Trump doomed by fatal surge in polls as Mrs. Clinton recovers from that little ‘stumble’


How deeply are the New York-based Lamestream Media in the bag for Hillary Clinton?

In a Sept. 16 posting at the web site of the New Yorker magazine, headlined “The Big Question About Donald Trump’s Rise in the Polls” ( ), British-born staff writer John Cassidy responds to the fact that Donald Trump now leads not only in several nationwide popular-vote polls, but also in several key battleground states once considered firmly in the Hillary Clinton column, by informing us “Political scientists and polling experts generally agree that big shifts in the polls can usually be attributed to two interrelated factors: real shifts in voter sentiment, and statistical outcomes that result from what experts call differential response.

“‘When candidates are doing badly, and they have a lot of bad news, some of their supporters don’t respond to surveys,’ Ruy Teixeira, a senior fellow and polling expert at the Democratic-leaning Center for American Progress, explained to me. These changes in response rates can serve to amplify and exaggerate underlying swings. ‘We can be pretty sure some of that is going on,’ Teixeira said. . . .


“Most of the latest campaign surveys were carried out during last weekend and earlier this week, when the news was dominated by Clinton’s stumble outside Ground Zero, which prompted the campaign to reveal that she had pneumonia,” Mr. Cassidy simpers, parroting the latest health “fallback cover story” from his Let’s-Elect-Hillary talking points. (What caused her September 9 pneumonia? The Sept. 5 “allergy” coughing fit in Cleveland, on a day when there were zero allergens reported in the air in that city? Have they been letting Mrs. Clinton take long walks in the rain? She collapses due to “pneumonia” but 90 minutes later she’s shouting to reporters over city traffic that she feels great? Find me another patient whose pneumonia is so bad she loses consciousness, but 90 minutes later she’s striding around, smiling and waving and shouting.)

“That incident came a couple of days after she caused a furor by describing half of Trump’s supporters as a ‘basket of deplorables.’ As Teixeira put it, ‘this is a particularly bad time for Hillary Clinton.’”


So the fact that Hillary Clinton — who on an overcast day was wearing dramatically blue sunglasses which are known to moderate Parkinson’s symptoms, from whose presence her staff has done its best to ban flashbulbs (known to trigger Parkinson’s “freezes”), who now travels with her personal physician at one elbow, urging her to “squeeze my fingers” when she seems “out of it,” and (at the other elbow) a 300-pound “health aide” big enough to pick her up and throw her bodily into her special “low-step-entry” van whenever necessary to escape the view of the press and public — collapsed and had to be thrown into said van last Sunday on a perfectly pleasant 77-degree autumn morning in New York (note Mr. Cassidy calls this “a stumble,” defined as tripping over some obstacle but quickly recovering your balance); along with the fact that her Secret Service detail then violated their own protocols by taking a presidential nominee who could (after all) be suffering an attempted assassination by poisoning to her daughter’s apartment instead of to the closest top-rated trauma center (Bellevue Hospital, where they would have done blood tests, you see, which could have revealed to outsiders whether she was on L-Dopa or valium or who knows what else) -– a violation of protocol which only could have happened if everyone involved knew what was wrong, that it was a recurrent but still treatable neurological disorder ( ); . . . combined with the fact Mrs. Clinton felt it necessary to apologize for the fact that two nights before she’d reviled one quarter of the American electorate as “a basket of deplorables . . . racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it” . . . none of these things have caused any voters to change their minds about voting for her?

No, no: it’s just made them so depressed they’ve stopped answering the phone!

“The very fact that Clinton is now back campaigning should change the tone of the news coverage of her, which, in turn, should encourage more of her supporters to respond to voter surveys,” Mr. Cassidy continues, with an obvious sigh of relief.

But then it gets even better!

The Horror of Bumpkin Trump

“Up to this point, the prospect of Trump entering the White House had been a distant one. Now that it has become a genuine possibility, there could well be a counterreaction,” Mr. Cassidy of the New Yorker (via Oxford and Columbia University) carefully explains. “And if Trump were to take a lead in the polls, this response could be a substantial one. Some people who have been flirting with voting for Trump, never thinking he could win, could change their minds. More important, a lot of progressives and independents who were thinking of voting for a thirty-party candidate, or of not voting at all, could switch to Clinton in order to keep Trump out. That could tip the race back in Clinton’s direction.”

So -– have I got this straight? -– Americans tend to tell pollsters they’re planning to vote for some candidate who they believe can’t win, but they then shift away from that candidate if and when it looks like he actually could win? (Doesn’t history show us, to the contrary, that the double-digit polling of Third Party candidates almost always drops below 1 percent on election day, precisely because they lose support as those who might favor their platforms finally acknowledge “They can’t win,” shifting in the final days to candidates who seem to be “within striking range”?)


