The Winds of Change

Anger can cloud the mind. Generally better to seek calm. But anger can also tell us when we’ve let things go long enough. Isn’t anyone else angry? Really?

Alabama’s Judge Roy Moore may seem a bit of a throwback, but he’s an actual, practicing Christian (hardly a proof of sainthood, but until recently considered an indication of basic decency, in most of these parts) — a man willing to stand his ground and make sacrifices rather than betray his principles, a man who a lot of Alabamans clearly wanted as their U.S. Senator, precisely because he would have called the bluff of the perverts now in charge in Washington.

Enter the Washington Post with an unmistakable hit piece, casting a wide net 700 miles from their own circulation area in an attempt to demonstrate hizzoner displayed a pattern of dating women under the age of 20 when — as a man of about 34 — he returned 45 years ago from the Vietnam War (an enterprise which has been known to delay the marriages of many young men) and commenced searching for a wife able and willing to bear him children (somewhat younger women often being a better choice in that regard) . . . in most cases with the permission of the young ladies’ mothers.

Oh, the horror!

(How many of those reporters were even out of diapers 45 years ago, let alone spent enough time living in Alabama that they can be relied upon to take into account and explain the “normal dating patterns” of that state in the 1970s?)

One of these now-superannuated accusers and her lawyer, the infamous leftist Democrat operative Gloria AllRed (a frequent mouthpiece for perverts of various device, always ready to take up any legal cause which might help degrade the fabric of an upright, moral America), each stated in a televised press conference, very specifically, that then-Assistant District Attorney Roy Moore had signed the then-young lady’s high-school yearbook, calling her “beautiful,” (as opposed to the less incriminating way in which public officials more commonly address young ladies when asked for an autograph, apparently — that being to call them “plain,” or even “ugly”), then adding the initials “D.A.” and also adding the date and place -– a diner where the young woman had worked.

The link to the diner and the year was apparently considered important by the accusers, as it provided the only supposed documentary evidence that the then-prosecutor had even KNOWN the young lady when she worked as a waitress at that establishment, at the time she claims the 30-something Moore got her into the front seat of his car and tried to smooch her, at which point she got out and walked away. (Oh! The Horror!)

The first oddity is that the waitress should have supposedly had her high school yearbook with her to be signed at her place of work. But things quickly got much stranger, as both lawyer AllRed and her client refused to submit the yearbook’s handwriting sample for independent evaluation by a neutral handwriting expert. Finally, as the pressure mounted, they admitted the client gal had fraudulently faked (is that phrasing clear enough?) the date-and-place part of the inscription (at the very least), as well as the letters “D.A.”

Moore never signed himself “D.A.”, you see, since he was never District Attorney but only an ASSISTANT District Attorney. The initials do appear after his name on the lying accuser’s later divorce settlement, however -– they are the initials of the judge’s 13-year assistant, Delbra Adams, who always placed her initials next to the judge’s signature on a legal document when it was “signed” with a rubber-stamp . . . but who hadn’t put in an appearance in the judge’s life at the time of the alleged yearbook signing.

In other words, this liar and perpetrator of a massive fraud against the voters of Alabama copied the signature the way she found it on a document created many years later -– and then lied AGAIN when she said she’d never had any other dealings with Judge Moore (who, it turns out, officiated in her divorce case), or any cause to hold anything against him!

And said yearbook has NEVER YET been subjected to analysis by any independent handwriting analyst. Might it not be the job of the press -– of a newspaper which generated this “report” to help defeat Judge Moore, SEVEN HUNDRED MILES from its circulation area, where its reporters might be expected to “know the ground” (Are they that overstaffed? No stories important to their subscribers going uncovered in Maryland or Alexandria?) to now file a lawsuit seeking damages for the way said newspaper’s reputation has been damaged by the perpetrators of this fraud, insisting said yearbook be subjected to independent analysis so they can write a follow-up piece, explaining how they were duped and Moore’s chances of serving in the Senate ruined because the Washington Post eagerly passes along politically motivated lies without due diligence?

