‘Please, Mistress Hillary! Tell us how we can serve you in a more degraded manner!’


Since it will reportedly take weeks for FBI agents to search the hundreds of thousands of Huma Abedin e-mails found on the home computer of her disgraced husband, former congressman and accomplished “sexter” Anthony Weiner (now that they have a proper warrant, so what they find can be used in the many separate prosecutions likely to result), the professional talkers of 24-hour “news” television are left to babble and shout at each other, speculating on what may or may not be found.

Hillary backers like Juan Williams insist “There’s no evidence! There’s no case!”

The official Clinton Surrogates’ Talking Point, meantime, is “They should show us what they’ve got.”

In response — since they’ve been threatening to resign for months over the fact that the Obama/Lynch Department of Justice never let them properly investigate the evidence against Mrs. Clinton in the first place — expect those who are searching these e-mails to start leaking a few of the most damaging by this weekend, at which point these same desperate Hillary backers will squawk “How dare they release any evidence, just because we dared them to? They’re not supposed to call our bluff with EVIDENCE! That’s improper! They’re supposed to take months, so Hillary can shut this whole thing down after she’s elected!”


The desperate Hillary backers contend she was cleared in August, because the initial investigation found no evidence of criminal behavior. Pardon me, but there never was a proper or normal investigation. When Mrs. Clinton claimed (many, many, many times) that she “forgot” all that stuff she’d been told about security clearances and how to handle classified documents and e-mails because she had so much brain damage from her concussion(s?), FBI agents said, “OK, let’s subpoena her medical records and see if she’s really that brain-damaged.” But they were refused permission to subpoena her medical records, or the financial records of the incredibly corrupt, bribe-laundering Clinton Foundation, or anything else. Weren’t they?

They were never even allowed to present anything they MIGHT find (without subpoena powers) to a grand jury. So how could Mrs. Clinton have been “cleared by the investigation” when the so-called ”investigation” was crippled and circumscribed — by political interference from Barack Obama’s corrupt and hand-picked Attorney General, and others to be named later — from the start?


Do a Web search for “Attorney General Loretta Lynch meets former President Bill Clinton bearing suspicious suitcases on her government airplane at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport June 2016.” The Obama appointee told a local TV station that she and Clinton did not discuss the Hillary investigation; they “talked about Clinton’s grandchildren and golf.” Yeah. We’ll believe anything, because we’re morons. Who on earth would ever suspect Bill Clinton of being a corrupt influence peddler? No appearance of impropriety in that meeting, surely.


Meantime, longtime Clinton bagman and current Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was slipping how many hundreds of thousands — was it $675,000? — to the West Virginia state election campaign of the wife of the FBI assistant director in charge of the Hillary probe? Thank God the public is such a bunch of morons, or they might suspect something fishy was going on! You’re not recording any of this, right?

In fact, the Hillary/Huma e-mails uncovered by this summer’s Judicial Watch FOIA request, ALONE, present prima facie evidence that Mrs. Clinton and her intern-turned-bosom buddy, Huma Abedin, solicited millions of dollars in bribes thinly disguised as “donations to the Clinton foundation” from people who wanted (and quickly got, once they paid up!) appointments with -– and favors from -– the Secretary of State. That sounds quite a bit like conspiracy to bribe a federal official. That’s a crime. And THAT investigation has been ongoing.

FBI sources have already told major news media including the Wall Street Journal that many of the weinermails were “either sent to or from the private email server at Mrs. Clinton’s home,” and have told other news media including the Clinton News Network (CNN) that some of the emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s private server are on the weiner’s laptop.

That could be prima facie evidence that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin allowed secret and classified and confidential materials to pass into the control of unauthorized parties — a step beyond merely handling them on unsecure email servers as a result of which they COULD have been easily intercepted by unauthorized persons.

