Through a glass, darkly

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Any good coach can tell you it’s a bad mistake to spend too much time worrying about the game that’s three weeks away, till you lose your focus on THIS week’s game. We’ve still got to get out and vote on Nov. 6 (if not earlier) to keep the country out of the hands of the Democrats’ rioting Neanderthal mobs (where do they think they are, France?); screeching banshees; Fake Media losers who keep saying Trump’s only appeal is to racists and woman-haters, and the kind of harridans who show up on that TV show “The View” . . . or was there some redundancy in that list?

That said, barring truly massive Democrat illegal-alien vote fraud, we now know pretty much how these 2018 midterm elections turn out. (Larry Schweikart spells it out at , or . . . .)

As I detailed in my last post, Republicans gain seven to nine seats in the Senate, with a slightly shakier likelihood of similar gains in the House. (If the Republican gains pass 10, the headline becomes “Yes, the Revolution WILL be televised.”)

Meantime, I do get questions: How many more Dems and worthless RINOS can we shed the NEXT time, in 2020, and in the meantime what’s going to happen during the next three months –- Election Day to early February, 2019?

Mind you, predictions are tricky, especially since Donald Trump is a master of timing and takes a long view — he’s already shown he’s not going to take a small “win” (ousting Rod Rodentstein) when he can gain some leverage for bigger battles.

So, don’t bet the farm on anyone’s prognostications -– particularly on events unfolding on any strict timetable. Still, a few images in the crystal ball are growing clearer:

A) Will Bob Mueller be fired?

Bob Mueller doesn’t need to be fired. He’s done. Notice how his Leak Machine has gone quiet? (Yeah, yeah, he’s gonna indict Donald Trump Jr. for putting up with rambling Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya — curiously admitted for that very meeting on a special visa provided by Iran-loving Democrat Secretary of State John Kerry -– for about 20 minutes before throwing her out of Trump Tower, two effing years ago. Sure. That will happen right about the time Jeff Sessions indicts Chelsea Clinton for illegally paying for her wedding gown with non-profit Clinton Foundation funds, coincidentally on the very same day monkeys fly out of Michael Avenatti’s ass. Oh, wait . . .)

Donald Trump is now in possession of documents including fraudulent FISA wiretap applications which -– when released “un-redacted” –- will show the whole “Muh Russia” witch-hunt was invented out of thin air by a gang of depraved Obama-era DOJ managers (including Rod Rodentstein) working in lockstep with the usual gang of Highly Paid Agents of the Clinton Crime Family.

Mueller’s appointment was almost certainly illegal — the Special Counsel statute calls for a specific crime to be named, and no section of the criminal code can be found that outlaws “collusion with Russia.” Further, the purpose of that stipulation is to LIMIT such probes (since a Special Counsel with UNLIMITED scope would be in effect a second U.S. Attorney General, violating the Constitutional clause which reserves the power to appoint such officers to the President alone.)

Furthermore, it’s clear Rodentstein abdicated his supervisory responsibility to rein in Mueller, whose probe should have been limited to violations of a specific, named statute. What on earth do Michael Cohen’s taxi medallions or Paul Manafort’s work for the Ukrainians many years ago have to do with the absurd allegation that Donald Trump wanted, needed, solicited, or got any significant help from Russia to “swing the 2016 election”? (See .)

Mueller has been shedding staff like rats off a sinking ship for weeks now. He thinks he can wait to turn in his “final report” till AFTER the midterms. We’ll see.

At this point, the best Mr. Mueller and Gang can hope for is to maybe NOT get indicted for their roles in Uraniumgate and the Seditious Conspiracy to Defraud the FISA Court and Overthrow a Duly Elected President of the United States Under Color of Law.

Who do they think they’re dealing with, Jimmy Carter?

B) Will Mueller ever get around to letting the court sentence General Flynn?

Highly unlikely. Flynn was charged with “lying to the FBI” based on misleading, rigged, or doctored “302” reports. (See the documentary footprints of Strzok and McCabe.) He pleaded out only when they’d drained his funds and they threatened to go after his SON. If Mueller allows sentencing to proceed, he can be disbarred and charged with malicious prosecution (see the guy who prosecuted the Duke lacrosse players down in North Carolina without even interviewing their alleged “victim” –- Byron Nifong. He went to jail. And why was lying call girl Crystal Mangum never charged with filing a false police report, by the way? Shouldn’t those who demand equal treatment for women insist they face the same punishment as MEN who file false reports?)