Well, that would make sense, of course, only if the Washington Post retained any interest in the truth: for “setting the record straight.” (Feel free to cue situation comedy Laugh Track.)

Within seven years, the Washington Post and the New York Times (did anyone notice Mexican millionaire Carlos Slim busily selling off his large holdings in the Times, last month? — see . . . ) will be either entirely defunct, or reduced to weekly “Leftist Opinion in Review” tabloid magazines, linked to expensive pay-to-read Web sites. It’s tempting to add “. . . thus cashing in on the reputation built by actual reputable journalists under those banners in decades past” — though I’m afraid we really can’t.

After all, Walter Duranty, the Communist sympathizer, compensated agent of the evil dwarf Joe Stalin, Times BUREAU CHIEF, and idiot, won a coveted Pulitzer Prize (never rescinded or returned, so far as I can determine) while purposely covering up Stalin’s purposeful mass starvation of millions in the Ukraine in 1932 and ’33 — setting the precedent for precisely the kind of transparent propaganda work on behalf of collectivist traitors to which the Times has now returned.

(See the Times’ pathetic attempt to shift attention away from the trumped-up FBI/Fusion GPS “Golden Showers” dossier, here: and here: .)

So far as can be determined, meantime, neither of these now admitted liars -– Gloria or her waitress — has been charged with a crime, or disbarred from the practice of law (which tells us loads about our modern “legal profession”), though the credibility of Gloria AllRed and her daughter Lisa “Wave Some Money At The Hussies” Bloom now ranks somewhat below that of circus clowns, after it’s been revealed they waved around hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pursuit of women willing to sell similar accusations against presidential candidate Donald Trump last year . . . if the price was right.

(See , or .)


Meantime, Judge Moore’s only other accuser (yes, there were only two) said when she was 14 she went to the unmarried Moore’s home with him and quite happily took off her blouse, but then became nervous and afraid when he touched her breast -– still clad in its brassiere -– whereupon she asked him to take her home, which he did.

Oh! The Horror!

(Meantime, All-Red and her daughter, Money-waving Bloom, were seeking last year to return to the White House credibly accused rapist, public pussy-grabber, and proven serial sexual assailant Bill Clinton, who Democrat “feminists” have insisted for DECADES should have his serial sexual assaults and corruption of young interns overlooked -– and that his main enabler, facilitator, and combined pimp and madam, Hillary Rodham, should be praised and ALSO labeled a “really great feminist” for her efforts to destroy the reputations of the many women Mr. Bill has assaulted over the years, see “dragging a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park,” “Monica’s knee-pads,” etc.)

Even if the 45-year-old details of this latter Moore accuser’s tale are true (and there’s no doubt Democrat operatives including Washington Post “reporters” were offering a lot of incentives to generate stories no one had even heard before, down in Alabama this fall), what AREN’T we being told? Did the admittedly troubled young juvenile delinquent — who couldn’t even remember where she LIVED when this stuff was supposedly going on — ever lie about her age, back then? Given that there are no dated police reports, court filings, sworn statements . . . nothin’ . . . who’s to say she wasn’t at the time actually 16 -– Alabama’s age of consent, then and now -– or even older?

Were Democrats justified in any way (based on such absurdly flimsy claims, never previously presented despite a lapse of DECADES, never backed up with the slightest bit of corroborative evidence sworn under penalty of perjury — and who was paying the fees of all those pricey New York lawyers, by the way?) in dubbing Judge Roy Moore a “serial pedophile,” making it sound like hizzoner, 45 years ago, made a habit of forcing entire Girl Scout and Brownie troops to line up, lift their skirts and assume the doggie position for a good serial humping?

