I’ll never forget them, those rutting sluts

I didn’t think I’d ever tell the tale of the most shameful episode of my youth — an experience so traumatic that it’s often prevented me from performing as a man should, in intimate circumstances, even decades later.

But I believe the time has finally come to reveal the truth — that the safety (yes, even the survival) of the nation requires it — no matter how embarrassing it may prove to me, personally.

I was in my late teens when an opportunity arose for me to spend a week in Hawaii. I jumped at the chance, and soon found myself in the early evening hours touring a few of the busy nightspots within the sound of the surf at Waikiki. I fell in with an attractive young Japanese cafeteria worker who called herself Daisy (or perhaps Maisy, in fact that sounds right), close to my own age, and her somewhat older companion, a woman probably in her mid-30s, who was apparently visiting from the mainland as well -– some kind of minor government functionary from California, a woman I found to be a rather humorless, active in some kind of “gay rights” movement, who gave her name as “Diane Goldman.”

This pair acted quite friendly, bought me a drink, and invited me to their secluded bungalow, purportedly to discuss our shared youthful enthusiasm for progressive politicians Gene McCarthy and George McGovern. Though I didn’t really find the older “Diane” very attractive, I thought the young Japanese cafeteria worker was cute, so I summoned up my courage and went along.

After a few minutes at their bungalow, however, I began to feel woozy, and realized they’d spiked my drink with some kind of drug, probably quaaludes. They were soon dancing around me, turning up their stereo to play the music of “The Doors” in order to drown out my protests, laughing and taunting me, removing first their own clothing, and then all of mine.

As I swooned, they injected me with further drugs -– I have no idea what -– with a hypodermic needle, then tied me to a chair, and used me to pleasure themselves. Oh! Those galloping trollops used me for hours, in the most hideous and shameful manner, injecting me up with more drugs as necessary to keep me in a state best suited to their pleasure.

Finally, after hours of this highly rhythmic and aerobic straddling, and after they finally shifted to pleasuring one another with a sexual aid in the shape of a horned Satan (once I had finally become unable to offer them any further involuntary satisfaction), the harlots fell asleep, naked, in each others arms. With the aid of their pet ferret, who obviously took some pity on my plight, I then managed to free myself, recover my clothing, and stumble out into the early dawn.

Needless to say, I failed to take note of the exact address of my degradation. Calling the Hawaiian police and exposing my shame was the furthest thing from my mind. In fact, I pretty much blocked out memories of this most traumatic event for decades, to the extent that at this point I can’t even tell you the precise day or month of my shameful captivity and sexual abuse -– until I recently happened to find myself in front of a television set in the rec room of my church, and recognized that my youthful tormentors -– now going by the names of Mazie Hirono and Dianne Goldman Feinstein -– are now considered to be respected member of the United States Senate, involved in a scheme to require that all American children be injected with gender-changing drugs in order to neuter an entire generation, in hopes of finally ending what these demonic creatures call “white male privilege”!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “Vin, these are serious and disturbing allegations, but after all, you can’t expect anyone to believe and act on this report of yours until you bring forward some corroborating evidence, some witnesses who will confirm your story, until you swear to this story on felony penalty for perjury, and most of all until Senators Hirono and Feinstein are given a chance to respond and defend themselves, as required by Americans’ most cherished belief in the rights to face one’s accuser, to due process, and to the presumption of innocence.”

But no! That’s where you’d be wrong! Finally, in this new and enlightened age, we’ve been freed from these oppressive and outdated notions of “due process” and this so-called “presumption of innocence.”

When CNN’s Jake Tapper this week asked Senator Mazie Hirono about due process and the presumption of innocence for Judge Brett Kavanaugh regarding the hazy, undocumented, un-sworn, 36-year-old allegations against him by Christine Blasey Ford, the known 1982 high-school drunk, Hirono refused to say the accused is presumed innocent or that that presumption should be extended.
(see: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/sen-hirono-refuses-to-say-kavanaugh-has-presumption-of-innocence-women-need-to-be-believed/ .)

