Three weeks to go

Gosh, have the Democrats ever screwed themselves.

Should I not be gloating over the stunningly bad generalship of those who lead my own former party?

Mind you, the pendulum had to start swinging back after decades of increasingly bizarre, Crypto-communist, anti-American globalism. Women’s sports events being won by big, muscular men who grow their hair our, put on lipstick, and say they “identify” as women? Little girls being raped by cross-dressing hairy apes in the Little Girls’ room? ( ) American workers being told “The factory went away, your job went away, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, since no one has a ‘magic wand’”? ( ) Illegal aliens who keep coming back after being deported again and again, till they finally get busted for rape and/or murder, and a San Francisco jury lets them off because “the stolen gun did it”? ( )

And liberal judges say if they re-enter with a kidnapped tot, you can’t “separate that family” and therefore you have to let both the kidnapped tot and his pederast go free (together) inside America, so long as they promise to “come back to court” next year? ( .)

The shifting tide, first confused, then sluggish, then starting to build and race, needed a leader. Donald Trump, unbribable, stepped forward, willing to stare down the legions of braying leftist hyenas. He would almost certainly have defeated these snarling, mocking, bragging orcs and their tired talking points, eventually. But what did the Democrat opposition immediately start to do? Like the dazed football lineman who recovers the fumble and runs it back to the wrong end zone, the Democrats promptly started scoring what the soccer folks call “own goals.”

What did Miss Hillary say in the third debate, about accepting the results of an election? “That is not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around for 240 years. We’ve had free and fair election. We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. And that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.”

Have Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party for which she still speaks — neither she nor “Barry The Stoner” having gone into quiet retirement, as is our tradition — “accepted the outcomes” of the 2016 election, even if “they may not have liked them?”

Like hell! It appears only Republicans are expected to follow those rules. From day one they have attempted to meddle with the Electoral College, then tried to get underlings to “wear a wire” in hopes they could claim that our best trade and treaty negotiator in a hundred years could be removed for being “mentally ill” and spending all his time watching “The Gorilla Channel.” (see . . . , . . . and .)

They’ve launched a huge and thoroughly illegal campaign to get Donald Trump removed from office on trumped-up charges of “Russian Collusion” based on a salacious dossier about peeing Russian whores which the HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN PAID $200 MILLION to have manufactured out of thin air by former British spy Christopher Steele and the lovely Mrs. Nellie Ohr, with the full knowledge and cooperation of Theresa May, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan and Barack Obama.

Oh yeah. Sedition and fraud sell SO well out in Middle America.

In Congress, my former colleagues could have said — as losing parties have almost always said, over the two centuries of our republic — “OK, you guys won, but you could still use our help, so let’s see where we have some areas of common ground where we can help you get some things done.”

Is that what cackling Chuck Schumer and “You can take that to the bank” Nancy Pelosi ( ) and Dianne Feinstein have said? Like hell! It’s been “Resist, Obstruct, Delay,” even for the most minor and routine appointments.

Donald Trump gets accused by Leslie Stahl of “dividing us”? He offered the Democrats an amnesty deal for their “DACA Dreamers” with cream and sugar and strawberries on top! They said, “What, and let Trump brag that he ACCOMPLISHED something? Not on your life!”


Why? Evidently they believe this all plays well with the shrieking, head-banging extreme of the Democrat base. Hey, they all seemed to love this stuff at our lucrative fund-raising dinners in Hollywood, Berkeley, Greenwich Village and Cambridge, Massachusetts. What could go wrong?

But they “obstructed and resisted” one bridge too far — they let the true nature of their loathsome enterprise be seen in the plain light of day — when their paid shills started shrieking and braying in the gallery during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process, and then the nation sat with jaws agape as Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy quizzed the distinguished nominee about high-school slang terms for human flatulence, while Japanese-born Mazie Hirono insisted the federal organization charged with catching spies and traitors should devote as many months and man-hours as necessary to investigating whether Brett Kavanugh drank beer in high school!