Trump pretty much pardons or commutes the sentences of Mueller’s victims by February, 2021, anyway (except all those phantom Russians, who could be names out of the Vladivostock phone directory, for all we know.) It was all just a smoke-screen to cover up the seditious scum still busy redacting and shredding documents over at the DOJ (Note how they all keep saying “Sorry I can’t answer that question -– ongoing Investigation, you know”) while Jeff Sessions napped under his desk.

C) OK, what about Jeff Sessions and Rod Rodentstein?

I understand some still want to “Trust Sessions,” because he and sidekick John Huber (who hasn’t even questioned Bruce Ohr, mind you) have 5,000 sealed indictments ready to spring on the traitors once they’re lulled into complacency. I hope it’s true; that would be great; I’d love to see it. Honest. Only, if he wanted to send out the marshals to round them all up, surely Labor Day weekend, 2018, would have been a pretty good target date. Instead he’s going to do nothing even in October — he purposely risks losing the House in November?

Because he and/or Mr. Trump wanted to prove they could do it with one hand tied behind their backs? OK . . . maybe.

Let’s acknowledge Sessions has been doing good, methodical work on immigration — considering how little help the Trump team gets from Congress. Then there’s his insistence that he doesn’t want his office to become political.

OK. Of course we don’t want selective prosecutions, people being arrested or harassed just for being Democrats, while Republicans get a free pass. That should go without saying. (Even though that’s exactly the way things worked under Obama, albeit in reverse.)

But the Jeff Sessions DOJ appoints a Special Counsel who looks only for TRUMP collusion with the Russians (none found) while the DOJ for two more years ignores Hillary getting $140 million in “charitable contributions” from the Russians around the same time she OKd selling them 20 percent of our uranium? As well as her law firm hiring GPS Fusion to put together the $200 million “peeing prostitutes” hit piece on Donald Trump — using highly unreliable RUSSIAN sources — whereupon those hirelings helped the DOJ/FBI illegally leak it to the press, to “corroborate” their lies to the FISA Court? Napoleon’s armies are already coming over the hill, and you announce you don’t want your office to do anything that could possibly be criticized as “anti-French,” since “we’re above all that”?

While the hope that “Stealth Jeff” has just been playing possum to give the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang a false sense of security is attractive, I tend to believe Donald Trump’s statements that he only appointed Sessions, an early supporter, out of loyalty because the Alabama senator pleaded for the job even though Trump “didn’t see it”, that the president was shocked by the betrayal when Sessions recused himself from prosecuting all the Muh Russia treason, that “I have no attorney general.”

Opinions are still divided on whether Sessions was placed there purposely to cripple the president’s ability to round up and prosecute the lying scum; whether this 22-month delay was in fact a good thing since it’s taken time for the drip, drip, drip of ongoing revelations to awaken the public to just how big the Deep-State conspiracy was and is (justifying not only a housecleaning, but some actual “civil service” reform), or whether Mr. Sessions is simply a nice old man still under Sally Yates’ post-hypnotic suggestion and completely out of his depth when it comes to the need to clean house at the DOJ/FBI.

Let’s be generous and choose some combination of Options B and C. Nonetheless, it’s increasingly evident Sessions, Rodentstein, and probably Dana Boente and Christopher Wray at the FBI need to go before the overdue housecleaning can begin.

The question becomes, where is Mr. Trump going to come up with a replacement who will earn the nickname “Vlad the Impaler” (if not “Luca Brazzi”) after he or she fires or “retires” the first 20 Obama-holdover redaction-crazy scum (no, they shouldn’t be allowed to “protect their methods” when the methods were ILLEGAL) -– and how is Mr. Trump going to get the still largely worthless GOP Senate to confirm?

(Don’t be fooled by RINO Mitch McConnell preening as The Donald calls him “rock-ribbed Mitch” for finally managing to push through the Kavanaugh appointment. His own leadership position would have been toast if McConnell had failed. If McConnell is now on the Trump team, why is he still holding daily “pro forma” sessions of the supposedly recessed Senate, thus preventing Trump from making any recess appointments? Trump has promised to “campaign with Mitch in 2020.” Unstated is the addendum “Assuming Mitch decides to run again, which might be . . . unwise.”)


Rudy Giuliani (age 74, the inventor of the “perp walk”) or Joe DiGenova (age 73, the prosecutor who nailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard) could do the job. Though you’d be right back to “He said bad things about my client on TV which proves this is all prejudiced and political.” Mind you, that should be irrelevant in any sane world (ALL prosecutors start out a case by announcing the accused is guilty as sin.) But to any judge appointed by Obama or Clinton, with the help of our Lying Media, that’s a likely Get Out of Jail Free card.

