Is Donald the GOP’s Doctor Doom?


A friend who’s a Republican (hey, no one’s perfect) writes to ask: “In your opinion, with The Donald at the GOP’s helm, are we doomed? I say nay, but others say oh hell yes. I think Hillary is too unsavory for most to support while the Donald’s brashness appeals to the lowest (voting) common denominator. I can’t see the Obamaphiles who voted last election being bothered to put their malt liquor down to vote for a woman this time ’round.”

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I replied: Since I generally vote Libertarian, I’m afraid I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

Polling has generally shown Hillary winning against any Republican but Kasich, which strikes me odd, since I don’t believe Kasich (while he’s doubtless a decent fellow) would have run a terribly bold campaign.

Probably what those polls mean is that, among a generally leftist electorate that religiously watches generally leftist TV news and commentary (those being the people who “decide early”), there’s not much NEGATIVE opinion of Kasich, while Trump and Ted Cruz HAVE evoked some strong negatives.

You’re right; Obama the nonentity will leave coattails about on the order of Millard Filmore’s. But gun-hating leftist women -– who believe Big Uncle can protect them from all those awful, smelly men out there — and recipients of various forms of government “benefits,” together form a solid voting bloc that’s increasingly hard to beat. If Hillary takes New York, New England, Minnesota, Illinois, Wahington and California (which she almost certainly does), how do you beat her?

Though it’s an uphill fight, that question does have an answer. The way you beat her is you CAMPAIGN AGAINST her. From Bob Dole to John McCain, the GOP (and the Libertarians too, for that matter) for decades has been nominating nice, respectful fellows who try to remain gentlemanly and dignified, with the result that they do nothing to PILE UP THE NEGATIVES against the Democrats, going down to predictable defeat with a smile and a good-natured wave.

Quite sporting, what? I suspect they start writing their concession speeches in September. They’re advised not to attack because that’ll sound harsh and rebound against them — especially if the opponent is black, female, Hispanic, Jewish, whatever — in which case any effective attack will get you labeled by the bought-and-paid-for state-socialist media shriekers a “redneck KKK type,” a sexist, an anti-Semite, a “Global Warming Deny-er,” an insensitive hater of endangered slime molds . . .

So? They’re going to be called that by the shrieking hyenas of the Left, anyway. You win the election when at least 8 percent of the voters who SAID they were for Hillary arrive at the polls on that Tuesday morning and ask themselves, “Wait a minute: do I really want to turn my country over to a vindictive, bribe-taking, arrogant harridan, who’s never run so much as a yogurt stand but who responded to complaints that her health care plan would bankrupt small family businesses by saying ‘It’s not my fault if some businesses are underfunded?’ -– who abandoned our ambassador to Libya to be raped and murdered and asked ‘What difference does it make?’ — who never uttered a peep of protest as the Clintons’ FBI held the fire engines a mile away while the fire they set with their ferret rounds roasted dozens of women and children to death at that church at Waco?”


I think what really terrifies the Left about Trump is that he’d likely run a real CAMPAIGN — he’d likely come right out of the box swinging for the bleachers, saying, “OK, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton — she a lying, crooked, arrogant, bribe-taking, far-left Commie totalitarian who tried to secretly engineer a complete government takeover of our health care and who left the American ambassador to Libya — a gay man — and three others to be raped and murdered by a Muslim mob in Benghazi in 2012 – when as Secretary of State she CALLED OFF THE RESCUE MISSION — after which she responded to questions about HER DECISION to CALL OFF THE RESCUE MISSION by saying ‘What difference does it make?’ (cue looped film clip of Hillary saying over and over again ‘What difference does it make?’)


“The back-dated cattle futures trade in Arkansas? It was a bribe! We will present notarized statements from dozens of businessmen who tried to do business in Arkansas under the Clintons, swearing the Clintons demanded and received CASH BRIBES! Do you know how many millions in speaking fees she’s accepted from big corporations in the past 10 years? You think she doesn’t owe those big corporations — including the manufacturers of dangerous vaccines — some really big FAVORS?

Meantime, some disabled kids got invited for an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn of the governor’s mansion in Little Rock and Hillary started screaming “Can’t we get these fucking retards out of here?!’ Oh, Little Miss Compassion; It Takes a Village . . . to help you get rid of the retards.


