Joe Farah’s ‘debate cheat sheet’


At World Net Daily, Joseph Farah late last week offered a pretty good “Debate Cheat Sheet” for Donald Trump, this evening. Excerpts from his advice:

* Talk to the American people, not Hillary, not the moderator and not the audience in the house. No matter what the question is, tell them: “If you are happy about the direction of the country and Washington, D.C., over the last 27 years, don’t vote for me. I’m the candidate representing a change in direction. My opponent is the candidate of stay-the-course, business-as-usual, even hit the accelerator.

“If you like your country being $20 trillion in debt, you’ll love it in $25 trillion in debt, which is where it will be in four years if you elect Hillary Clinton. If you like your borders wide open and if you want to import 500 percent more people from terrorist enclaves, if you want higher taxes and more regulation and less personal freedom, vote for my opponent. If, on the other hand, you want more jobs, more prosperity, more freedom and for America to rediscover its greatness, I’m your man.” It’s that simple.

* Tell Americans how much you love America -– this unique experiment in liberty, the greatest country in the history of the world and how you want to see it committed to peace through strength, equal justice for all and freedom for everyone, no matter their race, color, gender or creed. . . .

* Don’t defend yourself. Take a cue from Mike Pence and use your time to attack Hillary and tell America what you will do to make their country better and stronger. . . .

* Don’t get angry. Stick to your game plan.


* Think of the little people across America who haven’t been as fortunate as you -– people who are suffering because of this economy –- and how you can help them improve their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.

* Take a little quiet time before the debate -– all by yourself -– and thank God for all He has done for you in your life, all the wealth and happiness He has bestowed upon you. . . .

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Back on Sept. 12, by the way, Mr. Farah compiled a good partial list of reasons not to elect former First Lady Hillary Clinton ( ):

* She is patently and shamelessly dishonest. That’s evident once again in her endless denials about health problems she was actually hiding all along. I don’t believe the pneumonia diagnosis, either. Someone with pneumonia, who cares about other people, doesn’t take the chance of spreading it to them by shaking the hands of thousands, kissing little children and escaping the 9/11 memorial by going to her daughter’s home where there is a 2-year-old granddaughter and 3-month-old grandson!

* She and her husband are high-rent grifters who are all about them. Despite claiming to be champions of the poor and downtrodden, they used high office to enrich themselves under the guise of running a charity and taking advantage of U.S. taxpayers at the same time.


* While wearing the garb of a radical socialist, she shakes down banksters and hedge fund high rollers, giving limousine liberals a bad name. Maybe we should call her a caviar commie.

* She has not even one notable accomplishment in 30 years in public life.

* She is vindictive, mean-spirited and conducts politics like a mobster -– using the IRS as a political and personal attack dog on her enemies while serving as first lady.


* She covered up her husband’s sexual harassment and even sexual assaults on women while claiming to be a champion of women’s rights and feminism. ( .)

* She sacrificed American national security laws and concerns with her email policies and practices for her own convenience -– and, probably worse yet, so she could hide her shakedowns of misogynistic oil princes, crooks, cons and others seeking government favors.


* She went to sleep while four Americans in Libya, including an ambassador she refused to safeguard after he repeatedly begged her for better security, fought for their lives and died tragically and cruelly.

* She turned Libya upside down by getting Gadhafi killed and clearing the path for an ISIS takeover. (Donald Trump is right: She deserves the descriptive of “one of the co-founders of ISIS.”)

* She pretends to be the smartest woman in the world and the most qualified candidate who has ever run for the presidency while not understanding what represents classified national security secrets. And she conveniently can’t remember anything when she’s talking to the FBI and other investigators.


* She’s intolerant of those who disagree with her -– i.e. her latest “basket of deplorables” comment and her grudge against the First Amendment and hatred of dissent generally.

* She has no respect for the plain words of the Constitution of the United States -– i.e. the Second Amendment.

* She’s a phony in every respect.

* Like her husband, if given power, she will use it to hunt down her adversaries ruthlessly.

* She doesn’t like the very idea of borders and immigration laws.

* She wants to complete Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.” (How’s that working out for everyone?)

(Thus ends today’s reading from Joseph Farah, at World Net Daily.)



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