Allowing radical Democrat activists Debra Katz & Ricki Seidman to run the Senate Judiciary Committee

Fed up, I e-mailed Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, this morning:

Dear Sen. Grassley — I’m a registered Republican voter. I try to avoid being disrespectful, but do you carry your preserved testicles around in a jar? Your initial willingness to hear this woman out was admirable, but how many “deadlines” have you “extended,” so far? This “He tried to cop a feel 36 years ago when he was 17, but I was too drunk to remember where or when” nonsense has been a cynical, radical Democrat strategy to delay, delay, delay from the beginning.

Operatives Katz & Seidman certainly aren’t working for the long-term good of their supposed client, Mrs. Blasey Ford. This is the same team that recruited and paid the “shriekers” to turn your hearings into a circus from Day One.

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Please call your committee vote.

Are decency, the rule of law, and the (small) remaining dignity of the U.S. Senate really less important than your fear of being called an insensitive brute by the likes of Mazie Hirono and Adam Schiff (who I’m SURE would agree to imprison their own child or grandchild without trial if HE were accused by an admitted drink-blitzed alcoholic of trying to cop a feel at age 17)?

What does a “Grassley deadline” now mean? What are you going to do when the Democrats use this extra time to come up with NEW allegations? Will you then schedule your vote for THEIR target date . . . Jan. 22, 2025?

(Grassley reminds me of the astonishingly inept Joe Stalin, whose first order of June 22, 1941 was for his remaining generals — the ones he hadn’t shot — to TAKE NO ACTION that might offend his staunch ally Chancellor Hitler, since these reports of a giant German invasion had to be some kind of big mistake. Then, when he later ordered a big counterattack? Well, apparently he forgot he’d forbidden his troops to deploy radios, all orders had to move by land-lines, and it turned out German advance units had been busy all night, climbing phone poles and cutting the wires. What does the Honorable Chairman Grassley think is going to happen if he can cajole these delicate Alinsky acolytes into having their oh-so-fragile client testify on Wednesday — the last possible date that MIGHT allow a full-Senate confirmation vote before the new court term begins on Oct. 1 — assuming Chuck and Di don’t come up with NEW delaying tactics NEXT weekend? Why, he’ll hear at 8 a.m. Wednesday morning “Our client is sick in the hospital, and you’d better not hold your vote till she gets better, or you’ll be SILENCING THIS POOR ANGUISHED SEX ASSAULT VICTIM JUST BECAUSE SHE’S SICK IN THE HOSPITAL WITH ‘WOMAN-PROBLEMS,’ YOU DESPICABLE SEXIST OAF!” Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein and all the Chinese spies on her staff must be positively dancing a jig as they trade high-fives: “I never thought it would actually WORK!”)

If your attorneys ever DO question this troubled “professor,” (my e-mail to Sen. Grassley continued) they’ll be terrified to quiz her on penalty of felony about her anti-Trump activism, reports that she called in the past (on her now-suspiciously-scrubbed “social media” pages) for someone (anyone) to accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape, her admitted teen-age alcoholism and the binge drinking mentioned in her high-school yearbook, won’t they? It’s like you want President Trump and a fine man like Judge Cavanaugh to LOSE.

I’m sorry, but it increasingly appears today’s Republican Party neither wants nor deserves to govern.

Regretfully, — Vin Suprynowicz

(I also emailed my own senator, Dean Heller, asking him if he could please help the gentleman from Iowa locate his missing testicles, though I did add: “Or is the problem Yertle McConnell?”)

4 Comments to “Allowing radical Democrat activists Debra Katz & Ricki Seidman to run the Senate Judiciary Committee”

  1. Henry Says:

    Chuck Grassley, famous investigator of Fast and Furious, whose months and years of intrepid work resulted in… absolutely nothing.

    God, I am so sick of these pompous, posturing, mendacious weasels. It’s not too late to bring back Liberty Trees.