At that point, it doesn’t matter whether they actively SOLD U.S. secrets to a foreign power (like, say, Saudi Arabia) in exchange for millions of dollars (though in fact, the Saudis and the royalty of Morocco and other Muslim states DID pile tens of millions into the Clinton Foundation, making it quite likely one or both intended to do precisely that.) Merely handling the classified materials in ways that any reasonable and sane adult should have known would ALLOW them to pass to unauthorized parties is a crime. Members of the armed forces have been jailed in rather unpleasant facilities for such “lapses.”


Where does this leave us, a week before most Americans will vote?


First, since it turned out to be the crucial turning point (only because it hit the public between the eyes before the REST of the stuff that’s going to come about Hillary in the next five days, from Wikileaks, from the Project Veritas videos, and from other sources to be named below), let’s spend a moment on the crucial question “Why did FBI director Jim Comey send a letter to Congress last Friday, informing them this investigation is re-opened?”

There are several reasons, one of which — the one I suspect history will judge the most important — has been entirely ignored, probably because it involves the last . . . the very LAST . . . person to whom America’s mainstream media wants to give any credit for controlling his own destiny, and the outcome of this election.

First, once James Comey had been briefed about what both FBI agents and New York Police and the office of federal prosecutor for Manhattan Preet Bharara had found on the Anthony Weiner laptop, he knew he couldn’t keep it quiet. If he tried, these folks would leak like sieves, exposing Comey as “in the tank” for Hillary . . . which he may not actually be.

Second, he’s been facing a revolt since he tried to shut things down in August, on orders from the corrupt Loretta Lynch. Top FBI administrators won’t talk to him in the halls. Resignations have been piling up on his desk.

One way we know this is true is that the Mexican-owned New York Times says such reports are “unfounded.” Given that the New York Times these days lies and/or conceals the truth almost as frequently as Hillary Clinton, such a denial now serves as a backhanded confirmation. To be clear, what I’m saying is that the credibility of the Marxist, Mexican-owned New York Times today, among at least 60 percent of Americans, is lower than that of any surviving members of Moscow’s Supreme Soviet. The newspaper’s credibility is such that if the New York Times reported the sun rose this morning, many Americans would consider it advisable to rush to their windows to check.

Third, Director Comey’s best friends -– including his wife -– have been telling him that loosing the dogs on Crooked Hillary is the right thing to do.

Fourth, it IS the right thing to do. Stand by and let a woman who likely has Parkinson’s disease but who we KNOW has brain damage –- a woman who suffers out-of-control rages , who can’t face flashbulbs because of a “seizure disorder,” who has to take a two-day Leva-Dopa “holiday” before any stressful public event (and who takes million-dollar bribes from felons and foreign governments) waddle into the presidency on the strength of the uncorroborated claims of a bunch of Hillary-supporting women recruited, coached, and paid to claim her straight-shooting, teetotaling opponent “groped” or “bumped” them as much as 30 years ago?

But there is a fifth reason, so far widely ignored, that ALLOWED James Comey to act.


Under one of the most vicious, scurrilous, disgusting series of ginned-up, falsified, unsubstantiated personal attacks ever seen in a presidential race – thoroughly abetted by an in-the-tank Mainstream Media which giddily promoted ANY anti-Trump crap the Clinton campaign handed them, while STUDIOUSLY covering up Mrs. Clinton’s ACTUAL AND PROVABLE CRIMES, Donald Trump . . . did not give up.

Yes, he was ridiculed at first for the way he was so easily distracted into defending himself -– as any innocent person is likely to spend more time defending himself than will a guilty party -– witness Mrs. Clinton just turning on the creepy grandma smile and glibly shrugging off her deleted, SUBPOEANAED emails with a well-rehearsed “I’ve said it was a mistake and I’m sorry.”

Nothing to see here, move along . . .