And do I also have this straight? -– that the fact Trump is finally ahead in some polls in battleground states where he’s drawing crowds in the tens of thousands could be the cause of his defeat?! Far from encouraging more of his supporters to turn out and vote for him now that victory seems a real possibility (rather than shrug “Why bother?” as the Lamestream Media would obviously much prefer), his surge in the polls will motivate only the enthusiastic Hillaryites, now regularly showing up at her closed-door rallies by the . . . well, by the dozen?

It could even cause Independents and third party voters to switch to Hillary! (Perhaps because she’s so dedicated to defending their gun rights? Or because they hope to see a few thousand unassimilable, chanting, rock-throwing, Sharia-spouting Muslim “refugee” rape gangs dumped into their home towns ( ), so their government can urge local women to start wearing sack dresses and head-scarves to avoid being raped, as is now happening in Germany? ( , and see also .)

Can we say “whistling past the graveyard”?

“Until now, the campaign has unfolded against a backdrop of consensus that Trump will lose,” the New Yorker guy continues to patiently explain. “But now the complacent belief that Trump is unelectable has been shattered. On Friday, Five Thirty Eight’s ‘polls-only’ model estimated that the probability of him winning was about forty per cent.”

In fact, the presumption that “Trump couldn’t win,” was primarily among the New York-Washington political-media elite, wasn’t it?

They figured if they spent all spring and summer playing carefully excerpted video clips of the plainspoken businessman, demonizing and attacking Trump personally (see the Saul Alinsky playbook) as an egotist, a foul-mouthed narcissist, a pathological liar, a racist (because he wants our existing immigration laws enforced the same way for everyone), a sexist, an Islamophobe (because he wants to track and fight Muslim terrorists, and keep them out of our country), a fruitcake who “has declared bankruptcy 6 or 7 times” (Do we know the difference between personal bankruptcy and owning shares of companies that seek to reorganize under legal bankruptcy protection? Anyone in the Democratic camp? Hello? Do we know anything about the way our free-market economy works?) . . . who wants “Tax cuts for the rich!” (as though there’s any way to cut taxes for anyone without leaving the rich with more of their own earnings to invest in creating new jobs, oh the horror!) . . . that by fall enough of this would stick that he’d be reduced to a quivering puddle of tears, issuing apologies and begging them to stop.


It didn’t work. They’re stunned, and reduced to shouting into their microphones — like the Wizard of Oz revealed to be a cheap carnival huckster by the efforts of Toto the dog — “Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain!”

“Trump still faces a basic conundrum: How can you win an election when your approval rating is under forty per cent and your disapproval rating is the highest of any Presidential candidate in recent history?” Mr. Cassidy continues.


Funded by the Saudis

What an interesting “cut-off point” to pick, when ABC News reported on Aug. 31 Hillary Clinton has an “unfavorable” rating of 59 percent to Trump’s 60 percent (huge difference!) -– before she said what she really thinks of all those rubes out in Flyover Land with the “Deplorables” comment, before the Judicial Watch FOIA e-mail dump documented millions of dollars worth of Hillary-Huma “pay-for-play” bribery via the Clinton Foundation, before most Americans knew Hillary was showing multiple symptoms (including “frequent confusion,” per Huma) of concussions from falls and/or strokes possibly caused by disabling advanced Parkinson’s under treatment with Leva-Dopa, before many Americans had started to look into Huma Abedin and her mother’s extremist, Saudi-funded magazine and Obama’s buddies the Muslim Brotherhood and the way the Bengazi arms deals allowed the Obama-Clinton administration to arm the Muslim fundamentalist “ISIS” rebels in Syria, and/or the way the Obama administration has sold this nation out to the “Sharia-settlement jihad” back here at home.

(see Phil Haney, author of “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” here and elsewhere: ; or .)

But we wouldn’t want to ask Mrs. Clinton “How can you win an election when your approval rating is under 42 percent and your disapproval rating is the highest of any Presidential candidate in recent history?” . . . would we?

“In the past couple of weeks . . . it has looked like Trump may have found a way to square the circle, Mr. Cassidy concludes. “But now that the prospect of him sitting in the Oval Office is a more real and salient one, the dynamics of the contest are different. And they could well turn against him.”


Well, thank heavens that’s been explained to us, finally.