The woman has 30 years of history that could be used against her, dug up and detailed. But the regular, mainstream, Dole-McCain GOP would say, “Oh, that’s all water under the bridge, the Washington Post will wag their finger at us if we bring that up. Instead let’s just run a nice, cheery campaign with straw hats and little girls dressed in red-white-and-blue bunting; our motto will be ‘The New Republicans; we’re not quite as bad a bunch of racist, redneck gun nuts as we used to be! And we won’t raise your taxes QUITE as much as the Democrats! At least not for a while! Yayy!”

Of course, Trump himself is actually a complete unknown, politically. A cipher. “I’m not actually a statesman, but I play one on TV . . .”


In the end, it’s all about maintaining the delusion that we retain a meaningful choice.

What the country really needs in the office is someone who’d carry around a pocket copy of the Constitution, and at every proposal -– including re-authorizing any direct income tax (as opposed to an excise), re-authorizing the Federal Reserve, the 1933 National Firearms Act, the War on Drugs, the Endangered Species Act, the FDA, the Department of Education -– would thumb through that little booklet and say, “While I’m sure that proposal is well-intentioned, I can’t seem to put my finger on the place in this little document where the federal government is specifically delegated the power to DO that.

“No, no, Jefferson made it clear it doesn’t mean ‘Congress can do anything they think might promote the general welfare,’ or that ‘Congress can regulate any thing that moves in interstate commerce.’ No, no, it has to be a SPECIFICALLY DELEGATED POWER. So I’m afraid I have to veto that. Took an oath, you know. And if Congress overrides my veto, I can still take that agency’s entire budget and use it to buy medical marijuana for sick people and some good lawyers for the Bundy family. Speaking of which, I think we need some new federal judges who’ll hold fair and open hearings on whether the federal government really owns all that land out West, don’t you?”

When The New York Times and the Washington Post and the remaining, embarrassing, advertorial TV networks — the American Bloomberg Company, the National Bloomberg Company — start shrieking that the new president is “PARALYZING GOVERNMENT!” that “NOTHING IS GETTING DONE! CHILDREN WILL STARVE IN THE STREETS!” . . . you’ll know we’re on the right track.


Libertarian John McAfee might do that. He’d be more honest, more outrageous. The Brunette and I met him, briefly, Monday. You don’t get the feeling you’re watching the dance of the seven veils. What you see is what you get. He’s the guy in the race who understands chaos theory — that things DON’T always change in little increments around the edges, that when things get this bad, when politics degenerate into TV viewers voting on which person they want to kick off the island -– the laws of disequilibrium demand a REVOLUTIONARY change.

Something unexpected happens to stress the system, and it collapses, or spins out of control.

McAfee - Make America Cool Again!


Remember the Soviet Union in 1989? They were bankrupt; there was nothing left to steal; crops rotted in the fields, everyone was drunk, their submarines were sinking, they couldn’t compete with the West on washing machines and plain old six-cylinder sedans and color TVs, for heaven’s sake, let alone laptop computers.

So Gorbachev says “Here’s the thing. Everyone in charge here at least since Lenin died has been a lying sack of shit. All our statistics on industrial production? You might as well generate a bunch of random numbers. We’re not about to turn the world into the worker’s paradise, OK? The worker’s paradise is, like, Detroit, or Toyota-shi, or someplace in Bavaria, I don’t know. The Soviet Union is basically one big ecological disaster zone, a bankrupt slag heap. But it’s OK! We’re going to give you a little more freedom! We’re going to let you wear blue jeans and listen to the Beach Boys!”

Didn’t work. The game was up for the lying sacks of shit.

When the day comes that Americans can’t get enough Monopoly Money out of the ATM to buy a cold 12-pack and the power grid goes down because the Greens have finished banning coal and oil and natural gas because “carbon dioxide causes global warming” while June snowstorms are killing the crops and no one can watch the NBA playoffs on their big digital entertainment centers . . . when our own lying sacks of shit can no longer successfully keep everybody paid off, what do you think is going to happen?

THEY know. Why do you think they’re so desperate to take away our guns? It’s not to “save the children.” When their pricey drones take out a few dozen kids in Syria or Afghanistan, that’s just “collateral damage.” No single little tear trailing down the cheek for the cameras.

