What we talk about when we talk about Huma Abedin


By now anyone who cares to do any reading on the topic knows Christopher Stevens was serving more as an Obama-authorized illegal arms dealer than a regular “ambassador” to Libya when our consulate in Bengazi was attacked on Sept. 11, 2012, resulting in Stevens and three other Americans being massacred because Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed — or refused, or was unable — to give the go-ahead for a rescue mission.

Stevens and the others were there to coordinate arms shipments — one shipment alone weighing 400 tons and containing lots and lots of Moammar Gaddafi’s Soviet SA-7 surface-to-air missiles, according to the Times of London — to the jihadi rebels fighting the Syrian regime, according to the book “The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know,” by radio host and World Net Daily reporter Aaron Klein.

And that rescue mission would have succeeded, make no mistake. Along with other assets, there was an AC-130H “Spectre” gunship “on call” that night, 45 minutes away at the Naval Air Station Sigonella, in Sicily. The Spectre gunship with its 25mm rapid-fire gatling guns, its 40 mm precision Bofors gun, and its 105mm canon is “good in urban warfare because you have little collateral damage,” explains Bengazi survivor Kris “Tanto” Paronto

That’s just what the beleaguered security team needed. They could see the jihadis advancing on the Annex compound throughout the night and lit them up with lasers, which the airborne crew could have used for precision targeting purposes. And Defense Department officials had the rotors on that big gunship going, waiting for the Clinton OK.

“I asked for the Spectre and ISR (an armed Predator drone) at 9:37 pm,” Paronto says, certain that the attacks actually started at 9:32 pm local time, not 9:42 pm as previously reported. “At midnight, they told us they were still working on getting us that Spectre gunship. Not that it was not available, but that they were still working on it.”

Later, his friends in Sicily told him they’d been shut down sometime after midnight.

Though Barack Obama could presumably have stepped in, blame focuses directly on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, since the Libyan facilities came under her direct authority. Without a specific request for assistance from the State Department, the Pentagon was powerless to act in a foreign country with which we were not at war.

“The State Department was concerned that an overt U.S. military presence in Libya could topple the government,” says a senior AFRICOM commander involved in that night’s events. “They were in denial. They wanted a narrative that al Qaeda was on the run. Instead, four Americans died.”

Hillary never OK’d the rescue, and four Americans died. She and the rest of the Obama administration then lied for months about the nature of that well-organized attack — first contending it was as spontaneous mob upset about some obscure, low-budget online movie about Mohammed, then shifting to various other bizarre cover stories — attempting to keep a lid on what Stevens had been sent there to do: arm the radical jihadi rebels in Syria, who of course aim to set up there an Islamic state, while retaining B. Hussein Obama’s “deniability.”

(Wow, good thing Barack Obama isn’t a Muslim. Imagine what he damage he could be causing if he were a Muslim!)


Finally, frustrated at having been caught in one lie after another, the short-tempered Hillary famously shouted during congressional hearings “What difference does it make?!”

Bad enough? Wait.

We now know that her closest personal aide described Hillary Clinton as “often confused” following a serious concussion she suffered when she fell at home in December, 2012. What if Mrs. Clinton’s neurological problems pre-date December, 2012? And what if the one aide authorized to decide whether to wake her up and brief her that September night in 2012 turned out to be . . . a Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia, who had worked for years for a radical Muslim magazine which contends America got what it deserved when the World Trade Center was attacked, a magazine funded by the radical, pro-jihadi, stunningly anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood — the same Muslim Brotherhood that was running things in Egypt that night, where there was a simultaneous assault on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo?

That would be different from a Secretary of State (who now wants to be president) showing herself to be merely incompetent or callous enough to let Americans die in order to “maintain her cover,” wouldn’t it? That would be . . . something else.

Who is Huma Mahmood Abedin?

Let’s start with an Aug. 21 column by Paul Sperry in the New York Post — the remaining New York newspaper that will actually report anything close to the truth about any matter that threatens to tarnish the incipient sainthood of Hillary Clinton.

From http://nypost.com/2016/08/21/huma-abedin-worked-at-a-radical-muslim-journal-for-10-years/ :
“Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff to the first female U.S. president, for a decade edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the U.S. for 9/11,” writes Sperry, author of the book “Infiltration: Has Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.”

