I tried to find a way to stand up for Al Franken. Really.

Thinking about it, I figure I had at least four good reasons for wanting to give U.S. Sen. Al Franken, Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor, the benefit of the doubt.

His politics were one of those reasons — though not in the way some folks might think.

Votesmart.org reports “Franken has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests.” But so far as I can tell Franken pretty much toes today’s standard Socialist-globalist line, favoring open borders, which means unlimited entry for Muslims to build minarets on our town greens and blow us up at random, along with lots more illegals of all stripes to “chain migrate” a half-dozen more dependent family members each, all of whom to then be granted amnesty and encouraged to vote Democrat forever.

So far as I can tell he favors even more unconstitutional victim disarmament (“gun control”), “single-payer” (Soviet style) “free” rationed health care for everyone but the Washington elite (who will always go right to the front of the line, just like in Moscow); ever more federal restriction of “greenhouse gas emissions” (including carbon dioxide) to fight minimal (or more likely entirely mythical) “man-made global warming.”

Senator Franken clearly supports even higher taxes including the Death Tax (but only on “the rich,” of course, by which Democrats mean anyone who actually pays net taxes) while opposing even partial privatization of Social Security, and favors massive regulation designed to continue destroying America’s entrepreneurial spirit and economy — the final goal being to reduce this nation to Third World economic status.

I haven’t been able to find out if he actively supports imposed transgenderism including the injection of “neutering” hormones for young children, indoctrinating little tykes by having them sit on the knees of flaming drag queens at story time (though I haven’t heard him rail against it), though I am sure he’s part of the “resistance” to pretty much anything and everything Donald Trump and his supporters stand for (no matter how common-sense or popular) — that he favors the whole Leftist nine yards. (How many people out there know the origin of the phrase “the whole nine yards”? It has nothing to do with first downs in football.)

His politics, in short, promote totalitarian collectivism, and are thus dangerous and despicable. And the fact that I despise Franken’s sneering, arrogant, Leftist politics is one of the reasons I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, because we should guard vigilantly against adopting the long established policy of the despicable Left, which holds that those on our side should be forgiven every transgression (see “anyone named Clinton”) — in their case that fellow-Leftists should get a free pass for any degree of crime, perversion and depravity — while anyone on the other side can and should be brought low for the most minor moral or ethical misstep, “weaponizing” against them their very attempts to maintain a somewhat higher moral standard — words Leftist politicians can no longer even speak without either giggling or choking.

(As in: 30-year-old single Christian U.S. Army veteran Roy Moore, while searching for a wife in Alabama 40 years ago, dated 17- and 18-year-old girls and young women with their mothers’ permission, none reporting — despite reporters waving thousand-dollar bribes — that they ever got naked or had sex with him, which bachelor dating activities the sanctimonious Left now characterizes as “serial child molestation.”)

We should instead try to maintain a single standard. Would those of us who are not closet Communists want folks on our side to lose their jobs and careers based on the kind of admittedly tasteless, possibly even loathsome (but probably not criminal) behavior in which Sen. Franken has now been exposed?

The way Franken got elected in a recount was NOT one of the reasons I leaned toward giving him the benefit of the doubt, by the way. I presume by now we all know the modern definition of a “recount.” That’s when the initial, legitimate count of the votes shows a Republican or conservative winning a close victory (despite thousands of illegal aliens and hundreds of convicted felons having been bused to the “early voting” stations to vote for the Democrat) . . . whereupon Democrat officials and lawyers set about conducting as many recounts as necessary till one shows the Democrat to be leading, at which point they immediately declare “No more recounting is necessary; we have the right result.”

The proof of this is that the Clinton-Schumer-Pelosi leftists will STILL scream today, on cue, that George W. Bush stole the Year 2000 presidential election from the delusional Al Gore because the damned courts stepped in and ENFORCED EXISTING FLORIDA LAW, declaring the endless recounting of presidential ballots in Florida that year (which had already gone on longer than allowed by said law) had to be ended BEFORE THEY COULD COME UP WITH A TOTAL THAT PUT AL GORE ON TOP!