I’m just afraid it’s not yet. Even the Libertarians nearly always settle for some polite, inoffensive dork who tells everyone that tonight’s homework is to read Ludwig von Mises. Who was the last guy to win a presidential election where big corporate money hadn’t bought off ALL the leading contenders in advance, just for safety’s sake? Martin Van Buren?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gets a hug from fifth-grader Hannah Tandy during a town hall meeting at Keota High School, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015, in Keota, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gets a hug from fifth-grader Hannah Tandy during a town hall meeting at Keota High School, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015, in Keota, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

3 Comments to “Is Donald the GOP’s Doctor Doom?”

  1. hobitual Says:

    Good points Vin
    The problem is as i see it at this point , its either hilliary or donald – there is no option of john for most people, who dont even know who he is, donald on the other hand is known through out the world because of his high profile life, he has also shown compassion for people(1986 georgia farmer committed suicide trying to save family farm-donald helped to save the farm and helped to pay off mortgage when he saw news reports ) he has shown that he can and will help, the bigger factor i think is he also has kids and grandkids who will have to live in this country long after hes gone,, So that being said, i and millions of others see donald as our ONLY hope to disrupt the corrupt political system that only screws the average taxpaying suckers out of a larger and larger segment of their paychecks every week and sticks them with all the bills for whatever giveaway programs the political class is favoring at the moment, in everyway he is a better option then a clintonsanders or bushcruz again. to the DNC/RNC politicians its business as usual if either were to gain office – with donald – its no longer business as usual for the usual suspects In fact they have shown that they cant effect him in most anyway so far- they call him names of every sort and throw all sorts of accusations at him and nothing sticks, i along with millions of others hope/pray he will do what he has said he will do (border wall/muslim ban/WTO/TPP/NAFTA etc.) we however Do know that the DNC/RNC will NOT fix any of these problems EVER !! they have lied to us too many times in the past for us to believe them ever again ! America is finally waking up, it started with the tea party(we sent people to DC and the DNC/RNC did everything it could to shut them out) and has blossomed into the reformed ReTRUMPlician party – he has brought millions of people out who i suspect would have not been there for the DNC/RNC clintonsanders/bushcruz picks we know the system is rigged against us we see it every day on TV- we feel it every week when we get our paychecks – IF we are still lucky enough to have a job and we see it in every middle aged illegal at almost every fast food drivethru window and we see it at the 7-11s when we buy beer -its the guy behind the counter, we see it in our schools, which we are constantly throwing more and more money at, while in return, they are giving us lower and lower rates of graduates who can actually read and do simple math ,, yet it spends millions/billions on ESL classes and translators for the underage illegals and kids of illegals, yes we see it and yes we see it in our border patrol, that dosent stop illegals but instead gives them bus tickets yes we see it ! yes we see it when our government seems to be selling visas and greencards and citizenship to people who dont want to be americans,? they just want to live IN america,? YES WE SEE IT ! thats why we hope and pray that donald will be the one who can finally break their grip on what is supposed to be OUR government when its been for far to long
    they the DNC/RNC governors and we the governed
    We know we will always lose when they DNC/RNC are in charge
    ive been to both a trump rally and a clinton rally
    the clinton rally had hundreds of people quietly standing in line on a mild day for a 1hr or 2
    the trump rally had thousands of people lined up 6 hrs before he spoke and they were a very lively boisterous crowd with kids and grandparents on a hot sunny day and it was comprised of folks from many different nationalities, i saw and talked to folks one of whom described himself as “half mexician” but all american in my opinion and i saw in the crowd americans comprised of many different descents and nationalities, everyone i talked to had the same hope that mr trump will be able to break the kleptocracy that our government has become! he will be able to undo the “trade deals” the “arrangements” the “agreements” that all seem to leave americans worse off , thats why they were there
    at the clinton rally they were very quiet and demure there was not a lot of talking going on whilst standing in line, it was the exact opposite of the trump rally, almost like going to a funeral somber feeling in the clinton line they seemed to accept the horsecollar of doom that comes with hilliary.
    while people in the trump line seemed to be brimming with happiness that someone whos NOT a politician but powerful has heard the complaints that many have thought for years and could only whisper to close friends, not only has he heard them, he agrees with them and says to them YES you are right! your politicians HAVE sold your country right out from underneath you while telling you it was for your own good and telling you you should be thanking them for all they have done! yes we should be thanking them for exporting all of our industries thru “free trade” we should be thanking them for all the cheap chinese goods in our stores and all the minimum wage jobs in walmart We used to make TVs We used to make VCRs We used to make refrigerators We used to make air conditioners We used to make everything – now all we do is buy stuff from somewhere else and make less and less and fight for what few jobs are available while illegals get government help with med care, food, housing,schooling,births,WIC and will still work for less then we can survive on

    all thanks to professional politicians

  2. Vin Says:

    Protectionism is not the answer, I’m afraid. How would it help to make Americans pay three times as much for a Detroit-made computer or microwave (though I’m sure it would be damned sturdy!) as for one made in Taiwan? This didn’t work very well for the Soviets. Industrial unions, which resist flexibility and innovation and tend to operate on the government-backed threat of violence, largely put themselves and their American members out of work.