“One of Clinton’s biggest accomplishments listed on her campaign website is her support for the UN women’s conference in Beijing in 1995, when she famously declared, ‘Women’s rights are human rights.’ Her speech has emerged as a focal point of her campaign, featured prominently in last month’s Morgan Freeman-narrated convention video introducing her as the Democratic nominee,” Mr. Sperry reminds us.


“However, soon after that ‘historic and transformational’ 1995 event, as Clinton recently described it, her top aide Huma Abedin published articles in a Saudi journal taking Clinton’s feminist platform apart, piece by piece. At the time, Abedin was assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs working under her mother, who remains editor-in-chief. She was also working in the White House as an intern for then-first lady Clinton.”

Headlined “Women’s Rights Are Islamic Rights,” the 1996 article -– Sperry does not assert it actually carried Huma’s byline, merely that Huma was on the masthead as an editor and, obviously, did not resign in protest — argues that single moms, working moms and gay couples with children should not be recognized as families. It also states that more revealing dress ushered in by women’s liberation “directly translates into unwanted results of sexual promiscuity and irresponsibility and indirectly promote violence against women.”

In other words, once you allow women to don clothing other than burkas that make them look like a piece of upholstered furniture and actually (gasp!) leave the house unescorted, sexually liberated women are more likely to cheat on their husbands and are just asking to be raped.

In a separate January 1996 article in the same magazine, Abedin’s mother — who was the Muslim World League’s delegate to the U.N. conference — wrote that Clinton and other speakers were advancing a “very aggressive and radically feminist” agenda that was un-Islamic and wrong because it focused on empowering women.

“‘Empowerment’ of women does more harm than benefit the cause of women or their relations with men,” the mom, Saleha Mahmood Abedin maintained. “Among all systems of belief, Islam goes the farthest in restoring equality across gender,” she stated, apparently with a straight face.

(Although Saudi women were allowed to vote “in municipal elections” for the first time last year, they still aren’t allowed to drive cars. They can’t open a bank account without a husband’s permission. They can face criminal charges -– the punishments are far more severe for women than for men — if they “mix with men” in public transportation, parks, beaches, or amusement parks. They’re not allowed to try on clothes when shopping, even behind the closed door of a changing room, since that would require “disrobing outside the home.” When Saudi Arabia sent its female athletes to the London Games for the first time, hardline clerics denounced the competitors as “prostitutes” — even though the women had to be accompanied by a male guardian and cover their hair at all times.)

Huma Abedin — best known to some as the estranged wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who for some reason keeps e-mailing photographs of himself in a state of sexual arousal to women who are apparently not amused — does not apologize for her mother’s views. “My mother was traveling around the world to these international women’s conferences talking about women’s empowerment, and it was normal,” Huma said in a recent “puff” profile in Vogue.

The Abedin family journal “was founded and funded by the former head of the Muslim World League,” Sperry notes. That would be Abdullah Omar Naseef, an influential Saudi leader who held the position of Secretary General of the Muslim World League from 1983-1993. The Muslim World League was established in 1962 as a means for the propagation of Saudi “Wahabbi” Islam. Muslim Brothers played an important role in its founding and the League has always been strongly associated with the Brotherhood. The Muslim World League’s offices in Herdon, VA were raided by law enforcement after 9/11.

The Muslim World League was specifically mentioned by Osama bin Laden as a source of funding, and two of the branches of one of its subsidiaries, the International Islamic Relief Organization, have been named as specially designated global terrorist entities. Another WML subsidiary founded by Naseef, the Rabita Trust, is also a specially designated global terrorist entity, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, which also designated in that category Rabita Trust’s Director General, Wael Hamza Julaidan, a close associate of Osama Bin Laden. Julaidan was appointed to that position by . . . oh dear, by Abdullah Omar Naseef.

Huma continued to work for her mother’s journal — which urges the imposition of Sharia law on Muslim minorities living in Western countries, a major goal of the Muslim Brotherhood — through 2008. She was listed as “assistant editor” on the masthead of the 2002 issue in which her mother suggested the U.S. was doomed to be attacked on 9/11 because of “sanctions” it leveled against Iraq and other “injustices” allegedly heaped on the Muslim world, Sperry reports.