And they were getting CLOSE, too, once they ruled that anyone who hadn’t voted at all in the presidential column should be assumed to have MEANT to vote for Gore, on the assumption such voters were probably just Negroes too dumb to figure out how. (Those Democrats: what champions of interracial respect!)

Al Franken lost his 2008 election race to incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman by 725 votes on election day back in 2008, but after a series of “recounts” lasting SIX MONTHS he was finally declared the “winner” by 312 votes . . . though both U.S. News . . . ( . . . https://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2010/07/20/al-franken-may-have-won-his-senate-seat-through-voter-fraud ) and The Wall Street Journal (https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704518904575365063352229680) attributed that result to “vote fraud.”


Instead, the second reason I felt some sympathy for Al Franken is that I know a little bit about why many men become comedians — which of course is Franken’s real profession.

Anyone of normal intelligence who’s reached high-school age in America knows the kind of broad-shouldered guys with natural athletic ability who play football and basketball are generally well-liked and respected, and have a far easier time, um, “getting dates.” (Remember this, it’ll come up again later.)

Small boys, on the other hand, especially Jewish or other minority kids who are klutzy or ugly or both, toad-like geeks who sit around reading science fiction comic books or Mad magazine, pimply bespectacled kids whose main achievement is belonging to the chess club, find attending an American government-run high school these days to be an experience more like that of an undersized recruit drafted into the Red Army. They get bullied, they get hazed, they get beat up.

A few of them, though, discover they can deflect some of that terror and abuse because they have a talent for making the bigger boys laugh. They clown around, they act goofy, they duck-walk, people laugh, and they don’t get beat up. At least not as much. But when are they supposed to stop clowning around, acting gross in an attempt to get one more laugh? When they turn 25? 40? How do you give up behavior mechanisms that saved your ass through six years of the compulsory government youth propaganda camps, especially when you’ve subsequently been paid — paid rather well — to keep it up?

Yes, Al Franken is a horse’s ass. But he is a professional horse’s ass; he’s earned his living for decades by being a horse’s ass; the voters of Minnesota knew he was a professional horse’s ass when slightly less than half voted for him, and that makes it a little harder to say he should lose his office because all of us (most especially his own Democrat colleagues) are now shocked, shocked to learn that he’s . . . a horse’s ass.

Which brings me to the final two reasons I tried to withhold judgment on Al Franken.

3) Why are his fellow Democrats throwing him to the wolves? John Conyers of Michigan wasn’t hard to understand -– the man’s so senile he attends meeting in his pajamas; his idea of a “legislative accomplishment” was to propose every year a ”slavery reparations” bill (not making it clear whether Americans who are half-white and half-black should pay reparations to themselves) . . . which every year failed to even make it out of committee. Read Larry Elder’s recent column ( https://townhall.com/columnists/larryelder/2017/12/07/leadership-malpractice-john-conyers-resignation-is-50-years-too-late-n2419102 ) on how much harm folk like John Conyers have done to black youth in order to feather their own political nests for the past 50 years.

Alcee Hastings of Florida is another crook they’d be better off not having to defend. (What’s that? You haven’t heard anything about the Alcee Hastings sexual harassment payoff? Ever considered finding an alternative to the partisan left-wing press? . . . (See . . . http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/15/cnn-wapo-nyt-ignore-top-democrats-220k-sexual-harassment-settlement/ .)

So why the highly selective purge, and why now? After all, so long as Harvey Weinstein kept ponying up his millions, Democrats had no problem ignoring his well-known treatment of vulnerable young women. And so long as he kept helping them win elections, these born-again “zero tolerance” hypocrites of the Far Left saw no problem with Bill Clinton’s serial sexual predator act, having state troopers bring confused and easily intimidated female state employees to his hotel room where he could expose his erection and tell them to “kiss it,” intimately pleasuring student interns with a cigar, groping newly bereaved widows in the oval office, his unlikeable wife running a “Bimbo Eruption Team” assigned to destroy the reputation of any Victim of Bill’s who didn’t show the foresight to retain unwashed a semen-stained blue dress, right through to what Juanita “You should put some ice on that” Broaddrick quite credibly reports was an outright forcible Clinton rape.

Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds used to habitually bugger the page boys; one of Barney Frank’s underlings was running a gay “call-boy” brothel out of THAT Massachusetts congressman’s Georgetown townhouse . . . ( . . . http://www.businessinsider.com/the-one-thing-no-one-is-mentioning-in-their-barney-frank-tributes-the-prostitutes-2011-11 ); the Leftist Centurions have proudly applauded this kind of Gomorrah-like perversion for decades. But Franken was coarse of speech and once put his hands on a lady’s (clothed) tits? Oh, the horror!

The reason they’ve turned Franken into a sacrificial rabbit is that it’s all blowing back in their faces, finally, after all these years. Their big Hollywood fund-raisers and Sneering Legacy Media Enablers are dropping like flies in the face of Righteous Womanhood finally sick and tired of keeping quiet about the kind of sexual coercion they’ve been experiencing for decades at the hands of all these Democrat party allies, propagandists and fund-raisers.

Democratic attempts to bring down the likes of Donald Trump and Judge Roy Moore of Alabama by deploying their ethically challenged pit bull, Gloria Allred of the doctored documents, doesn’t seem to be working anymore; they’re about to go down to defeat in 2018 as “The party of perverts, big-time sexual assailants, of sanctuary cities for illegal alien murderers,” et blooming cetera, a virtual cornucopia of hypocrisy and evil, so why not try to stanch the bleeding with the sacrifice of a relatively low-seniority senator from a state whose Democratic governor will quickly replace him with another “D” . . . hopefully one who’s not such a horse’s ass?


4) which, speaking of the “Me-too” juggernaut now bringing down the mighty in Hollywood and at NBC, CNN, PBS, the whole alphabet of self-righteous socialist propaganda organs masquerading as “news,” brings me to the fourth reason I hesitated to jump aboard the “Dump Franken bandwagon” . . . even though there are photos, for heaven’s sake, with the horse’s ass smiling into the camera, while the entire leftist defense seems to be that Leeann Tweeden deserved whatever she got because she once posed for Playboy. (Wow! Those Democrats are such principled Feminists! Is it time yet for another chorus of “That’s What You Get When You Drag a Hundred-Dollar Bill Through a Trailer Park”?)

That fourth reason being — while certainly a plurality and probably a majority of these “Get on that couch and spread your legs if you want that job” ass-grabbers are guilty as charged — we still need and ought to worry about men losing their jobs and careers based on accusations, sometimes years old, possibly from anonymous sources who have other axes to grind, which lack the kind of corroboration those of us in the news business used to require (way, waaayyy back before 2016, you understand) before granting such tawdry stuff any time or space in the public arena at all, namely police reports, court document, affidavits sworn on penalty of perjury, corroborating witnesses . . . you know, that old business about “due process,” and “Innocent till proven guilty” . . . PARTICULARLY when such thinly sourced charges turned up a month or two before an election, which should always set off alarm bells.

But Mr. Franken didn’t really deny much, other than to say he “remembered those encounters differently.” And then he made his Pearl Harbor Day “I’m going to resign sometime soon” speech, and I had to give up any attempt to withhold judgment.

Did you catch it? Roseanne Barr quite correctly said Franken was “blaming Trump for his (Franken’s) being a pervert.”

“I, of all people, am aware that there is some irony that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault is in the Oval Office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party,” Franken said in his non-apology, not-quite-a-resignation speech.

Not only is that an attempt to push the blame for his documented — in some cases confessed — unsavory actions onto other people, it is, quite simply, a lie -– two lies in one.

The original Washington Port article accusing Judge Roy Moore of “chasing teen-agers” quite purposely roped in accounts from young women (who were then 16 or older, the age of consent in Alabama both then and now) who Judge Moore says he remembers, whose families he knew, which ladies said they went out on dates with Moore WITH THEIR MOTHERS’ PERMISSION when they were 17 or 18 and he was 30, and that things never went beyond a hug or a Platonic kiss.