While those two remain high on the list. Trump’s top choice might actually be Kris Kobach of Kansas, though -– assuming he wins –- it could be hard to ask him to give up a newly-won governorship. Ditto Ted Cruz -– a possibility should he lose his Senate race, though he’s now pulling ahead there . . . and he’s not a reliably loyal Trumpian, anyway.

Among the remaining names frequently bruited about, Chris Christie of New Jersey no longer seems close to Trump, and might face ethics questions about that bridge.

Trey Gowdy talks a good game, though his investigations never seem to go anywhere. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi remains a possibility.

But these names almost all belong to politicians -– talkers. Mr. Trump, a fast learner, tends to hire experts to do a specific job, and isn’t likely to seek advice or suggestions from anyone in the “Deep State,” this time around.

A Heavy Hitter is called for, an experienced prosecutor who knows how to use RICO, someone who wouldn’t shy away from stepping up to the microphone one morning and saying “As we speak this morning, federal marshals and loyal FBI agents are out rounding up 27 persons, including the former head of the CIA and two former U.S. Attorneys General, on charges of Fraud on the Court, and Conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected government of the United States. These are serious charges. We’ll be seeking serious prison sentences, to say the least.”

Or were you under the impression the Globalist Deep State has just been playing patty-cake, and that Donald Trump was going to respond by challenging them to a fast game of checkers down in the rec room?

Most puzzling about the lists of possible replacements often named, to my mind, are the ABSENCE of Solicitor General Noel Francisco (who clerked for Antonin Scalia) Assistant AG for National Security John Demers (who also once clerked for Antonin Scalia), and especially Assistant AG for the Criminal Division Brian Benczkowski -– all Trump appointees who have been CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE and could thus step in on Day One, quite possibly serving a full year before requiring a new confirmation by a new upper house with at least 57 (if not more) Republican members.

All three of these fellows were appointed and confirmed during the past year (with few or no Democrat votes, unlike Mr. Rodentstein), when Donald J. Trump presumably knew this moment was coming. Or are we under the impression Donald Trump never plans ahead?

Next topic: Under cover of the left-wing Brownshirt violence which will doubtless follow the ever-deluded Democrats’ realization that Nancy Pelosi will never again be Speaker of the House, some have asked . . .

D) Will they try to assassinate Donald Trump?

We instinctively tend to avoid this question, under the “Why give them ideas?” rule. Indeed, let us avoid getting too specific. But let’s also get real: when it finally dawns on these America-haters, who thought they had the gullible masses sold on their open-borders, No-More-Jobs, crypto-Communist paradise, that nothing else has worked, they may try.

And while it’s tempting to visualize masked Antifa warriors swarming out of their parents’ basements to rush the President with pastry bags full of pastel frosting, let’s still pray the security team is on its toes, not stewed up and partying with a bunch of Colombian Ladies of the Evening. (Did you notice, in Elko today, the Trump rally took place inside a vast wagon laager of yellow school buses? It’s called “limiting the perimeter.”)

The whole of the next two years comprise the time of maximum risk. The Forces of Evil have already said they’ll use “any means necessary,” haven’t they? You think the Davos Globalist Uniparty won’t try because it “wouldn’t be sporting”? We’ll know a well organized attempt on the president’s life has been thwarted if several high-ranking current or former CIA officials die in mysterious canoeing accidents on the Anacostia River, next year.

Meantime, let me respectfully suggest the White House approach Gen. Mattis and borrow a SEAL team to give THEIR opinion of the current executive security regime, paying special attention to Mar-A-Lago. And don’t forget to take a close look at “food service.”

E) Can we take out even more of these SOBs in 2020?

Unfortunately, the down side of the Republicans having done well in the 2014 Senate elections, picking up 9 seats, is that they now have to defend 20 seats in 2020, as opposed to the Democrats’ meager 11 — not counting the Thad Cochran seat in Mississippi and the Al Franken seat in Minnesota, whose new occupants we won’t know for a couple more weeks, as they’re currently in play.

But things look a little different when we start to look at seats VULNERABLE in 2020. The GOP’s only seriously vulnerable incumbent will doubtless be Susan Collins of Maine. Republicans already have to be pathetically “moderate” to succeed in today’s New England, and now the Dems will be gunning for Collins to punish her for casting the (nearly) deciding vote for Bret Kavanaugh.

Otherwise, oddly enough, the Republican most likely to “retire to spend more time with his family” in 2020 -– following the example of Jeff Flake, Bobby Corker, Paul Ryan, et al. -– is Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who (despite cosmetic appearances) remains a scheming Never-Trumper. (STILL no funding for the border wall? STILL no merit-based immigration? Still no serious attempt to overrule the liberal courts on “Catch-and-Release”?)