The same Saudi propaganda organ where Huma Abedin served as an editor for a dozen years published a 1999 book, edited by her mother, that justifies the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation under Islamic law, Perry reports.


“And in 2010, Huma Abedin arranged for then-Secretary of State Clinton to speak alongside Abedin’s hijab-wearing mother at an all-girls college in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,” Sperry reports –– that being the country where Barack Obama infamously became the only U.S. President ever to bow in subservience to an Arab king.

“According to a transcript of the speech, Clinton said Americans have to do a better job of getting past ‘the stereotypes and the mischaracterizations’ of the oppressed Saudi woman. She also assured the audience of burqa-clad girls that not all American girls go ‘around in a bikini bathing suit.’

“At no point in her long visit there, which included a question-and-answer session, did this so-called champion of women’s rights protest the human rights violations Saudi women suffer under the Sharia law that Abedin’s mother actively promotes,” Sperry notes. “Nothing about the laws barring women from driving or traveling anywhere without male ‘guardians.’

“If fighting for women’s rights is one of Clinton’s greatest achievements, why has she retained as her closest adviser a woman who gave voice to harsh Islamist critiques of her Beijing platform?” Mr. Sperry wants to know.

According to the Clinton Foundation’s donor list, they’ve taken in between $10 million and $25 million from the Saudi government — supposedly all before 2009. Clinton Foundation spokesman Brian Cookstra contends Saudi Arabia did not give any more to the foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The foundation also acknowledges having taken in between $1 million and $5 million each from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman. The Wall Street Journal reports several of those donations came in 2014, after Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

Don’t attack the murderous jihadi warriors of the Muslim Brotherhood. No! Attack Michelle Bachmann!

Why has nobody noticed all this? Oh, they have.

In July 2012, five Republican U.S. Representatives — Michelle Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Thomas Rooney, and Lynn Westmoreland — sent a four-page letter to the State Department’s deputy inspector general, requesting a review of Abedin’s required security clearance. Their chief allegation: “The Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members — her late father, her mother and her brother — connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.”

The same letter asserted that the Secretary of State has “taken actions recently that have been enormously favorable to the Muslim Brotherhood and its interests,” thereby implying that Abedin’s alleged sympathies to the Brotherhood were influencing State Department policy.

So given that this woman is in line to be the next White House chief of staff — deciding who does and who doesn’t get to see the president — the New York Times and the Washington Post and CBS and CNN are looking into this letter and these concerns daily, right?

Of course not. Instead, Ms. Bachmann and the other three congressmen were reviled and dismissed as “far-right wing-nut racist haters,” because Muslim mass murderers and gang rapists waging jihad with the support of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood -– a group of Muslim Nazi sympathizers founded in the 1920s and devoted to “killing all the Jews” long before there was any state of Israel — are “oppressed and culturally confused refugees” who deserve our sympathy, while anyone who complains about their success in infiltrating our power structures here in the West is a “hate-filled islamophobic racist.”

You didn’t know that? You must not have spent much time amidst the political-media elite in New York or Washington -– or on one of our Alice-in-Wonderland, Politically Correct university campuses — lately.


Huma Abedin was raised as a Muslim by two immigrant parents who had emigrated to Kalamazoo, Michigan (her father from India and her mother from Pakistan) before her family relocated to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where her parents found work as academics, when she was 2.

Her father, mother and brother all belonged, at various times, to organizations that have been funded by or associated with individuals or organizations with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Most summary biographies of Abedin in the “mainstream press” note she was born in Michigan. Why do you suppose they fail to also mention she spent her entire, formative childhood being indoctrinated into the ways of Muslim jihad in Saudi Arabia? Why leave that part out?

‘Hillary’s Bribe Broker’

On Aug. 23, 2016, Front Page Mag ran a piece ( http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/263941/huma-abedin-hillarys-bribe-broker-matthew-vadum ) by Matthew Vadum called “Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Bribe Broker / Strong evidence of Hillary and Huma’s pay-to-play conspiracy emerges in new email dump.”