All this was in an attempt by the Jeff-Bezos-owned, Globo-Socialist Post to “jack up the number” in an attempt to show a pattern, when in fact the only two accusers who asserted anything remotely improper were the now much aged Hickory House waitress represented by infamous Democrat attack dog (and I wonder who’s paying her now) Gloria Allred — a former waitress who has now had to admit she doctored up the “signed” yearbook (adding a place, a date, who knows what else) which was the only physical evidence corroborating her claim to even have KNOWN Roy Moore — and then-14-year-old Leigh Corfman, who doesn’t even seem to have been able to recall where she was living when she supposedly dated Roy Moore, who claims he once touched her bra but then promptly took her home when she grew uncomfortable -– no sex, no one even getting naked . . . FORTY YEARS AGO.

There have been so far as I know no affidavits sworn on penalty of perjury, no police reports, no court filings, no charges, no trials, no pleas, no convictions, and one of the two accusers has now admitted she doctored her only evidence, about which both she and her attorney lied outright, each claiming aloud and specifically, in a public press conference, that Judge Moore wrote every word thereon.

(If you legitimately want to simply note when and where a book was autographed, you write a separate note on a corner of the facing page, or on a separate, laid-in slip of paper, adding your own initials. Doctoring the inscription in an attempt to alter the signer’s name, or even just to make it look like the signer wrote things he never wrote, renders the whole thing valueluess, both as a “collectable” and in any court of law. In fact, I’m no lawyer, but to doctor any document in a purposeful attempt to throw a multi-million-dollar election, thus cheating the people of your state out of representation they would otherwise have chosen, could cross the line into criminal forgery and fraud.)

Yet a member of the U.S. Senate uses his privilege against prosecution for libel or slander to contend a graduate of West Point, a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran who has been serving the public for 40 years, who has faced numerous hard-fought election battles over those 40 years, during which NONE of these uncorroborated charges (ginned up a mere two months before this major election, by far-left reporters and despicable partisan “attorneys” offering cash rewards) have ever surfaced, and our tongue-down-their-throats, ass-grabbing clown Al Franken has the nerve to say Judge Roy Moore “has repeatedly preyed on young girls” — as though he’s been tearing the uniforms off whole troupes of tiny Brownie Scouts and making them bend over for a good humping?

No one has even credibly accused the man of having pre-marital sex, for heaven’s sake.

(Despicable partisan attorneys offering cash rewards: see http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/15/report-feminist-lawyer-promised-cash-to-trump-sexual-harassment-accusers/ .)

But that wasn’t enough. No. Mr. Franken then had to add that “a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault is in the Oval Office.”

Sen. Franken obviously refers to the secretly recorded “Billy Bush / Access Hollywood” tape of Donald Trump, from 2005 -– 12 years ago, long before Mr. Trump seriously considered running for any political office.

OK: One more time . . .

In that secretly recorded tape, Mr. Trump speaks of his urge to kiss beautiful women. He just uncontrollably starts kissing them, he says, implying that he runs around acting like the subject of the song “Love Potion Number Nine” — a claim in which no Democrat can hear a bit of bravado, a bit of exaggeration, especially since Mr. Trump then proceeds to walk down a hallway arm-in-arm with the lovely Arianne Zucker WITHOUT ATTEMPTING TO KISS HER?

“And when you’re a star, they let you do it,” he says. “You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”


Now, for those of you who grew up in a nunnery and are only emerging outside the walls for the first time this week, let me explain something: Sometimes, when there are no women present and they’re speaking only to other men in a private setting, men who do not know they’re being recorded -– some men, not all -– engage in an activity known as braggadocio, in which they brag about their prowess in combat, on the athletic field, or in bedding beautiful women. Other men know that such claims are generally to be taken with a grain of salt, that truth is being told selectively, at best.

Such talk may be unseemly or undignified, I don’t deny that. But let’s look closer to see if Donald Trump -– not at the time an office-holder or a candidate for public office, almost certainly unaware his voice was being recorded for posterity, “bragged about his history of sexual assault” (which, by the by, would be a very odd thing for anyone to do –- especially a rich man vulnerable to “gold-digger” lawsuits.)

Does he say “When you’re a star, you can do anything. Why, even though they screamed and tried to run away, I locked the door and grabbed Miss X and Miss Y and Mrs. Z by the pussy, and they couldn’t do anything about it, because I’m so rich and powerful”?

No, he did not.