But Donald Trump recovered. We watched him grow stronger and more focused, before our eyes, in a period of mere weeks. The mainstream media missed the big picture, as they studiously searched through their hours of videos looking for the one, out-of-context, eight-second sound bite they could play each day to meet their pre-scripted narrative that the successful billionaire -– who has plenty of blacks and Hispanics and women in high-paying jobs in his organization — is a “racist buffoon.” On any day when they couldn’t find THAT, they instead showed us a few seconds of a paid Democratic operative in the Trump crowd, punching someone or shouting out something hateful.

(Unaware of hidden camera, leading Democrat operatives admit they hire thugs and mentally ill people to do precisely that at Trump rallies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuJGHuIkzY .)

But Americans not dependent on CNN or ABC or NBC saw something else. They saw Donald Trump doing three rallies a day, addressing tens of thousands of people every day, standing tall and insisting on talking about the real issues -– the willful destruction and export of American jobs; the economic scourge of illegal immigration under an administration that refuses to enforce the law; the purposeful importation of thousands of would-be Muslim jihadi warriors who our immigration officers say they’re not allowed to properly vet; the collapse of Obamacare; a loathsome, globalist, multicultural, free-speech-inhibiting regime of Political Correctness which teaches Americans they should feel guilty and ashamed of the prosperity their free market economy and their own hard work once allowed them to create (especially if they’re white), that infamously brands more than 55 percent of Americans “a basket of deplorables,” ridiculously “clinging to their guns and their religion” like Ma and Pa Kettle, living in barefoot squalor somewhere in the Ozarks.

He is the champion of those scorned millions. And so Donald Trump never gave up.

He never gave up.

He never gave up, and on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016, after having stood up to this shit-storm of lies for MONTHS, incredibly, Donald Trump stood tied in the polls with Hillary Clinton.


Yes, tied. I (and others) have documented how many of the major polling firms are over-sampling Democrats by 4 to 6 percent, which means when they report a 4-point lead for Mrs. Clinton, that means the race is tied, EVEN IF NO UNUSUAL NUMBER OF REPUBLICANS AND OTHER TRUMP SUPPORTERS SWARM THE POLLS. When they report a 2-point lead for Mrs. Clinton, that means Donald Trump is ahead by 2 points, EVEN IF NO UNUSUAL NUMBER OF REPUBLICANS AND OTHER TRUMP SUPPORTERS SWARM THE POLLS.

THAT is what allowed FBI Director James Comey to do the right thing.

If Hillary Clinton had been leading 65-30, her election would have been seen as inevitable, and investigating her crimes would have been hopeless, and pointless.

But Donald Trump never gave up. He was close enough that, as of last Thursday, the election could easily go either way, and James Comey was free to say to himself, “What the heck, let’s do the right thing. There’s at least a 50-50 chance the investigation will actually be able to proceed to the point where we can prosecute, unless Obama decides to pardon her, at which point -– either way — the Bureau can stand tall and say “We did our job.”


What will happen now? The Clinton gang -– and I use the word advisedly -– the Clinton crime family will try to launch one last scurrilous personal assault on Donald Trump, releasing excerpts from the nine hours of tapes they were handed by his biographer, selected to show him using a few more dirty words. They’ll try to resurrect some old and long-since-dismissed court case in which some gold-digger claims he raped her when she was 11 years old, that he fathered a love-child on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whatever.

It won’t work. They’ve cried “Wolf!” too many times. The public will shake their heads: “That’s all you’ve got? We’ve already stood up to THAT!”

Meantime, on Friday and Saturday, three to four days from now, for Hillary Clinton, the upstream dam will break.

Donald Trump will be up, even in the crooked “mainstream” polls, by an ADMITTED two to three points. Given the massive wave of Republican turnout for early voting in Florida and Louisiana, that will indicate (barring equally massive rigging of the electronic voting machines) a forthcoming 9- to 12-point Trump landslide. Pennsylvania? Forget Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton could lose VIRGINIA!