Delay! Obstruct! Delay!

Miracle of miracles, the Senate Democrats actually went so far that they transplanted spines into such former GOP jellyfish as Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, Susan Collins, and Mitch McConnell!

Their reward? They’ll lose 4 to 8 percent of their base to the “Walk Away” movement this Nov. 6, for starters –- and eventually an outright majority of black and Hispanic Americans will join the blue-collar, Christian white folks who went to the polls in 2016, propagandized by our lying media into believing “Oh well, Trump can’t win. But you know what? I hate the cross-dressing, Crayola-haired Open Borders Democrats, and the Smug and Arrogant Lying News Media propagandists, and those Wall Street millionaires who shut down the plant and sold all our machine tools to the Chinese, and those smug, know-it-all Hollywood fancy boys who’ve never raised a callus on their hands, and a bunch of millionaire Negroes (yes, the AVERAGE salary in the NFL is now more than $1 million per year) taking a knee during the national anthem to show how badly they’ve been treated in America, all sneering and talking down to me and trying to tell me I should feel GUILTY ABOUT BEING WHITE. In fact, I hate them SO MUCH that I’m going to cast a hopeless vote for Trump anyway, just to tell them all FUUUUCK YOUUU!”

Imagine their surprise and delight when it actually worked. They woke up in the morning and the witch Hillary was NOT President! And then they watched the arrogant Left’s response, and remembered that someone once said “Who the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

Kanye West goes to the White House and speaks his mind about the good that Donald Trump is doing for the country – EVERYONE in the country — and the network television equivalents of Baghdad Bob tell us “It’s a minstrel show! Any negro who don’t toe the Leftist Party Line is obviously mentally ill! How dare that runaway Uncle Tom try to leave our Liberal Welfare Plantation?” ( .)

You think that kind of transparent panic is going to keep black folk IN LINE? Then who’s the racist?

Republican voters are “coming home” to a Republican party which is now the Trump Republican Party. Independent voters, by a ratio of at least 7 to 3, want the parties to work together in Washington to “solve problems and get things done.” You think they’re going to vote for “Resist, Delay and Obstruct?” You think they’re going to vote for open borders, sanctuary cities, and letting tens of thousands of MS-13 gangsters AND WORSE swarm into this country, bringing disease and death in their wake? ( .)

“Shut down ICE”? Wow! What a brilliant campaign platform! What’s next? Ban beer, pickup trucks, and hunting rifles, and then castrate all the white male Christians? Oh, wait . . .
( , . . . and . . . ( .)


Let me tell you what’s happening right now, even if the mainstream media either hasn’t noticed or refuses to report it. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of law-abiding American citizens who probably haven’t voted in decades — why bother, when the only choice was between a bought-off Goldman Sachs Democrat lawyer and a bought-off Goldman-Sachs Republican lawyer? — millions of people who wish they’d voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and who have figured out they now have just two more chances, in 2018 and 2020 – have been streaming in from the hills and the hollows over the past two months, walking or hitching rides or heading into town in battered pickups from those distant mountains and deserts out there on the horizon, from truckstops and trailer parks, asking “How do I register to vote Republican?”

Meantime, what have the Democrats and their captive media and their “Suppression pollsters” changed in their deeply flawed methodology since they blew it in 2016?


Same old losing, anti-American platform. Cripple the American economy — and ONLY the American economy — to fight made-up “Global Warming.” (Icebergs are calving off glaciers in Greenland, says Leslie Stahl, and THAT PROVES IT!) Every pussy-hat-wearing Far-Left Hillary Legionaire who claims some nerdy high-school kid tried to cop a feel through her shirt 32 years ago (although she only “remembered” it when he got mentioned for the Supreme Court, 30 tears later) has to be believed, no presumption of innocence . . . but only if the alleged groper was a Republican, you understand.