Did he say “When you’re a star, they let you do it. Why, Miss X and Miss Y and Mrs. Z let me grab them by the pussy”?

He did not.

What he said is what we all know -– that tall, handsome, wealthy athletes and movie and television stars have a much easier time “getting dates,” that “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Entirely accurate? No. Some women manage to resist all the glamour, obviously.

Unsavory? Unseemly? Certainly. Though the American public did not go looking for a dignified striped-pants statesman, a honey-tongued modern-day Dean Acheson or Neville Chamberlain, when they elected Donald Trump. No, they went looking for an articulate street fighter who would stand up to the unctuous, sneering, politically correct hate-speech of the simpering leftists (who purposely stack their lineups with relentlessly vicious black and female “commentators,” and then gleefully add “racism” and “misogyny” to their charges against any white conservatuive who dares to respond to their calumnies by doing anything but grovel and apologize.)

Voters were looking for someone who finally, after 45 years, would shove that crap right back down their throats.

That’s what they wanted; that’s what they got. And the leftist media HATES the fact that they’ve finally encountered a moderate conservative who fights back. Why, they go so far as to assert that his refusal to break down in tears at their absurd cries of “racism” (or “woman-hating,” or whatever), to sob and cry and surrender and resign, constitute behavior so unseemly as to disqualify him from office, probably indicating he’s “mentally ill”!

But let’s take a moment to look more closely at the word “let,” please, in the sentence “They let you do anything.” If a woman “lets” a man grab her pussy, has a sexual assault occurred, Mr. Franken?

No. The crime of “sexual assault,” if the term means anything, lies in the perpetrator using force or threats to impose his sexual attentions on a woman NOT predisposed to “let” the man do so.

In fact, let me assert -– leaving aside for the moment individual preferences as to how consensual sexual congress may be initiated –- that if men stopped grabbing the pussies of women who consented to “let” those men grab their pussies, the human race would die out in slightly less than 100 years. The fact that men quite frequently grab the pussies of women who “let” them grab their pussies is thus an entirely wise, good, healthy, productive, godly and beneficent thing. Not a crime.

Whom did Donald Trump sexually assault? There’s good reason to believe, based on the account of a passenger sitting opposite them, Anthony Gilberthorpe ( https://nypost.com/2016/10/14/trump-camp-puts-forward-witness-to-refute-sex-assault-claim/ ) that Jessica Leeds, one of the superannuated Democratic women brought forward by Hillary Clinton and Gloria Allred and the Podesta brothers and Robbie Mook and their fellow perverts a year ago (just before the crucial presidential election -– what a coincidence!) to claim Donald Trump “groped” her in an airliner in 1980 or 1981 (!) was in fact the aggressor, that her hands were all over Mr. Trump, that she confided to that fellow passenger across the aisle that she hoped to get Mr. Trump to marry her.

Presumably many if not all of the other “bumped me 20 years ago” charges would similarly evaporate if anyone in the mainstream press would do their jobs and go aggressively investigate them, starting with, maybe, who was paying Gloria Allred and her daughter to represent all those ladies.

In the Billy Bush / Access Hollywood tape, what women does Donald Trump “brag about assaulting”? Please name one, Sen. Franken.

Yet we can all name women who Democrat Bill Clinton raped or assaulted — women who wrote books, filed charges, went to court (despite the abuse and the ignominy, despite decades of harassment and slut-shaming by Hillary and her cadre of media flying monkeys) . . . and won, leading to his impeachment and the loss of his law license -– though Democrat apologists including Andrea Mitchell and Joy Behar have gone right on slut-shaming them, falsely saying their accusations have been “discredited,” when they certainly have not.

As San Francisco trial lawyer Harmeet Dhillon writes at http://dailycaller.com/2017/12/12/here-is-how-the-defeat-of-hillary-clinton-led-to-the-sexual-harassment-revolution/ , “If President Hillary Clinton ran the country, and Bill Clinton were the First Gentlemen, would we be experiencing this cultural moment recognizing the problem of sexual harassment, and would (Time magazine’s) 2017 Person of the Year be those who spoke out about being harassed? Certainly not. More likely, Harvey Weinstein would be sipping Chardonnay in the Rose Garden and eating canapes while ogling his next victim, with Bill Clinton doing the same. President Hillary Clinton would be smugly presiding over a brittle edifice of equality, beneath which lurked decades of enabling, shaming, attacking, suppressing, and silencing. . . .

