‘He just sent his friend Putin a bouquet’

I hope it doesn’t make me sound like one of those “conspiracy types.” But does it strike anyone else, as we’ve channel-hopped recently for details of the burgeoning congressional investigation into the salacious “Christopher Steele Golden Shower dossier” funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, beefed up with fictional contributions from Clinton friends and staffers, leaked to a few cooperative far-left Web sites (whose accounts were then presented as “corroboration” to the FISA court as the Obama-Lynch-Comey DOJ and FBI sought a legal fig leaf to cover for their ongoing wiretapping of the opposition Donald Trump presidential and “transition” campaigns) . . . that Washington’s Democratic politicians and their lapdog press may actually have — how to put this — “coordinated their talking points”?

It’s not just the endless circling back to the now hilarious refrain of “Ignore the little man behind the curtain, let’s get back to removing Trump from office because he ‘colluded with the Russians to win the election'” (which conveniently ignores the fact the Russians have no known mechanism for altering the results of one of our presidential elections — especially one as lopsided as Trump’s 304-227 victory — as well as the fact that, having discovered they could successfully bribe Hillary Clinton with a few tens of million of dollars in “donations to the Clinton Foundation” to approve the sale to the Kremlin of 20 percent of America’s uranium, it would have been jaw-droppingly stupid of the Russkis to piss off the woman who was estimated to have a 93 percent chance of winning, in order to side with a bull-in-the-China-shop, “America First” billionaire who hasn’t shown any tendency to accept bribes from ANYONE.)

No, I’m referring to this endlessly repeated sound bite that — by starting to release some of what they’ve learned — congressional Republicans like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (along with their Lord of All Darkness, Donald Trump) are “doing Putin’s bidding,” “handing a big bouquet to Vladimir Putin,” “doing just what the Russians want,” etc.

(“By not protecting intelligence sources and methods, he just sent his friend Putin a bouquet,” was the Feb. 2 response to the de-classifying of the first Devin Nunes memo from Nancy Pelosi, head of the House Democrats who now squawk that Trump won’t approve their own “answer memo” without redactions . . . because said Democrats purposely inserted pages of content that would compromise “intelligence sources and methods,” of course, . . . precisely so they could squawk when Trump predictably declined to OK the release of THEIR memo without having them consult with the FBI about some possible, um . . . redactions.)

I thought this “Russians Russians Russians” mantra rang a bell from somewhere. So I turned to David Talbot’s masterful and exhaustive biography of CIA spymaster and Chief of Assassinations Allen Dulles, “The Devil’s Chessboard,” to page 594, in fact, where Talbot is discussing how defending the massive “single assassin” cover-up and fraud known as the “Warren Commission Report” from its legion of underfunded analysts and critics came to devour Dulles’ final years.

Circa 1967, “The propaganda campaign on behalf of the Warren Report was primarily run out of the CIA by Dulles stalwarts like Angleton and Ray Rocca,” Talbot reports. “The agency sought to provide friendly journalists with ‘material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists.’ One way that its media assets could impugn conspiracy theorists, the CIA suggested, was to portray them as Soviet dupes. ‘Communists and other extremists always attempt to prove a political conspiracy behind violence,’ declared another agency document.”

The current source of cognitive dissonance, of course, is that it’s the Left that for decades hated and reviled the FBI and the CIA (with considerable justification) for the way they trampled Americans’ civil rights in defense of the “Deep State” agendas of wealthy oligarchs like the Rockefellers, the Bushes and the rest of the gang at the Council on Foreign Relations.

But of course “Left” and “Right” have become little but labels for the different varieties of hokum churned out for the rubes out in the hinterlands, interchangeable at convenience, for today’s globalist, “Open Borders” Deep Staters. The administrations of the Bushes and nouveaux riches wanna-bes like the Clintons and the Obamas having completed the weaponization of the “security agencies,” the current gang of Antifa terrorists known as the “Congressional Democratic Caucus” no longer find need to exhibit any shame as they turn on a dime and accuse those few remaining patriots in their midst of “trying to harm and discredit and erode public confidence in our wonderful FBI and CIA!”

But come on. “Russian stooges”? After 50 years, you’d think the Dark Forces of statist secrecy and oppression would try to come up with a few new lies. The old ones are starting to sound a bit threadbare, don’t you think?