It’s like watching a circus act so old that the dogs supposedly jumping through the little hoops have actually been stuffed and embalmed and are now hanging from little wires, with tufts of dead fur forming little clouds in the air every time one of them falls to the ground.

No pause to consider, “Gee, come to think of it, I guess Hillary didn’t really promise to do anything to help average Americans. Do you suppose we ought to at least PROMISE some of that stuff? Maybe write up some kind of platform other than ‘You have to elect me; it’s my turn!’?”

Nope, just mock the Trump people for waving American flags, steal their hats, throw drinks in their faces, wear masks while you break windows and set fires, hassle them and spit in their faces when they try to go out to a restaurant.

This is playing SO well with all those shocked “Independent” voters out there. This is the future they want for their kids and grandkids? This is how actual grown-ups show the young folks how to handle defeat and disappointment with some dignity and aplomb, how defeat can actually make you a better person if you’re willing to stop and learn from your mistakes?

The pollsters — who are about as “neutral and objective” as CNN and Chris Wallace, Don Lemon and Leslie Stahl — still over-sample Democrats by 8 percent. They still haven’t figured out that a huge number of people no longer have land-line telephones at all, and those who do screen their calls and aren’t about to pick up for anyone saying, “Hi, Mr. Fillibuster? I’m calling from the Associated Press/Times Mirror/New York Times/Quinnipiac Community College. I just have 23 simple push-poll questions starting with ‘Would you still favor Donald Trump if I told you he roasts and eats cute little puppy dogs for breakfast?’ Hello? Anyone there?”

And if they DO reach a Trump voter and that Trump voter gives them an anatomical suggestion and hangs up, do they count that “fuck you” as a “leaning Republican” vote? They do not.

So you can figure any race called a “tossup” by the pollsters today is likely to go Republican by 6 to 8 points. Any race called “leaning Democrat by 4” is likely to go Republican by 3 to 4 points, and any race called “Democrat by 6 to 8 points” is . . . a tossup.

On Ernie Hancock’s “Declare Your Independence” radio show out of Phoenix a month ago ( ) I said Republicans would likely gain six to eight seats in the Senate. I’m sticking with that number. The House is harder to gauge — 435 races, all with different local arcana — but note that Democrats are trying to FLIP 23 seats, when in politics the advantage usually goes to the incumbent. Any moderately competent Congressman has a good-sized staff to help constituents who report a problem with some federal agency, and every problem resolved is another FULL FAMILY voting for that incumbent.

Yes, Democrats have a lot of small-footprint seats along the densely populated coast of California and the Amtrak corridor from Washington to Boston. But where do they plan to find two dozen NEW seats, out there in Flyover Country? Most of those “blue wave” predictions are based on the idea that the president’s party loses seats in the midterm elections in a typical year. But who on earth believe this is a typical year?


The five supposedly endangered Republican Senate seats? Incumbent DEAN HELLER in “blue” Nevada; TED CRUZ in Texas; Congresswoman MARSHA BLACKBURN defending the Little Bobby Corker seat in Tennessee; former A-10 combat pilot MARTHA McSALLY defending retiring Jeff Flake’s chair in Arizona, short-term appointee CINDY HYDE-SMITH in Mississippi? Miss Hyde-Smith isn’t exactly running a bold campaign, but it’s better to win cautiously than to lose boldly: REPUBLICANS HOLD ALL FIVE, with the first four already pulling away. (Special award to Arizona Democrat and former Green Party agitator Kyrsten Sinema, who’s blowing a lede like it was a fat line of cocaine: Your clown shoes are ready, Kyrsten. They’ll go well with the pink tutu.)


State auditor MATT ROSENDALE has pulled within 4 points of Jon Tester in Montana. I’d previously written him off; Mr. Rosendale should send flowers and candy to his benefactors, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris of the Senate Judiciary Committee: a Republican takeaway where Brett Kavanaugh will have made the difference (though Tester’s shameful slanders against Admiral Ronny Jackson didn’t help him.)