    Getting government out of the business of limiting employment through “employment licensing” and all the costly mandates it imposes on anyone foolish enough to CREATE a job (starting with all employment and “withholding and matching” taxes) would be a better start. Closing down the government youth propaganda camps — creating room for the development of cost-efficient private schools that could probably turn out a more literate workforce with real job skills in about eight years, instead of 13 to 17 years — is also overdue.

    Back to the initial point, though: Possibly because of their sympathetic leanings toward any leftist, the “mainstream media” did a TERRIBLE job prior to their elections of informing the American public of the true character of the corrupt, womanizing (to put it mildly) Bill Clinton and the profoundly anti-American Barack Obama. At the very least, you’d think their (admittedly meager) pre-government work histories and their supposed academic accomplishments would have been worth some spade-work. (On these topics, Gary Aldrich’s speculative summaries of what a real FBI background check on the Clintons would look like — had one ever been allowed — is priceless, if a bit spooky.)

    To some extent, Mr. Aldrich’s indictment of the Clintons in his 1996 book “Unlimited Access” can be dismissed as an almost amusing encounter between the world of a pre-Baby Boom FBI agent in his shiny black shoes and the post-1945 generation that didn’t WANT “security checks” that would involve finding out whether anyone working in the White House had ever smoked pot.

    Nonetheless, Aldrich’s portrait of a gang that could even screw up the organization of the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, of the “Queen Hillary” who didn’t want anyone else to be out in the White House or EOB hallways when she passed through, let alone talking to her — who could look right through her own staffers and whose fiery-eyed feminism wouldn’t even tolerate a man holding a door for her when she was carrying a heavy box (and whose daughter resisted correction for calling the White House’s FBI and Secret Service agents “trained pigs” because “that’s what my parents call them”) remains revealing.

    The Left shrieks that conservatives are “racists lacking in compassion,” but where was the compassion for the (multi-race) children of the Mount Carmel Seventh Day Adventist church incinerated by government agents with their “ferret rounds” as those agents held the fire engines a mile away in Waco in 1993; where was the compassion — or the resolve to take some decisive action — for the American ambassador to Libya and three other Americans killed in Tripoli in 2012?

    Hillary Clinton appears to be a smart policy wonk (though as an embittered collectivist, she still doesn’t seem able to acknowledge that “it-takes-a-village” collectivism failed massively, while something more akin to free-market entrepreneurship is now allowing half the Third World to eat our lunch, economically.) But she also harbors a burning ambition, a burning bitterness, and (occasionally noted in passing, through the years, though seldom stressed as anything important) a lack of warmth, graciousness, friendliness or charm which is curious in a politician — a class of person who you usually feel would be (at the very least) fun to invite to a neighborly barbecue.

    Be ready for the press, once again, to roll over on their backs and pee themselves in fawning adulation of the “accomplishments” (read: “relentless self-advancement”) of Hillary Rodham Clinton. As for Donald Trump, they MAY do a better job delivering a biography that points out his risk-taking, his ignorance on many public policy issues, and his stubbornly hostile reaction to criticism, though here the unfamiliarity of most members of the press with what’s normal business practice and what’s worrisome tightrope-walking may hamper any balanced assessment. Besides which, no one outside the Boston-to-Washington corridor tends to trust anything ginned up by the Post or the Times or CBS any more, anyway.

    And once again (pardon my repetition), no one in the press is likely to ask either “Big Two” candidate “Can you name at least five current federal agencies or programs not authorized in the Constitution which you’ll thus be required by your oath of office to shut down, immediately? Given that you can’t, don’t you feel that just TAKING the oath of office — knowing that you have no intention of enforcing the Constitution’s grant of STRICTLY LIMITED POWERS — itself constitutes perjury, treason, and fraud?”

  3. Etaoin Shrdlu Says:

    Sadly, last weekend the LP nominated Johnson, who promptly threw a gifted firearm into a garbage can, and William Weld, who is about as “libertarian” as Bernie and even less pro-gun than Hillary.

    How about running on a fourth-party ticket, Vin? Please?? I’d say LNS for veep, but I’ve read that he’s not doing well. 🙁 Please give him and his family my warmest best wishes.