I’ll admit I was so naïve, I thought if a presidential candidate survived months of “throw it all at the wall” proxy attacks from the in-the-bag “objective media,” came out smiling and then surged from 20 points behind to take a lead in the race just seven weeks out — only a few weeks before early and absentee voting begins — especially when that candidate is a law-and-order conservative while both the poll-takers and the media outlets who are reporting the results are further left than the current government in Moscow — about as anxious to report him in the lead as they are to attend an NRA red-meat barbecue and machine-gun shoot — that might mean said candidate was . . . you know . . . winning, if not actually on his way to leading an historic renunciation of anti-American, Multi-Cultural Political Correctness of landslide proportions, as Iowa has shifted strongly to Trump, as Florida has shifted to Trump, as North Carolina has shifted to Trump, as Ohio has shifted strongly to Trump, and now Nevada and Colorado . . . as he edges closer in Maine, meaning if he can just grab either Michigan or Pennsylvania . . .


While Hillary taking tens of millions from the Saudis through her “foundation,” millions more in bribes in the form of $750,000 corporate “speaking fees” for Bill, letting Americans die in Bengazi rather than admit they were there to ship arms to the ISIS rebels in Syria, lecturing Saudi women to be happy in their burkas ( ), and picking as her Number One Gal Pal a “proud” Muslim whose name appeared for a decade on the masthead of a magazine that claims Americans got what we deserved on Sept. 11 . . . just shows us what a great patriot and champion of women’s rights she is. So let us all thank heavens she’s completely recovered from that little “stumble” . . .


3 Comments to “Trump doomed by fatal surge in polls as Mrs. Clinton recovers from that little ‘stumble’”

  1. v ardis Says:

    we live in interesting times Vin
    im starting to think i woke up in 1984 (geo. orwells)
    but im almost sure it happened many years ago..
    i just cant put my finger on when it happened ????

  2. Vin Says:

    With a just-released Elon University poll showing Trump ahead of Hillary in the battleground state of North Carolina for the first time since late June – 44-to-43 percent – just when you’d think the Clinton camp would be most anxious to have their candidate down there speaking to the largest possible crowds, eating some vinegar barbecue and joking about how Illinois fared against the Tar Heels last week, Zero Hedge on Sept. 20 expressed “surprise” when CBS reported a Tuesday Clinton fundraiser in Chapel Hill had been canceled.

    The Clinton event was billed as “lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton” with four donation levels: $100,000 featuring “chair reception with Hillary”; $33,000, which included a “host reception with Hillary”; $5,000, which included “preferred seating,” and $2,700, for which presumably supporters got a package of saltines and a toothpick.

    No reason was given for postponement of the Clinton event, which was planned for the private home of Betty Craven and Michael Warner.

    In contrast, Trump planned a Tuesday rally in Kenansville, just two weeks after making a stop in Greenville. The 5 p.m. Trump rally was expected to be the largest event ever held in Kenansville, population 855, drawing 7,000 and 10,000 people. Trump also planned to hold a rally in High Point around noon.

    Presumably it would have been hard to squeeze that many voters into the home of Betty Craven and Michael Warner, anyway.

    I know “money is the lifeblood of politics” and all that. But the Los Angeles Times reported Sept. 1 that “Hillary Clinton’s campaign enters September with $68 million banked after her biggest fundraising month to date. When other affiliated fundraising committees are included, the Democratic Party and its standard-bearer headed into September with a combined $152 million to spend.” Whereas “Republican Donald Trump has not yet announced his fundraising totals for August. He ended July with $38.4 million in cash on hand.”

    A four-to-one fundraising advantage isn’t enough? Seven weeks out, it’s still more important to hobnob with the $5,000 elite than to rub shoulder with, you know . . . the voters? I thought it was Trump who was supposed to be the “rich people’s candidate.”

    And then even the Hillary fund-raiser gets canceled?

    Read Robert Caro’s book about how Lyndon Johnson got elected to Congress. It’s pitch dark. Every other politician went home — or repaired to the hotel bar — hours ago. But someone starts banging on the door of a ramshackle farmhouse up a dirt road with no name up a creek with no name out in the godforsaken Texas hill country, waking up the house. A kerosene lamp is lit. At the door stands a painfully tall, skinny, homely young man in a necktie. “Mr. Jones, We was headed back into town when I realized I hadn’t made it up here to meet YOU today. And I so much wanted to meet YOU. My name is Lyndon Johnson, and I do SO need your vote. Will you vote for me?”

    One at a time.

    Yep, glad Hillary’s fully recovered from that little “stumble.”

    — V.S.

  3. hobitual Says:

    hilliary hates voters
    she loves votes
    hilliary hates the unwashed racist homophobic islamophobic deplorable masses
    she loves power and obviously money
    hilliary hates the very idea of her not getting what she wants
    she dosent care what happens those “the little people”
    she has lied and cheated her whole life as her history clearly shows
    why would she change now ?

    hopefully , thats what kills her latest attempt to steal from the deplorable common people
    she so earnestly hates