From the hills and the mountains, from the plains and the bayous, in the millions they’re coming . . .

Voted early in very red Nye County, Nevada on Thursday, November first. Republicans so dominant here that some run unopposed for local offices, some draw challengers only from the (more conservative) Independent American Party.

To support Donald Trump, the Brunette re-registered this year for the first time in years. (Like so many, she worked tirelessly on a couple of state-level campaigns, Libertarian of course, watched as the message got watered down, “massaged” and re-packaged so as not to offend anyone. How the sausage is made.)

We encountered 20-minute lines at the polling place, which are unheard-of here, even on a Presidential election days. The precinct captain said 32 percent of the town had early-voted as of Wednesday, with two more days of early voting to go — normal early-voting turnout is 20 percent. They’re planning to set up many more machines than usual on Tuesday.

Nevada only looks “blue” because of all the Culinary Union (hotel/casino) workers — many of whom speak little English — pressured to register by their union and then bused to early-voting stations in supermarket parking lots in Las Vegas.

Up till recently those using a “green card” to get a driver’s license or alternative “DAC” at the Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles were routinely asked by staff whether they’d like to also register to vote. (Current Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske MAY have put an end to that.) Plus all those refugees to Las Vegas/Clark County from California and Chicago who fail to leave their voting habits behind, of course.

Electronic signature check and “random” spot-checks of photo ID at the polls seem to have tightened things up a bit; a knowledgeable activist tells me the big remaining concern is that the final vote tallies from the electronic machines apparently move to the Secretary of State via the Internet, with an uncertain level of security.

The “Walking Away” by Libertarians to Trump (Not to the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell GOP; to TRUMP), though not universal, is real, and totally unnoticed by the pollsters, who of course still oversample Dems, “yout’s,” and land-lines, missing those of us who screen our calls and see no need to abet their manipulative schemes.

There’s a Red Wave in rural Nevada -— could be 75 percent above normal. Sen. Dean Heller is probably safe (which is not to say anyone should stay home, Tuesday); congressional districts that cross Las Vegas still in more doubt. I figure Cresent Hardy, R., is probably OK in the 4th (that would be a GOP takeaway); Danny Tarkanian in Las Vegas (trying for a second GOP takeaway in the 3rd; Jacky Rosen’s old seat) will be a tighter race, but should finally pull it out absent massive fraud.

(What, the TV networks have been telling you everything is close, close, close — that their “generic ballot” is even “leaning Democrat”? Would those be the same people who told you Miss Hillary had a 92 percent chance of grabbing the presidency in a “landslide”?

Were you under the impression those folks were in the business of trying to keep you INFORMED of developing FACTS?

For those who wisely avoid the daily deluge of anti-Trump propaganda from our previously “Mainstream Media,” here’s a year’s worth of balanced, objective coverage of the Trump presidency in a couple of minutes, courtesy of Sundance at . It’s stunning. Check it out: .)


Meantime, I turned on my car radio here in Nevada for about four minutes, last week. The political ads from some PAC I’ve never heard of (if anyone could even understand the auctioneer’s spiel before the fast-talking voice assured us “This ad not paid for by any candidate or candidate’s committee”) were all hate Heller: “Dean Heller lies! Heller lied three times! Heller said he’d never cut your Medicare but he voted to cut Medicare! Ahhhh!”

Seriously. Variations of this were playing EVERY THREE MINUTES. Which is why my radio was on for only about four minutes.

This kind of electronic carpet-bombing appears to be where the Dems are squandering many of those millions from Steyer, Bloomberg, etc. I was concerned for a few minutes, but then I got to thinking: That’s it?

Dean Heller is a likeable, popular, seven-year incumbent U.S. senator, a solid conservative (we’ll forgive him his brief episode of Never-Trump derangement) who’s been in the public eye for almost 30 years as a state assemblyman, as Secretary of State (in which office he reportedly made Nevada the first state in the nation to implement an auditable paper trail to electronic voting machines — per Salon, the Guardian, and Wikipedia), and then four years as a popular congressman, never (so far as I know) losing an election. How credible is it that he would “vote to cut Medicare”? Besides, where are these “cuts”?

This message is nothing but “fear, hate and loathing” that connects in no way with the Dean Heller Nevadans have gotten to know. Do they think we’re idiots? That we all just moved here last week? Meantime, his challenger is one-term congresscritter Jacky Rosen, a computer programmer from Chicago via the University of Minnesota who was literally hand-picked by Harry Reid for that office, a freshman who favors gun control, Obamacare and a $15 minimum wage (and that’s only the stuff she proudly TELLS us about) who only won her current seat by a wafer-thin 47-to-46 percent (over the aforementioned Danny Tarkanian), two years ago, IN LAS VEGAS.

For those who don’t know, I was only expecting a mild chuckle when I introduced myself to a Northern Nevada audience a few years back by saying “I tell people I’m from Nevada, but I’m really from Las Vegas.” Instead, the laughter and cheers rocked the room. Red Nevada doesn’t LIKE liberal Las Vegas, any more than downstate Illinois likes being dominated by Chicago, or rural Californians like being run by corrupt L.A. and cloud-cuckooland San Francisco.

You’d think all the Dem money would be going into trying to make people feel comfortable about Jacky Rosen, assuring us she’s a normal, common-sense wife and mom who loves to go hiking and target-shooting in the desert, or SOMETHING positive. (See good-looking Democrat Conor Lamb’s VERY tight special-election win over Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania. Didn’t his ads show him out shooting? Defuze the stereotype.)