“Embattled Hillary Clinton enforcer Huma Abedin gave foreign leaders and activists special access to Clinton when she was secretary of state after they donated to the congenitally corrupt Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, according to newly released emails,” reports Mr. Vadum, an award-winning investigative journalist at a conservative watchdog group in Washington, D.C.

“It is yet more evidence that in the event Hillary becomes president her administration will be at least as venal and crooked as her husband Bill’s was,” Vadum continues. “Bill sold nights in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House while he was president but Hillary has been selling her presidential favors in advance for years through the tax-exempt Clinton Foundation, which is little more than an anticipatory bribe processing center. With Hillary installed in the Oval Office, the sky’s the limit.”

(Vadum, senior vice president at the investigative think tank Capital Research Center, is author of the book, “Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.”)


The trove of newly released emails obtained by watchdog group Judicial Watch through the courts appear to show that Abedin served as a gatekeeper auctioning access to the would-be president in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation, Vadum reports. When individuals wanted to meet with Hillary, Abedin would say no, and introduce them to the foundation. After the so-called donation was received, access to Clinton would be approved.

Judicial Watch stated on Aug. 22: “In more than a dozen email exchanges, Abedin provided expedited, direct access to Clinton for donors who had contributed from $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. In many instances, Clinton Foundation top executive Doug Band, who worked with the Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, coordinated closely with Abedin. In Abedin’s June deposition to Judicial Watch, she conceded that part of her job at the State Department was taking care of ‘Clinton family affairs.’

“Among the Abedin-Band emails is an exchange revealing that when Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain requested a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton, he was forced to go through the Clinton Foundation for an appointment,” Judicial Watch reveals. “Abedin advised Band that when she went through ‘normal channels’ at State, Clinton declined to meet. After Band intervened, however, the meeting was set up within forty-eight hours.”

The Clinton Foundation’s website indicates that in 2005 Salman committed to creating something called the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) for the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), a project of the foundation.

By 2010, Salman’s organization had given $32 million to CGI. The Kingdom of Bahrain reportedly donated somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 to the foundation. Bahrain Petroleum also contributed an extra $25,000 to $50,000.

Abedin arranged nearly immediate access to her boss after Slimfast tycoon S. Daniel Abraham coughed up between $5 million and $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Other Clinton Foundation donors got meetings with Mrs. Clinton after Abedin shook them down for gifts to the foundation.

Clinton confidant Kevin O’Keefe, a Clinton campaign “Hillblazer” who has raised over $100,000 for her candidacy, coughed up between $10,000 and $25,000.

St. Louis political operative Joyce Aboussie asked to set up a meeting between Peabody Energy executive Cartan Sumnar and Clinton. Abedin replied, “We are working on it and I hope we can make something work . . . we have to work through the beauracracy (sic) here.” Aboussie gave the foundation between $100,000 and $250,000.

Mobile communications executive and political activist Jill Iscol asked Clinton to sit down with Jacqueline Novogratz. The Clinton Foundation took in between $500,000 and $1 million from Iscol and her husband. Secretary Clinton then named Novogratz to the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board.

A memo sent to Clinton’s chief of staff at State, Cheryl Mills, by State Department White House liaison Laura Pena indicated that Rajiv Fernando had been suggested for appointment to the sensitive International Security Advisory Board in mid-2009. The appointment, which came through in 2011, was controversial because Fernando “had no obvious experience in the field,” ABC News reported. Fernando gave the Clinton Foundation $1 million.

“These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “There needs to be a serious, independent investigation to determine whether Clinton and others broke the law.”

Will the Muslim Brotherhood be running the White House?

Finally, let’s turn to James Lewis at The American Thinker ( http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/09/huma_for_acting_president_in_2017_.html .)

“Has anybody noticed that Huma Abedin, lifelong Muslim Brotherhood symp, is now the acting Democratic candidate for President?” asks Lewis in a Sept. 3 piece headlined “Huma for Acting President in 2017?”


“Hillary’s condition could be fatal if she has as stroke, or takes a little too much Coumadin, one of her prescribed medications. The public has been told almost nothing about the specifics of her condition. But medical people have looked at the evidence and at her photos, which look dangerous.