Are they all ready to submit their own sexual behavior to a microscopic examination -– going back as much as 45 years, if they’re that old -– with hundreds of thousands of dollars being offered to any woman willing to say “He made promises to me but then he stopped returning my calls, and he -– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cry but it’s so upsetting, even after all these decades, he . . . boo-hoo . . . he TOUCHED me! Waaaaah!”?

I worked in the newspaper business for 40 years -– working my way up from reporter to editor at several different newspapers, weekly and daily, in different sections of the country. We would NEVER run this kind of crap, if brought forward in the final 60 or 70 days before an election, without seeing bona fide contemporary police reports or court documents signed under penalty of perjury, against a man who had run for public office many times over a period of decades without a whiff of scandal emerging.

I ask you, what decent candidates of quality and ability will now enter the fray and seek public office, if this is the new standard for the way they’re to be treated — in time frames which give them no reasonable chance to mount a defense, clear their names, and see their lying accusers jailed?

Once the election is over, these “newspapers” don’t even feel any obligation to keep digging till they can prove or disprove such charges? Why -– because it’s “mission accomplished,” high-fives all around, so it doesn’t matter any more?

Are we now to be governed only by communist lesbians and homosexuals (all weirdly IMMUNE from the slightest condemnation of THEIR actual, documented cornholing of the pageboys or running call-boy rackets out of their Georgetown townhouses, see “Gerry Studs” and “Barney Frank”) . . . or by equally immune “transgender” perverts? Are we now to elect only cloistered nuns, after “virginity inspections”?

In all fairness, shouldn’t a couple of million dollars now be offered to any man or woman willing to come forward and volunteer that Moore’s “victorious” opponent, Alabama Senator-elect (and loathsome socialist) Doug Jones “touched them” or “groped them” or “tried to kiss them” or “made them feel bad” . . . as much as 45 years ago — whereupon he can be sent home in disgrace? Why not? Isn’t that the new standard initiated in the past 18 months by the Democrats?

Like the sultan’s harem, the halls of Congress are now to be staffed exclusively with castrati, right?


Give the Democrats credit for one thing -– they sure mobilized Alabama’s urban black voters, who went 96 percent for Moore’s commie opponent. Though you’d think America’s black voters would start to feel slightly ashamed at being so easily manipulated to vote against a celebrated Vietnam War veteran based on claims from bused-in, out-of-state, ignorant slu . . . um, “actresses” and basketball players that Moore would have “brought back segregation.”

(Yes, really. The Democrats brought in BASKETBALL PLAYERS to tell black Alabamans how to vote. I’m of Polish descent: to convince me to vote Democrat, would they bring in a polka band? Throw in some stuffed cabbage and Kielbasa?)

Why and how on earth would Judge Roy Moore have wanted to -– or been able to — “bring back segregation”? Besides, weren’t all those governors and police chiefs who wanted to keep segregation in place, back in the ’50s and ’60s . . . actually DEMOCRATS, like Hillary’s Senate hero and mentor, Robert Byrd?

Let’s also admit that Moore’s campaign was not the best-strategized, even allowing for all the Swamp Creatures of both parties lined up against him (I refer to Mitch McConnell, et al.) He seems to have focused mainly on getting out the vote in the rural “wiregrass” region in the Southeast part of the state, where he was strong but which proved mathematically insufficient -– rather than “taking the campaign to the enemy’s ground,” boldly speaking to black voters in their urban enclaves about the Christian values he shares with them -– values to none of which Democrat Jones could credibly lay claim.

(Funny how the unusually high vote returns from those black, urban precincts came in so much later than the rural returns, though, wasn’t it? Has anyone ever read Robert Caro’s biography of Lyndon Johnson, about how LBJ learned to always make sure his precincts reported last, in case their numbers needed to be “beefed up”?)

Meantime, what do Democrats — especially Moore’s globalist, redistributionist opponent Jones, favor? Open borders, of course — especially for Muslim murderers -– the wonderful system now adopted by Merkel the Troll in Germany. And how’s that working out?