(What’s the alternative scenario? The American public elect a massively unpopular woman who’s about to be indicted on multiple federal felonies including bribery, obstruction of justice, and espionage? While the Constitution bars the prosecution of a PRESIDENT by anyone but the House of Representatives, it’s unclear why a president-ELECT couldn’t be indicted. Would Mrs. Clinton then offer to trade the presidency away in a deal to keep her freedom, claiming she’s “too sick to stand trial”? Leading to what -– President Tim “Wacko” Kaine and Vice-President Paul “RINO” Ryan – both serving in offices to which they were never elected? Would the public find that an appetizing stew to help cook up?)

At that point, all kinds of people who’ve been scared to death to tell what they know about the Clintons, for fear of their careers or their very lives should the Hilldebeast get elected, will finally decide “Dammit, this is my last chance. Where’s that phone number for the Wall Street Journal, for Breitbart, for the New York Post, for Wikileaks, for anyone who’ll listen?”


People who know about the Clinton Foundation bribe machine; about the deleted e-mails; about the real state of Hillary Clinton’s precarious health; about the curious deaths of DNC staffer Seth Rich and top White House aide Vince Foster and attorney Shawn Lucas, who helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit detailing how then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton” — about the deaths of Victor Thorn and of course of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who had threatened to expose the Clintons’ Asian fund-raising schemes, not to mention the unusual “suicides” of Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, who was a corroborating witness in Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton), and the pregnant Susan Coleman, and how many others? — will pick up the phone.

The press will go from “All we can do is speculate because we don’t really have any information,” to being so flooded with new and damning information about the Hillary Clinton crime-and-bribery machine that they’ll have trouble figuring out how the heck to stage the release of all this material (or, alternatively, how to continue trying to cover it all up — maybe claim Donald Trump is in league with evil space aliens?) on Nov. 6 and Nov. 7 and even Nov. 8.

Unless, of course, someone releases an audio tape of Hillary Clinton in one of her famous furious tirades, shouting epithets not often heard on “family television” and ordering that various parties be eliminated. Or unless, I don’t know, she falls down and hits her head or something.

They could probably lead with that.

And then what a scrambling will ensue, as the collectivist “one-world, no borders” press – the Clinton News Network, the Mexican-owned New York Times et alia — realize the train is pulling out of the station without them, leaving them stranded on the platform among their heaps of portmanteaux and carpet bags and steamer trunks, all packed with their formal finery for the Hillary Inauguration.

Oh, how the fingers of blame will then be pointed! The Russians have done this! It’s the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy! Traitors! Spies! How are we going to explain we’ve been systematically lying to the morons for years? What will this do to our bulk advertising lineage, to our cost-per-thousand for a 30-second national spot? Will this affect my Christmas bonus?!

Everyone will be blamed, except -– of course -– the Democratic Party, which rigged its own laughable racial-quota delegate system to assure the Hilldebeast their nomination (nominating a woman they KNEW was under FBI investigation for bribery, violation of state-secrecy laws, and obstruction of justice), and except the multicultural collectivist lapdog press, which spread its legs and cried, “Please, Please, Mistress Hillary, shove anything you please into our most intimate orifices until you make us cry! You cannot bang our pussy hard enough. O Stinking Mistress of Greed and Corruption! Tell us how we can possibly compromise the last shreds of our pride, dignity, and reputation to serve you in a more degraded manner!”


(See “Hillary and her enablers have made their bed, and are now lying in it,” at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/441636/hillary-clinton-email-scandal-fbi-director-comey-didnt-create-mess . Also see Anthony Weiner email a 15-year-old girl promising to “bust that tight pussy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week,” via the Confide phone app — one of many “erotic” messages Weiner sent to the girl over several months, along with numerous, um . . . unconventional photos of himself: http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/21/report-latest-anthony-weiner-scandal-includes-15-year-old-girl-video/#ixzz4Onb8ypFl .)

The Democrats: such a classy bunch.


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  1. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    Stay strong, Vin. Keep ’em coming.

  2. R Henry Says:

    I share your disgust and indignation, and pray your scenario comes to pass.

    Preparing for civil unrest, in either case…