In any normal year, this challenge by an urban imported leftist gun-grabbing beginner with no “chops” -– a one-termer who won by a hair’s-breadth -– would be laughable. (She’s hardly Catherine Cortez Masto, who may be a plodding Democrat foot-solder but who at least held a previous statewide office as state attorney general and who keeps her maiden name to remind folks her daddy was Manny Cortez, who ran the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for, like, forever.)

In fact, let me go out on a limb here: It IS laughable. Dean Heller will blow out-of-her-league Jacky Rosen out of the water, despite any and all Democrat efforts to bus illegal voters to the polls in Las Vegas. The Democrats, who clearly HAVE NO BENCH, should have spent their time and money coming up with an “issues” platform that would re-connect to anyone but their old “captive constituencies” in the inner cities . . . which are now being steadily eroded by the Trump Economic Boom. Like, tell us how you plan to make things better for the average Joe?

Too late now.

Are you ready for SOME MORE WINNING?

p.s. — Once again, voters in Nevada’s 36th Assembly District should vote for the dead guy, Denis Hof, which will allow the Nye County Commission to appoint a Republican replacement.

4 Comments to “From the hills and the mountains, from the plains and the bayous, in the millions they’re coming . . .”

  1. R. Hartman Says:

    “Like so many, she worked tirelessly on a couple of state-level campaigns, Libertarian of course, watched as the message got watered down, “massaged” and re-packaged so as not to offend anyone. How the sausage is made.”

    Yeah. Spent two years on the Dutch LP, professionalized member administration and communications, managed to finally find a chance of proper funding which oddly met with a lot of opposition and got stabbed in the back. Never again.

    “You can’t say that for it will scare off the electorate”. To me, the LP was never about getting elected, but about building a platform for educating the people on property rights and non-agression, and on how the state is an illigitimate construct which is perpetually at war with its citizens, being their worst enemy.

    Most ‘libertarians’ turn out to be LINOs, unprepared to accept the slightest discomfort that would result from adhering to principle. “Life is too short for that.” All talk, no substance.

    “You can’t oppose mosques as long as they’re not being subsedized with tax money”. One-trick ponies, totally ignorant of the loss of liberty those mosques represent, even while Erdogan openly stated that mosques are islam’s barracks and minarets its bajonets.

    And that’s just one example. Been there, done that, literally got the bleeding T-shirt. People don’t want to to be free. Personal responsibility is too scary.

    Sorry for the (somewhat off-tooic) rant; got triggered by this all too recognizable side remark ;-).

  2. R. Hartman Says:

    ‘Plus all those refugees to Las Vegas/Clark County from California and Chicago who fail to leave their voting habits behind, of course.”

    Makes you wonder whether they’re really ‘refugees’ or conquerors. Most likely they’re just too intellectually lazy to even realize what made California such a shithole state.

  3. Vin Suprynowicz Says:

    You’re absolutely right, Rene. The escapees from California are delighted to move here to Nevada because they can find a job, plenty of free parking, NO 90-minute commute through a smog-spewing traffic jam every morning and evening, diners and other facilities open longer hours (sometimes 24 hours) AND they find they could now buy three or four (sometimes more, but no one would believe me if I said how many) houses of similar size for the astonishing price they got when they sold their old one back in heavily land-use-regulated Commiefornia.

    Then, within months, they start whining, “Why don’t you selfish people raise taxes — especially on ‘the rich’ — so we could better fund these low-rent ‘public schools’ (government propaganda camps)?! Why don’t you pass stricter zoning regulations to get rid of these unsightly trailer parks? We should WELCOME our non-English-speaking “undocumented guest workers” from south of the border! If they clog the free classrooms and hospital Emergency Rooms, just raise taxes and build more, silly! Why don’t greedy landlords face ‘rent control,’ here? The power company should really be required to get at least half its electricity from windmills, solar arrays, gerbils on treadmills, and other “renewable” non-fossil fuels. So what if electric rates double and a few old people bake to death in their mobile homes in the summer because they can no longer afford air conditioning? The greedy landlords should have given them free air conditioning in the first place! Require that! Why haven’t you banned fireworks and all cigarette-smoking and people carrying guns in their cars, yet? These things are dangerous!”

    They’re incapable of grasping the “cause-and-effect” relationship between these policies and their former homes becoming unsustainable hellholes, with teen-age gangs staging weekend gun battles and piles of feces and used hypodermic needles littering the streets. That’s why we call it “Californication.” 🙂

    — Vin

  4. R. Hartman Says:

    Indeed, Vin. You are proven right once again, and I’m sure you don’t really wanted to be.

    “Nevada overwhelmingly passed a renewable energy initiative Tuesday, putting the state one step closer toward mandating a higher amount of wind and solar be used in its energy portfolio.”

    “Tonight the people of Nevada confirmed what we’ve known all along: We have a right to clean air and clean energy,” Katie Robbins, the YES on 6 campaign manager, said in a Wednesday morning statement.”

    Next they’ll be demanding Nevada to become a ‘sanctuary state’…

    Fitting qoute from an article I read recently:

    “Actions have consequences. Voting is an action. What the secret ballot does is socialize the consequences. This recalls the old critique of policies that “privatize profits and socialize losses,” such as bankster bailouts. The idea here is that one can vote to impose on others without subsequently facing any sanction for having done so. In our strange, twisted world, this is imagined to be desirable.”