Last week ANOTHER lying “unaccompanied minor refugee” from Outer Crapistan -– who will doubtless turn out to be in his thirties, just like the last one ( ) — murdered his 15-year-old “girlfriend” with a butcher knife in a drug store in Germany before other customers could pull this monster off the little slip of a girl. (See .)

But of course the German press at first refused to cover the crime “because both parties were minors” (so now it’s OK for lying unwashed barbarians who eat only with their right hands — because they wipe their butts with their left — to murder girls as long as they’re supposedly under 18?) . . . and because it might trigger, you know, negative thoughts and remarks about murderous Moose-lims.

Oh, the horror!

(In Germany and Sweden, police now set up “woman-only safe areas” where young women can retreat during holiday festivities like New Year’s Eve -– because if they go out in the public streets as they once did, roving Muslim “refugees” gang-rape them — a state of affairs now heartily endorsed by the Vatican’s new Pope Francis, who in fact would love to see even more of it (see , and also .)

(Pope Francis wants lots more of this: .)

Beatrix von Storch, a member of the German parliament and deputy leader of Germany’s AfD party, which takes the “radical” position that Germans should not be exposed to these imported rape gangs, accused police in Cologne -– where the Muslim rape gangs roamed freely last year — of pandering to “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men” after the department sent out a celebratory tweet in Arabic to ring in the new year. Result? Police are investigating the plain-talking lady -– a member of parliament! -– for “incitement to hatred” — a criminal charge under Germany’s hate speech laws. — .)

Yeah, that’s what we need more of in America! — not respectful Christian bachelors who date women under 20 with their mothers’ permission while seeking a wife. And who aren’t even ACCUSED of ever getting naked with a woman or having premarital sex. (Do you suppose the latest German Moose-lim murderer had been . . . gee, I don’t know . . . having SEX with his 15-year-old “girlfriend”? Oh, no! Don’t even THINK it! The heads of the entire righteous and celibate editorial staff of the Washington Post -– and all those incredibly virtuous black basketball players and bused-in ignorant slu . . . pardon me, “actresses” who campaigned for the commie Jones down in Alabama — will EXPLODE! I’m sure none of THEM were ever involved in any pre-marital “touching” through the bra!)

Instead, we need to import those German and Swedish rape gangs (just don’t call them “Moose-lims”) — the wonders of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” that the leftists so yearn for, meantime frantically labeling Donald Trump and anyone else who wants to keep out these barbarian scum “racists” and “islamophobes.”

And no one other than me is angry, or even willing to talk about this stuff, for fear of death threats from Mohammedans and Hollywood perverts?

(By the way, a “phobia” is an “irrational fear.” How does it display an “irrational fear” to point out the obvious –- that far from being a “religion of peace,” Islam as practiced by these violent, barbarian “refugees” is not a religion at all (religions being sincere attempts — successful or not — to seek some level of spiritual peace and understanding), but an excuse and blueprint for violent conquest, rape and oppression, founded by a quite competent military commander and conqueror who was, unfortunately, also an illiterate polygamist and child-rapist who tortured Jews to death so he could steal their wives? — see . How is it “irrational” to say we don’t want his oppressive Seventh Century, expansionist, desert nomad cult to set down roots here?

Are Switzerland, Hungary and Japan today generally considered nests of fascist right-wing hate? Then how come they’re not accepting any violent, penniless, deranged, worthless, unskilled Moose-lim “refugees” who demand free room, free board and free “girlfriends” . . . and then burn the place down and turn their new neighborhoods into “no-go zones,” beating up TV crews and raping every European woman in sight, in protest over inadequate free cell-phone service and not being given the right KIND of free food?

Also please note the number of penniless, violent Muslim refuigees taken in by the vastly wealthy nations Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates: zero. Do they know something?