Everyone else looks pretty safe to me right now. Besides, while it’s not as emotionally SATISFYING as a bloodbath, President Trump is a pragmatist. If former Never-Trumpers can be “brought over,” he gains their seats and their seniority without costly, protracted battles.

True, Lindsey Graham and Dean Heller and Martha McSally (who spent most of 2017 as an Arizona congressman trying to BLOCK funding for Trump’s border wall, but now waves her arms at Trump rallies and leads the crowd in a chant of “Build the Wall”) may only be coming over because they see that’s where the votes are. But so what? Who cares what’s in their deepest hearts, as long as they vote for tax cuts, job-boosting trade deals, rounding up and deporting the illegals, a merit-based immigration system?


On the Democrat side of the aisle, on the other hand, we find six more-or-less vulnerable incumbents, come 2020, and the problem of being one of only five or six targets is that the incoming fire from the Trump re-election juggernaut could be staggering.

1) Democrat Doug Jones, accidental senator, looks mighty out-of-place holding Jeff Sessions’ old seat in Trump-red Alabama. He only won because the Democrats trotted out their standard teary-eyed 70-ish former waitresses, all represented by Gloria Allred or her Also-red daughter, whining and blubbering that Judge Roy Moore, then a single returning Vietnam veteran, tried to kiss them when they went out on a date 50 years ago, but stopped when they asked him to. Waaaah!

(Can anyone tell me why they keep pulling this stuff? It didn’t work against either Trump or Brett Kavanaugh. Yes, I understand they can count on their allies in the Lying Media to keep shouting the words “rape” and “sexual assault” when the real (albeit totally uncorroborated) charge is “copping a feel” or “attempted smooching.” But doesn’t it hurt the cause of REAL assault victims to cheapen words like “rape” by applying them to awkward high-school shenanigans where no one even gets naked? Then again, I guess the question presumes Democrats actually CARE.)

Accidental Jones faces voters again in 2020. Is Congressman Mo Brooks still available? Assuming Jeff Sessions himself isn’t at loose ends, of course.

2) New Hampshire almost went for Trump in 2016 (in fact, it may have, given that Clinton’s supposed popular vote margin in the state was a mere 2,736, while 5,300 out-of-state voters were allowed to vote after they swore they were moving to New Hampshire — but never did. See ), . . . and seems highly likely to do so in 2020.

Where will that leave anti-gun Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who as governor only failed to impose New Hampshire’s first state sales tax because the Legislature wouldn’t let her? Shaheen tends to win her races by only a pathetic point or two; she’s highly vulnerable. (And yes, full disclosure, when she was governor, she once officially condemned one of my books based on the title, without actually reading it. But I understand, senator: Reading is hard, and there were no pictures.)

3) Loudmouth oddball Cory Booker of New Jersey does not seem to be President Trump’s favorite person. That might not matter so much if he’d done a lot to bring his constituents safety, security, and prosperity. Unfortunately, what he left behind is called “Newark.”

And at this point we don’t even know how long he’s going to survive newly surfacing allegations that he tries to force gay men to give him blowjobs in lavatories: ( .) Gosh, I wonder if Mr. Booker (along with Ohio’s Sherrod Brown) is now having any second thoughts about voting against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the high court. At this point, it must be tempting for Mr. Booker (and Mr. Brown) to invoke such notions as “innocent unless proven guilty,” otherwise known as “the presumption of innocence” — so thoroughly abandoned and trampled by the Senate Democrats, en masse, last month. What’s good for the goose . . .

4) Mark Warner, ranking member of the famously corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee, which leaks like a sieve, will be in the cross-hairs in Virginia. Frankly, I doubt he’ll even last till the election. I’ll bet he suddenly realizes he needs to spend more time with his family, long before November, 2020.

5) Gary Peters, like Debbie Stabenow, is a Democrat in now-red Michigan, where Trump is reviving the auto industry almost single-handed. He’s better than most Democrats on gun rights -– the NRA actually gives him a “D.” But the world is changing. Iraq War veteran John James could take him down — unless he’s already in the Senate, at that point.

6) And rounding out our Dirty Half-Dozen, I predict the Trump GOP will also target in 2020 far-left Jeff Merkley in Oregon, the only sitting senator I know of to have endorsed Socialist Bernie Sanders. Merkley is, of course, also awful on immigration and “sanctuary cities.” Yes, yes, I know: “Portland.” But it seems to me there’s also a place called “Eastern Oregon.” Are they still allowed to vote?

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  1. Gregg Tivnan Says:


    thanks for a great bit of writing.

    I am filled with hope for the future for the first time since 1981. My hopes were quickly dashed then. Trump has only raised them and kept promises.