The sold-out media miss The Real Story . . . again

What did “clueless rookie” President Donald Trump accomplish in the past three months?

No, we’re not talking today about the president’s progress on trade and foreign policy -– though that’s indeed been fueling the economic boom, and has been widely ignored or dismissed by the “Hate-Trump-All-the-Time” mass media, who instead award all the credit to the fraud (can we see his college grades, now, please? And find out which foreign power paid his tuition?) who sneered that it would “take a magic wand” to create a new manufacturing job in America. ( See . . . .)

We’re not even talking about the Republican victory over the Wailing Weirdos and their desperate, despicable, lying campaign to sidetrack the Supreme Court appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, or the president’s forthcoming ruling on “birthright citizenship” (a far more historically accurate reading of the original intent of the 14th Amendment, as the Supreme Court will likely confirm) . . . or even the president’s Hey-It’s-About-Time dispatch of armed troops and a whole pantload of razor wire to the southern border.

Though Trump was admittedly aided by the Democrat Party’s determination to demonstrate the old Greek adage that “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad” -– see the Brett Kavanaugh Shriekers’ Carnival, “Impeach 45,” “Abolish ICE” and “Welcome the Immigrant Caravan with Open Arms”), even the sneering, weeping, splodey-head mass media may have to admit come Wednesday that Trump’s endorsements and greatest-in-history effort at on-the-stump campaigning during a mid-term election had the effect of helping Republicans hold the House and expand their jaw-dropping OFF-YEAR gains in the Senate from a mere one or two seats to six or more.

(Unless MSNBC decides to blame it all on the Opposition of Mars, the Leonid meteor shower, and the Mystery Planet Nibiru, of course.)

I once figured a Trump endorsement and home-state rally might be worth a point or two at the polls. But number-crunchers with more expertise than mine, including Prof. Larry Schweikart at Dayton, now say the reality dwarfs my estimate – Trump has been adding FIVE TO SIX POINTS in actual turnout at the polls to the benefit of those candidates. ( .)

Hillary Clinton could only draw a crowd two years ago when she piggy-backed on a free concert by Beyonce and some chanting disgruntled Negro -– and even then she found herself addressing several thousand asses as the crowd promptly turned around and sashayed for the exits once she was introduced. These days, has-beens Joe Biden and “Barry the Stoner” Obama are lucky to draw a couple hundred college kids who’ve been promised “extra credit” for attending their so-called “rallies.” Who else have the Democrats got, Alyssa Milano? She would have been the star of “Charmed” if it weren’t for the fact that Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs were both prettier and more interesting.

Meantime, 35,000 people wait in line OVERNIGHT to see Donald Trump, without any rap or hip-hop stars on the program. He goes to Indiana and who shows up to cheer him on? Bobby Knight. He showed up in Nashville Sunday and they didn’t play “God Bless the U.S.A.” on the sound system –- Lee Greenwood came out and sang it to him in person.

The left is the Metropolitan Opera Company, “Justice League,” “Geostorm,” and Amtrak. Donald Trump is NASCAR, “Last Man Standing,” the Ford F-Series, and the Chevrolet Silverado. Which list shows a profit? Which needs life support in the form of huge subsidies extracted from unwilling taxpayers?

The Left don’t even seem to know they’re IN a culture war. But if this culture war were Desert Storm, the Left would be the Iraqi army.

So we’re not talking about the rallies. At least, not exactly.


But so poisoned are the media by their fixation with dismissing, ridiculing, or seeking a negative spin on anything Trump says or does that they’ve missed a huge story.

Yes, the shrieking, head-banging, globalist/Marxist Democrat party will now be reduced to a dead man walking for the next 10 or 20 years, till they shed Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, et al. and find their way back to something approaching the American mainstream.

(If you think they’re hurting now, wait till Trump’s share of the black and Hispanic vote, escaping the plantation, climbs above 40 percent. Wait till about 2 million of their illegally registered illegal-alien voters get rounded up and deported, and 50 or 60 of their crooked DOJ and FBI and GPS Fusion saboteurs get orange-suited, perp-walked, and shuffled off to Guantanamo, walking in unison because of the leg chains.)

Heck, by giving way completely to Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Democrats did all that to THEMSELVES.