These Muslim rape gangs are now plentiful enough in Western Europe (where it’s now illegal for politicians to call barbaric gang-raping Muslim hordes, um, “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes”) that Western Europe is either going to become a Muslim caliphate, or finally grow some balls and go to war, at which point they’ll find it necessary to kill tens of thousands of these camel jockeys before the rest flee back home to their native dungheaps in Outer Crapistan. . . probably by the year 2040, and possibly as soon as 2025. You read it here. Yet no one thinks it might be wiser -– and save a lot of ammunition — to simply not let the knife-wielding buggers in, in the first place?)


Meantime, it’s transparently clear that -– funded by the Democratic National Committee (no, not by any Republican, as though that would matter), by Hillary Clinton, and by far-left moneymen David Brock et al., Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr, wife of disgraced FBI Agent Bruce Ohr, (see ) about a year-and-a-half ago cobbled together the “Golden Shower dossier” and used it to acquire a secret FISA Court order to wiretap candidate Donald Trump and all his associates -– an illegal snoop job which continued right through the “presidential transition” last winter (thus giving birth to the current endless witch-hunt conducted by Dirty Cop Bob Mueller, and if he hasn’t found anything yet, Donald Trump must be as clean as Snow White) in an attempt to subvert and overthrow a United States presidential election, an act of treason and abuse of government power which, as others have already said, makes the Watergate Burglary look like a stroll in the park. Fort Marcy Park.

(See the whole pile of stinking FBI/DOJ fish-heads summarized here: .)

Republican congressmen (not senators, they’re even more worthless) now prance about and pose like Japanese Kabuki actors wearing scary masks, speaking of “deadlines” by which the FBI and the Department of Justice have to turn over records confirming all this crap.

Oh give me a break. The only power that Congress has over rogue, unconstitutional agencies like the FBI is the “power of the purse-strings.” Have you seen a single member of congress -– in an OPEN, not a secret hearing (why are they secret? Who are they keeping all this stuff secret FROM, other than us, their masters? And why does the DOJ get away with REDACTING crap out of Huma Abedin’s illegal emails? Who, again, are they keeping stuff “secure” FROM? The Russians HACKED AND READ ALL THAT STUFF eighteen months ago!) -– say, “Mr. Wray, Mr. McCabe, Lawyer Baker, Mr. Priestap, Mr. Ohr, Mr. Strzok, do you see that piece of paper on front of you there on the table?

“You’ll note it’s our draft congressional budget for the next fiscal year. Do you notice the budget allocation for the FBI? Do you notice it’s zero? Do you realize that means that as of July First of this year, your office is going to be locked, your desk and your wastebasket are going to be sold to a used furniture dealer, that the General Services Administration is going to list your entire FBI headquarters as available for lease to a private tenant, that there WILL BE NO MORE FBI, at all. Is that OK with you, sir? No?

“Well you’ve got just one shot at a revision in that budget to a slightly larger number -– maybe one-third of your last year’s budget, enough to keep the fingerprint lab open while the rest of you go look for work selling live bait down by the lake. And that’s to gather up this herd of lawyers you’ve brought with you here today, pick up your briefcase, rush back to your office right now, and BRING ME EVERY GODDAMNED DOCUMENT YOU’VE GOT THAT RELATES TO YOUR ATTEMPTS TO OVERTHROW THIS PRESIDENT AND THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION OF 2016, by 2 O’CLOCK THIS AFTERNOON, or you’re SHUT DOWN. Do you hear me? No one who’s ever worked for the FBI will receive a penny in pension money or will ever be allowed to work for the U.S. government again in any capacity, and indictments will be forthcoming. Do you HEAR ME?”

Of course you haven’t heard that. No one’s in danger of losing their six-figure pension, or spending a night in jail, or even breaking a fingernail. They nod and smile and say they “can’t recall.” It’s all a big stage show.

Even now we’re being told “Oh, it was only a few rogue agents and supervisors, The RANK AND FILE of the FBI are great people, let’s not blame them.”

