“A Fount of Strange Wisdom”

McAfee - Make America Cool Again

Post title pilfered from this Reason “Hit and Run” blog post. Images mainly stolen from McAfee’s F***book pages, here and here.

I think the “strange wisdom” used to be called common sense, though. πŸ˜€


There are so many cool images to choose from! Wow.


Scenes we’d like to see?! πŸ˜€


It’s great to see both L. Neil Smith and Adam Kokesh endorsing McAfee. Woo-hoo!


Adam’s endorsement Youtube video here: H/T Freedom’s Phoenix, thanks Donna Hancock πŸ™‚

I tried to embed it (this isn’t the first time I’ve tried that, grrr) and can’t seem to get the frame size small enough to work here on Vin’s blog. πŸ™

Vin got us tickets to the debate on Monday, and we went with some trepidation since we both find political events uninspiring (if not downright dull) — it was fun to watch the debate itself, though. It was nice to see so many younger people there, full of enthusiasm . . . (makes me a bit nostalgic for my younger days, when I felt that way too) as well as many middle aged and older folks.

After the debate, and a Twilight Zone-like episode with my crotchety old cell phone (time for a new one!) — we went to the meet and greet party to socialize with the candidates, etc. I didn’t know Adam was there, till I saw him from across the room . . . didn’t get a chance to say Hi, but we were able to chat with John Moore, and Judd Weiss, for a few minutes each. We also got to meet and shake hands with John McAfee (twice!) and thank him for . . . well, being John McAfee. πŸ™‚Β  Vin offered John a personally signed copy of “Miskatonic” — which he graciously accepted, upon being assured that it had plenty of naked girls. We didn’t even mention the drugs . . . LOL.

McAfee bath salts

In retrospect, I’m glad we went — Vin’s better about getting out of the house, I’m more of a hermit — it was a chance to do something different, and as Vin pointed out, probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing. As he reminded me, I’ve been kicking myself for years after missing another such occasion — the last Live concert before their lead singer, Ed Kowalczyk, quit the band — which I think was held at Fremont Street (2009?) in Vegas. πŸ™

I’ve long loved the band Live: Youtube sample tunes here , here and here — here’s a great Johnny Cash cover, and here’s my all time favorite Live song (sorry, the recording leaves a bit to be desired … it’s the only version I see available online, so I was glad to find it at all.) The band Live is still around, I gather they found a new lead singer . . . but I don’t have an iPod, just an old collection of CDs that I treasure. So I’m not familiar with their recent stuff. And without Ed (I love his vocals) it couldn’t be quite the same — though I also wonder if Ed could be quite the same without the band. Their music — together as a band — was (IMO) pure genius.

Throwing Copper cover

That’s all somewhat off topic on the surface, but diving a bit deeper, it seems parallel to the moment the liberty movement has been handed — is this the moment to fall apart, as the mainstream parties appear to be doing, or to play together better than ever — make the moment memorable, and set a fresh course going forward?

McAfee and Weiss seem to be gaining momentum in a way that makes me believe they can actually win. Impossible as it may sound, there’s a tsunami of disgust with the political cesspool washing over the land . . . is McAfee just the right guy to harness the outrage, and ride that unstoppable wave over the rainbow to a freer, more peaceful and prosperous America? Maybe so. A girl can dream. πŸ™‚


And hot off the press . . . it looks like Judd Weiss just posted this new video — right in time for my blog post! πŸ™‚ That Simpsons scene in the middle is fabulous! If anyone can make liberty hip, self ownership trendy, and “make America cool again,” this dynamic duo can do it.

Also new today, is an hour long audio of Ernie Hancock interviewing John McAfee. Yay! I’m off to listen to that now. πŸ˜€


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  1. Vin's Brunette Says:

    That debate mentioned in the post is now available on Youtube, in case anyone wants to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ethTIGmblYo (1 hour, 21+ min.)

    I don’t know how Austin P. thinks he can give rights to the unborn without taking them away from mothers-to-be . . . we chatted with one gal who was incensed over that very issue; I suspect she’ll end up supporting McAfee instead. πŸ˜‰