But over the past three months, unremarked by anyone, something even more significant for our political future has taken place –- a process the Hate-Trump-all-the-Time media have missed entirely:

Over the past three months, Donald Trump has systematically taken over the REPUBLICAN Party.

Think back 18 months -– 30 months, if you prefer. Of course the leftist, bought-and-paid-for screeching media ridiculed Trump, never showing more than an 8-second sound bite of one of his rallies, chosen to try and make him look goofy (let alone showing the size of his crowds), while ignoring what he was actually SAYING. His secret advantage is that they still refuse to listen to what he’s actually SAYING. You can easily find video compilations online of these idiots assuring everyone “There will never be a President Trump, OK?” Fingers in ears; “I can’t HEAR you.”

But the REPUBLICAN Party was loaded with Never-Trumpers, as well, loudly insisting they would never support or cooperate with this braying, loud-mouthed “Reality TV” oaf. Not only Obama holdovers, but even BUSH holdovers like Reince Priebus & Co. spent the first few months of the Trump presidency leaking like a sieve, confiding to their Kept Women of the media that only through their valiant efforts was this lunatic, who spent 17 hours a day watching The Gorilla Channel, being prevented from doing all kinds of wild, weird, impossibly dangerous things like, oh, I don’t know -– pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord; pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal; pulling us out of NAFTA; talking way too tough to the dictator of North Korea; telling the endlessly disgruntled Palestinians to go pound sand; piling on the tariffs to get China to actually talk straight about forced technology transfers, stealing our intellectual property, and the balance of trade; building some kind of wacky “border wall,” ending birthright citizenship -– you know, Crazy Stuff.

What has now become of those Never-Trumpers? One died. Several (Flake, Corker, Ryan) retired to “spend more time with their families” rather than face the ignominy of a defeat in their thoroughly pro-Trump red states back home (assuming it’s not because they were warned that otherwise those unfortunate photos might go public.) But the rest?

Arizona Republican Congresscritter Martha McSally spent 2017 OPPOSING Donald Trump’s signature border wall, insisting all that was needed might be a little “fencing” here and there” ( .) Yet a month ago, she welcomed President Trump’s offer to hold a rally in Mesa, Arizona to help her out in her tight Senate race against wacko commie Kyrsten Sinema, and we all witnessed Martha McSally STEPPING OFF MARINE ONE NEXT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP IN A RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE DRESS, AND THEN LEADING THE CROWD in a chant of “Built the Wall! Build the Wall! Build the Wall!”

MAGA, much? Think Martha McSally is now going to go to Washington and vote against border wall funding and merit-based immigration?

Ditto former Never-Trumpers Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Arizona. And you think U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn, Rick Scott, Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley, and Mike Braun -– and probably a couple more -– are going to tell the man who got them elected to go take a hike on tax cuts, on court appointments or a DOJ purge, on merit-based immigration, on border enforcement and the wall? Or fail to check with him on who should be Majority Leader?

There’s going to be a new Speaker of the House, and he’s going to be a Trump Republican. Whether Mitch McConnell actually gets on board -– fully funds the wall, helps purge the stinking rotten DOJ and FBI, gets rid of these “pro forma” Senate sessions so Trump can make recess appointments -– or whether he quickly decides to “spend more time with his family after 2020” -– remains to be seen.

The plotters who now scheme to assassinate President Trump? Watch for a few former CIA and FBI big shots to be found floating in the Anacostia after a series of “unfortunate canoeing accidents” next summer or Fall.


Robert Caro’s massive biography of Lyndon Johnson makes it clear how Johnson went from being a skinny, little-known backwoods Democrat freshman to one of the most powerful men on Capitol Hill. He asked who was in charge of handing out the party’s money to congressional candidates. It turned out no one wanted the job, since they could never raise enough money to do much good, which meant the job mostly entailed enduring all the whining from candidates for whom there was never enough money to go around.

But Lyndon Johnson saw opportunity. He asked for the job. He then proceeded to call construction magnates Brown & Root and some of his other corporate backers down in Texas. “Ah think ah know how to control a whole BUNCH of votes,” Lyndon smiled. “All it’s gonna take is a little MONEY.”