Really? This isn’t the same FBI whose agents systematically harassed and threatened all the witnesses — including ex-military personnel who had real expertise at telling where shots were coming from — into changing their stories (or at least shutting up, on pain of being “suicided”) about additional gunmen on the Grassy Knoll shooting President Kennedy in the neck and head FROM THE FRONT in November of 1963? How come all the witnesses ran TOWARD THE GRASSY KNOLL? How come all the suspects who were rounded up that day were released -– and no one even took their names?

This isn’t the same FBI whose best known sniper, Lon Horiuchi — fresh from his triumphal assassination of the unarmed Vickie Weaver at Ruby Ridge — shot and killed unarmed Seventh Day Adventists trying to either leave or trying to return to their church community at Mount Carmel in Waco Texas in the spring of 1993? The same FBI whose agents held the fire engines a mile away while they finished burning to death the women and children of that church community outside Waco, in a fire set by FBI tanks shooting flammable gas into that church and then setting the place ablaze with flammable “ferret” rounds? (Chuck Schumer giggled and promised them all medals.)

The Constitution makes no provision for a federal police force. The FBI is not allowed to exist -– to EXIST, let alone murder unarmed women as they stand with their children in their kitchens — under the contract which our forefathers drew up to LIMIT THE POWERS of the federal government, a contract which today’s average government youth propaganda-camp graduate has never read and can’t cite, but which we used to call “The Constitution.”

Now that there’s clear evidence the FBI has used its extra-constitutional powers to let one presidential candidate off the hook for violating security laws by loading classified material onto an unsecured private email server, specifically in order to avoid oversight of her massive, hundred-million-dollar bribe-taking in exchange for OK’ing the sale of 20 percent of our uranium to Russia (bribes which she signed a special, legally binding agreement NOT TO ACCEPT while in that office) -– and meantime ginning up the “pee-pee dossier” out of thin air in attempt to make sure the American people would have no chance to elect Donald Trump and send him to Washington to drain the swamp (or else to get him quickly railroaded and impeached), this so-called “FBI” needs to be shut down and eliminated.

Then, new laws passed making it clear that no one who has ever worked for any of these outfits (FBI, Mr. Brennan’s CIA, feel free to keep going) SHALL EVER AGAIN COLLECT A PENNY IN TAX-FUNDED PENSION MONEY, OR EVER AGAIN BE ALLOWED TO WORK FOR PAY in any capacity for the federal government.

And that any “activist” judge and pal of Hussein Obama in California or Hawaii entertaining any lawsuit challenging THAT law shall lose his or her job and pension, immediately, as well.

(Yes, not only does Congress have the power to impeach judges — especially for rulings that violate the law on its face — it can and has de-funded entire COURTS. Don’t tell me what’s NOT POSSIBLE.)

That’s the meaning of the “power of the purse-strings.” Which our current batch of lying, posturing congresscritters hopes we’ll forget. (Were you planning to vote for any incumbents, this year? Any?)

Is any of this difficult to understand? They’re corrupt, they’re dangerous, they’re traitors, and after a fair trial, just to set an example, several dozen of these FBI and DOJ scum should be put in front of a firing squad and shot. Each week.

As a very wise man once asked (in a 1787 letter, actually) “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. . . . What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Firing squads.


Finally (for today) a simpering twit of a graduate-student intern has written to the Ethics Columnist for the New York Times (I sincerely hope you weren’t trying to take a sip of your favorite beverage when you happened upon the phrase “Ethics Columnist for the New York Times”) to complain that his employer is a “raging bigot,” evincing such characteristics as “racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic.”

(See the hand-wringing at , or the original pile of weasel dung at .)

Listen up, sonny: according to the Communist college professors who’ve been funneling their Politically Correct diarrhea down your throat as though you were a goose with your feet nailed to the floor of your cage and then helping you wipe your mouth on your bib for the past four to six years, those terms describe anyone who doesn’t currently hang out at a club within sight of the southern terminus of the West Side Highway in lower Manhattan known as “The Ramrod” -– including the residents of the vast majority of states west of Philadelphia that went for Donald Trump.