KARIN HOUSLEY, supposedly down 3 in Minnesota, beats Tina Smith (Democrat Farm Labor) in a special election to fill the seat vacated by comedian Al Franken. Another forfeit to the credit of Dianne Feinstein & Company, though Donald Trump’s tireless parade of rallies — including the one where he called Housley to the podium — sure helped.

The pollsters, by the way, are again repeating their error of attributing zero effect to Mr. Trump’s tireless campaigning. Let’s see, 30 rallies in 60 days, with crowds of 25,000 and then another 10,000 standing outside because they couldn’t get in, means those who were willing to wait in line in the cold and the rain for hour upon hour to see their champion in person add up to A MILLION PEOPLE. And this doesn’t tell them something different is going on? They still believe it’s all about paid 30-second TV commercials? What current Democrat could draw 1 percent of those numbers? And if it’s all about dollars for TV, how come Beto O’Rourke, with $30 million in the bank (he may have actually raised $60 million), looks more and more like the Texas equivalent of the cellar-swelling Baltimore Orioles?

In very red Indiana, MIKE BRAUN will beat incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly — who’as apparently been lying about his support for Immigration Enforcement ( .)

GOV. RICK SCOTT is already pulling away from tin-eared and cadaverous 76-year-old Bill Nelson (the state’s last statewide Democrat office-holder) in Florida.

Attorney General JOSH HAWLEY of Missouri, a brilliant graduate of Yale Law School who clerked for the Supreme Court -– future Supreme Court material, himself? -– was running away from Claire McCaskill, who voted against Brett Kavanaugh based on the Left’s trumped-up last-minute lies about “trying to cop a feel” at an imaginary pool party 32 years ago — even before Project Veritas caught her admitting she wants to ban AR-15s and the standard-size magazines without which most modern semi-automatic rifles and pistols won’t work. . . . ( . . . .)

Supposed “moderate” Claire McCaskill — whose response is to demand a criminal investigation of whoever VIDEOTAPED HER ACTUALLY ADMITTING THIS STUFF ( ) — is toast.

STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL PATRICK MORISSEY, who I’d previously written off in West Virginia, is now winning. He’s officially closed within 1 point of incumbent Joe Manchin, who hoped being the lone Democrat vote for Brett Kavanaugh would prove his “independence.” Sorry; Joe: See “Walk Away” and “Vote the straight red ticket.” Now, if you’d just thought ahead far enough to actually change parties . . .

CONGRESSMAN KEVIN CRAMER is running over incumbent Heitcamp in North Dakota like a herd of buffalo. Democrat Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Hetikamp is toast.


JIM RENACCI challenging incumbent Sherrod Brown in Ohio: still too steep a hill to climb? It’s certainly closer than we’re being told.

Underfunded JIM NEWBERGER vs. Amy Klobuchar, this year’s SECOND Minnesota Senate race: I’d love to see the arrogant Miss Klobuchar taken down, but since the mainstream media give this one to Klobuchar by at least 9 points, it will all depend on whether it rains. If Nov. 6 dawns bright and sunny in Minnesota, Klobuchar holds. But Democrat voters are like my pussycats; they don’t like rain. In rain or snow, Newberger retains a chance.


I’m not knocking these Republican candidates, mind you. But unless Mr. Trump has an ace up his sleeve -– like Crooked Bob Mueller throwing in the towel and admitting “No one colluded with the Russians except Hillary, Perkins-Coie, GPS Fusion, and the whole Obama Justice Department; what you OUGHT to be investigating are Uraniumgate, the destruction of emails already under subpoena, and the Crooked Clinton Foundation,” I fear these four races — two of which (Wisconsin and New Jersey) I previously saw as “strong possibles” — may fall short:

Iraq war combat vet (he flew helicopters) and a businessman/job creator, JOHN JAMES vs. Democrat Debbie Stabenow in Michigan is the one I most regret. A problem of name recognition, apparently. (Stabenow has outspent her challenger 6-to-1, though she finally agreed to debate him, in Grand Rapids on Oct. 14. That exposure should help James’ visibility, though it comes awfully late.) Hopefully Mr. James won’t go away.