  2. John Kelly Says:

    I’m thinking that maybe a couple of republicans will not vote for Kavanaugh unless she (Ford) gets to have her say. I just wish the republicans were as bullish as the dems are.
    They are scared to death! I wish they would vote today on Kavanaugh and let the chips fall where they may. 36 years and counting??? How much longer??

  3. Vin Says:

    That’s why we’re talking about testicles. Chrissie Staley doesn’t want to testify, or they’d already have a firm schedule — even if they had to set up lights and cameras and swear her in for the cameras on the family Bible at her local high school gym.

    A majority vote isn’t necessary to move Kavanaugh’s nomination from the committee to the floor. Grassley need only say, “We bent over backward to try and accommodate this lady’s supposed desire to testify, which I now judge to be insincere and a mere ‘stall.’ So we’re voting on the nomination Monday morning, and I condemn the reprehensible conduct of the radical Democrat activists who have tried to manipulate and take advantage of this unfortunate and confused woman’s situation.”

    McConnell should then hold a vote of the full Senate at the earliest possible moment, regardless of all whining, caterwauling — the kind of mayhem the Nazi minority employed to stop the German Reichstag from functioning.

    I suspect the nomination will succeed. But if Flake and Collins and Manchin really all vote “No,” fine. Deal with it.

    Is Donald Trump a quitter? He calls a press conference and announces, “As you know, the Senate voted on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court last evening, and that vote failed because Senator Flake of Arizona, and Sen. Collins of Maine, along with every single Democratic senator, decided to reject a man who is arguably the best qualified candidate for this position — and also one of the finest men I’ve ever met. All those senators decided to participate in an attempt to ruin his reputation and his career, why?

    “Because a self-described alcoholic and radical Democrat activist, who refuses to risk perjury by telling her bizarre tale under oath, claims Brett Kavanaugh or someone like him — she hasn’t even been willing to try and pick his picture out of a photo lineup — was one of many who tried to cop a feel through her clothes when she attended a high-school pool party and participated in illegal under-age drinking, 36 years ago, and furthermore that she didn’t even remember the incident or Judge Kavanaugh’s name until four years ago, when Mitt Romney first said he might nominate Judge Kavanaugh, the kind of conservative Constitutionalist that these radical Democrats hate, to the high court.

    “She doesn’t seem to want to answer questions about how far things went with OTHER young men at those drunken pool parties, does she? And why do you suppose she erased all her ‘social media’ pages before coming forward? Didn’t want us to see how she suggested a little creative tale-telling might stop other conservative nominees?

    “Senate Majority Leader McDonnell called me with the bad news about this vote last evening, and suggested I withdraw Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, so we can try someone else, so these sick, perverted, cackling Saul Alinsky Democrats can do it all again, to someone else. I consulted with Judge Kavanaugh, and although it will mean extending a stressful time for him and his family, he has agreed with what I’m now going to announce.

    “I am NOT withdrawing Brett Kavanaugh’s name from nomination. He remains my nominee for the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court. What I want is for every American who believes it is unjust to ruin this great man’s reputation and career, simply because an emotionally troubled, self-described alcoholic left-wing radical, who refuses to risk a perjury conviction by testifying under oath, says he tried to cop a feel while she was too drunk to even remember where she was, in high school 36 years ago, to go to the polls this fall and vote for Republican Senate candidates, and ONLY Republican Senate candidates.

    “We’ve had enough of this nonsense. Vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s honor and for an honest and non-partisan Supreme Court, vote against false charges and lies and cynical games with our nation’s future. Vote to stop this cynical nonsense, this cheapening of the REAL tragedy of sexual assault, dead in its tracks.

    “The Supreme Court will just have to struggle along with eight justices for a little while, until our new Republican Senate can vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, even if it takes till January. And God Bless the United States of America.”

    — V.S.

  4. Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger Says:

    Grassley and McConnell need your help: Donate Now