But just for the record, what in hell does it mean to be “transphobic”? A “phobia” is an “irrational fear.” I don’t know of anyone who has an “irrational fear” of men who want to put on dresses and use the ladies room and pretend to be women and who find despicable medical quacks who are willing to help them grow breasts. And as for the very sincere “fear” of what this oh-so-hip penultimate stage in decadence is going to do to our armed forces and our nation and culture as a whole, I still can’t find any justification for the adjective “irrational.”

Is the idea here to condemn as a “bigot” anyone who thinks that -– leaving aside the tiny, tiny percentage of troubled humans who are born with some of the sexual characteristics of both men and women -– people who are born male should remain male, that people who are born female should remain female, and that those who seek heroic medical interventions to change their sex (and the medical doctors who “help” them) are deranged?

Do they actually seek to have their sex organs removed? Do our doctors no longer take an oath to “first, do no harm”? Any physician who knowingly, willfully aids, abets, or facilitates this outrage against God and Nature should at least have their practices well publicized, so the rest of us can seek care elsewhere.

Meantime, has it occurred to no one in this discussion that it is the “student” -– newly graduated from a string of tax-funded socialist youth propaganda camps where he’s been stuffed with corrosive and culturally suicidal feces pretty much up to his ears (can I say “his,” any more? Or am I required to say “hizzer”) — who’s the dangerous loony, here? That seeing “how far they can push” the normalization of perversion and depravity is almost certain to bring a reversing of the pendulum, at some point? Do these people actually WANT to be conquerred by Islam, at which point they’ll be the first ones pushed off the roof of the nearest high building?

Absent any evidence — in defiance of massive evidence to the contrary, basing their arguments on their supposed unique and telepathic ability to identify “secret code words,” “Make America Great Again” secretly meaning “Make America White and Racist Again” — today’s academic Left frenetically asserts the president of the United States and the residents of the vast majority of the states from Harrisburg to Anchorage who voted for him -– America’s mostly white and Asian middle class and working class, though that would include lots of sensible black and Hispanic business owners, too -– are “racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted and sexist.”

This litany of thoughtless, memorized hate-speech is their mechanism for avoiding differentiated listening, analysis, thought, contemplation, and dialogue. And for this their parents or some bank pays $100,000 and calls it “higher education”?

In the movie, all the re-captured slaves say “No, *I* am Spartacus.” Today, we reply to this little leftist bedwetter: “No, WE are the Deplorables.”

And they are losing, because they are full of shit. Their ability to survive outside their cozy academic bubbles is minimal. These pussy-boys have been sent out to wage war against the Normals. But what they will soon discover is that the Normals are practical, well armed, willing and able to outbreed them, no longer paying any attention to the hysterical screechings of the New York Times (Pravda on the Hudson), The Washington Post (Izvestia on the Potomac) or CNN or MSNBC, and –- once the race and culture war they claim they want is finally joined — not real likely to grant a “Time out, time out!; I broke a fingernail and my pussy hat slipped down over my eyes!”

Blink, young bedwetter, and you’ll die in the dark.

— V.S.

2 Comments to “The Winds of Change”

  1. v ardis Says:

    again, i thank the lord for providing us a man who will take the fight to them, who will not stop, who has the balls to say loudly the truth of our dire situation, who will work to cast out the traitors and the fakers from our halls of governance, the political class, a classless collection of scumbags and frauds, carpetbaggers of the modern era, “see the stain mccain” absolutely obsessed with preserving the status quo, as he said in his own words- protecting what they have built since WWII against any changes demanded from the “deplorables” they supposedly work for, but who in actuality, have lorded over us for far to long, i hope and pray that now awakened We will never again be lulled into such a stupor,
    again i thank the lord for providing us a man who loves America, a son of America, a man of America, and now the elected leader of the most powerful and most generous country the world has yet known.