Nurse and state Sen. LEAH VUKMIR vs. Democrat Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin. It takes money and name recognition to take out an incumbent, and Baldwin has been smart enough to keep her radical socialist extremism under wraps. Meantime — though I’m not on the ground in Wisconsin and can only report what I hear — some locals have been complaining they literally haven’t seen or heard from the Republican challenger. Trump’s calling Vukmir to the podium at his Oct. 24 rally in Mosinee should help, though time is short. At least drop one POSITIVE mailer, Leah — explain to increasingly red Wisconsin who you are and what you actually want to DO in Washington.

LOU BARLETTA vs. incumbent Democrat Bob Casey in Pennsylvania. Never caught on.

BOB HUGIN in New Jersey. I had high hopes, here. How on earth the locals can stick with that crook Menendez remains a puzzle. Like Joe Biden, he even seems to prefer little girls ( .) But there’s always a certain level of “He’s OUR crook, goddammit.”

Nonetheless, word is Chuck Schumer is throwing a last-minute emergency $5 million into this race to bolster Menendez. Maybe the Democrats’ chief schemer noticed the Menendez polling margin has slipped from 10 to 7 or even 5, as of mid-October, returning businessman Hugin to within striking range.


I don’t know how anyone can claim to do anything scientific here -– it’s like counting a herd of 425 squalling tomcats and then trying to pick winners. But a few highlights:

YVETTE HERRELL is up over water attorney Xochitl Torres Small in New Mexico’s 2nd District -– a Republican “hold.”

In California’s 48th (Huntington Beach/Newport Beach) the pollsters show incumbent DANA ROHRABACHER tied with his well-funded challenger, party-switching Democrat Harley Rouda. California is largely incomprehensible to us Normals, but I’d expect the incumbent to prevail (even if Mr. Rohrabacher’s people wouldn’t tell me how to send them any money over a secure website) — especially now that Orange County Republicans have counterattacked by launching a huge push to pass Proposition 6, the ballot initiative to repeal the state’s unpopular as tax.

This is forcing the Democrats onto the defensive, as they’re asked whether they’ll join in supporting the tax-cutting measure, which of course they won’t. ( .)

Same thing next door in California 49: Republican DIANE HARKEY should be able to hang on to the seat vacated by retiring Republican Darrell Issa against her challenger, wealthy environmentalist and Orange County Democrat Party Executive Director Mike (not Mark) Levin.

I suspect Economics Professor DAVE BRAT will hang on against the CIA Agent despite currently being reported a few points down in the polling in Virginia’s 7th District. The D.C. suburbs have made Virginia look blue for awhile now, but this district is closer to Richmond, and Brat took the Seventh by 58-42 in 2016, outpolling Trump, who took the district by 50-44.

In Florida’s 23rd District (Miami Beach), incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz is weighed down with enough scandals to sink two or three candidates. First she rigged the 2016 Democrat primaries for Crooked Hillary. Then there was that little matter of her weirdly protective behavior toward the two Pakistani brothers who basically downloaded the entire database of the House of Representatives onto a disc and hauled it to Pakistan. (“The Awan brothers,” The Brunette keeps reminding me, “AWAN, Vin, not ‘A-Wad.'”)

Yet strangely enough, the most likely cause of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s political demise three weeks from now is not her long train of scandal baggage, nor even the talents and charms of her GOP challenger, JOE KAUFMAN (though Kaufman is my kind of guy, his main activity being to research and expose supposed “charities” that actually fund Muslim terrorism.)