“The media know the truth, which is why they are hotly trying to deny it,” Mr. Lewis continues. “All of them, in unison. Donald Trump is dropping hints, which is what he does a lot of the time.

“So please, please look again at Hillary’s actual photos, and at the known facts about her only day-and-night companion, Huma Abedin. If you don’t, you’re missing the biggest and most dangerous political drama of our time. . . .


“Don’t believe these words, just the evidence of your eyes. The New York Times sure won’t tell you the truth. When you see what medical people all over the world are seeing, it’ll be plain as day,” Lewis says.

“Because of Hillary’s evident incapacity, her close companion Huma Abedin may represent the biggest strategic deception since D-Day. This is not a joke.

“The Muslim Brotherhood, called the Ikhwan, should be remembered as the Nazi-era ‘Islamischer Broederbund’ founded in 1928, as a Hitlerite organization, headed by the Mufti of Jerusalem.

“Huma’s mother Saleh is only a figurehead, who supposedly runs the ‘non-profit UK charity’ that owns the family propaganda mag. The whole Abedin family has been on the take from ‘The Institute for Muslim Minority Studies,’ including Huma and Mom. . . .

“TIMMS is nothing but the family business, running as a nonprofit charity in the UK, and fronting for the Ikhwan, which is headquartered in the Gulf, now that they can’t operate in Cairo any more. President Sisi of Egypt is running a hot war against them in that country, and their biggest Jihad op may be happening in Washington, DC.

“Hillary’s illness and Huma’s influence over the 2016 Democratic campaign can be seen on YouTube and on major conservative and anti-Jihad websites. Anybody can check the facts.

“For Heaven’s sake, open your eyes, before it’s too late,” Mr. Lewis urges. “Huma Abedin is now perhaps the single biggest influence on the Democratic Candidate for President of the United States — without having to go through all the fuss of running for office.


“Hillary is visibly disabled, as any honest doctor or nurse will tell you. When she is asleep or having one of her bad turns, there is only one person who controls access to her. That person is Huma Abedin, a lifelong indoctrinee of the Ikhwan, der Islamischer Broederbund of historical infamy. Founded in 1928 by the Mufti of Jerusalem, among other Muslim bigwigs, who just loved the idea of killing all the Jews in the world. This is two decades before Israel’s War of Liberation, giving the lie to the liberal delusion that it all started with the Founding of Israel as a State. . . .

“Mohammed the Prophet (PBUH!) was a great deceiver in war, which is how he managed to surprise and kill his enemies time and time again,” Mr. Lewis points out.

“On the fateful night of September 11, 2012, the appointed night for the Jihadist attack on our Benghazi facility, it may have been Huma Abedin, Hillary’s personal companion, who made the decision not to wake her up.

“Since we now know that the Moobers were directly involved in the Benghazi murders, it is conceivable that Huma had prior warnings from President Morsi of Egypt, head of the MB’s at that time. . . .

“Now Hillary’s health crisis may go back before September of 2012, the day of the Benghazi assault, just before Obama’s second election.

“That night, when the In Extremis alarm came into State (mandatory for any violent assault on US Flag Officers or diplomats), Huma might have told the SecState protective detail that her boss had to sleep, for fear of aggravating her medical problem. That alert should have arrived at the White House, the Pentagon, and State within three minutes of the AQAM-Moober attack in Benghazi, and maybe the Embassy attack in Cairo.

“Some senior official on duty may have called the White House, but Obama apparently wasn’t answering the phone either.

“Another coincidence? Maybe.

“So they made up an incompetent lie for the media, and repeated it, all in unison, the way they always do. This is SOP for Obama, and they’ve practiced it thousands of times, long before September 11, 2012.

“If our honest media somehow proclaim Hillary as the winner of the coming debates with Donald Trump, and if millions of our fellow Americans can raise their dead eyes to vote for her, Huma Abedin may well become the de facto Acting President of the United States in January of 2017. If Huma turns out to be a good and loyal American, can you imagine the blackmail material the Moobers have on her, her mother, and of course, on Tony the Wiener, former husband of Huma?” Mr. Lewis concludes.