  2. Leslie Fish Says:

    Cool down, Vin. Stop pawing the ground and think; there’s more going on here than just the excesses of the Parlor Pinks. Yes, Roy Moore was framed — and it was as shoddy a frame as you’ll find anywhere in Wal-Mart. Nonetheless, he didn’t deserve to be elected. Why?

    Because he was a FOOL! Despite all his years in court, on the bench, and in government-hall, he was TOO STUPID to fight a cheap frame like this. Ye gods, I did better than that when the Parlor Pinks attacked me on Facebook for pointing out *visible facts* — taken straight from videos *published on Facebook* — that the Charlottesville “riots” were *manipulated*. I spent nearly a week fighting back, answering every charge, replying to every post, challenging every accusation, all by myself — until the tide receded, the foaming Limousine Liberals retreated, and everyone still left cheered for me and roundly condemned the Special Snowflake crowd for their hysteria. If Roy Moore, or his campaign managers had had any sense, he (and they) could readily have done the same. He didn’t — thereby revealing himself as too weak to fight, and too damn stupid to keep his job. It’s a pity that the Libertarian Party in his state didn’t have enough $$ to advertize decently, or the voters might have had another choice beside that slimy Democrat.

    …And if you’re going to rant about “perverts”, you’d better be specific and know your facts. Gays are different from Transvestites, and Transsexuals (I don’t know why the name got changed to “Transgenders”) are different from both.

    Real Transgenders are exceedingly rare; they’re people born with the genotype of one sex and the phenotype of the other, or else actual physical hermaphrodites, or people with other genetic variations — XXY, XYY, etc. — all of which can be readily shown by a simple DNA test. People with no physical basis for their problem are just plain neurotics — but that’s often caused by being Gay and being abused for it.

    Transvestites are people who get emotional satisfaction out of either disguising themselves as the opposite sex, or dressing up as elaborate satires of the opposite sex. This used to be a lot more common among women before the 20th century; now it’s almost exclusively the province of men — ever since it became legal and accepted for women to wear clothes that used to be exclusively male. Most casual clothes these days are neutral; T-shirts, blue-jeans, sneakers and ball-caps are perfectly acceptable for either sex. I think this shows that the phenomenon is caused by the way society views and treats the sexes, rather than what they really are. Clear up society’s nasty little leftover bigotries, get rid of the sexual stereotypes, and Transvestites will disappear. (And I notice that it’s the crazy so-called “Feminists” these days who perpetuate the howling stereotypes!)

    You might have noticed that, now that Gays can’t be legally or economically abused, a lot fewer of them feel the need to be Transvestites — Drag Queens — or Transgenders. Most of them act and dress and behave just like anybody else, and their politics are all over the map. The conclusion is pretty obvious; don’t abuse them and they won’t become neurotics.

    And they’re NOT “unnatural”. The Biologists have discovered that homosexual behavior is reliably found in 10% of the populations of all animals which possess backbones. It appears to be a population-control device, which makes sense, since most animals don’t take The Pill. The behavior of wolves bears this out. In good years, when food is plentiful, wolves form monogamous male/female pairs. In hard times, when food is scarce, they form triads: a male/female pair with an attached “aunt” or “uncle” who mates only with the same-sex member of the pair. This means that one-third of the wolves do not breed, which means that next year’s population is smaller, few enough to survive on the sparse available food — but they help to raise, feed, and protect the cubs of the breeding-pairs — which improves the cubs’ survival chances during hard times. During good times, the “aunt”/”uncle” wolves leave the triads, go find opposite-sex mates, and take up the usual pattern of breeding. It might surprise you to learn that there are a lot of human Gays who do something similar; the vast majority of them are actually Bisexual to some degree. Gays are not by definition “perverts”.


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