No, the incumbent’s biggest problem is that the guy who came in second behind her in the Democrat primary, Tim Canova, stayed in the race as an Independent, and will now split the Democrat vote. Joe Kaufman informed me today the only recent poll in the race has him up 40-39 over Schultz. The poll was one of those “answer the robot and speak clearly” kind of things, not generally given a lot of credence, but Kaufman reports the sample was a huge 11,000. And in this one, 40 percent could be enough to win.

I also expect Republican MARIA ELVIRA SALAZAR to beat calcified Clinton Cabinet member Donna Shalala in the 27th — a GOP “hold” — and gubernatorial candidate RON DESANTIS (already surging) to triumph over crypto-Communist Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (who wants “real action on climate change” and who promises to improve the public schools by getting rid of, you know, “testing.”)

And finally, here in my home state of Nevada, which isn’t REALLY blue, I like the chances of DANNY TARKANIAN — supposedly trailing a little-known Democrat by 2 points — and CRESENT HARDY for Congress. (Both Hardy and his Democrat opponent Steven Horsford each previously held the 4th District seat for one term. Hardy currently leads by 4 over Horsford, who faces the dual disadvantages of having lived, voted, and paid taxes in Virginia for the past three years, and not being particularly smart.)

Though it would sure help if someone would stop the Culinary Union from busing so many illegal alien, non-English-speaking hotel maids and busboys to those “early voting” stations in the supermarket parking lots.

We need strong “Voter ID,” guys. Anyone listening, out there?

8 Comments to “Three weeks to go”

  1. Henry Says:

    “Special award to Arizona Democrat and former Green Party agitator Kyrsten Sinema”

    You forgot “former Communist.” Really:

  2. John Taylor Says:

    With both “El Neilyo” Smith and Vin “Super” Suprynowicz supporting Trump plus the ever-growing Deplorables Basket, one is tempted to say that the “Walking Dead” are, for once, significantly outgunned.

    Hell, even – I – registered to vote. It remains to be seen whether I will violate my oath of allegiance to Saint Lysander and actually vote for the first time since 1994, but the Magic 8-Ball reports “signs point to Yes”, if for no other reason than that the Demoncrats have clearly achieved critical mass.

    I think I see the event horizon …

  3. Suprynowicz: Three Weeks To Go | Western Rifle Shooters Association Says:

    […] A midterm overview by an old fighter. […]

  4. Dan Says:

    With 3-4 million more registered voters than ACTUAL live voters it’s a guarantee that the cheating by the demonrats in the next election will simply be EPIC in volume. Huge number of demonrats “early voters” will be shuttle back to the polls in November on Soros funded buses to vote a second or even third time. Millions of alien invaders will be voting thanks to the convenience of motor voter insanity. In an HONEST election the GOP Bea’s the Dems like a rented mule. But there is NO WAY IN HELL that this election will be even close to honest. The left has only ONE RULE…..WIN. And anything that serves that goal is acceptable and will be employed.

  5. SemperFido Says:

    First time ever in my life that I have voted straight Republican ticket. And I go back to Eisenhower.

  6. Mr. shawn Says:

    The liberal tears will end the water crisis in California. Predicted!

  7. Kingsnake Says:

    In 2016, rather than vote for McCain, I voted for Cthulhu. (Because he’s less evil.) This time around, straight red.

  8. Scott Wilkinson Says:

    I wish Trump was really the manager that he says he is, if so he could put a stop to the illegal immigration problem tomorrow.


    By just telling the BP to patrol the border.

    These people are just walking across.

    Where is the BP, they are in places like I-8 near Yuma AZ, miles from the border.

    Doesn’t do any good to catch them there – not that that is what the BP is doing at the checkpoint on I8 anyway, they’re looking for drugs there.

    The BP doesn’t want to stop the problem either. Why? Because then they wouldn’t need as big a budget or as many employees.