3 Comments to “‘He just sent his friend Putin a bouquet’”

  1. Steve Says:

    And here I thought Russian interference in other countries elections had been ongoing since the end of WWII.
    Silly me.

  2. hobitual Says:

    i thought, back when trump announced his intention to run, that when he wins, And i was sure he would, he will be fighting against, the democrats and their propaganda wing – the lamestream media, the democrats co-conspirators, aka the establishment republicans and their most dangerous symbiotic off spring – the bureaucratic state (the deep state) Since 1988 its either been a bush or a clinton or an obama making all the political appointments in washington DC , think about that for a moment, thats 30 years, a full career in DC able to retire on a good pension and not worry about the rat race in DC anymore, That means anyone who worked for Ronald Reagan has long since retired or been replaced in the years since, And as we all know,even though they claim to not favor politics over skills when hiring, democrats hire democrats, this we know, so now that we clearly understand the facts of this matter, we understand that the bureaucrats that have been hired over the last 30 years, Have been by and large hired BECAUSE of their politics, so as a consequence we have a highly political and active bureaucratic state that attacks Trump Simply because he won ! and we understand that this will not stop , they are fighting an insurgency war, this is, to any casual unbiased observer obviously political thru and thru , and just as obviously dangerous to the rule of law in this country, Its the same sort of politics practiced in our 3rd world neighbors to the south , where the state bureaucrats actively take sides and cheat to favor their preferred party or politician , we have descended, thanks to the rino repubs and the democrats into just that predicament. How we get out of this is not at all clear, the first most obvious thing to do is to vote ALL of the democrats and ALL of the rino republicans Out of any office and possibly, passing legislation forbidding them from ever holding any future office, And then to clean out ALL of the appointees and All of the people hired by these people, to do anything less is to leave the cancer living in the patient and looking to grow and expand and kill the host, We have 30+ years of their past performance to base our decisions on, We live in the world they promised us would not happen here, based on that alone, they are liars at best and corrupt co-conspirators in traitorous acts against both the people of these states and the constitution of this country at worst,
    how we deal with this now, will determine whether we have a country that respects the rule of law and the will of the people, or whether we get another corrupt clinton or bush or pelosi ETC as the party pick,…..

    as an aside Vin a Question ?
    have you heard of Qanon on 4chan and 8chan ?
    this Qanon character is asserting, thru cryptic postings that resemble intel reports, that we-I.E. trump and his former generals and trumps supporters, are engaged in a behind the scenes war against the deep state, and that the deep state in retaliating in kind I.E. muller, stock market flux, democrats leaking, media antitrump overload ETC, as part of their war against a free america ruled by the citizens of the country.the postings are current and in many cases pace or predict actions that are happening as we speak and in the near future, so far, this Q has been VERY accurate. and was actually mentioned on Rush Limbaugh today by a caller.
    im not sure if you are familiar with the Shia Lebouf art project and his silly livefeed flag, the Folks on 4chan and 8chan were able to locate and pull down his flag in a matter of days, despite security ,and were able to do so both here in the US and in europe. there are good compilation videos on youtube detailing the whole comic saga.
    if you havent looked into it
    might i suggest you do ?

    any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated

  3. Vin's Brunette Says:

    Hi, H —

    Vin had asked me to respond to you, a few days ago . . . I’m inundated with tax stuff and forgot. 🙁

    I’m more prone to rabbit hole exploration than Vin is. While I tend to avoid lurking on the chan boards, I do follow Q’s postings with some interest elsewhere (here, for example: https://qanonmap.github.io/ ) — and via various Twitter accounts that cover Q’s cryptic messages. @prayingmedic https://twitter.com/prayingmedic is one; he does long and comprehensive threads re: Q’s posts.

    Qanon is undoubtedly important, and we’ll likely be hearing much more about him/her/them in the future. Q’s recurrent messages seem to be “we are winning,” “united we stand,” “truth always wins,” “do not give in,” and the like. Positive, encouraging messages.

    Q’s predictions do often seem to be accurate — then again, they ARE cryptic and deliberately so, and thus somewhat open to interpretation. It IS interesting that Trump’s tweets sometimes appear to validate or echo Q’s posts. 😉 (For anyone unfamiliar with Q, this short “Who is Q?” video might be a good start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqExi6bOoyA )

    I’ve wondered if Q is somehow related to Cicada 3301, and if so, how. Mysterious and intriguing stuff that seems designed to engage the brightest and freest young minds (and even independent thinking oldsters, too.)