Ms. Feinstein has demanded further delays in any vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, based on a further unsworn and uncorroborated account (refuted and contradicted by every potential witness) by radical left-wing Puerto Rican activist Deborah Ramirez, that while she was drunk (notice a pattern, here?) during her freshman year at Yale a male student there stuck his erect penis in her face, and that she has recently been asking her former classmates “Do you suppose that could have been Brett Kavanaugh?”

(See . . . https://hotair.com/archives/2018/09/24/yes-lets-see-emails-led-deborah-ramirezs-accusation-kavanaugh/ )

(Since it’s impossible for anyone not a midget to have a penis thrust in her face while standing upright, we still await Miss Ramirez’s explanation for what she was doing, both drunk and on her knees, at the time.)

And the leader of Mazie and Dianne’s party in the Senate -– the master to whose commands they unquestioningly dance -– Chuck Schumer, the sadist and pervert who famously cackled with glee and congratulated all the FBI agents who held the fire engines a mile away while those FBI agents burned the women and children to death in that church near Waco 25 years ago –- confirmed to reporters on Sept. 25, 2018, that “There is no presumption of innocence or guilt when you have a nominee before you.”

(See: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/09/25/schumer_no_presumption_of_innocence_for_kavanaugh.html .)

So — now that we victims are finally freed from such onerous and cumbersome cobwebbed notions of 18th Century “jurisprudence,” I demand that Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Dianne Goldman “Feinstein” of San Francisco by ousted from the United States Senate, without any ceremony, discussion, or further delay.

After all, according to their own stated standards, my un-sworn, uncorroborated allegation is adequate proof, and no further hearing, defense, or “presumption of innocence” is necessary, appropriate, or allowed. Right?

6 Comments to “I’ll never forget them, those rutting sluts”

  1. Jak Says:

    If this scheme works to oust Kavanaugh then it is likely that every male Republican running for any office anywhere in the country will automatically be accused of sexual assault

  2. John Kelly Says:

    I have done them both myself, but I don’t want anyone to know it! Can you blame me?

  3. R. Hartman Says:

    If Brett Kavanaugh were to read this post, I’m sure he would have a strong sense of recognition.

    The only non-consensual gang rape here is the one taking place right now, in full public view: the one involving Brett Kavanaugh, where he’s clearly not the perpetrator.

    What amazes me most about this is that women who presumably were looked upon as respectable by most of their aquaintances have no shame exposing themselves as the drunken sluts they were and apparently still are.

  4. Ed Says:

    It appears that many women think that it’s their duty to drain men. If they can’t do it financially, they will go for your physical and emotional energy.

  5. Vin Says:

    My sources in D.C. report that — having been advised Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is likely to “fall over and not get up” well before Kamala Harris is expected to defeat “rapist-in-chief” Donald Trump in his doomed 2020 re-election bid, and given that Trump has already telegraphed his likely nominee to replace the ailing justice (who, colleagues report off the record, “surprises us every time it turns out she’s still awake,”) former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and several current Democratic senators including Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy and Cory Booker have already combined their efforts to place “Help Wanted” ads in both the print and online versions of “Ms.” magazine, something called “Bitch” (“offering our readers a feminist response to pop culture”), and the monthly “Progressive Gazette and Abortion News”, seeking “Anyone willing to swear under oath that appellate federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett, former clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia, former law professor at the University of Notre Dame, is a dangerous alcoholic who placed Satanic code words in her high-school yearbook, and/or a serial rapist of underage children. Other felonies considered. Credible testimony concerning torture of kittens or puppies a definite plus. Benefit from your Dissociative Personality Disorder! Acting experience, ability to cry on cue and really “sell the story” required. The right applicant will have to be willing to undergo extensive coaching in her home by our trained operatives. If you are chosen to join our team, our international corporate donors will deposit a seven-figure sum in a Swiss bank account with access codes known only to you! Contact law offices of Debra Katz, Gloria Allred , or Lisa Bloom at 202.299.11xx (Connecticut Avenue, NW), 323.302.47xx (Los Angeles) or 818.914.73xx (Woodland Hills, CA.) An Equal Opportunity Employer.”

  6. R. Hartman Says:

    Following up on my previous comment:

    The “no shame exposing themselves as the drunken sluts they were” apparently was a ploy to rake in some $ 679.000 + through GoFundMe…

    How to turn from cheap slut into expensive hooker…


    There appear to be 3 campaigns…