpful to you in finding the book or record you need. Additionally, in 2016, we hope to keep “working our way down,” posting scans of our many books and records priced in the $22-to-$25 range, as well.

And for lower-priced inventory that you can actually pick up and hold in your hands, be sure to visit our brick-and-mortar store inside the Charleston Antique Mall, 560 S. Decatur Boulevard (next to Arizona Charlie’s), Las Vegas Nevada 89107. The mall is open seven days a week; telephone for mall hours and directions 702-228-4783.

2 Comments to “Now profusely illustrated”

  1. Steve Says:

    Anyone who likes a black cat is aces with me.

  2. MamaLiberty Says:

    Oh, wouldn’t I just love to spend a long time looking at everything in your store! Unfortunately, it’s a long walk from here. Just hope you are doing a land office business.

    And where, pray tell, is that sequel to “James?” 🙂