The big corporate checks soon arrived, and come September Lyndon got on the phone to all those congressmen who’d told him it would take decades for him to work his way into power, asking them “What do you NEED? How much do you NEED? You sure that’s enough? How about if I get you a check TOMORRUH? That be soon enough? Anything else you NEED?” By Christmas time, folks were holding the door for the skinny Texan with the big ears, whispering “That’s Lyndon JOHNSON! He’s the man you gotta see. He got me ELECTED!”

And what became the worst thing a congressman or senator could hear? Lyndon Johnson drawling “I’d LIKE to take care of you, Bubba, honest I would, but I just don’t see the evidence that you’re on our TEAM.”

Money still helps. But the paradigm has shifted. From Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, who raised $70 MILLION, on down, Democrats have been trying it the old Hillary Clinton way, raising billions from the likes of George Soros and Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, and pouring into it all into hate-filled, negative TV ads.

And losing.

While meantime Trump tweets out a carefully calculated endorsement (cost: zero), flies in for a rally for which 25,000 chanting fans magically materialize, and adds FIVE TO SIX POINTS, no, not in the increasingly worthless “opinion polls,” but at the REAL polls, in turnout at the ballot box.

Mind you, Trump shows political savvy. He displays twice the energy of a man half his age, but he didn’t waste time trying to draw a crowd for Geoff Diehl, challenging Fauxcahontas Warren in Taxachusetts, or Chele Farley, in her uphill battle against Kristen Gillibrand in New York. Their hard work is doubtless appreciated, but the president applies his leverage where the race is close enough for him to make the difference . . . and where he’s thus got a good chance of running up his impressive batting average. People respond to SUCCESS.

Trump is a pragmatic guy. I suspect any Republican office-holder will be OK if he or she finds the need to call the White House over the next couple sessions to plead, “Please, Mr. President, my constituents back home will kill me if I vote with you on this one. Can I have your permission to go against the party line, this once?”

But a Never-Trumper, complaining Trump’s style “isn’t presidential,” that he’s a “racist, a misogynist,” that he “strikes the wrong tone,” or whatever other leftist blather you got? I think Mr. Romney -– sorry, I meant to say “I think such a hypothetical Never-Trumper” will be told, “OK, have it your way. But you do realize this means I’ll be sending a few million to your primary opponent just for starters, and scheduling some nice rallies to help him or her out, next year. Hope that’s not a problem for you. Meantime, I was just talking to the Speaker and the Majority Leader about you: I hope you enjoy your new appointment to the Committee on the Sea Turtles of the Marianas Islands.”

Now let’s see how long that “stalled Trump agenda” stays stalled. Maxine and Nancy and Mr. Schiff? Good luck with that “impeachment” thing. Theresa May, Christopher Steele, Alexander Downer, Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison, John Brennan, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Glenn Simpson, Bruce & Nellie Orr? Been nice to know you; hope you’ve got those toothbrushes packed.

And as for those “social media” sites that have been purposely suppressing conservative commentators and dialogue all Fall: Would you rather be declared a “common carrier” like AT&T -– losing your exemption from being sued for censoring any speech at all — or would you rather be broken up into little pieces, like Standard Oil, made to divest 90 percent of your holdings at bargain-basement prices?

Like Dying Hollywood, the Dying Lamestream Media, and the NFL Players’ Union, you seem to have bet on the wrong pony, gentlemen.

3 Comments to “The sold-out media miss The Real Story . . . again”

  1. Henry Says:

    “we all witnessed Martha McSally STEPPING OFF MARINE ONE NEXT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP IN A RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE DRESS, AND THEN LEADING THE CROWD in a chant of “Built the Wall! Build the Wall! Build the Wall!”

    Unfortunately, we also all witnessed John McCain’s campaign ad in 2010, featuring him and Sheriff Paul Babeu talking about how we needed to “complete the dang fence” — a complete reversal of his previous position.

    Once he was re-elected, there was no need to continue the charade, and he voted to cater to Dreamers and scuttle the wall.

    So it’s not like we Arizonans haven’t seen this dance before.

  2. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    We’ll know in 48 hours how this played out. I hope I don’t feel like HRC did on 11/10/16.

  3. K. Bill Hodges Says:

    I just went back and read your column from the day before the election in 2016, and I saw my comments that I was just as nervous then as now. And you were right then, so I hope you’re right this time, too.