“This not a movie. It’s not fiction. This is real.”


Next time: Hillary’s health — and the increasingly frenzied campaign to ridicule or gag anyone who even asks.

2 Comments to “What we talk about when we talk about Huma Abedin”

  1. MamaLiberty Says:

    Lots of very evil people…

    But nobody can spend themselves rich, drink themselves sober, or vote themselves free…

  2. Vin Says:

    The Clinton campaign responds to questions about Huma Abedin’s involvement with the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs — to the extent they respond at all — by asserting she was “just a figurehead at the journal,” The New York Post reported in late August.

    “My understanding is that her name was simply listed on the masthead in that period,” Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill told the Post. “She did not play a role in editing at the publication.”

    Merrill declined to tell the Post whether Abedin was paid by the journal.

    In the first place, while it may be considered normal in Clinton-land to featherbed relatives into no-show jobs in order to divert funds from whoever finances a publication (the government of Saudi Arabia, in this case), some Americans might still have a little ethical problem with such nepotism.

    But even assuming it was a twelve-year “no-show job,” if it was a PAYING job, wouldn’t that mean Huma Abedin was working as a U.S. government employee — a very close aide to Hillary Clinton when the latter was First Lady, then U.S. Senator, then Secretary of State — while collecting money channeled from a foreign government? Is that kosher?

    She was certainly getting money from somewhere. Roger Stone at Breitbart.com notes that from from April 2005 to March 2006, Huma was paid a total of $27,999.92, yet on September 18, 2006, she bought an apartment in Washington D.C. costing $649,000.

    ( http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2016/06/13/roger-stone-its-time-america-got-some-answers-about-huma-abedin/ )

    Sen. Charles Grassley, as well as the members of the House cited above, have all questioned the more recent, 2012, “special deal” (signed by Hillary Clinton) under which Huma Abdein gets to collect money from a private firm closely tied to Clinton Foundation — the Teneo Group — while also collecting a government paycheck.

    And how does our “patriotic” press respond to such questions? Not by digging for answers. No! Much easier just to condemn the elected officials who raise the questions as wacko, hate-filled right-wing “islamophobes” — the same way they spent decades demonizing those who worried our State Department of the 1940s and ’50s was riddled with Communist agents! (The “McCarthyites”were absolutely right, by the way — see the Venona cables.)

    But more to the point, imagine for a moment the kind of wailing and shrieking we’d hear from the Clinton-protective mainstream media if it turned out Donald Trump’s closest personal aide and pal — the co-manager of his presidential campaign, the guy who screened and interviewed his campaign MANAGER (as Huma did for Hillary Clinton) — turned out to have been listed for a decade as an assistant or associate editor on the masthead of some magazine published by the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party, a publication that calls for women to be kept pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, criticizing the idea that women should be allowed to work outside the home at all (implying if they do they deserve to be raped), and/or recommending the killing of homosexuals as the most merciful way to deal with them.

    Do you think if Mr. Trump simply explained “Oh, it was a no-show job, it was just a way for the editor of that magazine, his mother, to funnel some money to her kids,” the Clinton campaign and the American media would respond, “Oh well, that’s OK then, never mind”?

    If someone listed YOUR name on the masthead of a publication that favored replacing the U.S. Constitution with Sharia law (a barbaric medieval code drawn up by a violent warlord who wanted women treated as chattel and all non-believers tortured and killed), that published books favoring painful and permanent female genital mutilation — crude do-it-at-home clitorectomies — how long would it take you to demand your name be removed, with phone calls from lawyers to follow? Twelve years?

    The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs shares the same London office address as the Muslim World League. Huma Abedin’s brother, Hassan, is an associate editor and her sister, Heba, is an assistant editor, according to London’s Daily Mail.

    Yes, this could be considered “guilt by association” . . . IF Huma Abedin had disclaimed and renounced the radical goal of spreading fundamentalist Islam till it can be made dominant in the West — the opposite of the assimilation of Muslim immigrants into a pluralistic, tolerant society based on our 18th Century Enlightenment.

    But she hasn’t done that. Has she?

    And she could be the next White House Chief of Staff.