‘Putting the bureau’s reputation at risk’

The New York Times reports today (Jan. 31) that FBI officials “say privately” that President Trump, in approving the release of California congressman Devin Nunes’ “Illegal FISA Spying” memo, is “prioritizing politics over national security” and “putting the bureau’s reputation at risk.”

Gosh. Would that be the same “Bureau” whose agents — under the direction of CIA Assassination Master Allen Dulles, head of the Dulles Commission (still called by the clueless the “Warren Commission,” after the doddering retired Supreme Court Justice who in 1942 interned the innocent Japanese-Americans, and who by 1964 was content to nod off at the head of the table while Dulles covered up his and his cronies’ biggest crime ever) intimidated, harangued and pressured under threat of being suicided all the witnesses who heard and saw John F.Kennedy shot from the front, from the grassy knoll?

Would that be the same “Bureau” whose snipers murdered unarmed members of the Mount Carmel church community near Waco, Texas, and whose agents then held the fire engines a mile away while they sprayed flammable gas into that church building (lined with bales of hay to block the FBI snipers’ bullets) set the place on fire with their “ferret” rounds, and then stood around celebrating and waving our American flag as scores of innocent women and children burned to death?

The same “Bureau” that recently announced a “glitch” caused their system to “fail to save” 50,000 text message between rogue FBI conspirators Peter Strzok and Lisa Page . . . only to have it turn out the Inspector General already had them? (“Damn!”)

They’re concerned that letting the public know what they’ve been up to with their Anything-to-Elect-Hillary-and-Destroy-Donald-Trump plotting might “put their reputation at risk”? They really “leaked” that to their own Pravda on the Hudson, the New York Times?

As I’ve been saying for some months now, I can find no provision in the U.S. Constitution for such a “Bureau” to exist, at all. If we really need a national “fingerprint lab” and database, I suggest Washington City turn that function over to the Parks Service or the Smithsonian Institution. If any majority of the members of Congress had any balls, they would present the executive branch with just two options: 1) Fire everyone who works at or for the FBI, immediately, at which point we’ll enact legislation that none of them can ever draw a penny of government pension, or ever work for any branch or level of government in this country again, and you can start re-building from scratch; or 2) the budget allocation for the FBI for the next fiscal year is zero, and the GSA will be instructed to rent out their current office space, at cost, effective July 1, 2018, to the Institute for Justice, the ACLU, NORML, and the Rastafarians.

“Putting the Bureau’s reputation at risk”? They actually SAID that?

4 Comments to “‘Putting the bureau’s reputation at risk’”

  1. Bear Says:

    When I first started seeing stuff about damaging the FBI’s reputation, my immediate thought was, “What? Someone’s accusing them of brilliant, unbiased competence?”

    Hoover, COINTELPRO, WTC bombing, forenscics labs, fingerprint ID… just to name some better known stuff. Then there was my own encounter with the agent with the reading disability.

  2. Vin Says:

    Hi, Bear — We’ve got room; tell us about the dyslexic agent.

    Meantime, Witchfinder Mueller’s request yesterday for a delay in sentencing Gen. Flynn is very interesting.

    Was Gen. Flynn not given a Miranda warning when he was interviewed under false pretenses (“we need your help,” rather than “you’re under investigation”) by the FBI at his workplace? Had his employer, the president, asked him to “take the meeting” (in which case any competent attorney could argue he “didn’t feel free to stand up and leave the room, or refuse to answer”)? The courts have called that “duress.”

    Were the supposed “inconsistencies in his statements” (concerning some Turkish contract job — nothing to do with “Russian collusion”) based on wiretaps fraudulently authorized? Was he interviewed by Very Special Agent Strzok, who is now known to have bragged to his FBI “mistress/attorney” Lisa Page in text messages that their written summaries of suspect interviews (known as “302s”) might have gotten high grades in any college Creative Writing course? (In other words, that they “made shit up”?)

    Are we about to learn (“see confirmed,” actually) that the whole “Russian collusion” narrative was invented out of thin air in a purposeful attempt by the Brennan-Clapper Gang to overthrow a duly elected U.S. government? Would that be some kind of . . . I don’t know, searching for a word, here . . . “crime”?

    How much of this did Robert Mueller know (to paraphrase Hillary Rodham and the rest of the Watergate investigators, 45 years ago), and when did he know it?

    — V.S.

  3. Bear Says:

    Hey, Vin; the FBI encounter was back in 1997 (so FBI stupidity, begun with its founding, continued unabated to the present. I wrote it up back. I was able to find the column in my files, and I’ve reposted it on my current blog HERE. Enjoy.

  4. olde reb Says:

    Should I overlook the lengthy list of writers who have connected the FBI, CIA, IA’s, use of US military, MSM, CFR, Federal Reserve, and their nefarious acts to further Wall Street objectives and develop a continuous thread here? Ref. https://ppjg.me/2017/11/09/fiscal-bliss-ignorance-is-bliss/ and lengthy footnotes.