“By protecting Bill Clinton, and his chief defender Hillary (a self-proclaimed champion of women), for the past 20 years, the Democrats and liberal elite have perpetuated the sexual harassment culture that kept victims silent for fear of repercussions. Consider how Hillary Clinton protected friend, supporter, and donor Harvey Weinstein despite direct warnings about his misconduct toward women, as reported last week by The New York Times. . . .”

What led to the current explosion of suppressed rage that we see today — mostly in a good way, lawyer Dhillon emphasizes — was the rise of Donald Trump, which is leading to the slow-motion collapse of the Clinton criminal empire.

“It is only now that the Clintons are out of favor and inconvenient and are being shoved offstage by their ruthless cronies in the Democratic Party,” lawyer Dhillon concludes, “that the left can actually take sexual harassment seriously. That is a good thing. But in their rush to champion the harassed women who have been silenced by the mainstream media and liberal elites for years, the left is yet again exploiting women for political gain -– just as it exploited them for decades by ignoring their claims of harassment against those favored by liberal elites.”

And make no mistake, we are only beginning to see revealed the true depravity of the Clinton culture. As I’ve written before ( https://vinsuprynowicz.com/?p=3710 ), I have personally spoken to a leading Arkansas businessman who describes attending a business meeting at a Little Rock restaurant where Bill Clinton informed him without the slightest subtlety or subterfuge the size of the cash bribe said businessman would have to pay if he wanted approval for the business enterprise he was proposing -– clearly indicating this was Business As Usual . . . at which point Bill Clinton asked the other men if they didn’t agree the waitress standing next to him was quite lovely. As they agreed, I’m told by a man who was there that Bill Clinton reached up under her skirt, grabbed what he found there, and said “And she’s got the sweetest little cunt in Arkansas.”

Bill Clinton -– the man who the Democratic Party wanted to put BACK in the White House this year.

President Trump may have his failings; we all do. The American people hired him to be their champion, to root out despicable socialist hypocrites like Al Franken. He’s only been at it 11 months, and without most of his team in place, since our obstructive Senators of both parties still drag their feet on confirming his appointments. All things considered, I’d say he’s doing pretty well.

Without soliciting any bribes, from Russians wanting to buy 20 percent of our uranium or from anyone else. And so far as we can tell without sticking his tongue down the throat, or his cigar up any of the other orifices, or grabbing the tits or the pussy of any woman who doesn’t want her tits or her pussy grabbed.

Unlike Al Franken, at whose (probable, eventual) departure from the halls of power after a mere nine years of mischief-making I thus find I can’t bring myself to express any serious regret.

3 Comments to “I tried to find a way to stand up for Al Franken. Really.”

  1. Henry Says:

    I like to imagine that one of the Democrat PTBs told old Al, “If we let you ride, there goes any traction we might ever get on Roy Moore… and it’s much more important to us that we deny Moore a seat than that you get to keep yours.” Dissed by his own party, what a fitting epitaph.

  2. Bob G Says:

    Yep. Joke’s over, Al. Time to come home.

    And funny you should mention ‘horse’s ass’. The only legislation he authored which sticks in my mind is what I call the My Friend Flicka law, which prohibited the slaughtering of horses for human consumption. Followed shortly thereafter (as I predicted at the time) by a prohibition of the export of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption. I suspect any horses transported to Canada had to be accompanied by certification that those horses were strictly to be transformed into dog food and glue, such fate apparently being eminently preferable to being eaten by people and which certification I am *sure* would be honored by the eventual purchasers of said livestock.

  3. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    As someone may have mentioned, any victim who killed her attacker would be old news and not part of the MeToo movement. The only entertainer I can think of who was killed because he was assaulting a woman was Sam Cooke, whose music I still love today.

    Sam’s victim didn’t shoot him, it was the woman running the motel who shot him while she was defending the young woman who was trying to hide from Cooke in the motel office.